Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Two Years Later and the Current State of the U.S.

by Kurt Haskell

It has now been two years since the Underwear Bomber attack. Once again, Lori and I find ourselves reflecting during the holidays about what happened on Flight 253. The attack, which comprised only two minutes of our lives, continues to shape our thoughts and beliefs. Although the criminal case has ended (except for sentencing which will happen in January 2012), the laws of Michigan allow for a two year period statute of limitations in order for the injured to bring a civil lawsuit. The time period to file such a lawsuit lapses tomorrow. Lori and I have had the plan to file a civil suit at the conclusion of the criminal case, which ended in October 2011. The plan was for me to file the civil case on my own in order to keep her out of the inevitable attacks and aggravation that would come from such a suit. I have talked to several attorneys to represent me in such a case, but none of them were willing to take on the U.S. Government. I made the decision that I would represent myself in such a case. I have spent a great deal of time researching the suit and have worked on writing the complaint to initiate the case. Even though I have spent a great deal of time researching the civil case, I don't feel that I have spent enough time on the case. I have come to the conclusion that becoming involved in such a case would be an overwhelming constraint on my time. As I am a very busy attorney, this would be time that I don't have to give up. I have been willing to give up my nights and weekends in order to work on the case to further expose evidence to prove that the U.S. Government was behind the staged attack.

Over the past few weeks, I have reconsidered my decision to file a civil case, and I will instead, begrudgingly, let the statute of limitations lapse. There are several reasons I have reconsidered my decision. The purpose of my civil lawsuit would not have been to obtain compensation, but would have been to obtain further evidence that the U.S. Government perpetrated the attack. Personally, I don't need any further evidence to prove the matter to myself. I have laid out my case in numerous prior postings on this blog. I have convinced the vast majority of people that have chosen to look at all of the evidence that I've presented. I don't believe I can convince anyone else. Those that choose to deny the obvious will still not be convinced even if they watched the Schiphol airport video and audio showing what I have indicated. What then would be the purpose of my civil suit? I could possibly obtain further evidence, but that would only further convince those that already believe the U.S. Government is behind the attack. I also believe that obtaining such evidence would be nearly impossible. We now have a U.S. Government so drunk with its own power that it believes it is o.k. to kill U.S. citizens without a trial and/or to detain them forever without a hearing before a judge.

Would the U.S. Government willingly turn over evidence to me to show conclusively that it was behind the Underwear Bombing attack when it believes it can kill or detain American citizens indefinitely? Not a chance in hell. It is much more likely that the U.S. Government would declare me a person that "substantially aided" a terrorist under the new defense authorization bill and detain me indefinitely without a trial. However, that was not really a concern that led to my decision to not file a civil case. What did play a factor was the reaction, or lack thereof, of Americans in relation to the passing of this bill. Why are Americans not outraged and protesting by the millions in Washington over this law? It has just further confirmed to me that the vast majority of Americans just don't care what the U.S. Government does in relation to "terrorism". I can't tell you how many times people have told me that they are o.k. to let the U.S. Government do whatever it wants to do against terrorists in order to make them safe. I have news for these people, if there are terrorists everywhere; there is nothing that can be done to make you entirely safe. I live very close to the largest population of Muslims in the U.S. If terrorism were as bad as the U.S. Government makes it out to be, car and suicide bombings would occur in my area on a regular basis. The fact that they never occur is very telling. It is my belief that the war on terror is nothing but a fraudulent U.S. Government creation designed, in part, to take away all of the rights of Americans and to further enrich and consolidate the power of those in control.

Our Constitutional rights are currently under attack and are being rapidly taken away. In case you haven't been paying attention, the definition of "terrorist" is slowly changing to one that means "a person that doesn't agree with the U.S. Government". When those that have given away all of their rights to combat terrorism suddenly discover that they are in fact terrorists, it will be too late. If I filed and won my lawsuit and proved that the U.S. Government staged the Underwear Bomber attack, would these people care? No they wouldn't. Would it stop the U.S. Government's assault on our Constitutional Rights? No it wouldn't. Would anyone do anything if I was labeled a terrorist and detained indefinitely without a trial? Not a chance. These people comprise the vast majority of the American population. The corruption is so entrenched that 93 out of 100 senators voted for the recent law that allows for the indefinite detention of Americans without a trial. Can anyone think of any recent law that had that had such a vast majority of approval by both Democrats and Republicans? I can't think of any. The question I have is why would this bill obtain such vast approval? The answer to me is an obvious one. The U.S. as we know it is on the edge of complete collapse due to an out of control national debt. This collapse will lead to an economic collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a fun time. The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility, an 18 member bi-partisan commission created by President Obama, recently indicated that the financial collapse will occur within two years.

Obviously, the vast majority of senators that voted in support of the authorization to detain Americans indefinitely are worried that Americans may turn their anger from a financial collapse onto their political representatives. The approval of such a law was made in order to protect the politicians themselves from unruly mobs of Americans that are angry from the financial collapse. These Americans will be the new "terrorists". The new "terrorists" will find indefinite “housing” in FEMA camps that are being built throughout the U.S.

What other explanation could there be for the large bipartisan support for such an unconstitutional law? There is none. It is also shocking that a president that is a supposed Constitutional law expert would approve of a law that is such a direct violation of the Constitution. This is the sad state of affairs that is prevalent in the U.S. today.

What also had an effect on my decision to not file a civil case was the indication by the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility that the U.S. economy will collapse within the next two years. Lori and I have had a multi-year plan (Going back to 2006) to retire and move out of the U.S. Our current plan is to move abroad at the end of 2013. Apparently, according to the commission, this would coincide with the U.S. economic collapse. If I were to file a civil suit, the time and money I would need to put into such a case would delay our move out of the U.S. For obvious reasons, we don’t want to be in the U.S. when it collapses and definitely, don’t want to be considered “wealthy” when millions of out of control Americans look for scapegoats for their economic problems.

Make no mistake, my decision to not file a civil case was not due to intimidation. If it was, I never would have spoken out against the U.S. Government in the first place. My decision rests on two conditions that have become increasingly clear over the past two months:

1. The vast majority of Americans don’t care or will never believe that the U.S. Government is staging false terror attacks against its own citizens.

2. The U.S. is facing imminent economic collapse for which I need to devote as much time and save as much money as possible in order to financially prepare to leave the U.S. permanently.

On a side note, I saw that a fellow Underwear Bomber passenger has filed a civil suit.

Note that Mr. Maranga has sued the airline and not the U.S. Government agents that were behind the attack. I have spoken to Mr. Maranga on several occasions and he is not convinced that the U.S. Government was involved. Don’t expect anything earth shattering to come out of this lawsuit. I originally read this story on the Detroit Free Press website, which I have been unable to locate. The comments section of that article contains many posts attacking Mr. Maranga for wanting compensation for his emotional injuries. Such is the sad state of the mind of the standard American. By the way, in order to sue an airline for an injury received on an international flight, you must have a physical injury and not just emotional trauma. What is interesting to me is that the U.S. was responsible for this provision in the Montreal Convention (the current law on international airline travel). Most nations wanted passengers to be able to sue for strictly emotional injuries, but the U.S. wouldn’t allow it. As I didn’t suffer a physical injury, I am prohibited from suing the airline.

I know that many people will be disappointed in my decision to not sue the members of the U.S. Government that were behind the fraudulent, false, threat known as the Underwear Bomber attack. I understand your feelings. I don’t want to let it go myself, but I have to look at the reality of the situation. The vast majority of Americans are not willing to believe that their government is as corrupt and evil as it is. No significant change will occur until this changes, and likely, even then, won’t occur without an overthrow of the government. Such a time will not occur without prior significant financial hardship happening to the vast majority of Americans. That time is coming, but it is not yet here. A cost benefit analysis regarding the filing of a civil suit indicates that there is no real upside to filing such a case, but there is significant downside. Nonetheless, I will continue to speak out against the corrupt and fraudulent U.S. Government and will continue to support those Americans that are paying attention and want their country to return to the free country that it once was.

Happy Holidays to all.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Racquetball, Kate and land

So, just to update, I think we have decided against putting a bid in on the property. What's weird is, on paper, the place sounds perfect for us, and really, in person it was as well. But something is telling me not to put a bid in on it, like I have this feeling it's not the perfect fit. Kurt feels the same way, so we are holding off for now. I know we will just know when we find the perfect land/house, and I just do not think this is it. I think we are looking a little bit too early too, since we are still a couple years away from moving. I really don't want to buy and let something sit.

My amazing Kate Spade dress came in the mail! :). I can't believe the deal I got on it and I love it. REALLY high quality and well made, and super cute on. It's so detailed too, I don't even have to wear a necklace or any jewelry with it (besides my wedding ring). Wore it today to the office with my purple and white heels. Love. Yay Neiman Marcus clearance sales.

Had a KFASS dinner tonight, and it was nice to see the girls. I love having this group of girls who I can gossip with, who are in the same career as I am and just understand my job issues, etc.

