Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend Half Over

Friday night was super fun. Deanna and I went to dinner and out for coffee in Royal Oak. I met her at her house, and we headed out. We ate dinner at Oak Street Grille, which was super yummy, and then head to Caribou Coffee since it's quieter. Oak Street had live music that was live AND loud, and I think we got a little tired of everyone in the place knowing our life stories since we had to scream at eachother. Food was awesome, service was even better. I have not seen Deanna in forever and a day, so it was a great night and I swear, because of both of our natures, I don't think there was a moment of silence throughout the night. Also met her new puppy, Bo, who is exceptionally cute and gave me a souvenir of my visit, LOL. A three inch scratch on my leg. Which is already healing and almost gone. What a little handful.

Saturday, Kurt and I got up and went to the office for three hours. We had 4 appointments coming in and all 4 showed up, which is miraculous on a saturday. Kurt met with them all, and I did paperwork. I actually got a lot done--three bankruptcies entirely drarted and clients called, as well as some family law docs done. After that, I headed to my Aunt's in Canton to go to the outlet mall in Howell, Tanger Outlets. I love it there and it is a lot closer than Birch Run, which is my alltime fav. Anyway, it was a great wday to go. We had coupon books (like usual), but they had this special deal where if you donated $1 to breast cancer research, you could get 25% off one item in participating stores. Anyway, that pretty much meant if you were spending $5 or more, the coup was worth it to buy. Plus, good cause. So, we used them a LOT. I bought a suit at Kasper, which was an incredible deal. $320 regular price, marked down in the store to $179, then I got to use the coupon and it ended up being only $134! It's a really nice suit, in my signature suit color, black, LOL. Got a cute blue shell to wear too for $9.99 (marked down from $48). I heart deals and I hate paying a lot for suits.....Also got a really cute skirt and pair of dress pants from Banana Republic. Regular price on the skirt was $70 and I paid $18.75 and regular price on the pants was $90 and I paid $47! Score again! I love Banana, but hate the prices at the nondiscount stores at the mall.....Also bought a cute pair of jeans, two headbands and a pair of cute heels from Dress Barn......and this really cute set from the Corelle store for my Mom, but I can't post about it here because she may read and it's a surprise....My Aunt bought a bunch of new clothes at Dress Barn as well for a great deal. After that, we headed back to Canton and picked up dinner to eat at my grama's house, which was fun.

Yesterday, went to Rebecca's to be the guinea pig in her and Gary's new massage technique. Their class is next weekend, and then they are teaching another in January. Went to lunch after that at the Peking House, which was yummy, then came home and hung out with Kurt and the pugs and Bugsy the rest of the night. Watched the Premiere of Desperate Housewives, which was really good! I am really wondering what the "secret" is of the new people on Wisteria Lane......

Anyway, gotta get back to work..............

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Move

Of the furniture, that is. Our furniture I discussed previously on here was delivered yesterday, late morning. Came home last night and it was in the living room--along with our other stuff, since Kurt and KOry never moved the old stuff. But, it is being moved, as we speak! Whoot. I can't wait to position the new stuff properly. Anyway, the new stuff is so comfy. I love it! I need to take pics and post on here.

Val (my stepsister who I call my sister) came over last night to hang out, which was fun. The 4 of us went to Pete's Garage for dinner, then hung around watching TV--America's Next Top Model (second half), Private Practice, The Simpsons, That 70s Show, etc. I think it was the most "live" TV I have watched in forever since I am addicted to Netflix. Caught up with her, and she got to meet Whiskey for the first time. It's truly amazing how down to earth and intelligent that girl is with the environment and issues she had to deal with growing up, and the horrendous role models she had. I am so proud of her so doing so well in school and being such an amazing person. Her and her boyfriend are going on a cruise to the Bahamas in December, and she is super excited. I can't wait to see pics! :).

