Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Not Enough Hours

Haven't blogged in a while, let me see if I can recap some in the last week events in our household......

Another crazy busy week last week. I was in court almost daily, which is rare for me. Kurt is in court almost every day, but I try to stay at the office as much as possible so the phone calls and paperwork don't pile up, but this week, that was not possible. Being in court this week was interesting though, saw some hearings where I could just not believe some of my colleagues behavior--yelling, interrupting, arguing with the Judge. I was kinda appalled really. There must have been something in the air........

Tuesday, I saw a show called Spring Awakening at the Fisher Theatre. WEIRD show. The singing and music were awesome, but it was one of those shows that had a lot going on, and I really could not tell you in less than a couple paragraphs what was going on. There were a lot of different story lines and characters, but i liked it. It was really eccentric, kinda like Rent (if you have seen that). Had dinner beforehand with Auntie at The Regis' restaurant and had a really good salmon meal. Auntie had a steak that she said was the best she has had in a while, so good meal! :).

Kory got into law school! He got his first acceptance letter on Friday, and he was so psyched. He's still waiting on hearing from two other schools though, before making a final decision. Kurt is really, really hoping he gets into U of Toledo, as Cooley (which is Kurt'a alma mater) is really tough, and Kurt does not want Kory to have to go through the hell he went through there. So, fingers crossed. Kory is also moving out soon, him and his cousin Britton are renting a place together in Ferndale beginning 06/01. Britton starts his residency soon at Oakwood in Detroit, and is moving off campus. So weird, Kory has lived with us for 5 years now. I did not even realize it had been that long. It will be nice for him to be on his own for really the first time ever! Hopefully, the two of them live well together, and Britton is not a bad influence on Kory with the partying/drinking and stuff, LOL. Went to dinner Friday night to celebrate Kory's law school acceptance.

Sunday, Kurt and I went and saw Elton John at the Huntington Arena in Toledo, OH. It was an awesome show, thanks to my friend, Jeff, who got me access to our amazing seats. He has season tickets there, and gets first access to concerts, and he could not make this show so allowed me to buy his seats. which were in ROW FOUR next to the stage. Closest I have ever been at an Elton concert (this was the third time we have seen him live). Awesome show, gorgeous arena. Loved every second. Except the food. Food was lame there, so I had a pretzel, which was good, but you cant really screw up a soft pretzel. I think. LOL.

Worked some on Sunday as well, then went to NY and Co cuz I had a great coupon. Ended up getting a pair of jeans, three basic t-shirts in black, turquoise and cobalt blue (can't find pics online), a cute shirt to wear under suits at work (in grey), a black shirt that is kinda different, which I wore to the concert on Sunday under a black jacket, a blue neckace, and a really unique pearl necklace, which of course i cannot find online to show you. Had a coupon for $60 off $125, plus i got 5% more off for being a card holder AND most of the stuff I bought was already on sale. Deals make me super happy.

MY NEW PURSE CAME TODAY and it is amazingly gorgeous. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I am so glad I like it as much in person, as you never know and I am super picky about handbags. Literally, perfect size, unique style, will match everything. I switched everything over from my other baby, my Cole Haan, and am storing that to carry again someday.

Actually got to watch Glee today on TV, when it aired. First time ever! :).

Happy 28th bday, Stacey! :). Went to lunch to celebrate her bday today.

So, nothing overly exciting to report, but am glad things are calming down some at work. Insanely busy season is ending, which I am happy about as I am exhausted......

Sunday, April 18, 2010

How Much......

can one do in a Sunday? A lot when you are me and have the energy for some reason! :).

Normally, Kurt and I, when we have the chance, which is rare, love to sit around the house and not do much on Sunday. For some reason, we were feeling motivated today.

We started off the day by heading into Monroe to go to Lowe's and to three furniture store. I want to get new great room furniture, but I am really particular about the things such furniture must have, and I never can find it. Did not find it again, but we bought two lights at Lowe's so I could replace the great room hallway lights. As I have said on here before, the previous owner of this house had cheap and horrible taste in lighting fixtures and I have been slowly replacing them all. Kurt hung both of them and they look awesome. While he was doing that, I moved all the great room furniture and swept and mopped in there, and did some laundry, picked some stuff up around the house.......We then went back out to Lowe's to buy lights for another hallway in the house, but have to return them because they are not the right type, boo. On the box, they looked flush to the ceiling, but they are not, and I need that type. I put in the new desktop computer I bought, and was going to hook up the Slingbox we bought for Kurt, but realized we need another part for it that we did not buy. Stopped at Tractor Supply to pick up bird food as well. Nonstop running all day, but I was glad to get some things done before the work week starts. Oh, and Kurt hung a new light in my bedroom as well. We bought two a while back, and had to return one that was broken in the box, so one of the new ones has been up for a while, and the other in a box on the floor. Finally up! yay!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! :).