I have had a bad headache for two days, which is super annoying. I think it's sinus related, the weather here had just been odd, with temps going up and down daily. Today, at one point, it was 53 degrees out! And this is weird since a couple days ago, it was in the 20s. My body hates drastic weather changes like that. I love the 53 degrees in December in Michigan, but my body is not doing well with that. I was proud of myself though, as even with a borderline migraine, I still biked over 11 miles on both days (which is about the only workout I can do with a bad headache).

So, we taught ourselves how to play racquetball this weekend and had a blast! We are just kinda learning at this point, but it seems like a great workout and is a lot of fun. I think we will be playing a lot now, at least on weekends. Here is me in my fancy goggles and racquet! Whoot.

Anyway, got to get to bed. Hope everyone is having a fab week!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


Was so happy Kurt got home! :). The pugs were as well. They seemed shocked when he walked in the door, as that is the longest the pugs and I have been at home without Kurt in 15 years!

Anyway, his trip was very busy, but went well. He got 6 veneers on his top teeth while there, in Tamarindo, at the only place he could find that could do the work that quickly. They turned out gorgeous. But, the main point of the trip was looking at the land in Bijagual. Bijagual is near Jaco, which like I have said before, is my fav city in the world. The piece of land we are looking at is 100 acres. Kurt hiked and saw a lot of it on horseback.

There was a portion of it that had been cleared at one point into 5 lots for houses (I think the owners were hoping to turn it into a small subdivision), and the rest of it is mostly primary and secondary rain forest, with some farm land as well. Which is pretty much what we want. Also, the land is part of some government program where we can have them come in and plant any kind of tree we want if we want to reforest any part of the cleared land. We would like to be somewhat self sufficient, so I would love lots of fruit trees for that purpose. I guess there are waterfalls and a lot of really pretty creeks and stuff on the land as well. Sounds pretty perfect. It is about 15 minutes from the ocean and another 10 minutes to Jaco. we are waiting on some other information on the property from our realtor, but it seems great (we would build a house on it, there is no house). Which is fine with me, since most costa rican houses I see are not really built in the style I would prefer. Jaco was having a huge surfing tourney while Kurt was there, and the reservation I made him at a room was not honored. So, he had to find another place, but found one pretty quickly. All went well with his flights, which I was happy about because I was worried about Kurt flying without me since he hates it. A lot of turbulence on one flight, and one small delay, but other than that, all was good.

We have, of course, been super busy since he got home.

We went today and bought racquets, balls, and goggles for playing racquetball at the gym. We are going to teach ourselves soon. I am hoping its a fun way to get cardio in to mix in with running, jumping rope and biking. I just can't make myself like running outdoors, so I am trying to make working out indoors more interesting. It has been under 30 degrees out here, and is crazy cold.

Friday, a Seattle based documentary writer met up with Kurt for most of the afternoon. I had lunch with him and he was a super nice guy, really interested in everything related to Flight 253 and the aftermath. I am curious to see how the film comes out. Anything we can do to open the American people's eyes to the lies and deceit going on behind the scenes, we will take part in.

I finally found a great red winter coat to buy on Came in the mail today and thankfully, it fits perfectly. Yay. Marked WAY down too, which makes me happy. Kurt says it makes me look *skinny*, so I was even more happy after that! ;).

Also, got another scarf in the mail this week that I got an AMAZING deal on this week. Scarf is adorable and super soft. I can tell Im cold lately since I am obsessed with scarves.

I started using the weight room part of the gym today. I have decided I want to tone up my arms more. I already see some muscle tone, but I want everything in my arms, chest, shoulders to be rock hard. So, gotta start lifting more. I am thankful for running though, as that in itself has really started the toning process. I need to buy a one piece swimsuit as well, as I want to start swimming in the pool at the gym, since I want to do a tri next summer.

Am counting down the days to Jamaica!!!!

Hope everyone is well!

Sunday, December 04, 2011


OK, don't even know where to start.

Well, Vegas for Thanksgiving 2011 was super fun! We flew out via Delta after work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Flight was fine, no issues. Picked up our rental car at Alamo and we were off to the Palazzo. The Palazzo is part of the Venetian, just a newer tower they built. Anyway, I got the room at a discount through SniqueAway, an online travel site. The deal also included some coupons for the spa, restaurants, ice skating, etc., but we did not use any of the coupons. Anyway, all of the rooms a Palazzo are suites and super nice. We had a gorgeous view overlooking the entire strip, on the 43rd floor. Room 732 to be exact. Highly recommend that room, as it is away from the elevators and we barely saw another person on our floor while there. My fav part of the room was the remote controls that opened the curtains and shades. Anyway, the room had a separate sleeping area and sitting area, that had two couches, a desk, a frig, etc. The bathroom was huge and shower was nice. Also had a jet tub, which we did not use. Anyway, first night we simply stayed in, as we had eaten a sushi dinner at the airport in Detroit and were tired with the time difference.

Got up and used the hotel gym. There were two gyms we could use, either the one at Palazzo or Venetian (we only use the one at Palazzo the entire trip). I guess the one at Venetian was larger, but the one at Palazzo was plenty big enough for me since I only use the treadmill and bike generally. I worked out every day of the trip, which was good with all the crap we ate. :). After that, we headed out to play some poker. Had Thanksgiving dinner at the Mirage buffet, which was super good. We eat there almost every trip. Then, we saw Peepshow with Holly Madison at Planet Hollywood hotel. Loved the show. Was pleased that Madison was a huge part of the show, did not just make an appearance. Black Friday, I went shopping at my fav outlet mall out there, but did not end up buying anything, weirdly. Kurt watched football, then picked me up after several hours. We then played some more poker and just pretty much gambled the rest of the day. Saturday, Kurt spoke at a function for a friend of his in Vegas, then we had Mexican for lunch and got massages at a place I found online. Played some more poker, and went to dinner, then saw the Cirque Elvis show at Aria. Loved that show as well, but it was kinda more of a musical than your normal Cirque show. Sunday, I went shopping at Fashion Show mall and ended up getting some great deals on things. I bought an all sequined dress at the Limited to wear to a Xmas party, but ended up wearing it out that night in Vegas too. Perfect Vegas dress. Also got a dress for Jamaica there (one shoulder dress), and a cute skirt for work. I was psyched to find a bathing suit I have been coveting marked half off at Betsey Johnson, so I bought that, and I found two really high end bras marked down at Nordstrom's on clearance. Whoot. Went back to the room, and Kurt and I went to dinner, played poker, blackjack, relaxed. Monday, we headed to the airport and home. At the start of the trip, Kurt got plagued with the cold most of the office has had, so he was kinda out of it most of the trip. Boo.

Of course, as soon as we got home, I came down with what Kurt had. Boo. Got up in the morning to take a shower, and had no hot water. Why? Well, Kurt went down to look in the basement, and we had 6 inches of water throughout the basement. While we were gone, both sump pumps in the basement went out, and the water got so high it damaged both of our hot water tanks and almost ruined our furnace. So, Kurt had to stay home from work and call a plumber, who came out and pumped out our basement. Of course, they could not put in new hot water tanks right away. So, I had taken COLD showers all week, with the exception of the showers I took at the gym. UGH. SUCKS. I lost my voice an entire day this week which made working interesting, thank God I had no court that day.

Went to the downriver bar association Xmas party on Friday night. Both Shannon and Angie from the office came, and a lot of the KFASS girls and other lawyer peeps were there, so it was a lot of fun. We went out afterwards and ended up at the American Legion where we surprisingly had a lot of fun! :). Was much cheaper than a trendier place, that's for sure...........

**Judge McNally and I

Went to dinner on Saturday night with my Aunt at Crave. I had a Living Social deal that was about to expire, and I had to use it or lose it. Dinner was amazing, as usual. We split an appetizer of Spring Rolls and I think they were the best spring rolls I have ever had. Tonight, we had a late Thanksgiving dinner at Grama's, where we ordered in pizza and pasta from Buddy's. Food was good but not good for me. That's OK though. :). It was Thanksgiving, right?

Kurt took off to Costa Rica on Friday afternoon to look at some property that sounds awesome that our realtor emailed us about. I could not go as we are too busy with hearings at the office. Boo. He is also getting some dental work done while he is there (at an insane discount compared to the US). He saw the property today, but since we have not talked on the phone (just via text and facebook), I don't know a ton about it yet, but will keep everyone posted. Sounded like he liked the property though, and the dental work is going well. He got to explore the property by horseback today, and it is sunny and 85 degrees there, so needless to say, I am uber jealous right now! :).

Off to bed. Hope everyone has been doing well.

Saturday, November 19, 2011


**Pic above from the website of the Couples Sans Souci.

Our holiday trip is booked for Christmas! I know I blogged about this before, but we decided to shorten our trip this year since we have new staff starting at the office and I don't really think I should be leaving for two weeks right now. So, we are going to take a longer trip sometime in the beginning of 2012 to make up for the missed time off. Anyway, I wanted to pick someplace where we could both relax and take some little day trips to do things outside where we would be staying.

