Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yea......How About, No?

I got the email below this morning, and was all like, YAY! Free money or product! Until I read further, and yea, no thank you. Although, it would be somewhat funny to have that product come in the mail, maybe addressed to Kurt? Ha. However, if Canon, any travel agent or Sephora/Ulta would like me to review and get their products for free, feel totally free to call me. I am available to test those products at ANY time.............Heh.


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Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday Pedicures in Paris

Got a pedicure tonight. Yay. Needed it, and was thrilled to get in that the local place I like at the last moment. So weird though. I pulled up, to this rather large spa, and there was not ONE car in the parking lot. I was thinking, oh, it's late, or maybe Monday nights are not popular for people. Got in, and they took me right back. The girl waiting on me told me that the owner of the spa decided recently to make all *employees* be independent contractors, meaning that they now have to pay all their own taxes and get their own liability insurance. She also raised prices at the spa, but NOT so the employees made more, so SHE made more. Now, most of the time, when employees at these spa kinda places are independent contractors, the situation is slightly different. They usually pay money to, in essence, *rent* space, and keep all profits for themselves, but, have to use their own supplies, etc. Basically, this owner still wanted all the money, and none of the responsibility. Who can blame her, but at the same time, she lost like 80% of her employees. And, the ones there are not all that loyal, as they gave me the phone number to the new place everyone has gone to, which I programmed into my phone. Seriously, this place used to have like 10 stylists and is down to 2. Used to have like 10 massage therapits, it now down to 2. Same with every other line of worker there. I am sure they will be either going under soon, or have a much lower quality of employee. Anyway, my pediccure turned out awesome, and I got a shade called "We'll Always Have Paris" by OPI.

Eerie Feeling

So, I am in the office today, doing some stuff to finalize the transition of the office. First of all, sitting in my office, which was previously used for appointments only, with a computer, is odd. Amanda is in the front filing, answering the phones, and greeting people, and that is normally me because of our previous setup. SO weird, but I am totally fine with not being out there. I am loading all our software (bankruptcy, Word, WordPerfect, PhoneSlips, addresses, etc.) onto my new computer, which is a pain.

I am realizing now that I need to buy some stuff for my office. I don't have anywhere to put envelopes, paperclips, etc. I am thinking a trip to Ikea is in my near future. I would love to put some cute retro stuff in here, and Ikea is the cheapest and best place for that. :).

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wasted Sundays and Shopping

So, today was not the most fun. We hired a company to do some work on the computers at the office, and he got there today around 1. And worked until 415, ugh. So, I had to stay there and basically watch, with nothing to do, since I could not work or use the net. I did call my Mom, and cleaned some drawers out and stuff, and ran to Staples to pick up some stuff the guy needed. Our office is now entirely wireless, computers, printers and all. Woo hoo. After that, I went to Sams Club to pick up some stuff we needed--pop, water, etc., then came home. Stayed in the rest of the night. Started watching 21 while working out, and so far, it's really good! It really picked up after the first 10 minutes or so. I am about half done, and will watch the rest tomorrow. I initially got this movie because Kurt and Kory watched it. It came from Netflix the second week of August and they have still not watched it, so I am watching it and sending it back. :).

So, I made some fun purchases today. I decided with the GPS I wanted, retail $899.99, that I would only purchase it if I could spend less than $500. Neither Kory or Kurt thought I could do it, since it's new on the market and all. Well, today, I used eBay and did just that! I was actually pretty proud of myself because even on eBay, they were going for more than $500. I just lucked out and got one for under by bidding at the last second. Yay for me! I can't wait to use it and install it in the Saab. I also bought two passport/ticket holders, which I have been wanting to buy, and a new wallet, as the one I am carrying it literally falling apart (my Aunt bought it for me and I love it though because it has two little pugs on it and I get compliments on it all the time, so I have had issues getting rid of it). Anyway. The passport/ticket holders, I bought one in blue and one in pink. Pink for Kurt. Ok, maybe not, ;). They will make travel slightly easier, and I usually just throw our passports and tickets in my travel bag, and have to search through it for our stuff when we go through security and stuff. The colors of these, and texture, will make it easier and less likely that anything gets lost. The wallet I bought I actually saw at Elder Beerman some time ago, and did not purchase because it was kinda pricey there. Much cheaper online. I got the pink one, but, I actually liked all of the color schemes. It's sad that the only time I can buy stuff for myself is online, LOL, but I guess I save money that way by price searching.

Watched the season premiere of Desperate Housewives tonight. It was really good! :). I can't believe that Bree's daughter took the baby back, and Susan and Mike divorced. AND the twins are so old! I mean, I know it's the future, but they were little boys at the end of last season. And Edie's husband? What is he going to end up doing? Crazy.

couric and palin

This was hilarious....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

GPS, Computers, and Football

So, the weekend........Last night, Kurt and I decided to head to the local high school football game (the school of which I am on the Board for). There was also a Halll of Fame induction ceremony, so I wanted to check that out as well. Anyway, the game was a BLAST. Loved it. Never thought I would like a local sporting event like that, but we had a great time. Sat by a fellow board member, Steve, and stayed until the third quarter. We would have stayed longer, but we wanted to leave and watch the debate at 9 p.m. I ended up having to participate in the Hall of Fame ceremony, and oddly, the entire Board was there, so that was really nice. Kurt got to eat nachos and popcorn with mountain dew, so he was in heaven, LOL. And I have a yearly pass being on the board, so we got in for free! :). We ended up losing, but played really well. The team we lost to was HUGE. We live in a farm community, but these guys were all from farm families, I think. The nose tackle was like 300 pounds, I think, not kidding. Really just wore our guys down.

