Saturday, March 28, 2015

Can't believe it's been two months since my last post.  A lot has happened, but a lot of the same things happen daily so I feel like I don't have anything worth blogging about!  :)

Dry season has been, well dry.  And hot.  It's nice with the scooter not having to worry about rain though!  I think it only has rained a couple times this entire dry season and for short times. 

We finally got our car back!  however, at the moment, we cannot drive it.  Once we got it back, the lawyers have to register it in the country and order the plates and stickers.  We can't drive it until then, so it sits in my yard.  The never ending saga, I swear.  We got it back after 7 months, 11 days.  And now have to wait another month to drive it.  They ordered the plates and registered the car on March 23 so I am hoping to have the plates no later than April 14.  I am going to throw an absolute fit if they are not here by the time my mom and Ronnie come visit, which is the 22nd.  Renting a car is not cheap here and I should not have to do it when I have a perfectly good car sitting in my yard.

This upcoming week in Costa Rica, the week before Easter, is called Semana Santa, or Holy Week.  Apparently, most people take the entire week off and head to the beach.  jaco is supposedly a madhouse, but I guess we will see!  I have a feeling it may be like Xmas where everything was busy all the time.  Great for business, but kinda makes locals just avoid town until it is over. 

My friend Katie is coming to visit on Tuesday!  Yay!  She is our first official "houseguest".  Can't wait.  I have booked a couple things for us to do, but don't want t book too much, so we will just see how it goes. 

Since last post, we have had a ton of work done in our yard.  Our new garage is almost done.  We still need the garage doors put in and the electrical finished, but that's it.  And the sidewalk going from the garage to the pool is done.  The driveway is being done right now, and after that the electrical front gate is going up, and then the second gate is being replaced.  After that, a much needed break from having people here.  It has been almost two months of people being at our property.  We also had a door made for our laundry room and a bed made for the second spare bedroom.  Both were installed today!  Both look awesome.  We are going to have more work done by the guys in the future. 

Tomorrow night is the third monthly expat dinner.  I started these dinners three months ago and they have been a hit.  both times there were about 15 people in attendance and I think there may be more this time.  They started at Jaco Taco, but I moved it to The Green Room after Jaco Taco gave us a hard time about doing separate checks.  Food is much healthier at The Green Room so that is good for us.

So that's about it for an update.  Hope everyone is keeping warm in Michigan and doing well!  Pura vida!