I started looking at Jamaica (Montego Bay, Ocho Rios and Negril) and Mexico (Puerto Vallerta and Cabo). Went back and forth for a while before booking today, and the winner is:

Ocho Rios! :)

Can't wait. My resort requirements were adults only (preferably, couples only), wireless internet in room (preferably for free), gym on premises of hotel (with weights and cardio) and large rooms. Ended up booking at the Couples Sans Souci in Ocho Rios. After searching and pricing things out, ended up getting a Penthouse Suite for the price of a normal room on Travelocity, so I was happy. I had a really hard time picking a place, but this one had everything we were looking for. I like this place too as they pick you up for free at the airport.

There are already a couple tours I know I want to do while there, like this kewl ATV tour up a mountain, and another to a waterfall. There are some with dolphins and sharks............................

First week with Angie at the office has been awesome. She has been SOOO much help with hearings and phone calls and paperwork, and she has only worked one week so far. Everyone else loves her at the office too and she fits in perfectly. So happy about this decision that we made to hire her.

Off to bed, happy weekend! :)

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


I bought this cookbook that is AWESOME. Rebecca forwarded me a coupon to use when we stopped in a bookstore after lunch the other weekend, for 50% off one book. I ended up buying a cookbook, which is not a normal purchase for me since you can get almost every recipe online these days......Anyway, I bought this one. All the recipes are low fat (which is super important to Kurt and I), as well as vegetarian and a lot of them are even vegan. Also, most of the recipes seem super simple and pretty quick.

So far, I have made two recipes for Kurt (and stole a bite of course), and they were both awesome!

First, yesterday, I made garbanzo bean soup. Decided to make this because Kurt LOVES garbanzo beans. It was very simple. Recipe as follows (I modified the recipe to make 2 servings instead of 4):

1 medium onion, chopped (I used a red onion cuz they were the cheapest at the store and used half a large onion)

1 garlic clove, minced (used a jarred one) and my garlic press

2 cups vegetable stock (I used Kroger brand cans)

1 can garbanzo beans (used organic Kroger brand)

1/2 teaspoon ground cumin

1/4 teaspoon of dried thyme leaves

salt and pepper, to taste

1/8 cup of sour cream (I eliminated this totally)

paprika or chili powder, as garnish

Saute onion and garlic in lightly greased large saucepan until tender, about 5 minutes. Add stock, beans, cumin, and thyme and heat to boiling; reduce heat and simmer, covered, 10 minutes.

Process soup in blender until smooth (could also use food processor according to book); season with salt and pepper. Top each bowl of soup with a dollop of sour cream and sprinkle with paprika.

This was great. Almost tasted like hummus soup! And we all know how I love hummus.......

Second recipe was Black Bean and Jalapeno Pizza with Cheese Pizza Dough

First, make the cheese pizza dough. Take 1.25 cups of flour and mix with half teaspoon of sugar and 2/3 cup of very hot water. Mix. ADd 2 TBSP of parm cheese and another .5 cup of flour. Knead in .25 cup of cheddar cheese. I used fat free cheddar and parm, kraft for both. Let sit covered for 15 minutes before spreading on 12 inch pizza pan. (I let sit much longer as I worked out before making the pizza, and it was fine sitting for much longer).

Spread .75 cup of salsa on dough (i used a medium salsa). Lightly mash black beans (I used organic) with 1/4 cup of salsa. Spoon over pizza. Sprinkle with 1/3 cup of jalapeno chilies (I used banana peppers instead) and 1 cup of fat free cheddar cheese. Bake at 425 degrees until crust is browned, 20 minutes.

This crust was aMAZing and my first attempt ever at pizza crust. I would have never guessed the cheese was fat free, SO GOOD. Kurt ate almost the entire pizza, so I guess it was good! :).

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lack of Posting

Life has been pretty chaotic. When I do get downtime, I truthfully have not really felt like coming on here and blogging. It takes enough keeping up with everything else with email, facebook, reading friends' blogs, etc.

Good news with the office though! I finally talked Kurt into letting me hire another associate. After Holly left in April 2011, Kurt was kinda thinking he did not want to hire anyone else. Prob was, the associate that works with him was still working, which meant the bulk of the family law was mine and I had no help. I had someone in mind, a friend of mine who actually interviewed with us back in January 2009. Had no idea if she actually wanted a job or not, so once I got the support of Kurt, contacted her, she came in to meet with us, and she took the job the next day. She starts tomorrow, and I am hoping once she gets into the swing of things, I will be working less hours and may have time to do things like post on here. :). We had dinner on Friday night with her and her boyfriend and had a great time. Her boyfriend is strangely similar to Kurt......

Went through my closet last night and cleared out 5 more bags of clothing. I kept wondering why my closet was so full, but I never felt like I had anything to wear. Yea, that's cuz most of the clothes are too big. I still prob have another bag of clothes to bag up, but 5 bags was all that would fit in the car. Took it over to my friend Joni's house today so she could go thru it and keep what she wants before it's donated or trashed. My closet is strangely empty now. Except for shoes, since those are always the same size, pre-63 pound loss and now! :). Headed to NY and Co to use some coupons I had. The store was having buy one item, get one for half off, I had a $20 off coupon, and I had a 50% more off coupon. Amazing deals. I got the following stuff, some for work, some for casual, and some that works both places! I really, really need a new red winter coat. I had to donate mine and was NOT happy as the coat I had was the perfect red coat but it was HUGE on me when I went to put it on and looked bad. Boo. I need a birch run trip for shopping, that's where I found the last one super cheap. Anyway, back to the shopping!

Necklace one: (this one was only $2.66 after all coupons were applied)

Necklace two: (fell in love with this one when I saw it, and ended up with the one above since they had buy one necklace, get one 75% off plus another 50% off with my coupon)

Sweater, in white: Super comfy and can wear with dress pants to work or with jeans on the weekend.

Shirt, in green: prob will wear with suits at work

Sweater in white: cute over tanks at work.

Shirt, in blue: more for work under suits.

Jeans: I think I just liked the rhinestone detail, ;)

Blazer: tried on the matching white skirt and pants, and I just cant bring myself to buy white for skirts and pants. I know I would sit in something or rub against something and ruin them.

Sweater in grey: for casual, wore today, love it

Sweater in green: for casual

Jeans: could not find pic of these, but they are dark wash flare.

Stopped at Lowe's today and bought some plastic divider things to help organize things. I am pretty organized in my closet, except wanted a better way to organize my tights, socks, etc. other than throwing them in a bin. Started working on that, and got all my tights and nylons all organized. Moving on to socks next. Yay.

I am excited to report that Kurt is back to running, and not feeling injured at all! We were supposed to run in a race yesterday, but work got in the way of that, and Im kinda glad as a friend of mine reported the race was chaos and not very well organized. I am supposed to run in one on Tuesday night as well as Saturday.

Still trying to figure out our Xmas trip this year. Because of the new employee, we we are thinking our Xmas trip will not be super long, like usual, and we will take our longer trip of the year in late January and celebrate Kurt's bday then as well. So, I was being boring and looking at all inclusives in Mexico (cabo) and Jamamca. Then, our Costa Rica realtor emailedus a piece of property that looks amazing and is a fabulous deal, so we may be going there to look at property. I think if we go there, we will fly in, look at the property and take a side trip someplace else. leaning towards the Nicoya peninsula, since we have not yet been there, but don't really know. We could also fly to Bocas del Toro for a couple nights, or maybe the Osa? No time to figure it out, but that's most likely where we will be.

Anyway, gotta get to bed, going to have a busy week training Angie and we have a TON of court as well. Hope everyone is doing awesome!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Penn State Scandal--My Thoughts

To all the Penn State students who think Joe Pa is a saint and amazing person and did nothing wrong, legally or morally, read the following. It is disturbing and disgusting. Because of Joe Pa and others not reporting this to the proper authorities and acting like this was "no big deals", a lot of kids were molested, raped, etc.

Did Joe Pa commit a crime? No. But because of his desire to protect his image, protect the university's image and protect his precious football program, he decided that kids being raped and molested was *OK*. He weighed the two, and decided that it was more important to protect his school and friend than to protect young kids. So morally and ethically wrong. Especially since he is a father himself, to allow this to continue happening to others is a disgrace.

And the students at Penn State should stop acting like children. I get it, you love Joe Pa. He is a legend there and in college football. I actually feel a little bit badly that after so many years and an amazing career, he had to leave on this note. But, when you are out there rioting and causing stupid scenes, step back for a second and think about the victims here, and have a little bit of respect for them.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Week in Review

**Post-Race picture. Recognize the hoodie, Mom? :).
Ran a 5K race in Woodhaven this morning called "The Monster Mash". A lot of people dressed up for it, so it was a fun race. Smaller turnout, which was good for me since they only gave out medals to the first person in each age group, and the age groups were 10 year increments. Anyway, I placed first! :). They accidentally put me in the wrong age group at first, but I actually placed first in both so it was OK. Well, except the girl who got knocked down one in my age group when they fixed it was not happy. Whoops. I would have preferred to stay age 24, but alas, I had to add 10. it's hard for me to figure out what to wear to the races these days, as it is too cold for short sleeves, but I get too hot running with long sleeves about half way through the race. Any runners have any ideas? I don't want to stop and take off layers while running.