The debate. Not what I expected, but completely what I expected at the same time. I know that these guys NEVER answer the questions posed, but I was hoping perhaps we would see some, ahem, CHANGE, as everyone keeps promising? Nope. The moderator was HORRIBLE. He is there to keep things on track, etc. I barely heard the guy. He allowed the two to interrupt eachother, not answer the questions, and to go ON and ON when their limits were like 2 minutes. AARGH. I was hoping that Mccain could get through one event without mentioning Vietnam and being a prisoner of war, and he almost did it, but at the end, he brought it up. I think it's like a *rule* of his campaign. For whatever reason, people seem to think if you are a prisoner of war, it equates to automatic greatness as the president of this country. Obama annoyed me because he just kept getting worked up and interrupting. I wonder how much court time he has logged because he show know better than to interrupt like that. McCain actually did better than I ever thought he would have, but I still think Obama did slightly better. The entire thing was kinda annoying, but I had to watch. What I really thought was interesting was, at the end, Biden appeared via satellite to say a few words, but Palin refused to. I am so over her. SHOW UP AND SPEAK. WTH is wrong with her? We all know McCain picked her to get the crazy religious vote, as well as the women vote (those who wanted Hillary), but now I think, even a lot of repubs are thinking, WTF? Can't wait to see the VP debate. I would almost put money on it that she will back out and blame Russia or something. Oh my fav word of the night was when Obama used the word "orgy". I about died, and loved it.

Today, we worked a few hours. After that, stopped at Staples, then Best Buy, looking for a new computer for the office. We need another one with the new employee starting. Staples had NOTHING, I guess they are in between shipments. Best Buy is always a JOY. Not. I hate that place. Everytime we go, we get annoyed with the customer service. It takes forever to get anyone to help you. I will know EXACTLY what I want, and it takes ages to get it. Anyway, we ended up with a great deal on a Gateway, and will set it up tomorrow. We are going in a few hours tomorrow, as we have a guy coming in to set up our computers differently. I can't wait. We are making everything wireless, and moving some computers around so I never have to sit in the front entryway. It gives clients entirely too much access to me, which I hate. I should not have to see people if I don't want to.

I want a GPS for my car. I started researching them tonight. I am leaning towards a Garmin, as they seem to get the best reviews. I would also like one that is voice activated. Anyway, this is one I am looking at, the Garmin Nuvi 880. But, it is pricey, so my goal is to get it a lot cheaper on eBAy or a discount site. Anyone have experience with a GPS or any recs? I am new to them, as we have never owned one. I have used them a couple times in rental cars, but nothing major. I have no idea what to even look for.

BTW, I watched the Sex and the City movie tonight and loved it. LOVED. So good. I started watching it while working out, and usually, I watch the end of stuff the next night while working out. I could not stop watching though, so I brought it upstairs and watched it on my computer since Kurt is watching football. I laughed, I cried, I was thrilled with the ending. Yay. It was fabulous. That little girl of Charlotte's from China? ADORABLE. Loved her.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Miracles do Happen

Read all about it.

McCain Disses Letterman

Since I am exhausted from this place of work, I never stay up late to watch Letterman, and generally, late night talk shows like that are not really my or Kurt's thing. But, the clip below is hilarious. What are McCain thinking, dissing Letterman like that? Didn't he realize that Letterman would be pissed and talk constantly about it throughout the entire show?

Anyway, I loved this.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Selection Made

Selection made, finally.

Baby Announcement and Congrats

Congrats Char!

My friend Char gave birth to her first baby, a girl, Gabby, at 3:53 a.m. Gabby is 6 lbs 9 ozs, 20 in long, and doing really well!

I can't wait to see her, I have no doubt she is super cute! :).

Plus, Char is a fellow attorney, so no doubt the babe will also be super intelligent! haha.

Congrats again! Yay!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Interview Update

Where NOT to travel

wow. Rebecca sent me this link, and this makes me cold just looking at it.......This post is also why I no longer live in northern MI, because that is truly how I felt during some days of some winters.....

http://view.break.com/487339 - Watch more free videos

Drunk in Court


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Weekends of Leisure

I hope the hiring of an employee equates to future weekends like the one I just had.......No thoughts of work at all this weekend. None. This obviously has nothing to do with the new employee, since she has not yet started, but still, I think it may be a sign that I may get some weekends to myself soon. Saturday, after we interviewed, we came home, and I chilled at the house, doing some chores, and took a NAP. Yea, I pretty much never take naps. Got up and changed, went to Rebecca's for the charity fundraiser for our friend Jennifer's boyfriend, who has cancer. It was fun. I won a 50/50 raffle while there too! :). Today, we chilled at the house and did some stuff around the house too. I took a walk by myself in the yard and took a few pics, relaxing to the sound of the bees and crickets, and watching the butterflies which were everywhere today. Our yard is gorgeous right now. The weeds in the field are those tiny little daisies, this yellow flower and the purple flower above. And the temp out today was gorgeous as well.

Anyway, I feel a headache coming on, so I think I am going to head to bed early.....I am praying that my massage therapist does not have to move my appoinment tomorrow, because I have this pinched nerve in my neck that needs to be dealt with.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Friday, September 19, 2008

Interview Update

Check out how they went.

Sushi Heaven

Went out for sushi tonight with Kurt, and had one of the best rolls of my life. Had to wait freaking forever for it, but it was worth it. Speaking of which, the restaurant ended up taking both rolls off our bill, so Kurt and my bill was only $13 for dinner, which included miso soup, drinks, and an appetizer, with the two rolls we split. Whoot for the great deal. Over an hour for two sushi rolls is kinda ridiculous. Anyway, back to the best roll ever, ;). It was called "Sammy Davis" Roll, and consisted of chopped crab with spicy mayo and a hint of cream cheese, rolled, tempura dipped and deep fried, topped with eel sauce and sesame seeds. I think what really made the roll was the hint of cream cheese and perhaps the eel sauce, but wno knows. The combo of everything was literally perfection. it is a new roll at the place we do sushi at in monroe, and i am so going to be reordering it. They had a guy playing the violin live in there tonight too, which was really pretty and nice to hear, relaxing.

