Monday, March 27, 2006

Lazy Sundays

I love Sundays like yesterday. Kurt and I basically sat on the couches all day long and did pretty much nothing. I did throw in some laundry and pick up some odds and ends in the house, but other than that, sat on the couch, read books, surfed the net, and watched TV. Incredible game, the UConn v George Mason game. Gotta love the underdog winning.

Sigh. Now I am back to the grind and it sucks. I am about to plan a short vacay though, so that's one positive thing.....

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I Predict......It's Saturday

So, I met up with Rebecca this afternoon to visit a psychic that she has seen before, in Southgate. It was an interesting experience, but I am not a believer yet....I specifically did not wear my wedding ring or law school ring in, because I wanted to know what she would say without having ideas about me at all ahead of time. Well, some of the things she said were true, some not. And all the things she said that were true were really vague. Like I mean, saying I am stressed out, etc. could really apply to anyone. Saying that I am making changes in my career was true, but I mean, that could also apply to anyone. She did not say anything specifically geared directly to my life. So, anyway, had a really good time, which I always do with Rebecca, but do not feel I gained any real insight into my future self. Which is fine. :). Afterwards, had lunch at Black Pine Tree. I had a yummy volcano roll and some crab appetizer with miso soup.

Now I am home and on here trying not to do laundry, so I guess I should go do that. Or something.

The Rest of the Week

I had kinda a hard week, so posting has been light.....

The first week back after Spring Break. It not easy. I wanted to skip class every day, but I made it to every single one. I was not happy being there, but I was there.

Toby took a turn for the worse again this week. Most of you prob remember that we almost had to put him to sleep in Jan and meds made him better temporarily. Well, that stopped this week. He stopped eating again and was miserable. So, we had to take him in and I think it was one of the hardest things Kurt has ever had to do. He has had Toby since he was 19 years old (Toby's 16th b-day would have been March 28). I think it was slightest easier because we knew he was sick and we did not want him to suffer anymore, but the whold situation sucks. We are having him privately cremated (which we did with both Daisy and Pugsley as well) and are going to bury him someplace in the yard near a tree, and I will most likely name the tree "Tobias". Anyway, enough on that. Toby, we love you and hope you are having a great time in doggy heaven with Pugsley and Daisy Lou. :(.

We are unsure if we are going to get a new cat or not. Kurt has kinda left it up to me. I know it might make us feel better, as a new baby usually does, but I think I have enough going on right now with work, school, and already owning three young doggies. Maybe when the pugs are slightly older, I will get one. I worry too because people just fly by our house in their cars, and I don't want to constantly worry about a kitten. I can't deal with another animal death, we have had two in the past year.

Now that we don't have to give Toby meds every day, I think we are going to plan a Vegas weekend. We talked to the dogs babysitter who have us the go ahead, so I have been researching online and am thinking maybe the second weekend in April. I will keep everyone posted. I really want to go hiking when we go back to take pics, and the weather is perfect there right now for it, not too hot.

Last night, Kurt and I went to Applebee's and I, GASP, had a drink. I never really drink, so it was kinda weird. The drink was awesome. It was called a Sobe Energizer and had this energizer drink in it as well as Midori Melon, ginger ale, and OJ. Anyway, loved it, highly recommend it.

So, I gotta start getting ready now. I am meeting Rebecca at the office shortly, and I will post more about that later.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

The Weekdays are hard for me with posting......

I thought I would be really on top of blogging this week, since I had no school at night, but this obviously is not true. I do feel rested though, but not ready to start class again. I guess I just need to keep thinking "I am almost done, I am almost done...."

I have a new goal. My one nervous habit is picking at my fingernails. I don't even think about that I am doing it, but then all the sudden my nails are nonexistent and look like crap. I have decided that I can't be in court arguing cases, or meeting with clients, and have crappy looking nails, so I am starting right now. NO MORE PICKING AT MY NAILS. Once I get them so they have any length at all, I am going to go in and get a manicure. Then, I know, I won't touch them, because they will be all pretty, and then I will just go on a regular basis. I swear, I can do this! My Mom told me a while back if she could quit smoking, I can quit doing this. So, I am doing this for my Mom! :).