Had a crazy busy week this week. One highlight was our friend Steve's retirement party. Steve was a co-worker of kurt's at the IRS back in the day (Kurt's first law job). Steve and his wife, Marilyn, are two of the kewlest people ever. They totally remind me of me and Kurt. They never had kids, and you can tell they truly love and admire one another and enjoy one another's company. they met in law school. Anyway, the turnout was crazy huge. you know someone is a nice guy when he is a lawyer for the government and that many people come out to help him celebrate. Very nice party at a country club in Maumee. Congrats Steve!

Also, had a K-Fass meeting/dinner at la Pita in Dearborn. Yum. Next meeting is Thai food at Bangkok 96 in dearborn, can't wait......

Anyway, besides working 8 million hours, those are about the only updates from the week. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Trial and The Verdict

Trial for the Underwear Bomber started this week, on Tuesday. Since neither Kurt or I had been contacted about being witnesses or being sequestered from the courtroom, we decided to head down to the trial in the hopes of being able to observe. Seats were reserved for all victims, and we really wanted to be there as much as possible. When going through security on the first floor of the court, we ran into someone who works for Anthony Chambers, who told us a pre-trial Motion had been filed that morning to exclude Kurt and I from being in the courtroom for the trial as we may be potential witnesses. We decided to head up and see what happened anyway, since the Motion was not ExParte and had not yet been granted.

Headed up to Floor 8, where Judge Edmunds is. Had to go through more security and obtain a pass to wear allowing us in the court. Sat down in the spot indicated for victims and waited for things to start. The trial started with the pre-trial motions, which one was filed by the prosecution and two by the defense. The prosecution actually filed a Motion that listed Kurt and I, by name, asking that we not sit in on trial as we may be witnesses for the defense. Judge Edmunds excluded Kurt from the courtroom, but said she was not excluding me since I was not on the witness list. I had to stand, and she told me that she did not want me to discuss anything with Kurt about the trial, which I agreed to.

Kurt left, and the other pre-trial Motions were heard. One Motion was to exclude an Exhibit which was a picture of Umar's genital area and thigh of his burns, and the other Motion was one to stop the prosecution from describing the device Umar had as a bomb or explosive. Both Motions were denied.

After this, there was a sidebar, and a really long meeting was held in a jury room between Chambers and Umar. No idea what was discussed. I could only guess it was about a plea deal or maybe about letting Chambers finally take on the role of his attorney. When they came back, the Judge asked if another sidebar was needed, and Chambers said no, we can proceed. We were all DYING to know what was discussed.

Trial then started with a VERY LONG opening statement by the prosecution (about 1 hour 10 minutes). The opening statement, while very detailed, completely lacked ALL emotion, and I would have approached it differently, but hey, it was not my case to prosecute. The opening statement used the overhead projector and also audio of the pilot calling into the airport during the emergency. SO eerie to hear that, and again, so weird to live through hearing about the incident, once again. Once the opening statement was done, the defense chose to reserve their right to give an opening statement and we moved on to the first witness at about 12:25 PM.

The first witness was a passenger on the plane whom neither Kurt or I have ever met. He was sitting about a row back from Umar and witnessed everything, and helped stop him from doing more damage than he did to our plane. He is a grandfather and former military (Army). His testimony was pretty straightforward, just what he witnessed in regards to Umar and the fire. Court then stopped at 1:00 PM for the day.

It was VERY draining for me to be down there. Hearing the witness talk about the incident all over again, and hearing the audio of the call for emergency, exhausted me and took me back to that day all over again. And not bein able to talk to Kurt about anything and rehash it all was KILLING me. :).

Day two of trial, I could not attend first thing in the morning, but, I guess I did not miss much. Apparently, as soon as court was called to session, another long meeting happened between Chambers and Umar until around 10:50 AM. Once they came into the court, the Judge was informed that Umar was going to plead guilty to all 8 charges against him. I got there at 10:10 AM and walked into the overflow courtroom. I sat down, ready to take notes and watch, and heard the Judge say something to the effect "How do you plead to count 2......." and hear Umar say "Guilty". I think I almost fell over in shock at this point. I stepped back and sat down on a bench and after deciphering between calling Kurt and watching, I started to watch. I watched as he pled guilty on all 8 counts. I watched as he gave him statement to the court. I watched as he was taken away again by probation. I heard the Judge schedule a sentencing for January.

I was floored.

I really never thought he would plead to anything. Or if he did, I thought it would be way before this.

I did not even know how I felt about this. All I felt at first was, a sense of total and complete relief, like some huge weight had been lifted off my chest.

I had a very stressful couple days, coupled with the fact that Kurt being named as a defense witness was making me fearful of his and my safety...........

I walked in the hall and sat on a bench and looked at my phone, which had a bunch of calls from the media on it, and I dialed Kurt.

Me: "Did you hear what happened with Umar"
Kurt: "No, what?"
Me: "He pled guilty on all 8 counts?"
Kurt: "WHAT?? Did he get a sweet plea deal or something?"
Me: "No idea, I don't know what the sentence is, that's not until January"

I then realized I was almost crying as this was all really overwhemling me, and I asked Kurt to come over to deal with the media since I knew they would want to talk to us. He could not leave his hearing. I hung up and was immediately approached by the associated press wanting to ask me some questions. Talked to them, and headed outside to the rest of the press. I was bombarded as soon as I walked outside the court, asked questions about my reaction, how it felt, etc. Kurt called and said he was heading over, so once he got there, I let him talk to the media.

So, how do I feel now about this? A variety of emotions, really. Relief is the biggest one. I am glad this guy is permanently off the streets and not able to harm anyone else. I am glad I don't have to go to trial every day for the next month plus. I am glad I don't have to worry about Kurt's safety. I'm also disappointed. I really wanted Kurt to get to testify, however, neither one of us actually thought he ever would be allowed to. Curious--as to "why" he pled guilty, what was really going on behind the scenes that we may never know. I'm also saddened that the general public is never going to see as part of this trial the lies the government told, covered up and participated in. I'm saddened that people like Umar are allowed to travel to this country and put our lives at risk in order to allow the government to further their own personal agendas.

Anyway, wanted to post my thoughts on everything while they were still fresh in my memory. It's so odd this is all complete now.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Random Updates

Have not posted in forever--been busy, and I always feel weird posting when so many people I don't know personally are visiting the blog to read Kurt's posts about the trial. But, whatevs. This was initially MY blog and was taken over by Kurt, so people can just skip over this, ;).

Trying to think of anything relevant that has happened recently to blog about since my last post, which was San Fran related......

Went to Manistee to a wedding in late September, one of my sister's best friend's, Tara, from high school got married. I left work early, around noon, and headed to Manistee. Got stuck in stopped traffic on the Zilwaukee bridge for an hour, which sucked, but got to Manistee around dinner time. Got there and was greeted by baby Nick, who RAN out the door to greet me and hugged me! He kept saying "Hi Aunt Lordie!" Too cute. Quite the difference from the super shy little boy I got to hang with last trip! :). Was so happy to see him. My sister had a rehearsel dinner to get to, so Nick, my Mom and I headed to Ludington to have dinner at a Mexican restaurant and stops at Meijer and Maurices. Ended up buying a cute new pair of jeans at Maurices, and after coupons and sales, I paid a grand total of $11.00. Score. Next morning, headed out for a 5 mile run. LOVE that Manistee has sidewalks (which are lacking in Newport). Did a tiny bit of shopping with my Mom, then headed to the wedding. It was gorgeous and took place in the Ramsdell Theatre, which is a historic theatre in Manistee (i was actually in some plays during junior high and high school while living there). Reception was in the ballroom at the theatre and super fun as well. Nick danced with us the entire night, which was super cute. We left kinda early to get Nick home to bed, and stopped and picked up my fav food in the world, Big Al's breadsticks, on my way home. To die for. I forget all about counting calories when those breadsticks are in the room.......I only get them once or twice a year, so whatever. Sunday, took another run, then stopped at some stores and at a coffee shop with my Mom. Left around 2 to come home. Way too quick of a trip. Wanted to see some other people while there, but there was just not time. Need to plan another trip soon.

Tigers are in the playoffs! Whoot! Kurt and I went to both home games. The first we took the office and their significant others and my Dad, and the second, was just us. Had a blast at game one. Awesome. Game two, not as fun, horrible loss. Have tickets to two games this week, and will get them to game three if it goes that far. Who knows. Was so psyched to eliminate the Yankees, who I hate, and was happy to see the Phillies eliminated since they are so talented. Was thinking about going to Monday night football, but decided no as tickets are crazy expensive, and with the Tigers game, I dont want to put too much on my calendar.

Did one run last weekend called the Red October Run in Wayne, MI. I was set to run my first 10K, but ended up doing a 5K since I had a really bad cold and did not want to overdo it. Boo. My goal was simply to get through the race since I could barely breathe, and I did. I really liked the course. There were a TON of people too, I did not even come close to placing. Which I was OK with since I was sick and it was kinda cold out. So, I got to come straight home and rest up for the work week.