The rest of this week has been insanity. Kurt has been in court at least half the week, if not more. And we had a trial this week, which is always crazy, so it's good that trials are very rare in our area of much preparation and time put into those. So, things get backed up at the office because I have to, in essence, do everything. Ugh. We are not actually too backed up, just have some phone calls to return. We are working Saturday morning to try and catch up, which sucks, but whatever. Hopefully, the weather is nice and I can get out to take some pics that afternoon someplace. Fall colors have started to surface around here and I love that.

I am also having dinner tomorrow night with Deanna, whom I have not seen in forever, so that will be fun! We are going to this place in Royal Oak and I am sure will be there forever catching up since neither one of us ever shuts up.....

Gotta run, need to work out, make dinner, etc.
Oh, bought two games for Kory's Xbox. I was given a Sharper Image gift card, and wanted to buy these games to play. One is a game called Forza, which is a car racing game. The other is called Dance Dance Revolution, and I am truly going to kick everyone's ass at this game. I can't wait. It's fun AND a workout. Whoot! Can I quit the treadmill now? Please? Nancy, what do you think? Anyway, the games are not here yet, but will be soon. They accidentally shipped them to my old house from 5 years ago. Whoops on them.

Then, I finally ordered this kickboxing video set I have been wanting. I wanted to wait until Netflix had it (I requested that they get it in their collection a while back), but they have not still, and I have been watching eBay, but no luck. One person had it listed with $19 shipping, which is way excessive. So, I bought it. If anyone happens to know where my jumprope is, please tell me because I need it for these videos.......I have heard nothing but great reviews, and I would love to mix up my kickboxing stuff. Also ordered a new alarm clock since mine no longer works properly. And, bought a book that just came out in paperback that I want for my noneducational reading needs, hehe.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Busy, Tiring Week

Wow. Lack of posting this past week. Mostly because two nights, I fell asleep on the couch at like 8 PM and 745 PM and did not wake up until Kurt woke me up for bed. I guess I needed extra sleep. Did not eat dinner, did not make Kurt dinner, did not check my email, did not work out. Like my Mom says though, sometimes your body just tells you that a break is needed, and it was this week. We pretty much had the week from hell at the office with a ton of deadlines to meet, rush documents, emergency motions, etc. Too many hours worked too, and, I went in by myself on Saturday and Sunday to catch up on some paperwork.

Wednesday, Kurt and I went to Gardner White so I could show him the stuff I liked there. He did not like it. Well, he did not like the color. Apparently, Kurt does not like brown furniture. Both sets I liked there were brown. Friday, we went to Art Van and I showed him the stuff I liked there. He really, really liked it. So, we decided to buy it. It will be here on Wednesday, so Tuesday night, he and Kory will move our great room furniture into the basement. I am really excited about the new stuff. It is literally the most comfy furniture I have ever sat on. We got one of the couches, which seats like three people, and two of the chaises (which are HUGE and seat like 2 people each, at least. Les seating then we have now, but I figure, we don't have company much. And, if we ever want more stuff, like another chair or something, I will go back and buy it (the line we bought from is brand new so it will be there a while) or simply buy accent chairs not from that line. I am also going to arrange everything differently in the great room. Since we dont have a sectional, I have more options with how to arrange everything. I can't wait until the hardwood floors are done in there this winter.

Yesterday, I had lunch with my friend Hollie in Southgate. It was really nice. We always catch up on things, gossip, etc. and I always leave feeling relaxed and really good. I heart lunch with Hollie. Went to the office after that, and got home in time to go to Pete's with Kory and Kurt for dinner. Today, went to Rebecca's so her and Gary could practice tandem massage on me again. I actually really needed a massage, so this worked out awesome! Then, Gary and Rebecca had me be the therapist and work on them, so they could feel what two person massage is like. It was kewl to see exactly what is being done to me. :). After that, Rebecca and I had lunch at Lily's Seafood in Royal Oak, which was really yummy. I had this blackened tuna sandwich that was incredible. The place was super busy. Then, we stopped into the store in my post below where I got my new body scrub, and fell in love with a new store which I need to stay far, far away from. Went into the office for a couple more hours and came home to do laundry, make dinner, and get some stuff done around here. I desperately needed to do laundry and got a ton done, which is good, because I was going to start to run out of things to wear.