So, the rest of the week was pretty busy.

Friday night, we had dinner with Cliff and Lisa in Canton at an Indian place called Ashoka. It was really yummy. I had a very spicy shrimp meal, and Kurt had some spicy shrimp meal. We always have a great time with Cliff and Lisa, and I think Kurt is trying to turn Cliff into a tech geek like him because by the time dinner was up, Cliff was ready to go out and buy a wifi router and Treo phone. Kurt was showing him our phone at dinner and how it surfs the net, etc.

Saturday, Kurt and I went out and looked at some potential homes to flip, and still kinda like the first one we looked at a couple weekends back. We hired a guy to look at the foundation, and he said it is repairable, so now Kurt is going to have his brother look at it to see what he thinks. I think it could be a really great profit. I went to SAMS Club on Saturday afternoon as well, because I never remember to go there and I found some great deals.

Oh, on Saturday, I went to go pick up my and Julia's candles from the party and Oscar got to meet his birth mother, Ming Lee, and younger (but full) sister, Maya. Maya was hilarious, she was totally harassing Oscar like Gretel does at home and poor Oscar was running away. I think Sherry really liked seeing Oscar too. Got my candles and can't wait to burn them at the office. Saturday night we had dinner at Applebee's. Kurt has been glued to the TV all weekend, watching college basketball. My team is still in it on my bracket!

We weighed the pugs yesterday. Gretel still only weighs 15 pounds which is tiny for a pug. Maya, Oscar's sister in Allen Park, weighs 20 pounds and she is younger than she is! Oscar came in at 30.5 and Vito is 31.5. Umm, that is way too much. Although, Oscar is is big dog and all muscle, thin; Vito is HUGE and the vet is going to kill us the next time we go in. Oh well, at least they are all happy, right? I think Vito is the happiest dog I have ever known.

Today, I have been working really hard on cleaning my laundry room and closet. I transferred so many clothes from the laundry room into the closet, and have thrown out a bunch of stuff, put some stuff in Purple Heart bags, etc. I am making a lot of progress but had to take a break to blog!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Saturday at the Pointe

So, Saturday, Kurt and I cleaned the house (which does not happen often) and Rebecca came over to meet Kurty and the pugs and Toby. We went to the outlet mall in Monroe because she had a gift card to use at the GAP. I ended up getting a few t-shirts there as well as a cheese grater at a kitchen store. Super Bowl Sunday, I wanted to grate some cheese and realized I did not own a cheese grater. Therefore, I have been on the lookout for one ever since. After that, we went to dinner in Luna Pier at a Mexican place we love and I ate entirely too much, I was so freaking full. It was a really fun, relaxing day.

Sunday, I went to Toys R Us (ugh, that store stressed me out) and then to Ben's birthday party in Troy at Chuckie Cheese! I got him some kewl Spiderman toys (that is his thing these days, according to Deanna) and took tons of pics. Check them out here. After that, headed to Somset because I wanted to walk through a couple stores I rarely get to go into, like Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, zGallerie, Hold Everything, Restoration Hardware. Fun, but I did not find anything I really wanted, so no purchases except a cherry Icee drink. Yum.

Came home, and Kurt and I took the Spyder out for a quick ride before we came home and made dinner. And now, the weather is freaking freezing again! I can't believe I just had the cars out and the weather was nice and now it is the typical Michigan winter weather again. Blah.

I can't freaking wait for Spring. I want to take pictures outside and take nature walks and see COLOR. Everything around our house is so blah right now. Yesterday, I went outside and took some pics of the skyline, because I was so excited to see some colors--anywhere!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Fun on Two Wheels

OK, unless you are Kurt, you won't get that title without further explanation.

OK, when Kurt left for court on Friday, I told him there was no way in hell he was winning the hearing. With family law, you can be the best lawyer there and if you have a lame case, it's going nowhere. Anyway, all of your arguments were stuff that happened forever ago, and I truly did not think the Judge was going to switch custody and limit parenting time based on our stuff, but hey, people hire us to fight for them and that's what we do. So.........F.T.W. Apparently, this is a universally known, , quote, but I had no idea what it meant. If anyone does not know and needs to, email me because I don't really feel comfortable posting here because of Blogger restrictions.