Also, went to Lions opening day! Have not been to a Lions game in forever (since we stopped our season tickets many years back). Had awesome seats on the 45 yard line behind the visitors side, row 4 first level. Seats were amazing. Game was incredible. I don't remember being at a better game ever for the Lions. It was crazy and almost unreal........Loved every second. Except for the reallllllly long lines and security to get in. How obnoxious. They had separate lines for men and women, so Kurt and I totally got separated and ended up just meeting at our seats.

Was so happy for some nice weather this weekend! Went running outside both Friday and Saturday, Saturday at the park since it was still light out when I went. I am still really leery running outside on the street. Every car that goes by, I flinch. Wish I could get over this fear. I still have not taken a bike ride since the accident, but I might try that tomorrow. Am slightly terrified though. Boo.

Anyway, Tigers game coming out of rain delay, so I gotta watch......Night!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Looks Like I'll Be A Witness For The Defense In The Underwear Bomber Case

by Kurt Haskell

Today was the day for final jury selection in the Underwear Bomber case. I watched some of it on Tuesday and I was interested to see which jurors were picked. The final jury was set to be picked today at 1:30. I adjusted my schedule so that I could be down there at 1:30 today. I had a trial a few blocks away that was due to last until around 1:00 today. My plan was to head over there when I finished my trial. As my trial was ending, I got the following text from my brother "I hear that you will be testifying in the underwear bomber case". This was news to me as my status as a witness was undetermined as of Tuesday. I gave my brother a call and he said he heard on the radio, that stand-by Anthony Chambers said in court this morning that I would be testifying. While walking to Federal Court to watch final jury selection, I ran into someone that works with stand-by attorney Chambers. He told me that final jury selection was done as it didn't take as long as expected. He also told me that it was Umar that said he would call me as a witness, not Chambers. He then said Chambers is right there, go talk to him and he pointed across the street. Chambers was standing on the sidewalk across the street. I talked to Chambers for a minute and we agreed to talk again soon. He said I won't be testifying for approximately another month as the trial is supposed to be lengthy. I then headed back to my office and found out that I had messages from Fox National News and the A.P. I talked to Ed White from the A.P. on Tuesday and he misquoted me in the article he wrote. Specifically, Ed White asked what I though about Umar making outbursts in court. I said the following "I saw him before boarding and he never said anything, I've seen him in court several times, and I even saw him when he lit his fake bomb and his crotch was burning and he never makes a peep. This is totally out of character for him." You can see how Ed White did a cut and paste job of my quote here:

Note that Ed White left out that I saw Umar before boarding and that he lit a fake bomb.

I talked to Ed White again today and told him that I would only talk to him if he didn't twist my words around to mean something else. He agreed, but here is the hatchet job Ed White did to my interview with him today. Note that he says I have a "wild theory" among other things:

This is the last straw in my discussions with the media. The media is nothing but a 4th branch of the government. I will no longer talk to any of them except the alternative media that has been supportive all along.

Note, however, in the above article, Chambers indicates that I may be the only defense witness called. How ironic is it that I will have Umar's life in my hands just as Umar had my life in his hands (or underwear) on Christmas Day 2009? I will be up to the task. I realize that some may not agree with me and may attempt to harm me. Nevertheless, I will speak the truth and not be intimidated. I will do this for the common good of all of the citizens of the United States. It is not often that I quote a passage from the bible, but I think it is appropriate here:

"And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Underwear Bomber Jury Selection Hearing October 4, 2011

by Kurt Haskell

Yesterday, I went to the first day of jury selection in the underwear bomber case. I was the only passenger from the flight present. Lori could not attend as she had a hearing in Mt. Clemens that she could not get out of. The process involved picking 40 potential jurors to bring back on October 6, 2011. The selection of the jury will be made that day from the remaining 40 potential jurors. The process I witnessed involved the judge asking questions of each juror, then the prosecution asking questions and finally the defense asking questions. The prosecution and the defense were given 6 minutes each to question each juror. Only one juror was allowed in the courtroom at a time. I was in the courtroom when Umar arrived. When he entered he said "Great Mujahideen, Anwar is alive" referring to Anwar Al Awlaki and his reported recent death. He then said "We will wipe out the U.S., the cancer that is the U.S." Judge Edmunds had not yet arrived. When Judge Edmunds got there, she told Umar he should dress better to make a better impression on the jurors. He was dressed in a white t-shirt as he always is. Umar said "I wanted to wear a Yemeni belt with a dagger, but nobody would let me". Judge Edmunds then said "I don't think you'll be bringing a dagger into my courtroom". Umar then said that he wanted to change and the court went into recess. Umar returned shortly thereafter and was dressed in a tan collared shirt and a black suit coat. When he entered the court this time he said "Allah Akbar Anwar is alive". Judge Edmunds again was not in the courtroom. Jury questioning then began. I stayed for 4 hours and watched 18 jurors get questioned. Of the 18 that were questioned, 5 were sent home and 13 told to come back on October 6, 2011. Judge Edmunds indicated that either Umar or stand-by Attorney Chambers could question the jurors, but only one could question each juror. Umar only questioned one juror. He actually did a good job in questioning the one juror. He sounded intelligent and well spoken. The juror Umar questioned was juror #119, a 60 year old white female who stated that "I am concerned about being attacked after the verdict". That is what Umar questioned her about. He wanted to know if she was concerned about being attacked after a guilty verdict or a not guilty verdict. She stated that she was concerned both ways. This juror was told to come back. What was most interesting to me was the type of questions asked by Judge Edmunds and Chambers. The following questions were asked multiple times with slightly different variations:

1. Do you think after listening to the evidence that you will be able to determine whether the Defendant actually possessed a "bomb"?

2. Do you realize that sometimes the media does not always report the truth?

Obviously, each of these questions points directly at what I've been saying for months. Umar was given a fake bomb and put on this plane intentionally to stage a false terrorist attack. Also, the question about the media indicates knowledge that the media has been complicit in the lie. I spoke to several reporters once again. They were from Reuters, AP, UPI, CNN, Detroit News, and a couple of others. Also, the Detroit Free Press reporter asked to talk to me and I said "Why? You never actually report anything that I say". Sadly, the AP was the only one to report anything that I said. Here is a link to the article (The AP is used by several media outlets):

The CNN reporter did indicate that we would continue our interview on October 6, 2011. This time, as opposed to others, it seemed as if the reporters were starting to realize that my theory of events is indeed correct. I had more of them agreeing with me instead of grilling me over the evidence. This had not previously been the case. Also, I am now seeing a change in the language in regards to how this story is reported. Previously, articles would read, Umar is "being charged with attempting to detonate . . ." Now articles are stating that "The government says" Umar intended to blow up the plane . . ." This is a small but significant change. It shows that the media is now reporting that what the government says may not be what really happened. See this story for an example:

Note that none of the major media outlets reported anything in reference to the two questions I listed above, however, except for the live blog from the courthouse running on, which only indicated the following:

12:17 p.m.
"The media is taking a beating in juror interviews. The 15th person to be questioned for jury duty – a computer analyst for a major retailer -- agreed with Edmunds that the media doesn’t always get it right. It’s the same response Edmunds got from other jurors, several of whom don’t read or listen to the news. But based on what she has seen and heard, she thinks Abdulmutallab is guilty. “I don’t believe that was an innocent act,” she said in response to Chambers’ questions."

You can look at it here for now, but look quick as the Free Press is known for erasing evidence that supports the real story of events from its website:

Lastly, I did have a chance to talk to Chamber's associate attorney for a minute and found out that my status as a witness is currently "undetermined". That's an improvement over what I thought it was. We agreed to meet in Chambers office soon. Final jury selection is tomorrow and I will be going down to watch the festivities. Sadly, this is the only way to find out what is really going on.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

A Closer Look at Selected Domestic "Terrorist Attacks" From The Past Decade

by Kurt Haskell

Over the past 21 months, I have come into contact with many people that fail to even consider the possibility that U.S. intelligence agents could have been involved in the underwear bomber plot. It is with these people in mind that I decided to write the following article. I have noticed that recent terrorist attacks within the United States have many similar characteristics. If you look at these plots together as a series of attacks, the modus operandi of U.S. intelligence agencies begins to develop. For this article, I have decided to look at only "terrorist attacks" from January 1, 2002, to the present.

1. Mohamed Mohamud (The Portland Christmas Tree Bomber)
Date Of Incident: November 26, 2010.

The 2010 Portland car bomb plot involved an incident in which Mohamud, a Somali-American student, was arrested in an FBI sting operation, after attempting to set off what he thought was a car bomb at a Christmas tree lighting in Portland, Oregon.
Mohamud had been monitored by the FBI for months. Prior to Mohamud's arrest, an undercover FBI agent, posing as a terrorist, had been in contact with him since June 2010 (A 5 month period). In preparation for the planned bombing of a public gathering, Mohamud and undercover FBI operatives drove to a remote area of Lincoln County, Oregon, where they conducted a test run on November 4, 2010 by detonating a real bomb Mohamud believed to have been hidden inside a backpack. The fake bomb was in a white van that carried six 55-gallon drums with what appeared to be real detonation cords and plastic caps. Mohamud tried to detonate the bomb by dialing a cell phone that was attached to it. When the device failed to explode, the undercover agent suggested he get out of the car to obtain better reception. When he did so, arresting agents moved in. According to the FBI, the device it provided to Mohamud had no explosive components (even the detonating caps were inert) and the public was never in any danger.