Was glad to get a workout in tonight after three nights off because of my pure exhaustion. Need to get back to my laundry though........

Deep Steep

Went to Rebecca's side of town today, and after lunch, we stopped into this store I always wanted to visit called Poppy Beauty Bar. Anyway, I about died when we walked in because they carried all these lines I love (including Fresh), as well as others I had never heard of before. I for sure need to go back to that place (or maybe I don't, LOL).

Ended up buying a body sugar scrub from a line called Deep Steep. It is scented Grapefruit Bergamot and is going to be heavenly in my shower tomorrow. I can't wait to use it. Plus, the products are all natural.

Let me tell you, I totally needed to make that purchase (OK, maybe not, but I guess beauty stuff is not a horrible thing to be addicted to, right? I could be hooked on cocaine or something bad......

**********Quick update on the prouct. Used it this morning, and OMG, I think this one has moved to the top of my list of fav body scrubs. It made the shower smell incredible and my skin still smells awesome. Love, love, love and highly recommend.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Shopping on Sunday

So, Sunday turned out to be a fairly productive day. I decided to head to Canton and run to a few places to begin my search for new living room furniture. Started at IKEA, where I found nothing furniture-wise anyway. I did wander through the entire store though and saw some duvet covers, picture frames and lamps that I may go back and get at some point. The furniture, for the most part, was kinda dorm like and not exactly what I was looking for, but VERY cute. Some of the leather stuff was cute, but I don't do leather because of the pets. Bought nothing there, but will be back for sure, especially for picture frames. Really cute, really modern and very ME.

Next, I headed to Sams Club. I bought a bunch of staples for the house, such as two 24 packs of Propel and Talking Rain water, animal crackers, goldfish crackers, cheese, fruit roll ups, etc. Saw a gardner white on my way there, so stopped there next and walked around for quite a bit. Found two sets of furniture that I liked, and have no idea which one is better, but I think I like one slightly more for comfort reasons. Also found two beds that I like, but think I am going to hold off on those for now. Got prices and business cards there, and headed to the Lazy Boy store, where I found nothing. While there, my Aunt called and I went and picked her up for my nexy trip.

Headed to Northville to Trader Joe's and stocked up on fresh fish and veggie chili. After that, went to Westland to Art Van and Value City and found NOTHING. So far, gardner white is in the lead for the furniture. Nothing I saw really shouted at me "BUY ME", so I am going to continue looking, keeping the stuff I saw at gardner white in mind. There are a couple locally owned places in Monroe I want to look, and I usually like Elder Beerman for their stuff, so I will look there too.

Came home after that and made dinner, hung out the rest of the night. Am glad to have a full freezer again, it was almost bare! :).

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Fun Day

Got up this morning and headed to David's Bridal in Madison Heights to meet up with Julia and Jamie (her sister). Julia wanted to try on dresses to start to get an idea of what she liked. We had a ton of fun, and I would love to post the dress she fell in love with, but I am unsure if her fiance looks at this blog or not, so sorry, can't so it! She tried on a lot of dresses, and it ended up being the very last one, that we thought she would not like, that she loved. It looked amazing on her, as all of them do. It helps when you are like a size 2....:). If anyone wants to see the dress, email me and I will send you the link (unless your name is Tony and you are engaged to Julia). We looked at bridesmaid dress colors too. At first she wanted this wine-like color, but saw another color at the store she liked better. But, when I got home tonight, I found out that color is discontinued, so I think we are back to the drawing board. I found a similar color to the blue color she liked, which is not discontinued, so maybe she will end up with that one......Anyway. Went to lunch at Applebee's after that, and got to talk and sit around for a while. Once lunch was over, I headed to Somserset Mall to return a pair of jeans I bought at The Limited, which just don't fit right. Walked around that store, then went to The Sharper Image to see if there was anything I wanted because I have a gift card to use there. Did not find anything I had to have, so walked around a couple more stores, stopped at Starbucks and headed to my next destination. Southland Mall. Wanted to stop into NY and Co because I have a coupon to use there (I got $60.00 off if I spent $120). I really wanted to get some warmer fall clothes, since the weather has been cooling off here. I have been slowly updating my wardrobe. Since I started working out in January, a lot of my stuff is not fitting anymore. Anyway. Ended up with some fun stuff for fall and winter. I bought two pairs of dress pants, one grey and one black pin striped. Also bought a short sleeve sweater in grey and blue, a black dressy top, two cute headbands in black and silver, three pairs of dress socks in cute patterns, and one cute necklace. Was so pleased to find some cute stuff for work at pretty much half price with my coupons.