Judge: Mr. X (this is the opposing side in the case), do you have a tattoo?

Mr. X: Yes, your honor, it says F.T.W., which means "Fun on Two Wheels".

Judge: Rolls her eyes.

Anyway, Kurt won the hearing. He was gloating about it when he came back to the office, LOL. Whenever I give him a challenge with ANYTHING, he has to win! :).

Friday afternoon, we closed the office and came home. Took the pugs outside for one of their first long walks of the year.

One of my fav parts of the summer is taking walks in the backyard with the pugs. Yay for Spring!

Eye Brows

OK, I totally got almost everything on my list done last week! Including getting my eyebrows waxed, which makes me feel so much better. What was really funny is that the girl who does my eyebrows was asking advice on a custody case, and she may hire us! I told Kurt all these girlie things I pay for is worth it! :).

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I am a Bad Person

I am a very bad person. I have sinned.

I skipped class tonight. Kurt is a bad influence, as he tells me to skip every day. I have not yet skipped this class, so I am OK with doing it this once. Instead of class, Kurt took me to Big Fish for dinner, which is my fav seafood place. I had my fav meal there. yum. service was great too, as it always is there. totally relaxing environment.

Came home and watched American Idol, which I normally don't get to watch. I really liked the chick who sang I'm Every Woman. She was incredible.

Other than that, work and school kept me busy today! :).

Pottery and Coyotes

OK, I totally forgot to post about a couple things.

1. We saw a coyote in our yard last weekend! I was on the computer and Kurt said "Lori, come here!" So, walked in the other room and he was standing near the back porch. He says "Is that a dog??" I say "UMMM, no, that is a wolf or coyote." We stood and watched it and it finally ran away into the woods. How freaking kewl. I get to see the most awesome stuff living here.

2. I suck at pottery. But, it makes me happy. I had such a blast talking to Rebecca and painting the pottery. But alas, the pottery looks different once you get it glazed and fired. Umm, it shows like every imperfection and how much I suck. But, it's a dog dish and the pugs are color blind and love it so, whatever. I went in and got our pottery on Sunday and came out. Here is the conversation:

Rebecca: So, how did it come out?
Me: Yours looks great, but mine pretty much...what's the
Rebecca: what do you mean it sucks (laughs).
Me: It just does, trust me.
Rebecca: why? Cmon, tell me.
Me: Well, let's just say it looks nothing like it did when we left.
Rebecca: I have to see it.
Me: NOOOOOO! I will take a pic when I get home.
Rebecca: NOOO, I must see it in person.
****Rebecca pulls into her office lot and forces Lori to open the pottery*********
Me: Well, here it is.
Rebecca: (staring and trying to be nice and not die laughing): it's.......good. (but she says it in a very sad way, like she feels sorry for me).

OK, at this point I start laughing so hard I am crying and Rebecca joins in. I seriously could not suck more at this form of creative arts. But, I had fun and it was totally worth sucking for the laugh we got out of it.

So, moral of the story? Lori sucks at pottery, but she will go back and try again. :).

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Sundays with the Zoo and Sushi Rock

This morning, I got up and headed to Ferndale to go to the zoo and to lunch with Rebecca. Got to meet her doggie, Simon, who I am officially in love with now. What a sweet baby......

Headed to the zoo to see the animals. Got in for free because Rebecca has a membership (yay for free). I think my fav exhibit was the polar bears. The Detroit Zoo did an amazing job with this exhibit. I also liked the lions, tigers.....OK, I liked everything! :). Click here to see my pics of lunch and the zoo.

After that, we headed to Royal Oak. The place we wanted to try was closed, so we went to a place called Katana instead. All I have to say is YUM. It was so great. We just ordered a few things and shared, my fav being the shrimp tempura roll, I think. Never had that one anywhere else and it was awesome. The place was very classy and laidback. I love sushi!

