Thursday, May 25, 2006

Make the Insanity Stop

OK, my bar review courses are offially killing me. Since i have not blogged in about one week, this should be obvious to some....Anyway, I started BARBRI on Monday. Every night, from 6:00 p.m. until 9::30 p.m. (Sometimes later). I am on day four and i am SOOO tired. Kurt finally, on his own, decided that something needs to change or I am going to have a mental breakdown by the end of summer. I simply can't study, work full-time AND attend these freaking classes. I am only home for literally about 2 waking hours a day. So, we changed around our secretaries' schedules so someone will be working every day, all day long. This way, I can work less, and sometimes do to class during the morning hours. This will help me so much and I am so relieved. I just have to make it through one more class tomorrow night. It's subject is Professional Responsibility, which iss somewhat interesting.

Sooo, since my last blog, what have we done....Last Friday night, Kurt, Kory and I went to Crave to celebrate my birthday as well as graduation. Crave is so awesome, my fav restaurant by far. Kory had never eaten Japanese food, so it was fun to let him try it, and he loved it AND Crave. The food was incredible, as usual. I wish I had time to go there more often.

Saturday, I had class, but then that night, we had dinner with my sister, her fiance, Jim, and his two kids, as well as my Auntie and my Grama. I had never met the kids before, and they were so sweet and fun. We had a blast at dinner and the house. The kids loved the pugs and Busgy.

Sunday, I had class. Kurt and Kory went to the Tigers game...I was jealous! ;).

This rest has pretty much consisted of class. Kurt and Kory planted 16 new pine trees in the yard and bought all the supplies to do the gym in the basement. Everything was delivered, but they have not started yet. I can't wait until that is done too.......

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Think of the Positive

OK, I am trying to draft a really upbeat post here, because I have been exhausted all week from this bar review class. Love the class, hate the time I have to put into it...but, like I said before, worth every minute. I totally can see how the class benefits those who take it, it's doing wonders for me. Today, the lecture was Property. Great lecture, but BORING. And the guy teaches is hilarious, it's the material that was not that exciting. Tomorrow is Torts, so hopefully I will like it more.....Did all my homework for tomrrow's class tonight so I can work in the morning. Yay.

I so love Spring, and I really wish I could enjoy it! I want to go take pictures this weekend and hike, and instead I am stuck in a huge lecture hall in Cobo Arena learning about Con Law and Evidence....................

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Fun Never Stops

Happy Birthday to Me!! :). I am so exhausted that we are not going to celebreate until later, maybe this weekend. This week has totally worn me out........

Graduation was Monday night! I officially had a J.D. Crazy, hun? It still does not seem real to me....Anyway, the day was fun. I got to leave work after half a day, and then we went home. My Grama/Grampa, Mom/Ronnie got here around 2:30 p.m. and my grandparents got to see the house which they have never been to before. Then, we all went to an early dinner at Red Lobster. After that, Aunt Karen and my other Grama met us at our house and we all left in two cars together. My Dad, Julia and Jay met us down there. The ceremony was long and pretty boring. I was most concerned with tripping in my heels on the stage, so once I did not do that, I was psyched. Kurt was convinced I would since I rarely wear heels, LOL. He said he was ready with the camera to photograph my embarassing moment, but it did not happen so HA! Afterwards, there was a really nice reception at the Opera House and we took more pics.

The very next morning, I had to start my bar review courses. I had to leave the house at 730 a.m., and have had class each day since. Love the classes. Very, very helpful and I am so glad I took this. Many students only take BARBRI, but this PMBR class is superb. I am being so well refreshed in all this subjects I took like three years ago now......Today was Contracts, yesterday was Criminal Law. Tomorrow is Property. Yuck.

Anyway, I am going to sign off since I am exhausted and need to get some more work done before we leave.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

No More Finals, but the Studying Never Stops.....

So.....finished my last two finals last Tuesday. I had two finals in the same day, which was no fun at all. Basically three hours of writing, then a short break, three more hours of writing. Anyone thinking about attending law school in the future, please keep in mind that each exam period, you will have bruised fingers and thumbs and almost have an exhaustion breakdown.........I was so tired at the end of the day.