Headed home after that, and have chilled here since. Worked out, made dinner, watched some football with Kurt. Rebecca is over, but her and Kory went to some strip club in Toledo. Don't ask.

No idea what my plans for tomorrow are yet, but I really should get out and go to some furniture stores. Kurt has informed me that he is moving the living room furniture into the basement probably next weekend, so we will need something to sit on in the living room. I have no idea whatsoever what I want. Ugh. I would also love to run to Sams Club and buy some stuff I need, and I desperately need to go to Trader Joe's, but I don't know if that will happen either. I am not very energetic with errands these days.

I read there was an attempted armed robbery in the Kroger's parking lot Friday night that I shop at! It's so odd, we live in such a country like safe area, and all these weird things have been happening lately......A girl walking home from the busstop recently was approached and almost kidnapped, but she ran away. they caught the guy, but still. It's freaky. It just shows you need to be careful anywhere you are.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The TV Craze

Mom: So, what have you guys been up to lately?

Lori: Oh, we went to the electronics store last night.

Mom: Don't tell me Kurt bought another TV set.

Lori: No, he bought 5...

Yes, my friends. We now own freaking 11 TV sets. Why, you ask, since we only have three people in our house? Our basement, which is currently being finished, is going to look similar to your local sports bar. My husband, the sports obsessed person that he is, needs 5 TVs on one wall in the basement. Yes, 5. He is pretty much insane, but sadly enough, I can say very positively that the TVs will get a LOT of use. he plans on watching 5 football games at once on Saturdays and Sundays. So, I kinda designed the wall and it will be one large TV in the middle (52 inch) surrounded by four small (36 inch). It should look pretty sweet. Also sadly, he is not done. He plans on putting two more TVs down there (at least) by the pool table we don't own yet and the bar that's not built yet. Sigh. I can only imagine what my satellite will be now....The guy is coming on Monday to hook it up to all 5 TVs.

Work has been crazy. I am so sick of the freaking phone. I do not get what is so hard with leaving a message ONE TIME. We always call back and usually the same day. For example, yesterday. A client called and had a question for me. Kurt told him I was busy (which I was drafting an Emergency Motion). Takes a message. 30 minutes later, client calls back and I answer because Kurt is on the other line. I try so hard to not be mean, but these people....I tell him I am in the middle of an emergency document and he proceeds to say "Well, I was just calling to find out....." drone on, drone on, drone on. I truly think I am going to have a meltdown sometimes. And then the clients that hire you, and call 6 times or more a day to see if you were done with their stuff, which is not a rush. Let's see...all that time I wasted on the phone? Could have been drafting your documents. I think our clients truly think they are our "only" client or something. The ones who truly realize I am busy? I really appreciate that, and they are getting the phone calls back more quickly than others. Respect for my time can do wonders, let me tell ya.

Went and got a massage on Saturday from Steve at Blu Water. It was awesome as usual. I hate bugging Rebecca to work on me, and Steve is the next best thing. I was still kinda sore yesterday from the spots on my neck, shoulders and lower back he worked on. Rebecca came over that day with Charlie and helped me grocery shop (and did some of her own as well). Earlier that day, right after my massage, I slipped on water on our marble floor and fell really hard. I landed on my knee and ankle and now have beautiful bruises to show for it. Aargh. I hate how easily I bruise.