Well, we conducted our first set of interviews this afternoon. We have three more left tomorrow, and then we are going to choose. Frankly, we could pick someone now, but I want to remain openminded for the ones left tomorrow. We had a lot better turnout this time then we have in the past, and several of the candidates thus far would work at our office. I will blog about it on the Secret Blog more though.

Grama is still in the hospital and is being transferred to Ann Arbor. They did some more tests in Livonia at St Mary's, and of course, they are still not finding anything specific. They were doing an MRI today, but they still think it's something liver related. I have to stop in and visit again, but need to find out exactly when she will be this weekend.

Just watched a brawl between the Tigers and Indians. Love baseball fights, Don't ask me why, since I am such a nonviolent person.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Back in the Hospital

Got a call today that they had taken my Grama, by ambulance, to the hospital. She apparently was having really bad stomach pains. Of course, this was earlier today and as of right now, they still have no idea why. Could be the flu, could be heart burn, could be something else entirely. It seems every time she is in the hospital, we get no real answers, which is so frustrating. Anyway. After work, I went over there to visit her. Took my Dad to PF Changgs. He is not real adventurous with food and I was craving chinese, so I told him I would pay for dinner if he tried crazy Lori food. Ha. Of course, he loved everything I ordered for him. Ordered real simple stuff, like chicken fried rice, but still, this is crazy for my Dad who favors burgers and steaks. :).

So, our first trial of the week ended today. Second trial was supposed to be tomorrow, and we got a call that the Judge moved it. So, we only have one other major thing this week, the trial brief that is due. Yay! Plus, because the trial was moved, we have NO court tomorrow. Whoot!

Called my Mom tonight and she has a cold now. She blamed it on me, because she talked to me on the phone when I was sick earlier this week. hehe. Hope you get better soon, Mom!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Hot Topic #3--Capital Punishment

Capital Punishment: Right or Wrong?

To state my opinion up front, I am against the death penalty. For many reasons, but the first being that many, proven later, innocent people have either been put to death, or were about to be put to death when new evidence came up to acquit them. The court system is not without flaws. People are convicted ALL the time for crimes they did not convict. Further, I do not believe that *two wrongs make a right*. We teach our kids that violence is not the answer. Yet, if someone commits a heinous crime, society tends to think that killing that person is the answer. Do I think that rapists, child molesters, and the like are sick, horrible people? Yes. But life in prison seems like a suitable punishment to me. it's very confusing to me thata murder is a crime, but on the same token, the death penalty is acceptable.

Here are some facts i found on the Internet that are interesting. To credit the source, I found this info and stats on http://www.antideathpenalty.org/. Very interesting site for those interested.

Executions cost more than life in prison.
$2 million per person vs. $500,000 (4x as much!). Free counsel for defense, for appeals, maximum security on a separate death row wing.
**So many people have, in discussing this with me, talked about the cost of keeping someone in prison. Yea, so much more to have someone executed.

The innocent may be wrongly executed.
Since the DP was reinstated in 1976, 82 inmates have been freed from Death Row. That's 1 Death Row inmate found to be wrongfully convicted for every 7 executed.
***To me, this is ATROCIOUS. 1 out of 7 should never have been killed, and yet, we still think this form of punishment is OK. Wow.

Is not a deterrent; crime rates have not gone down.
In fact, the murder rate in the US is 6 times that of Britain and 5 times that of Australia. Neither country has the DP. Texas has twice the murder rate of Wisconsin, a state that doesn't have the DP. Texas and Oklahoma have historically executed the most number of DR inmates, yet in 2003 their state murder rates increased, and both have murder rates higher than the national average.

Many Death Row inmates were convicted while being defended by court-appointed lawyers who are often the worst-paid and most-inexperienced and least-skillful lawyers.
The American Bar Association published guidelines for a good defense in a death penalty case: (a) attorneys with prior experience working a capital case, (b) 2 attorneys, 1 investigator, 1 mitigation specialist, and (c) fully funded to pay for travel, private eyes, evidence testing and other things needed to investigate the case. Yet no state meets these standards. And few states pay their state-appointed lawyers well enough to retain competent, effective lawyers.

Following our discussion from the other day, I also don't understand why many who oppose abortion and stem cell research and/or IVF SUPPORT the death penalty. Those who oppose all three of these things do so, because they believe it is the killing of a human life. What the heck is the death penalty then? Killing is either wrong or right. Choose. If we are going to be religious about it, then I believe that God would say that we should not get to pick who lives and dies. Only He gets to, right? It's all just so double standard to me.

Another interesting watch. I saw an awesome play at the Fisher Theatre a few years back with my Aunt that really, really made me think more about the death penalty and really supported my beliefs that it should not be in place anywhere. It is called The Exonerated. It was part of our season package, so it was not something I normally would have bought tickets to, but I was captivated. Amazing show, that really made me think. I highly suggest it.

Anyway, I leave you with my normal question. Thoughts?

Groceries in the House

I finally, finally went grocery shopped. And Michigan's skies smiled on me and did not begin pouring rain when I was doing said shopping. Hooray.

Seriously, I was thrilled to get food in the house. It's sad how much I buy when I go, because I have no time to do it and need to avoid going there often.

My cold is lingering, and it's annoying. It's not like it was days ago when I could barely function, but it's still there. It's affecting my workouts. AARGH.

I think since I have nothing non-random to say, I will think about my next Hot Topic to post about. :). Night all....

Resumes and Death

Flying in.