Saturday, April 17, 2010


I really should post more, because I forget everything by the time I post. Work and everything else has been really busy.
I had a board committee meeting on Monday night after work, another board committee meeting that went forEVER on Tuesday night. Had to work late on Wednesday night by myself, since Kurt was home planting trees that afternoon. Thursday and Friday we did not work late which was nice.
So, my exciting event of the week was booking pretty much all of our Memorial Day trip, otherwise known as our "Annual Lori Bday Trip". Kory is excited too since we are taking him with us as his bday present this year. We are doing something kinda different this trip. We are renting a house on the beach in Costa Rica; Puerto Viejo to be exact. It's on the Caribbean coast and an area of the country we have not yet been to (which is weird since this is our 4th trip to the country). The house is on a black sand beach, which is my fav kinda beach (there was one in Hawaii that was prob the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen). It is actually cheaper to rent this house than a lot of the hotels are, and we get free access to one of the local lodges who owns this house. Anyway, it will be kewl because we can cook our own food or go out, and are not tied to eating what they serve at the places. Plus, we have a lot more privacy and don't have to worry about socializing and the like, which Kurt hates about staying at smaller lodges like the ones in Central America. I then rented an SUV (needed in Costa Rica for some of the roads). We are driving from San Jose, and it is about 4 hours. We will just book stuff to do when we get there, but there is a sloth sanctuary I really want to go to, and a kewl canoe trip on a local river where you can see a ton of animals and birds. I cannot wait to simply relax for a few days. This area really looks gorgeous and laid back. Kurt has contacted a couple of realtors as well, and we may go look at some land while we are there, if we like the area.

Had lunch with my friend, Hollie, today, and I am so proud of her. She started her own side business doing medical billing, and it has really taken off to the point where she may be quitting her job and doing her own business full-time. She wants to rent some office space, so I am trying to talk her into renting part of the suite across the hall from us so I can see her more often. I know, I am selfish. haha. Anyway, I hope it keeps doing well for her, but I have no doubt it will.

After lunch, i stopped at the mall at Macy's, to look for that elusive Nine West suit I want to try on. Yea, did not find it again. Tried on a few suits and did not love anything. Walked around the rest of the mall and did not see anything exciting, so I drove home. Took a nap, then did dinner with Kurty.

Hope everyone is having a really nice weekend!

Sunday, April 11, 2010


I was reading on Mlive today and ran across this article while searching under Kurt's name.

Click here to read. Apparently, our story was the most read story on their site in 2009. Crazy.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lazy Saturday

First weekend day where I was at home in a while (meaning not working or out of town). It was really nice to do whatever I wanted. First, I slept in! Whoot! Then, had an appointment at David Broadway's in Toledo for brows, highlights, and cut. Love that place. Had her add in some extra blonde for summer. :). My colorist is awesome, she does a partial highlight/lowlight, which basically equates to me only having to go in every 3-4 months, and my hair never looks unnatural.

After there, I headed to the mall in Toledo. I was on a mission to find this suit to try on i saw online. Alas, they do not carry it in the store. BOOO. I refuse to pay the shipping Dillard's wants online for it. Maybe if they get free shipping at some point. Anyway walked around the mall some, since I am never at that mall, and found a Sephora I did not know was there. Needless to say, I spent a bunch of money I did not need to, but, whatever. Beauty products do not go to waste in this house! :). Here is what I got:

**in tender rose.
**in Nude.
**half off, whoot!

**shower gel in Cake Batter (half off, whoot)

**in Forever. For a lip gloss, this seems to be longer lasting than others thus far.
**in petal pink. The applicator on this is to DIE for. Love Dior products.

Oh, and Mindy? All purchases above are YOUR fault, as the reason I went into Sephora was to look at Laura Mercier, per your suggestion, and I somehow ended up with all of the above.

Had dinner out tonight with Kurty, and we are now chilling at home. Still trying to make a decision on my birthday trip for this year. I was really leaning towards Guatemala, but I may be starting to lean towards an area in Costa Rica called Puerto Viejo, which is on the Caribbean side. We have not been there yet, and it looks nice. So, we will see. Back to researching.......

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Weird Michigan Weather

Yesterday, i wore a Spring skirt, with no nylons, a short sleeved shirt, and peep toe heels to work.

Today, I wore a long sleeved dress, nylons, and suede heels with a blazer.