Went to dinner with Auntie and my grama that night at a new place in Canton, called Antonio's. I have been to the Antonio's in Dearborn Heights before, but I think this one was even better. It was good to see them....I had not seen either one of them since my wedding. Auntie came over again for dinner last night, and we all went to Pete's for dinner, which was fun.

Sunday, I went and got a mani/pedi, which I have been desperately needing since God knows when. I went to a new place, since my main place is closed on Sundays. It was very friendly and they did an awesome job. When I went to pay though, their credit card machine was down and they made me GO GET MONEY out of an ATM. You'd think they would tell you before you got services that their machine was down. So odd. But, I will most likely go back there if on a Sunday and just remember my checkbook or cash in case that happens again.

Off to do laundry. Night all.

Monday, September 10, 2007

What Happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas.....

**Me at FAO holding the pug stuffed dog I found, sooo super cute. That store is incredible with all the toys and old school stuff.

Unless it's caught on the camera of me! hehe. That's what I kept saying while there. Nothing escapes the Canon Rebel, my friends. Haha.

Anyway, I am going to try and remember everything about Vegas, although we did a LOT and it's been a week now.

The flight there was great. No turbulence, took off on time, landed on time, everything. We flew Spirit for the first time. The seats were MEGA uncomfortable, and I would not want to fly them on a really long flight, but the awesome flight made up for it. One weird thing, Spirit charges for everything but water on the flights. I read a book and already had a diet Coke I had bought pre-flight, but I thought this was strange. I know other airlines are charging for food, and alcohol, but this was the first time I had heard of an airline charging for a juice or Coke. Anyway. Read a book on the flight I had bought by Jackie Collins and almost got through the entire thing. Loved it.

We got there, and our luggage was some of the first off the carousel. Props to Spirit again. Went and got the rental car and discovered, in the year we had not been there, the airport totally changed around the rental car process. Before, one had to take a shuttle that was for their rental car company to a building for their rental car company. Now, ALL the rental car companies are in one building and the same shuttle takes you to all of them. Much better setup. We got there right away, did quick checkin, and picked out a fun PT Cruiser convertible. Since we had a LOT of luggage with 4 of us, we ended up having to hold some of it on the way to the condo......Uncomfortable, but again, whatever. :). Got to the condo resort, which was really super nice. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, dining room, kitchen, living room, jacuzzi tub in one bathroom......Kurt and I were zonked, but Kory and Rebecca ended up going out for a drink that night. Somehow, they got lost on the way back and ended up having to roll under some fence to get the hotel. Don't ask, I have no idea. Alcohol does weird things to them, let me tell ya.

Next morning, Kurt and I woke up early because of still being on Michigan time. We headed to Slots of Fun to play some early morning Blackjack. Got a call from Rebecca about the time we were leaving that the two of them were up. Went back and got them. Headed to the bookstore Kurt likes so he could buy some sports books, and also to a grocery store to buy water and pop for the room. After that, Rebecca and I went exploring (Ceasars and Bellagio) and the boys went to play poker. At Ceasars, Rebecca put a dollar in this fun game that played Macho Men and featured the Village People. She got this thing called "Village People Party" and her money esaclated to $54! it was awesome. People were standing around us watching, I think they thought she won a TON Of money by the way we were acting, HA. Walking thru the mall, we saw the kewl Ceasars statue show, and then saw a sign that said Pete Rose was appearing at a sports store! We went there, and got our pictures taken with him, and I had him sign a picture I bought for Kurt. It was so awesome. He is one of the people in sports I have always wanted to meet and I finally did! The boyz were so jealous. Met up with them after that and had lunch at the Rio's buffet, which was super yummy. Played poker the rest of the day, and had dinner at Garduno's in The Palms. I love that place. Such great Mexican and their salsa bar is incredible. After that, went to bed.