Poem about 10

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sniffling thru the Weekend

So, still got the cold, but am feeling slightly better, so I think I am through the worst of it.

This weekend was productive, but not really in a fun way. I worked several hours both day, but am seeing a slight dent in my paperwork, so that makes me feel better.

Saturday night was my friend Tammy's surprise b-day dinner. Happy Birthday Tammy! It was held at Memphis Smoke in Royal Oak. Tammy had NO idea, so that was fun! :). She was so happy everyone was there to celebrate with her. I bought her a kewl necklace at Elder Beerman and got her a gift card to Kohl's. Also got her a bday card with Obama on it, which I know she was amused with (especially since she is a conservative republican, LOL). Hollie, her sister in law (and my friend), put the whole night together, bringing a cake and everything. The cake was AWESOME. I need to find out the name of the place that made it because it may have been the best cake I have ever eaten. Food was good too, I had a shrimp pasta. Kurt and I left just as the music was starting (jazz band), because i was already tired (having the cold and such) and Kurt was feeling kinda under the weather as well. Drove home in a torrential downpour, and saw 5 accidents on the way home. Took us 30 minutes longer than it should have to get home, ugh.

Went to Kohl's on Saturday to pick up Tammy's gift card, and ended up buying Kurt and i a couple new things. Bought Kurt a pair of jeans, and a cute polo like shirt, green striped that was on the clearance rack. Bought myself a pair of jeans (daisy fuentes brand, she has some cute stuff in her line), and a really cute short sleeve green sweater. Oh, bought Kurt a cute pair of Sketchers too. He ruins shoes sooo quickly. Stopped at target and about had a heart attack when I could not find a Lori beauty staple, Pantene Detangler. I have been out of it for about a week, and my hair has been super sad. Finally, I found it, hiding behind another Pantene product. Phew. I was thrilled, and did not even care that it was not on sale. I swiped up the last two on the shelf.....

Anyway, off to change my laundry over and take my Nyquil. Hope everyone had a nice weekend! :).

Friday, September 12, 2008

Still Sick

I am sitting here, half asleep, totally relaxed by the Nyquil I just took minutes ago, but not quite wanting to go to bed early yet another night in a row......

Mucinex and Nyquil have been my bestest friends the past couple days. Thankfully, I have not mixed them up and taken the Nyquil during the day, although with the way I have been a zombie at work, I might as well have. Ugh.

Yea, I think my *allergies* are a full fledged cold, or perhaps a cold and allergies combined. Super fun times. I rarely get sick, but when I do, I swear, it's a miserable experience.

Thursday night, had a board meeting that I also had to get through. It wasa fine. I was really, really saddened to find out that the assistant principal and his wife are going through a hard time. Tim is one of the people I have met and really liked working on the school board. Him and his wife have been trying to have a baby for a long time, and she has had 5 miscarriages. She was pregnant again. Two nights ago, she was rushed to the emergency room and supposedly, according to a third party, almost died. They ended up inducing labor, and she had a baby boy, Seth, who was born very premature at 5 months. Only 1 pound, 8 oz. Sadly, this morning, I got an email that baby Seth passed away. I am so crushed for them. So, please add Tim and his family and baby Seth to your thoughts and/or prayers. I am sure they are devastated and having a really hard time right now.

Also, my friend Tammy's husband, Tom, found out this week that he lost his job, which is horrible for them as well. Tammy has been struggling to find a job as well, for some time. With the economy in MI too, finding another job is not an easy task. So, I am really hoping that Tom finds something new soon.....Tammy is being really positive about it, but I know that Tom has got to be bummed and the situation just sucks. Royally.

This slideshow/article I saw online today was really kewl, and outlined a lot of places that I would like to go someday......

On a wildlife note, on the drive home from work yesterday, Kurt and I saw a bald eagle. Love them. So pretty, and I have only seen one in the area before. Apparently, a ton of them live in the state park where I hike, but pretty much stay hidden except in the winter (which is when I generally don't hike).

Made a yummy dinner tonight. Cheesy mashed potatoes and lemon salmon patties. Super good. Love salmon patties.

Anyway, I am half asleep and typing really randomly, so I am going to end here....Night everyone, and please, don't catch my cold!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's Just Like High School, Palin....

Colleen sent me this article today, via email, and I just loved it. Click here to read the entire thing. My fav part of the article is the quote posted below. This article is entitled GOP: it's just like high school and was written by Garrison Keillor.

"And if you question her qualifications to be the leader of the free world, you are an elitist. This is a beautiful maneuver. I wish I had thought of it back in school when I was forced to subject myself to a final exam in higher algebra. I could have told Miss Mortenson, 'I am a Christian and when you gave me a D, you only showed your contempt for the Lord and for the godly hard-working people from whom I have sprung, you elitist battleaxe you.'"

Frogs and Matt Damon

Matt Damon is kewl.

Yay on this frog being refound!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hot Topic #2--Abortion v IVF

Something that has always perplexed me.

Abortion v IVF

Now, before I start here, I will say that I am VERY pro-choice, and fine with IVF as well. I don't consider either of them "killing babies" or "wrong". I consider both of them a personal choice, and I consider both of them, in regards to the discarded embryos, the killing of a cell, NOT a baby.

What I don't understand, is how people cannot see them as the same thing, or (this will be unpopular), IVF is possibly worse. I have friends who are VERY pro-life. Think people who have abortions are murderers, and that it is a horrible sin to have an abortion. Those SAME people think IVF is fabulous, because it is a method to help those unable to conceive naturally to have children. OK, fine, I agree that IVF is great for some people. But how is it not the same as abortion, in a way?