2. Sami Samir Hassoun (Wrigley Field Bomber)
Date of Incident: September 19, 2010

Hassoun placed a backpack authorities say he thought contained a bomb near Chicago's Wrigley Field. The fake but ominous looking device (a paint can fitted with blasting caps and a timer)was given to him by an FBI undercover agent. According to Hassoun's attorney, Hassoun didn't bring anything of his own making to the incident. All materials were given to him by an under cover FBI agent. Hassoun also had no apparent affiliation with extremists. The complaint alleges he raised the specter of terrorist groups only by suggesting it would be helpful to blame them for any attacks he staged. At least two FBI undercover agents got in touch with Hassoun, posing as co-plotters and eventually helped to deliver the bogus bomb.

3. Bronx Terrorism Plot
Date of Incident: May 20, 2009

On May 20, 2009, US law enforcement arrested four black Muslim men in connection with a plot to shoot down military airplanes flying out of an Air National Guard base in Newburgh, New York and blow up two synagogues in the Riverdale community of the Bronx. The events leading up to the attempted attack began in June 2008. Shahed Hussain, an Albany hotel owner and FBI informant, showed up at the Masjid al-Ikhlas mosque under the name "Maqsood", talking of jihad and violence. Hussain, a Pakistani immigrant, agreed to serve as an FBI informant after being arrested in 2002 over a scam involving driver's licenses. Four men expressed interest to Hussain. They planned to both bomb the Riverdale Temple and nearby Riverdale Jewish Center in the Bronx, and, using Stinger surface-to-air guided missiles, shoot down military planes flying out of a nearby air base. On May 6, 2009, the men traveled to Stamford, Connecticut, to pick up what they believed to be a surface-to-air guided-missile system and three improvised explosive devices, all of which were incapable of actually being used. The men placed fake bombs wired to cell phones in three separate cars outside the Riverdale Temple and nearby Riverdale Jewish Center, both in the Riverdale community of Bronx. The FBI informer also served as the driver of the suspects’ vehicle. Both the car bombs and the missiles were actually fakes given to the plotters with the help of an informant for the FBI. Each of the two homemade bombs was equipped with about 37 pounds of inert material designed to look like C-4 plastic explosive, and "there was no danger to anyone," according to the FBI. The men were returning to their vehicle and heading to attack aircraft at the Stewart Air National Guard Base in Newburgh, New York, with the fake Stinger missiles when law enforcement stopped them.

4. Antonio Martinez
Date of Incident: December 8, 2010

Martinez was arrested in an FBI sting after agents said he tried to detonate a phony bomb outside a Maryland military recruitment center. The FBI began investigating Martinez in early October 2010 after an informant pointed out postings on Martinez's Facebook page. Martinez's attorney said the lack of a recording of the informant's initial three conversations with Martinez is a sign the government was trying to obscure its role in developing the plot. It was in those conversations that Martinez first mentioned attacking the recruiting center, according to a criminal complaint. Also according to his attorney, the government "induced him to be involved in an act which was clearly the design of the government and provided Martinez with the fake bomb".

5. Rezwan Ferdaus
Date of Incident: September 28, 2011

Federal prosecutors allege in court documents that Rezwan Ferdaus outlined an elaborate plan to undercover FBI agents posing as al-Qaeda operatives that involved the use of three drone aircraft carrying deadly payloads to attack and destroy federal government landmarks. Ferdaus was arrested after allegedly accepting delivery of materials, including three grenades, six Ak-47 assault rifles and a quantity of what he believed to be powerful C-4 explosives. U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz said all of the weaponry was in the control of undercover agents who were closely monitoring the plot's developments. She said the public was never in danger.
However, some legal organizations and Muslim groups have questioned whether Ferdaus, whose activities were carried out with two undercover FBI agents posing as terrorists, would have been able to carry out such a sophisticated plot if left to his own devices. In numerous previous cases in the US, the FBI has been accused of over-zealousness in its investigations and of entrapping people into terror plots who might otherwise not have carried out an attack. On April 19, 2011, undercover agents met with Ferdaus and questioned the "feasibility" of his plan. That raises the prospect that the FBI agents were somehow goading Ferdaus into more action.
At the same meeting the undercover agents also gave financial assistance for Ferdaus to travel to Washington on a scouting trip: a fact that raises the question of whether he would have made the trip without that financial help. The undercover agents also supplied thousands of dollars in cash for Ferdaus to buy the F-86 Sabre miniature plane to be used in an attack.

Analysis Of These 5 Attacks:

When looking at these plots, the most obvious connection between them (Other than the Muslim male connection) is that the FBI provided each of these "terrorists" with fake weapons, including fake explosives, to carry out the plots. Also, each of the terrorists attempted to carry out the plots with the aid of undercover FBI agents. It is unclear to what extent the FBI agents came up with the initial idea. However, it certainly is questionable whether any of these attacks would have occurred without the aid of the undercover FBI agents. Before meeting up with the undercover FBI agents, most of these men had little to no criminal record and were guilty of no more than random terroristic thoughts. It is also very apparent that the undercover FBI agents allowed the "terrorists" to conclude a significant portion of the plots including attempting to detonate fake bombs. While researching these and other "terrorist" attacks, I could not help but notice the lack of "terrorist" attacks from 2002-2008. I can't help but question whether the increase in these attacks is related to the term of office of President Obama, which began in January 2009. As I chose to not make this article poilitical, I won't delve into such aspect any further. During this same time period, on December 25, 2009, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab,the "Underwear Bomber" attempted to detonate an explosive in his underwear as he sat 8 rows in front of me.

Analysis of the Underwear Bomber Incident:

Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab(Umar)allegedly received his bomb from Al Qaeda in Yemen and due to U.S. Intelligence Agencies "failing to connect the dots", was able to board flight 253 with a bomb. The U.S. Intelligence Agencies "failed to connect" the dots despite the fact that they had been warned by Umar's own father several months earlier that Umar was a threat. Further, we are told that it was this "failing to connect the dots" that led to Umar boarding, despite the Congressional testimony of Patrick Kennedy (see his testimony here:
This testimony from Kennedy, the Under Secretary of State, indicated that a yet to be disclosed intelligence agency was tracking Umar, and wanted to track him into the U.S. to catch "bigger fish". Now how would such agency do that if it didn't allow Umar to board a plane heading to the U.S.? What's also troubling is that nearly all of the mainstream U.S. media failed to even report on this Congressional testimony. The one newspaper that did, the Detroit News, has now erased the story from its archives. Of course, I witnessed Umar near the boarding gate of flight 253. He was escorted by a sharp dressed man, that spoke perfect American English without an accent and told the gate agent that Umar didn't have a passport, that he needed to board the plane, that he was from "Sudan, and we do this all the time". My next question is who is the "we" that he was referring to. Obviously, I have to ask what sort of U.S. authority figure in Amsterdam could say that "we" let refugees on planes all of the time without passports and apparently, has the authority to make it happen. It seems that an undercover FBI agent would fit the bill. Although Schiphol Airport has the most security cameras in the world, the airport audio and video remain unreleased under a court protective order. In December 2010, Umar's stand-by attorney, Anthony Chambers reported to the Detroit Free Press that "The Government's own experts have indicated that the bomb was impossibly defective as it lacked a blasting cap". That story has now been erased from the Free Press archives. Although pieces of the bomb laid all over the airline cabin near row 19, law enforcement officers made no effort to remove passengers from such area and passengers trampled through pieces of the bomb as they exited the plane. The NPR interview of Jay Howard, the man who sat next to Umar, is very telling (see below)( In this interview, Howard relates that the FBI told him not to talk about what happened and took all of his clothes that were covered with pieces of the bomb. Although the FBI had samples of the bomb all over the airline, it seized all of his clothes to "test the bomb materials". I have to wonder if the FBI actually seized Mr. Howard's clothes in order to not let others test the bomb materials. In his NPR interview, Mr. Howard makes the following curious comment "I don't want to call him a terrorist because he hasn't been treated as a terrorist and it wasn't a national threat". Really Mr. Howard? Why wasn't it a National threat? Is this why the FBI told you not to talk about this too much? Note that I am not saying that Jay Howard was involved in this lot, but only that he knows more than he is letting on. Remember, after we exited the plane, we were taken to a baggage claim area where we stood with our carry on bags for an hour, not knowing if other bombs were located in the carry on bags. Law enforcement was not concerned, however. At this time, Umar had already exited the plane and told officers that "there is another bomb on board". Another man was taken into custody during this time, after a bomb sniffing dog found explosives in his carry on bag. The U.S. Government changed its story on who this man was 5 times before finally deciding to ignore the existence of the man entirely. It's most likely that this man was an FBI undercover agent that provided Umar with his "bomb" and the bomb resideue in his bag alerted the dog. In late 2010, Umar was charged with conspiring with "persons known and unknown" yet none of these persons have ever been named. Their involvement with the plot has never been explained. Shouldn't such persons be on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted List? Shouldn't the FBI solicit the public to help identify such individuals, who should be some of the most wanted men in the world? Not if they are FBI agents. There are very few differences between the Underwear Bomber incident and the 5 incidents I listed above. One difference being that this attack occurred on a plane which caused a fire that did indeed threaten lives. The other plots seemingly didn't risk injury to others. We must remember that the U.S. needs legitimate "terrorist attacks" to keep making money for those that benefit from the fraudulent war on terror. Also, a legitimate airline attack was needed to usher in the body scanning machines. Without a failed bomb in a terrorist's clothes, the American public would never stand for the body scanning machines. Lastly, the flight proceeded over Detroit before the "bomb" was lit, on Christmas Day, in order to make the biggest splash in the media. The U.S. Government's modus operandi of setting up these attacks with fake bombs and without risking injury to others was seemingly achieved. This led to Janet Napolitano's explicit comment that "the system worked" when referring to this attack. Janet knows what happened here, and so do I. Hopefully, I have convinced other that read this post that the U.S. Government, via its intelligence agencies, gave Umar a fake bomb and escorted him through security in order to assure a fake "terrorist attack". This "terrorist" attack occurred in order to continue padding the wallets of those that benefit from the war on terror and its repulsive body scanners. Would this plot have happened without the aid of the unnamed U.S. Intelligence Agency that allowed Umar to board, provided Umar with his fake bomb and God knows whatever else? Not a chance. I sit here writing this article a mere 30 minutes from Dearborn, Michigan, which has the largest segment of Muslims in the U.S. I realize that if the U.S. were truly in danger of terrorist attacks from Muslims, this area should be in jeopardy of suicide and car bombings that frequently occur in the middle east. These attacks do not occur here. I know why, and I ask that you also ask yourself why. Those that are hopeful that the upcoming trial will reveal anything of this sort should think again. Umar is representing himself and thereby refusing to let standy-by attorney Chambers use the entrapment defense (that he told me he would) if he was allowed to. This action by Umar is inexplicable, unless of course he is involved in the plot, has been threatened or promised a lenient sentence. I don't know which, but there seemingly is no other explanation. Obviously, there is more to this story than the FBI is telling us.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Forged Passport In Underwear Bomber Case?