Next day, we got up and Rebecca and I headed out to explore again. This time we hit Luxor, Mandalay Bay and Mirage, and Planet Hollywood (which used to be the Aladdin). I may be totally screwing up the order on these.......Kory came with us that day. Kurt met us for lunch at The Mirage buffet, which is by far the best on the strip, in my opinion. The miso soup was great there, as well as everything else. Sushi bar was super yummy too. Rest of the day, played poker at Flamingo. Had dinner that night again at Garduno's, because the wait was too long at Nora's (a place Mindy had suggested we try out). After that, went to bed.......Oh yea, went and saw the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay while we were there, which was pretty kewl. I much prefer the dolphin exhibit at Mirage, and I wish Kory and Rebecca would have done that, but I think Kory's response to that was "dolphins are lame." LOL. That exhibit was awesome when I went last time, I got to be RIGHT next to the dolphins and got amazing shots.

Next day, Rebecca and I explored NY NY, MGM Grand, the M and M store. After that, walked to Planet Hollywood and had lunch at the buffet while the boyz played. After that, I was zonked, so I sat and played poker the rest of the day. Kurt got so wasted that day. From like 11 AM until dinner, he had like 30 rum and cokes. We had a blast at our table talking to people. This guy sat down at one point who was a total jerk. He apparently did not like losing, and started calling Kurt names. Kurt called the manager over and had him removed. It was pretty funny. The guy was such an ass. After that, met Kory and Rebecca at Margaritaville for dinner which was really fun. They had an awesome live band, and the food was really good there. Headed back to the room after that to sleep off the liquor of the day.....

Next day, Kurt and I were both kinda hungover, in a tired kinda way. No headaches, thankfully. Decided to hang out at the Flamingo after having lunch at Mandalay Bay. Later that night, we went and saw this show called Bite at the Stratosphere, which was better than I expected. Had dinner that night at an Italian place at the Stratosphere, which was really good. At the show, we had seats right next to the stage, and Kory was positive the dancers were looking at him personally and "wanted" him. I think the alcohol made him think this, but it was amusing.

The next day was our last. Beginning of the day, we went and drove through Red Rock Canyon. Really hot, but the drive was nice. It's so gorgeous there. Had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory, which was yummy. Kurt and I played poker most of the rest of the day, and we left to go back to the airport at around 900 PM. Dropped off the rental car, and got to the airport, boarded our ontime flight and got into Detroit at like 554 AM. And had to go almost straight to work. I am still catching up on sleep. Tired right now, and it's early! Oh, almost forgot! Kurt put a $20 in a slot machine (which he rarely does) and won $1100 by getting a Royal Flush! It was kinda amusing because we never play slots, and when he did, he won.

Overall, the trip was awesome. Had fun being there with everyone. The only things I would have done differently, if Kurt and I were there ourselves is I would have gone and seen Love (the newer Cirque show), and maybe the new magic show at Planet Hollywood, but since we were there with people watching their money, I would have felt guilty doing so.....We can do it next time, so it's no big deal! :). Also, I should have tried the pool at the hotel, but it was so damn hot I wanted to be outside as little as possible. Plus, I burn so easily, I did not want to take the chance of being outside by the pool and getting burned.

We came out of the trip $350.00 ahead. Which is great! We allot ourselves a certain amount per day to lose, so when we win, it's a total bonus!


Everything has been so hectic since Vegas. I know I am LONG overdue for a post on the trip, but for now, these pics (click here) are just going to have to do! :).

Will try and post more later.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Back to the D

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am back, safe and sound, in the D. Landed at 5:54 AM, went home and headed to work at 7 AM! Needless to say, I feel like crap, LOL. But, I will sleep tonight, it was worth it.

Had a fabulous time, as usual. We ended up ahead for the trip, which was nice. I will blog later with pics and details. Rebecca will prob beat me to it though, because she does not have to work until 5 PM! Boo! I am so jealous.