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Thanksgiving and the Rest of the Week

I started this post on 11/21. Just finishing it now. So sad how slow i am at getting things posted.....

I bought a humidifier for our bedroom. This time of year, I start waking up in the middle of the night, really thirsty. Like my throat is insanely dry. Bought this one at Target. It says you only have to put water in every 36 hours. I think that's only if it's on low, as I had to put in water after about 24 hours (on high). Which is fine. So far, I really like it, and, it is not as ugly as your normal humidifier. Since this post is so old, I have now been using the humidifier for like a week and I really like it. I am not waking up in the middle of the night desperate for water. Whoot!

Work has been crazy busy with expansion stuff as well as every day stuff. I went in today and worked part of the day myself. I filed 9 bankruptcies and some other bankruptcy docs, then stopped and went to the mall to stop at a few stores. I love being at the office when the phone is not ringing off the hook and nobody is stopping in. SOOOO productive for paperwork. While I was there, Kurt was working on our bedroom. We bought paint this morning, as well as new covers for the light switches and outlets (silver), and two new lights for the room. I need to search online for a new ceiling fan. I personally do not want to put another ceiling fan up. I want to just put lights up and be done, but Kurt wants a fan. I am going to look for something smaller, because we do not have really high ceilings in our room. Anyway, the paint looks awesome. I love it. Our room is like a mini-spa now or something. :). We bought a flat screen TV on Black Friday for the room, and hung that as well. It is nice to be able to turn the TV on in the morning and sit there until we fully wake up. Also, it will be nice for those late night games Kurt watches, he can watch from bed and I can sleep! Whoot!

Speaking of Black Friday, we actually wandered out on that day, which Kurt never does and I rarely do. We found a new winter coat for Kurt at Macy's. He cannot find his mid-length coat from last year that I bought him. Please explain to me how someone LOSES a winter coat, LOL. I am sure it will turn up. They are both nice wool coats, so he will just have two. My opinion is, you can never have too many classic coats! OK, maybe that is just a sign I am addicted to coats. In MI, I at least get wear out of all of them. We also got Kurt two new baseball hats at Lids, and looked at cameras at Best Buy (did not buy anything, they are overpriced there). I am really wanting the Canon 50D, however, I am having a hard time justifying buying it since the camera I have is perfectly fine.

Speaking of coats, I finally found a black coat that will work for over my suits!!! I found it at Kohl's, while shopping with Rebecca. Then, my addict self went to Macy's today, as I had a $10 coupon off and found an amazing deal on this coat....I have been wanting a green coat for like two years, and could never find one I really liked on. I generally do not like this short of a coat, but this one is really cute.

Saturday late afternoon, I headed to Clawson to see Rebecca. We headed to a couple stores before having dinner with Lauren and Sarah. Stopped at Kohl's, where Rebecca picked up some things she needed. I bought a really cute winter hat (that Kurt hates and I have no idea why) and some freezer storage things that I have been wanting to pick up. I have been making "extra" of a lot of my meals lately, and storing them, but have nothing really good to store the stuff in. We then went to DSW and I bought a pair of cute work heels that are similar to these. Two pairs of my black heels are about falling apart and I need to replace them, even though I am attached........Both pairs are super comfy and cute, and I will only get rid of them when I have to. Went with Rebecca, Lauren and Sarah to dinner, which was super fun, then hung out some at rebecca's afterwards.

So, Thanksgiving, Kurt and I stayed home and had my Dad over (we are doing a bigger family thing tomorrow). I made my Dad steak (ended up buying a New York Strip), made Kurt and I grilled tuna, and made scalloped potatoes, homemade mac and cheese, and made up fruit/veggie trays and a cheese/cracker tray (it was fun making the veggie trays, as I only used stuff I knew my Dad and Kurt liked, so it was a little different than your normal tray, LOL, mostly contained cucumers, radishes, broccoli, apples, strawberries). Also, made a chocolate cream pie for dessert, as it is like the only dessert my Dad likes (pie). I used a graham cracker crust, and my Dad just raved about it, so I guess the recipe gets a thumbs up! We basically sat around watching football, playing cards, and Kurt had a few too many rum and cokes. Whoopsie! :). It was a great laid-back Thanksgiving.

We are getting soooo close to our trip! Kurt had to start taking his Malaria meds tonight! (we take different scrips as the one I take bothers Kurt's stomach). The one Kurt is on now "may cause vivid nightmares", so that will be interesting since Kurt rarely even remembers his dreams, or even has them. I dont have to start taking mine until the day before we get there.