Since then, life has been a blur and a combination of trying to catch things up at the office and trying to find sanity again, with a splash of trying to relax. I only have one week from my last final until the first day of bar review courses. What really sucks is that the first day of bar review courses is literally the morning after graduation, which is May 15. I picked up my cap and gown on Tuesday, and bought an outfit to wear this weekend at Elder Beerman. Really cute dress and awesome shoes, they are actually comfy after a night of wear. The graduation is being held at the Detroit Opera House, so I hope the temp there is good, and I don't have to stand too much....

Had a great weekend. Friday night, we took Kory to dinner at La Shish in Dearborn, to have dinner with Julia and Jay. He had never had Lebanese food, and really liked it. Even tried Jay's "kibbe nayee", which is basically raw lamb. Saturday night, we went to dinner with Kory, Cliff and Lisa, in Ann Arbor at Seva, a vegetarian restaurant, that was superb. Then, we went to the comedy club underneath Seva, called Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase. The first comedian was AWFUL, but the second two were funny. We rated the show average, but Kory loved it since it was his first comedy show ever. :). Today, we had dinner with Grama, Aunt Karen, my Dad, and Kory at Quatro's in Monroe. Food was great, but the service was below par, our waitress was kinda rude, which is so rare there. I think she must have been stressed but still. What a beyotch.

Oh, two weekends ago, Kurt and Kory bought and planted 9 Birch trees, 20 feet tall each. They look awesome in the backyard and since it has been raining nonstop since, hopefully they are rooting in really well.

Anyway, off to bed. I am exhausted and have a long week in front of me......

Thursday, May 04, 2006


I love Spring. Yay, yay, and more yay! I so love all the flowers blooming, grass growing, allergies and Kurt sneezing....OK, wait, ignore that last part. HA.

Went to dinner for my Aunt's birthday tonight in Belleville at a place right on the water. Been there before, but it's renamed and newly bought out. Anyway, great food and awesome view. I highly recommend......

Today was Bugsy Siegel's last day as the office kitty. I think. He is so cute at the office though, I love having him there. But he far too spoiled for sure. All our employees love him and every client that walks in the door wants to hold or take him home.......Check Bugsy out in the printer:

Bugs is doing so much better at the house too. He recently found a pot to hide in, and would reach out and hit Vito every so often:

Gotta run. I am exhausted and want to get to bed soon. Night everyone!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

One Down, Three to Go.....

So, I took my first final of the Final Four last night. I have deemed my last four finals that term as of right now, :). Last night was Constitutional Law II. The one I was the most nervous about because our prof is a freaking Con Law genious and nothing I could possibly say could even be close to the right answer.....But, it was 4 essay questions. I was glad for the 4, as I hate the exams with like 2 questions (as he mentioned in class it may be). Three hour exam, and I turned mine in at the two minute warning. One down, three to next one is Criminal Procedure I, which is Wednesday afternoon and the other two are next week Tuesday. So, I get to spend yet another weekend studying for school. Blah on school. At least these are my last exams! Hurrah! :).

Kory, our nephew (Kurt's sister's son), moved in with us on Friday. He is 20, almost 21. He and Kurt want to start some businesses together--Kory has time, Kurt has ideas and money. So, their combined effort will hopefully increase my net income for the year. So far, Kurt has just been having Kory do some things around the house--he mowed the lawn yesterday, is staining trim today. Yay for things getting done around my house! :).

I studied most of the weekend, which Kurt and Kory got to attend an awesome Tigers game with 18 runs scored by our team! I wish I could have gone, but I am sure I will be going to some games before long with Rebecca joining us! :). Right, Rebecca?

Bugsy has still been coming to work with us every day. I am unsure if this is necessary or not, as he is getting along better with the pugs, but, I think Kurt and I actually like having him here. (Don't tell).

Anyway, back to studying. Will try and update more later, when I have time to do it and I am not just procrastinating.