by Kurt Haskell

I spent much of this evening reading court documents from the underwear bomber (Umar) case. For those that are interested, you can read them at:

There are many gems in the documents, but I'll only focus on one of them tonight.
While reading the documents, I found what I believe to be another smoking gun. Since day one when Lori and I exited flight 253, I've maintained that Umar boarded flight 253 with the help of a sharp dressed man and WITHOUT A PASSPORT. Early on in this case, Judge Edmunds issued a protective order forbidding either side from discussing any of the evidence in the case. However, that didn't stop the U.S. Government from releasing propaganda pictures into the media. The most famous picture is a picture of Umar with law enforcement on the plane. The two that were the most obvious frauds were the picture of Umar's minimally damaged underwear and the picture of Umar's passport. The passport picture was released for no other reason then to attempt to discredit my eyewitness testimony. In no other case (to my knowledge) has the government released a picture of some one's passport to the media. I have taken great offense to the release of the passport and it is with great pleasure that I now believe I can show it was a fake. Interestingly enough, stand-by attorney Chambers indicated at the July 7, 2011 hearing that he had just received a copy of Umar's passport. Chambers referred to this (and some other evidence) document as "significant evidence". We must now ask why it is considered "significant evidence" by Chambers. I also have to wonder why such a seemingly insignificant document like a passport was withheld for 18 months from the defense (Maybe it took that long to create a good fake?).

When I looked for the picture of Umar's passport tonight, it was not easy to find. I did however, manage to find a copy of it here:

I encourage everyone to take a very good look at Umar's signature, particularly the "m" and the "a" in Umar. Also note that it doesn't include his last name. Further, the picture doesn't particularly look like Umar and seems to show a man with a receding hairline. At this time, I will leave a discussion of the picture for another day.

Now take a look at this document filed by Umar and written in his own handwriting:

Note that the "a's" are completely different in that the "a" in the passport photo has a closed loop while in the court document, the "a's" are open at the top. Further, note that Umar's "m" is significantly larger than the "a" is in the passport photo. Also, note that the "m's" in the court document look significantly different then the "m" in the passport. Specifically, the "m's" in the court document are the same size as the "a's" are and are significantly more slanted and pointed then the "m's" in the passport. In the court document, you can also see that most of the "m's" contain a side arm while the "m" in the passport photo does not. Lastly, note that the passport appears to have very neat handwriting while the court document has very sloppy handwriting.

Of course, the conclusion is that one of the documents is a fake. It is much more likely that the passport photo is a fake as there would be no legitimate reason to fake the court document. If the passport photo, is in fact a fake, we must ask why the government would release a fake passport photo. The only logical explanation is that a real passport did not exist. Obviously, the U.S. Government felt a need early on to release a fraudulent passport to discredit my eyewitness account. The reason for the attempt to discredit me is obvious and points directly at my theory in this case.

Umar was escorted through security without a passport and with an intentionally defective bomb in order to stage a false flag terrorist attack.

Note that in this court document, Chambers has indicated that U.S. Government agents have given contradictory statements (see item 9):

Surprise, surprise, U.S. Government agents are giving false statements. Why should we be surprised when their employer releases a fraudulent document?

*** I am editing this post this morning (9-28-11) to make one comment about the passport photo. The passport appears to be issued on September 15, 2005. Umar was age 18 on that date. The man in the passport piture clearly has a receding hairline (and to me doesn't look like Umar). The possibility of an 18 year old having a receding hairline is remote at best. It appears that the U.S. Government has once again been exposed in this matter.

*** Second edit: See below for a copy of my fax to Anthony Chambers:

Facsimile Cover Sheet

To: Anthony Chambers, Esq.
Fax: 313-xxx-xxxx
From: Kurt R. Haskell, J.D., L.L.M.
Company: Haskell Law Firm, P.C.
Phone: 734-285-5625
Fax: 734-281-0969
Date: September 28, 2011
Pages including this cover page:
3, RE: Umar Farouk Adbulmutallab

Comments: Tony, I am assuming that since I haven’t heard from you that I will not be testifying. I assume that to mean that Umar has chosen to not use the entrapment/excessive government involvement defense. That is unfortunate and leads me to believe that Umar is complicit with the government for some reason. Nonetheless, I am attaching my recent blog post to make you aware of some passport anomalies. Obviously, I was there when Umar was posed as a Sudanese refugee and boarded without a passport. Thus, I know that he didn’t have a passport. I doubt that you will have enough control in the trial to admit the passport anomalies into evidence. However, I am providing this evidence to you for impeachment purposes on the off chance that you can use it. I know there is a great deal of evidence in this case and I just wanted to make you aware of this information. Good luck with the trial. I am not envious of your position. I will be there whenever my schedule allows.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Colossal Deceit Known As The Underwear Bomber Case

by Kurt Haskell

With jury selection set to begin in the Underwear Bomber Trial set to begin tomorrow, I've spent the evening reminiscing about Christmas Day 2009 and the 21 months since. The Underwear Bomber attack has fundamentally changed my life. Not in the way most would think, but it has destroyed any faith I've had in the U.S. Government, the media and this country as a whole. To say that I believe the government is corrupt and the media is complicit doesn't fully explain my beliefs. Not only have I come to those conclusions, but I've witnessed that an ordinary person who sees something important can be silenced despite his efforts to spread the truth. Such is the Underwear Bomber case. I can do nothing but laugh at the TSA's new policy of "If you see something say something." That is exactly what I did, and not only did the U.S. Government not want to hear what I had to say, but it actively lied about it, attempted to get me to change my story, and hid, by withholding (secret government) evidence or putting a protective order on the evidence and nearly everything that would support my eyewitness account.

Where are we now? We now have The Underwear Bomber (Umar) representing himself with the help of standby attorney Chambers. Attorney Chambers has indicated to me that if he were Umar's attorney, that the defense would be entrapment and that I would be a key witness. Of course, such a defense would expose the U.S. Government's involvement in the plot. It is much too convenient to have Umar represent himself and be in charge of what the defense will be, what evidence is presented, what witnesses are called and what questions each witness is asked. A trial with Umar representing himself will leave the relevant facts of this case unknown for generations. I can't help but think that Umar fired his attorneys for a reason other than he is a crazy terrorist. It is much too convenient that the entity that staged the event, also controls the evidence, what information is leaked to the media, who the prosecutors are, and the prison where Umar has sbeen staying at for the last 21 months. Let's not overlook the fact that the U.S. Government has admitted to waterboarding and torturing terrorists. Do you see the pieces of the puzzle forming a clear picture yet?