In both abortion and IVF, embryos are discarded. Now, in abortion, the embryo(s) are being discarded without the hope for further life. In IVF, they are being discarded with the HOPE of life, but discarded just the same. I just find it really, really confusing how someone who detests abortion can think IVF is OK.

To take this further, perhaps to those who are anti-abortion, logically, they should be even more anti-IVF? Follow me here. Abortions usually occcur because an "accidental, unwanted" pregnancy occurs. Unplanned. When embryos are discarded with IVF, it is planned. Further, doctors are judging the embryos, selecting the best ones to live and the weakest to die. In wording this out, IVF sounds FAR worse than abortion.

Now, I know there are people out there who are against IVF and abortion. That makes sense to me. But to support one and not the other makes zero sense to me because of the logic and science behind both ideas. Which could also lead to a discussion on stem cell research, but we will leave that for another day.......

Thoughts? Any of you for one and not the other, and have an explantion that I can understand?

**Disclaimer. I am not starting these topics to start arguments. For anyone who has used IVF and been blessed with a baby or more, I am thrilled for you. And for anyone that got rid of an unwanted pregnancy, good for you too, as you should not be forced to bear a child that is not wanted. I am just trying to figure out the logic behind supporting one and not the other.

Hotel Chosen While Sick?

Last major thing chosen for the trip, the hotel. Got a HUGE discount for paying in advance, so I made everyone happy with this selection, WHOOT. We are staying at the Nu House Boutique Hotel in Quito, for two nights prior to the Galapagos trip and one night after. For two of those nights, it will solely be for sleeping, but on the 16th, we will have an entire day to explore Quito and/or the surrounding areas. The place is very "Lori Modern" and the pics remind me of the kewl place we stayed at in DC in February. I feel relieved that everything is booked that needs to be.

I am really under the weather. No idea if it's allergies or a cold though. Kurt's allergies are really flaring up with the weather change here, and I wonder if I am having allergy effects or have a cold. At first, just my throat was scratchy. Now, my nose is running and I feel congested in the head. Which could all be sinus stuff/allergies or a cold. Either way, I stopped at Kroger's and bought some cold/stuffed up meds, cuz that's how I feel.......

Plum Published

Just got an email that one of my photos from Flickr was used in an online Michigan site. It is a pic I took some time ago, of a tree in our yard. Anyway, super kewl!

Click here to see the pic and article (my pic is the second one down). I love random emails telling me I am "published"! :).

Tuesday, September 09, 2008


Hear me ramble. Fun.

Hot Topics--#1 Prenups

I have decided to start discussing some topics on my blogs which may be controversial, or maybe not so much to others.

Tonight, pre-nuptial agreements. What do you think? Good? Bad? Indifferent? Have you signed one? Known someone who has?

I have never really thought too much about it. When Kurt and I met, we literally had NOTHING, except personal belongings and some debt between the two of us. No assets, no retirement accounts, no nothing. Everything we had built up once we were married and prior was done so by BOTH of us, so prenups were never brought up in any sense as we truly already, at the time of marriage, considered everything as "ours".

But. A lot of people these days are getting married later in life and/or have already built a life for themselves, along with substantial savings and assets. To me, in MI, your premarital assets for the most part, are separate if you divorce anyway. So, what's the point of the prenup?

The reason this is on my mind is because we draft prenups and postnups at the office. I always feel kinda weird doing so. I just kinda look at prenups as smart on the one hand, but almost like you are *expecting* your marriage to be doomed on the other. With divorce rates, I suppose there is a good chance, but still.....Some churches, I have read online, actually forbid prenups. We had a client once who had us do a prenup, which was signed, and then came in later to rip it up because the church told him he had to.

Would you sign a pre-nup? My answer to this question is *it depends*. Most likely, I would not. But, I feel kinda hypocritical on this, because I may want someone to sign one if I had a lot and the person I was marrying had little, or a lot of debt. I guess prob the ONLY time I would sign one would be if the person I was marrying came from really old money, and their family found it important, as I would not be marrying someone for their premarital money. But that is all I would sign one for. Half of everything is each of ours AFTER marriage. If you dont think I am worth that, you can screw off, would be my jaded opinion, LOL.


Monday, September 08, 2008


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Flights Booked

So, our flights are now booked to Quito for December! The flights to Quito to the Galapagos are included in our tour price we paid for the trip, so they are done through the tour agency. I wanted to get things done, as I noticed on the sites I was searching that some of the airfares were saying things like "only 8 tickets left" and such, and I am picky about flight times. Yay! Booked via AA, which is great, because I am really accumulated some miles with them between flying and my credit card through them. So, now all we have left to do is select a hotel for before the cruise leaves and after. I am leaning towards the Marriott, but since my aunt is going, I have to double check everything with her first and she takes longer to make decisions than I do, LOL. I have to say too that this tour agency is AWESOME. Every question we have is answered almost immediately, and with detail, and Jen is more than helpful. It's incredible. I usually do ALL the legwork and research when we travel, and she makes things so much more enjoyable! Thanks, Jen! (since she totally reads my blog, LOL).

Had two doctor's appointments today, and had to run downtown to file some stuff that had to be filed today. So, I was out of the office a good chunk of the day, which was nice. My ortho said I should be fitted for Invisalign in about 4 weeks, which is awesome. It will be nice to get these braces off my bottom teeth.

Other than that, not much going on! :). Boring post, I know, but I was excited about the flight being done with, so I had to post. Hugs.

Palin Trends

I heard on the radio today that women are flocking to buy Palin's glasses. Seriously. Everyone seems to think she is hot. When they say that, the FIRST thing I say is "Maybe if she lost the dated hairstyles and glasses...." I saw pics of her without the glasses online, and she is a pretty woman. But, these particular glasses do nothing for her. And you freaking KNOW she is only wearing them to appear "smart" and possibly older than she is. Lame.