Got home, and Kurt had cleaned the cars. He seems to think it is Spring, even though it was only 30 degrees once I got home. He got both the Porsches out, vacuumed, cleaned them. He is nuts. But, this weekend, it is supposed to be 60, so perhaps we WILL get to drive them........

I am so annoyed none of my shows are on tonight. I hate freaking award shows.


Went to Canton this morning/afternoon to the Canton Builders/Home Show with my Aunt. It was fun. They had a lot of ideas for home projects. Entered a lot of contests, so I am now waiting for my phone call on my free lawn care or roof, LOL.

Went to dinner in Dearborn for Julia's birthday at a place called Annam that served Vietnamese food. It was so great! Everyone there (me, Kurty, Julia and Jay) were all raving about the place, so anyone who likes this type of food has GOT to try the place. I had a shrimp meal which was awesome and they brought Julia out dessert for her birthday. I got her a kewl laptop carrier, spring coat and socks. I really wanted to keep the laptop carrier for myself (hehe), but my laptop did not fit in it (I have a large screen on mine), so alas, Julia received it. :). It was was of the nicest nights out I have had in a long time, loved it.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Friday Fun

Soooo, tonight I went and saw Chicago at the Fisher. This was the second time I was it, and I really like the show. I think it was better the first time I saw it because this time, they had a known 'Hollywood actress" playing the lead role and most "hollywood actresses" can't act in a Broadway role properly to save their lives.......But, I don't think you can really mess us Chicago, it has a funny plot and awesome music, so I enjoyed it. Went to dinner first at Cuisine. I was all excited to take my Aunt there because when Deanna and I went, it was AMAZING, to say the least. Of course, this time, it was below average. Service was painfully slow, my aunt's potatos were cold, the waitress literally did not check on us until the end of the meal. I am not yet cutting the place off my list of good eats, but, at the prices the place charges, you expect the best and last night was totally not it. I am thinking MAYBE they were below average because of the theatre crowd, but then they should have more staff on those nights. On another note, my food was awesome. :).

Off to Canton to a Home Show. Will write more later.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Pugs are Depressed

The pugs are very sad today. They have been subjected to another George Bush article. Click here to read it.

Blog Void

Someone in class tonight said they read my blog today and i was ashamed that i have not updated in so long! Bad me! :).

I have been really busy since my last post. Friday night, Kurt and I went to the Joe to see a Cirque du Soleil show called Delirium. We have seen every Cirque show in vegas and I was looking forward to seeing one in my hometown. We had dinner first, then headed to the show. It was really good! Nothing like Vegas, but in Vegas, these performers have million dollar theatres built just for them, so I was not expecting a vegas show. But, I still enjoyed myself.

Saturday, I got a massage at Blu Water, then headed to Taylor to meet Julia. We went to a candle party at a friend of mine's house, then went to dinner at Applebee's. I got some new candles at the party and have vowed to start burning my candles more. I have ALL these candles and rarely burn them because I don't think about it......Kurt started hanging trim in the upstairs part of our house, looks really good.

Sunday, Kurt and I got up kinda early for us, and went and drove around Newport looking at some houses for sale. Kurt wants to start buying and selling properties with his nephew. I may even take the class and become a Realtor so we can cut out the middle man. Not until after the bar though. After that, I went to Royal Oak to spend the day with my friend, Rebecca. It was a blast. We went to this pottery place and each painted a piece--I painted a dog dish for the puggies and Rebecca painted a kewl jar that says "peace". We get the pieces back in a week. Yay! Then, we went to lunch at Noodles and Co which I have never been to and I loved it! I wish there was one by me.

So, the rest of this week has not been eventful. School, work, repeat, like usual. One exciting thing!!!! I got my bar application in the mail! Went and got my fingerprints taken and sent it ALL in. They give you time to get certain things in, but I wanted it all done at once. And I am. It is somewhat terrifying though, and I can't put my finger on why exactly. A friend of mine told me before that she would really question if I was "not" terrified, and maybe that is my answer right there.