Make no mistake that Umar did in fact attempt to detonate a device (although it was a defective device) on Flight 253. He is not innocent. It remains to be discovered whether my belief that Umar is complicit with the "theatre" going on before our eyes came about before or after the event of Christmas Day 2009. It really is not important except that you must understand that he is now complicit in covering up the true story of Christmas Day 2009. There is no other explanation as to why Umar is representing himself and rejecting the entrapment defense (Which I have discovered he will do).

For those that are still skeptical of my claims, please realize that I do not make my claims without a great deal of thought and research. My firm belief is that Umar was escorted around security and given an intentionally defective bomb by a U.S. intelligence agent. The bomb was never intended to detonate, but merely intended to create a "simulated terrorist attack" or a "false flag attack" if you will. In December of 2009, the U.S. Government hadn't seen a terrorist attack in 8 years, It was getting more and more difficult to spend hundreds of billions a year on terrorism and to continue to fight two fraudulent wars based on terrorism. Those making their livings off of the war on terror didn't want to lose their cash cow. Enter Umar the Underwear Bomber. A second benefit of a failed bomb being found in Umar's underwear, was to enable body scanning machines to be placed in every airport. How convenient for Michael Chertoff , a former head of the DHS, to have ties to the body scanning companies. I doubt that this was any coincidence. Once again, billions of dollars would flow from the U.S. Government for body scanning machines that were needed to protect us.

What we are now left with are the bits and pieces of the Underwear Bomber case that can form a clear picture of what happened that day. For those of you attempting to put it all together, please take your time and think about the evidence instead of glossing over it and continuing to remain in denial. The truth is that your U.S. Government staged a false terrorist attack in order to steal your tax dollars and your 4th Amendment Rights to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures. Please thoroughly consider the following with an open mind and think about why this sort of behavior must stop now:

My thoughts on this case and the list of anomalies that differ from the official version of events were made through: (a) numerous discussions with other passengers, (b) my own eyewitness account, (c) discussions with Umar's standby attorney, (d) hundreds of articles on the story (e) evidence provided to me by others "in the know" or just other concerned citizens, and (f) from the official record at hearings I attended.

Anomalies of the case in no particular order:

1. In December 2010, Chambers told the Detroit Free Press that the Government's own explosives experts indicate that the bomb was impossibly defective. The Free Press later erased this article from its online site, but did not erase earlier underwear bomber stories.
2. The FBI has admitted to supplying the Portland Christmas Tree Bomber and the Wrigley Field Bomber with intentionally defective bombs shortly after the underwear bomber event.
3. Janet Napolitano's comment that "the system worked" was a Freudian slip.
4. The plane taxied to the gate. The passengers were not allowed off of the plane for 20-30 minutes (Was the bomb still on the plane?). There was bomb material that was supposedly explosive all over the cabin of the plane. Nobody took any action to make sure the passengers were safe or that the "explosives" were of no danger to the passengers. This is evidence of foreknowledge that there was no danger to the passengers.
5. TSA admitted knowledge of the threat while the flight was over Canada/Atlantic Ocean. No measures were taken to notify the pilot or to divert the flight for an emergency landing elsewhere.
6. My eyewitness account of the sharp dressed man and the related evidence as to this man. There is no other likely explanation for this man except for government involvement. The airport video has never been released and remains under protective order of the court.
7. The government's continued release of Umar's passport picture through the media. This was done for no other reason that to attempt to discredit me. Why such an effort to show a passport picture all over the media? In no other case has a passport picture been shown in the media. A copy of the supposed "passport" of Umar, however, was not released to Chambers until June 2011. The release of the passport to standby defense counsel was delayed 19 months in order to limit the amount of time Chambers would need to have experts verify its authenticity.
8. The explanation for the cameraman is near unbelieveable. He started filming the sky just before the attack started and then he turned to film the entire attack from beginning to end. We all thought we were going to die. The last thing on anyone's mind at that time was to film something.
9. On 1-5-10 Breibart posted an article that indicated the Government had viewed over 200 hours of video from the airport and it showed no evidence of an accomplice. This article is contradicted by the 1-22-10 article of ABC News by Brian Ross that indicated that "The government is looking into the identity of a man that helped Umar at Schiphol." The article fails to mention that this "sharp dressed man" escorted Umar through security without a passpot and instead tries to paint this man as Al Qaeda. The government is contradicting itself in both of these stories and is attemptin weak coverups in each story.
10. Umar is charged with conspiracy. The accomplices names or contributions are never mentioned. They are not listed as wanted and they are never discussed. This is because they are U.S. Intelligence agents.
11. Customs spokeperson Ron Smith changed the official story about the 2nd man taken into custody in Detroit 5 times. Then he sent a half hearted apoogetic email to the media. My story as to this man has never changed. Ron Smith eventually gave up lying and quit talking about this man who was witnessed by nearly all of the passengers.
12. Why were pictures of Umar's underwear constantly released to the media? These pictures show Umar's underwear is largely intact. I have information from a credible source that due to this incident, Umar "Will never have any kids". This fact is not in line with undamaged underwear. The continued release of the underwear was used as a propaganda piece to reinforce the deceit.
13. The prosecution has continued to block evidence from Umar's standby attorney and in some cases, has provided it late. Why? If Umar was a terrorist nut, what is it that the government does not want the defense to see? It seems to me that if the official story is true, then this is an open and shut case. It appears that the government feels a need to insulate itself from civil cases filed by the passengers.
14. Why has Chambers repeatedly indicated that Umar has a very valid defense? The answer is the entrapment defense.
15. Portions of the Patriot Act were set to expire just before Christmas Day 2009. The Congressional vote to extend them was delayed until February. Body scanning machines were already built and sitting in warehouses. Michael Chertoff, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security has ties to the body scanning manufacturers. The U.S. had no terrorist attacks from 2001 until Christmas Day 2009. A new terrorist attack was needed to get the body scanning machines in the airports.
16. If flight 253 had crashed, nobody would know that the bomb was in Umar's underwear. An unsuccesful staged attack was necessary to show where the bomb was held. This was needed to sell the American public that body scanners were needed to prevent similar future attacks.
17. The story of Umar obtaining his bomb in another country and wearing it to Schiphol is not logical. It is much more likely that he was given the defective bomb at or near the airport. It is likely that the second man taken into custody in Detroit gave him the bomb at Schiphol. My theory is that the bomb sniffing dog (which we witnessed) in Detroit sniffed bomb residue in his bag after we landed.
18. Umar could have been stopped in Amsterdam after boarding and been charged with various charges that would have resulted in a life sentence. Instead he was allowed to fly into U.S. airspace and light his bomb there, over Detroit, on Christmas Day in order to make this a MUCH large media story to usher in the body scanners.
19. How did Umar pick his window seat over the gas tank when he paid cash for his ticket? (You must buy your ticket with credit in order to pick your seat).
20. Other terrorist attack videos are released within hours. The relevant video in this case has never been released. Note that Schiphol airport has more cameras than any airport in the world.
21. The bomb was lit in the cabin and not in the bathroom so that it could be filmed and make more of a media event than a dud bomb lit in a bathroom.
22. Obama's "failed to connect the dots speech" is discredited by the Congressional testimony of Patrick Kennedy of the State Department. Kennedy indicated that, in so many words, that the government was tracking Umar and did not revoke his visa in order to track him into the U.S. This is almost, but not quite an admission that he was let into the U.S. on purpose.
23. The Congressional testimony of Michael Leiter indicated that the U.S. Government frequently lets terrorists into the U.S.
24. In early 2010, a Mr. Wolf appeared on the Keith Olberman Show and indicated that the Obama administration was looking into the possibility that this was an intentional plot by a U.S. intelligence agency.
25. Watch the Congressional testimony of Patrick Kennedy (available on the internet) and watch how he does vocabulary gymnastics to avoid saying that this was an intentional plot by U.S. intelligence.
26. Dutch military police initially indicated that Umar did not go through normal security measures. This was only reported once.
27. Why did a passenger call me in early January 2010 and attempt to convince me that I did not see Umar being escorted around security, but I instead witnessed a minor child being taken through security. This was untrue. I later found out that such passenger works for a contractor that receives a great deal of business from the Department of Defense.
28. Why does the mainstream media continue to not investigate this story and continue to not report my eyewitness account?
29. A second passenger contacted me and confirmed my acount of the Sharp Dressed Man. She is scared and refuses to come forward.
30. Why have nearly all of the passengers refused to talk about this case?
31. Why were a great deal of the passengers, military personnel, government workers and government contractors?
32. Why did the prosecution indicate at a recent hearing that it was still withholding some evidence that was deemed to be secret (top seret?). What could be so secret if the government was not involved in the plot?
33. Why has the online Detroit Free Press site erased all underwear bomber articles that support my theory on the case, but retained older articles that support the official story?

It is unfortunate that the upcoming trial will be nothing but a farce and deceitful theatre to imbed lies in the minds of the sheeple.