Anyway. Enough on the stupid election candidates. I am already totally sick of the election and it pretty much just started.

Weekend was OK. I had to work on Saturday (or at least part of the day, until Kurt decided he could no longer concentrate because football was on). Got a lot of work done in the time here, then headed home to do some laundry and chill out. I have SOOO much I need to do, errands, grocery shopping, etc. and I just don't feel like leaving the house when I am there.

Sunday, Rebecca came over with food! She had made dinner for friends who were supposed to come over on Friday that ended up not panning out, so we were the lucky recipients of salmon, garlic sweet potatoes and a yummy salsa/bean/corn dip. Everything was great, and almost everything was entirely eaten! We went for ice cream afterwards, to a place I have never been to near the house called "So Sweet". I had a yummy scoop in a waffle cone, half cake ice cream and half peanut butter cup.

Rebecca brought Charlie over, and we had a slight *incident*. The dogs all got along swimmingly, but apparently, Charles does not like cats. Bugsy sauntered into the living room, and Charles literally "charged" after my poor kitty. Bugsy is fast though, and got away. I am concerned what would have happened if Charlie caught him though, as he has never been around cats before and likes to chase bunnies and birds in Rebecca's backyard, and has killed (maybe) a bird before. Bugsy was totally traumitized. I went into the laundry room, where he was hiding to check on him and his heart was racing and he was literally shaking. I tried to take him into our bedroom and close the door, and as soon as I got near the bedroom, he saw Charlie and Bugsy FREAKED, scratching me (on accident, since he never uses his claws), hissing (which I have never heard him do). He would not come out of a hiding spot in the bedroom until later that night and hours later, when I checked on him, he was still shaking. Poor baby. I guess he was not expected a huge dog to attack him, he is used to the little dogs that reside in our house, not big ones, LOL. I felt really bad that I exposed him to that, but nobody knew that Charles hated kitties. AARGH. Everyone should just get along, I tell ya.

Gotta run, work to do..........

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Labor Day Trip

Kurt, Kory and I took a Labor Day trip to Drake Bay, Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica. Kurt and I have been to Costa Rica before in December 2006, but we did not go to the Osa during our last trip. Thus, this trip was scheduled to explore the most remote area of Costa Rica. Kory has never been out of the country with the exception of Canada, so this would be a totally new experience for him.

Awesome, incredible, and unique trip. Loved it. And, I came back feeling refreshed and less annoyed with the office…..I did not take a computer with me, so I handwrote a trip report each day after the day’s hikes and the like had happened. Am now typing from my notes…..

Day One

We flew from Detroit to Dallas to San Jose, Costa Rica. Had dinner in Dallas as our layover allowed time for that. Had soup and salad, and thought our waiter’s use of “y’all” was very “Texan”. Landed in San Jose and breezed through customs. I liked it because I walked up at the second part of customs, and they allowed me and Kurt to just walk through, not putting our bags through or anything. Love being blonde in Central America…….Went outside, hoping that our hotel would be there. Right outside, a guy with a sign that read “Lori Haskell”. Whoot. Jumped on the shuttle to the Garden Court Airport Hotel and Casino. Knew Kurt was tired when he did not insist on checking out the casino, LOL. Pretty much went straight to bed, setting our alarm for our early flight to Drake Bay.

Day Two

Got up super early for our flight to Drake Bay. We flew Sansa Air, in a one propeller small plane. Smallest I have ever been on.

I loved it, but was concerned about Kurt because he hates flying. He was fine and actually commented it was a great flight. Flew into the *airport* in Drake Bay. Yea, it was pretty much a hut in the middle of nowhere.

So cute. From there, we were picked up in a pick-up truck, riding in the back. The truck is *supposed* to cross two rivers, then take us to a boat. WELLLLLL, one river was high and our truck was not even trying to make it through, since a bigger truck had gotten stuck already. So, we had to wade across the river. In waist deep water. Luckily, I am not high maintenance with huge suitcases. We all just threw our backpacks on and slowly crossed. The current was really strong and some guides helped us. Jumped in another truck, soaking wet, and were taken to the beach to a boat. Jumped in the boat and were taken to the resort, where we were met at the dock by Vincent, one of the managers of Aguila de Osa. Vincent took us to the bar and told us to order whatever we wanted, on the house. I got a really yummy drink called a Tropical Storm. Yea, should not have done that on an empty stomach. Was buzzed the next several hours…….Heh. Vincent sat us down and went over the tours available and such, gave us the key to our room and asked what we wanted to do next. Oh, while Vincent was talking, another manager, Carlos, came up and grabbed me to show me animals. In the first 5 minutes of being there, I saw a baby iguana, a huge crocodile, several bats sleeping, a Jesus Christ lizard (they can walk on water) and a tanager (a pretty bird).

We next chose to unpack and get acquainted with the resort. The walk to our room was more like a strenuous up hill hike, LOL. We were at the top, in Room 6. After walking up four flights of steep stairs, we fell into rocking chairs outside our room to catch our breath.

The change in elevation and the steep stairs really take something out of you! But, the view in return is incredible. In front of us was the jungle and a complete ocean view. Totally gorgeous. Decided to take a hike to through the jungle and to the beach next. On the way to the beach, we saw spider monkeys, a bat (right by Kory’s head, which was hilarious, he jumped a MILE), heard howler monkeys, macaws, lizards, crocodile, herons, flycatchers and frigates.

Finally got to the beach, which was almost deserted. One other couple was there. Nice. We walked around, and saw a ton of crabs and clam.