The weather in Michigan is so weird in Spring. So odd.

Work was crazy busy today, and the second half of the day was exhausting for me. I was up late watching the Tigers lose (booooooo) and realized I should have gotten more sleep about half way through the day. Whoops! :).

Yummy recipe of the week, got it at Kroger's:

1 TBP Soy Sauce
1 TBP Sugar
1 TSP Ginger
1 TSP Garlic
1/8 TSP Salt
1/8 TSP Pepper

Mix the above, then spread on meat (I used it for ahi tuna and fish tacos).

Super easy, and VERY tasty. The above recipe is for a pound of meat.

Off to bed! :).

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Kansas City Trip Report

So, as most of you already know, Kurt and I went to baseball opening day in Kansas City, MO, this past weekend, from Friday night until late Tuesday afternoon. It was also our first flight post-253, and we were both pretty nervous about it. I really tried not to be, because I knew Kurt was freaked, but as I was stepping onto the plane to board, I had to take a deep breath before moving forward....Also, both times the pilot announced "flight atttendants take your seats to prepare for landing", I got REALLY nervous (since right then is when terrorist boy tried to started the fire trying to ignite the bomb). We survived (obviously), and I think I am ready to try flying further next time. Kurt had to take sleeping pills for botb flights, but he made it through much better than I expected.

Anyway, our flight there was fine, a little bit of turbulence, but nothing major. got there, got our luggage and took the shuttle to our rental car with Thrifty. Nobody in line, so we got the car right away, a Ford Fusion. Drove to the hotel, the Westin, in downtown Kansas City. Parked, checked in, then grabbed a snack at the hotel restaurant and crashed.

Got up on Saturday and headed to have massages i set up in advance at Solaris Massage. After that, headed to the Negro Baseball League Museum, which was really interesting and had some very kewl stuff to look at. Bought a kewl hoodie there. Went next and walked around this kewl outdoor shopping area called the Country Club District. Kurt bought some kewl sunglasses (since he somehow lost his old ones while setting up the new offices)

and I bought two shirts on sale at Ann Taylor Loft.

I got to go into a Cole Haan store (I have never been in the actual store, only shopped it online), which could have been dangerous, but ended up being OK, haha. The girl there complimented my purse, LOL....Always find it amusing when the people that work at those stores can pick out, from a mile away, one of their products. Especially since Cole Haan bags are not obvious, dont have logos and stuff all over them. Had dinner that night at a sushi place near our hotel called Kabuki.

Sunday, woke up, and since it was Easter, decided to be really lazy. We went and drove to see the Royals stadium. It was open, so we decided to try and get in to see it before the game on Monday. Walked right in! We went out into the seats and we were like the only ones out there, which was pretty kewl!!!

After that, headed to Country Club District to try and find a place for Easter dinner, and ended up at The Cheesecake Factory. Had lunch, then relaxed a bit in the room, then headed to Harrah's to play some poker. Played there a couple hours, where one of the dealers was really rude to us and told us to "Go back to detroit" (NO idea what his issue was at all, we did NOTHING to him, I think he had some issue with us being from out of town or something, the place was mostly locals), then headed to this kewl bar called 810 to watch the Red Sox/Yankees game and were thilled to see the Yanks lose.

Monday! Game day! Started out the day with massages (yea, it seems like we get these a lot, but since Kurt only gets them on vacation, he makes me get a LOT Of them while n vacay), and did a little shopping in an area called Zona Rosa. the Dillard's there is crazy huge, if Kurt had not been with me, I could have shopped a lot going through clearance racks........Had lunch, then headed to the game! Our seats were incredible. Right behind home plate (Section 125 Row R Seats 7-8). The game weather was perfect in the mid-70s. Fans were super nice. Game was awesome, close, and we won. Could not have asked for a more perfect afternoon. After that, played some poker at another casino, Ameristar. Watched the NCAA final game there as well, then headed to dinner and back to the hotel.

Tuesday, last day, boo. Packed up the room and headed to massages Kurt had booked. Best one we had of the trip. Then had a quick lunch and headed out for some antique shopping. They had some awesome stores in an area called Westport. I totally could have bought a lot at these stores, but since we were flying, I had no way of getting this stuff to the house! Awesome pieces of furniture in some of the places though. Why don't we have places like this in MI? Headed to the airport and home.

In non-Loriness, I took almost no pics. I was enjoying relaxing and did not feel like toting my camera everywhere, so I just took a couple shots with my iPhone and called it a day. Which is OK! I have the memories in my head, which are the most important ones. I am sure I will go crazy with pics on our next trip, LOL.

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice Easter and holiday.