Took some pics, then hiked back for lunch, which I needed to undue my drunkenness. After that, I was tired. The boys decided to hike into *town*, which is all of like two stores and some hostel type restaurants. I took a nap. I cannot tell you the last time I had time to take a nap. But, nothing is more relaxing than napping, in the nice weather, with a fan on and sound of the ocean and the jungle. On their walk, the boys saw capuchin monkeys, leaf cutter ants, and a tree full of like 20 red macaws. The boys came back and we headed down to apps and dinner. While sitting with apps, Carlos asked if we wanted to head out on boat to watch the sunset.

Of course we did! Headed out to a gorgeous view. Dinner was tilapia, rice, pork, broccoli, flan, etc. Super yummy. The eating style was *family style*, at two tables where everyone staying at the resort sat. We talked to a family from Holland, who became our friends for the trip. That night, Kurt was not feeling well, so Kory and I headed out on the night hike with Gustavo. One of the scariest hikes I have ever done, LOL. Loved it. We saw a kinkajou (also known as a night monkey), crocs, Jack O Lantern crabs, which are SOOO kewl looking. Toads, frogs of many variety, tarantula, spiders, snails. We had to wade through streams and rivers, which let me tell you, in the dark at night with a flashlight is a TINY bit scary……..It started to rain at the end, so Kory and I were pretty wet from the wading and rain by the time we got back to the room. Told Kurt about the hike, then crashed as we had a long day ahead of us the next day on the mangrove tour.

Day Three

It poured all night, and I slept so hard. I love the rain. Stopped raining as we were getting ready to head to breakfast. Perfect! Headed out with Carlos on the Mangrove tour, which was prob one of the most awesome tours I have ever taken. We took a boat across the bay into the mangroves and saw so many animals. Carlos, very helpfully, wrote down all the stuff we saw. He does that for us, but also to keep track for the resort. We saw the following (and a lot of these, we saw more than one of the same):

Green Iguana
Sackwing Bat
American crocodile
Yellow Crowned night Heron
Green Backed Heron
Blue morpho butterfly
Brown Pelican
Little Blue Heron
Royal Tern
Magnificent Frigate bird
Three Toed Sloth
White Ibis
Yellow Headed cara cara
Long Nosed bat
Mangrove tree Boa
Mangrove hummingbird
Howler Monkey
Spectacle caiman
Squirrel Monkey
Common Potoo
Mangrove Crab
Purple gallinule
Black Bellied Whistling Duck
Capuchin monkey
Green King Fisher
Belted King fisher
Black river Turtle
Scarlet Macaw
Tiger Heron
Solitaire Sand piper
Night Moth

Stopped and had lunch in Sierpe at a place called Las Vegas Restaurant. Slightly different than Las Vegas. Much better, actually! J. Had a spicy shrimp meal that rocked, then walked around Sierpe. Kory bought some Costa Rican beer, and Kurt bought two bottles of rum to bring home. He loves foreign rum, it’s all we carry at the Haskell Bar and Grille. Ride back to the hotel was over some huge waves, we had Kurt slightly freaked out until the ocean calmed. Came back and we all took a nap, then headed down to the bar to play Scrabble and wait for dinner. Dinner was awesome, again. Had this incredible snapper with potatoes and lemon pudding. Met a really kewl family from New York at dinner this night.

We also saw a baby boa that day at the resort that Carlos found and brought to us. Kory came saying he wanted to see a boa, and Carlos just kept delivering anything we wanted, when we asked!

Day four

Today, we got up early to do the Corcovado Sirena Station Tour. The ride there was pretty long, over an hour in the boat over pretty choppy water. Our Guide on this trip SUCKED. We found out later, after Kurt complained at the resort, that the regular guide had an emergency and this had been a fill in, so the resort ended up giving us the tour for all three of us for the price of less than one of us should have been, so it made up for it some. A wet landing, jumping into the ocean and walking to shore. We did see a lot of animals, but NOT thanks to the Guide. Thanks to other guides on the trip. Anyway, on the hikes, I felt like I was literally RUNNING thru the jungle. That’s how fast this Guide was going. He did not look for anything and seemed to want to get to lunch. But, we did end up seeing all four kinds of monkeys (that are in Costa Rica; squirrel, capuchin, howler, and spider). The squirrel monkeys were adorable, and we had never seen them before, as they are very rare. Loved watching them jump thru the trees. We also saw a coati VERY close up, white ibis, pelicans, crabs galore, agouti, toucans flying, and best of all, two tapirs. I never thought I would get to see tapirs in the wild.

They are endangered and awesome. Both were sleeping in the shade. One had recently been attacked by a cat of some sort, a puma possibly the Guide thought. He had scratch marks on his back, but appeared to be healing OK. Amazing creatures. I was so excited to be close to one. I was only about 6 feet away. Had lunch on the beach then headed back to the hotel. Took a nap (standard here, LOL). Kory and I then walked around the resort gardens and took the walk part way into town. At dinner, Kory was mentioning wanting to buy some jewelry for his mom, and suddenly, Carlos produced a table with a girl selling handmade stuff. I ended up buying a wood Costa Rican necklace and one made out of a Costa Rican stone that is black. Kurt bought himself a necklace.

Day 5
This day, we decided to do the Corcovado National Park San Pedrillo tour. Took another boat ride, about half as long as the day before. On the way there, we saw, in the ocean, a gorgeous green sea turtle, crocs, and lizards. I have never seen a turtle at sea, so I loved that. Really kewl. Another wet landing, jumping into the ocean and walking to shore. It POURED on our first hike, which limited the amount of animals we saw as the animals seek shelter in that weather, but we did see a bunch of howler monkeys, great curassow (a bird that kinda looks like a turkey), tiger heron, ibis, and a lot of macaws. We had ponchos, but were literally drenched at the end of the trip. There was an overweight, really high maintenance girl on this hike, which was ANNOYING. She constantly needed help with everything, was slow, AARGH. Hated being wet, hated bugs, and so on. I was thinking ‘why are you here, seriously?’ On the other hand, we met a couple who are biologists who were extremely kewl and knew so much about Costa Rica and the jungle. Anyway, as SOON as we got back to the ranger station, the sun came out. Of course, LOL.

Right by the ranger station, we saw two anteaters, which I have also never seen, so I was really psyched about that. Had lunch, then headed out for another hike to a waterfall. Kory and high maintenance chick stayed back (Kory had cut his foot). The hike was AMAZING. We saw coati, agouti, tiger herons and one of the nicest waterfalls I have ever seen. It took some major uphill/downhill, river crossing to get there, but all worth it. We sat there for some time and relaxed, then hiked back. Got back pretty late and chilled a little before dinner, playing Scrabble. Stayed after dinner kinda late, playing Scrabble and chatting with other guests. Kory drank almost an entire carafe of red wine. It was free, so I guess he did not want it to go to waste? Went to bed after that.

Day 6

It poured all night, so I was kinda concerned our flight from Drake would get cancelled. Ate breakfast, then headed on the boat to the truck, through the two rivers (did not have to wade across this time), and to the plane. Took ride back to San Jose, and to the airport. Had lunch and walked around the airport stores. Kurt bought a couple little sculptures for his office (one of two macaws and one of a monkey), and I bought some postcards to send out, and a really kewl wood (cortex) bowl. I have kinda started a foreign wooden bowl collection, and now have ones from Costa Rica, Panama and Nicaragua. Flight went fine to Miami, had dinner, and on to Detroit. Got home late, came home, straight to bed.

Overall, amazing trip. Not the kind of trip for everyone, but if you appreciate relaxing, nature, wildlife, water, and being someplace totally one of a kind, this would be for you. I have never seen so much wildlife in my life. We had a capuchin monkey, a red iguana and a gorgeous green hummingbird that hung out, outside our room in the trees at almost all times. Parakeets, macaws, frigate birds and black vultures flew overhead at our room all the time. I would go back to this resort in a heartbeat. Best service I have EVER received. The maids left our towels in cute little shapes, the servers were at your table the moment you sat down for meals or were thirsty and the managers would do anything to accommodate you. The rooms and views were gorgeous.

Click here to see the rest of my 250+ pics. Yea, I go a little bit crazy with the camera.....

McCain Insults Clinton Supporters

This article, click here, pretty much sums up my opinion. If a woman TRULY supported Clinton for her political views and not solely for the fact that she was a female, there is no way in HELL she would support Palin. Palin is pretty much the true opposite of Clinton, politically speaking.

Go Obama!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Gotta have Heart

Ohhhh, barracuda. Don't blame Heart. Good for them. Click here to read the article.

Galapagos Islands Boat Pics

Below are some pics of the outside and inside of the ship that we are taking on vacay in December.........Yay.

New Super and Xmas Trip Booked!

Well, last night was round two of interviews for the superintendent position and we finally picked someone! I am assuming he accepted, but we have to go through contract negotiations and all of that with him next. I am so happy to have that done with. It was stressful kinda being in limbo, and our interim super, I am sure, really wants to get to be more in retirement and out of the stress of the job.

Plus, Kurt was kinda starting to miss me not being home at night, ;). He will never admit that, but I know his secrets.......:).

Don't remember if I posted this yet or not but, I booked our Xmas trip for the year! And my Aunt is coming with us too, which should be fun. I am really excited that she is coming, as she has always wanted to go to this destination. Sooo, we are going to the Galapagos Islands. I can't freaking wait. It used to be the top destination that I wanted to go to, although it has moved below Borneo and Zambia now..........We are taking a cruise, but it is not what people normally think of a cruise. There are only a max of 16 people on this yacht, and you only cruise at night to the next island, then hike and snorkle all day long. We fly into Quito, then take a plane to the Galapagos to our ship. I sent in the deposit on the 3rd, and the rest is due this month, so I guess my trip will be paid for far in advance which is kinda nice, because I wont have to take the hit in December, which is generally a slightly slower month at the office. Anyway. Should be awesome. Anyone on here been there and have tips?

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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

People Who Suck

I am watching the Republican National Convention right now, solely because I wanted to watch the train wreck that is Sarah Palin and wow, is she annoying.

Click here to read other reasons why Sarah Palin sucks.

Her opinions on teaching creationism in school, having a bounty for shooting wolves, not wanting to protect polar bears, wanting to ruin the gorgeous beauty of Alaska by "drilling it up", not oking abortion for women who were victims of rape and incest, etc. makes me want to vomit. her beliefs pretty much align opposite of mine and I think I hate her even more than I hate McCain, if that is possible.

This convention is seriously obnoxious too. BASH BASH BASH. I guess that's what they have to do here. Guilani's speech was horrendously annoying, and Palin speaking is a freaking joke. I always wanted a woman in the White House, but not her. She is not a woman, she is the devil....

And how she is throwing her pregnant daughter in the spotlight at this time in her life, NICE. Great Mom. Nothing like putting your daughter's feelings and the like before yourself.

OH, I love how they keep passing the family baby through all the family. Classic.

Love this gossip too.

Home is where the pugs are

I am home! :). Got home last night around 11:50 p.m., and pretty much, after checking the mail, went straight to bed. Exhausting day of travel.

I will do a trip report and all, but it will take some time. To sum the trip up though, it was awesome. The place we stayed at was incredible, and the service was the best I have ever received. The tours were all superb, and we saw SOOO much wildlife and nature. Totally different than any trip I have ever done. The Osa is really out there. Anyway, promise a trip report in the next week or so with pics and stuff.

Backk to the insanity of life today at the office. I barely had time to freaking breathe we were so busy. I am sure tomorrow will be similar.......

Hope everyone had a good holiday weekend.


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