Oscar has been acting weirdly the past couple days. We are thinking he may have arthritis, but I think he is kinda young for that, since he is only 6 (almost 7). He may have just hurt his leg. He was walking around last night, acting like he was hurting and would not even jump on the bed, but then today, he seemed better. We hate taking them to the emergency vet, so I will make an appointment on monday for him at the regular vet.

So, the other day, I ordered some clothes from a new website, for our trip. Hope they fit OK. I just wanted some clothing better suited for the safari then I have, and I found a coupon for this site, and everything I bought was on clearance (pretty much). I also had been wanting a hat for the trip, as the sun in Africa is supposedly really harsh. So, I found this site, ExOfficio, and the stuff seems pretty high quality (anyone ever use this site??). I bought all capris and shorts (I have a lot of t-shirts and tanks already I can take with me on the trip. Just looked on FedEx and I should have it all Monday (looks like they tried to deliver Friday and Saturday and we were not there). I got these shorts, these capris, these capris, and this hat. Got another pair of shorts too that I guess are now not available. also bought this hat on eBay (have not yet received it either, but they said they shipped it).

Anyway, I am super tired, so I am going to close here. Hope everyone had a really nice holiday, and if you shopped, got some great deals!!!! :).

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! :).

Even though I may be doing some paperwork this weekend, I am thankful for some time off of work!

I have a lot to be thankful for this year, however, I do not have right now to blog. I will try to do so later.

Go Lions! (in my Lori dream land, they will win!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Steak Question

OK, I know this is weird, coming from a vegetarian and all. However, I am going to be making a steak this week (not for me) for a holiday function. I have to go buy it, however, I have no idea what cut, etc., is the best. So from you foodies, who like steak and cook it at home, what is the BEST I can buy that will be available at a local supermarket like Kroger's (a nonhigh end grocery store)? Also, any tips on the best way to cook a steak?

Thanks in advance for answering my odd question.

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Honestly....from Rebecca

I was given this award by Rebecca! :). Thus, I am following the rules and participating.

Rules: Thank the person who gave you the award and link to their blog. Share 10 honest things about yourself. Present this award to 7 other whose blogs you find brilliant in design or content.

Thanks, Rebecca!!! Love getting these little awards. Super fun. Hmmmmmm, 10 honest things about myself. I am going to try and think of new things that you all don't already know, but that might be kinda hard. Here goes......

1. I honestly was terrified of animals until I was about 8 years old or so. I would literally scream if a cat or dog came near me, and would become hysterical. For no reason at all. I had never been bit, nothing. My Mom got a puppy for us around that time and since then, I have been a total animal lover, to the point now that I don't eat meat because i don't want to think I contributed to the death of an animal. Quite the jump there......

2. As a kid, we honestly NEVER travelled. We mostly went to Glennie, MI, to the family cabin (which I loved, don't get me wrong, but it was still just MI). We also went to Niagara Falls once. That was it. I think that is the reason I am obsessed with travelling now, I never really got to experience it as a kid.

3. Until about 6th grade, I honestly was the most shy kid around. I barely talked to anyone unless I really, really knew them. My teachers would tell me Mom that I was really smart (I was even in the gifted and talented program), but they were concerned about my lack of participation and socialization. i actually really did not even talk until I was about 4 years old. This is funny to me now, because now, I will almost talk to anyone and would not consider myself shy at all really. However, when I am in situations where I do not know anyone, I do tend to be kinda shy and aloof.

4. I honestly will do and try almost anything. I think I terrify Kurt sometimes because I don't even think before volunteering to do something crazy. Who would like to jump off the boat first? Me! Who wants to hold the snake? Me! Who wants to walk across the shaky scary brige? Me. Who wants to swim with sharks? Me. I LOVE LOVE LOVE an adrenaline rush, and I love having stories to tell my friends and family. I don't even think before I do these things, and afterwards, I am like WHAT THE HELL was I thinking? Like the swimming with 8 sharks in Galapagos? I still shudder about that, but I was all about it while I was there. LOL.

5. I honestly was obsessed with reading as a kid, to the point where I won awards for the amount of books I read in elementary school. In 3rd grade, I was reading at an 11th grade level. Now, I probably, because of time, read maybe like 5 books a year. I think I really, thru all my schooling and such, just grew tired of it. I also have no interest now in reading anything intellectual.

6. I honestly could care less if I ever had an alcoholic drink again. For some reason, I have zero interest in drinking alcohol. I still have the every now and then drink, and I love doing shots with rebecca, but I truly could take it or leave it. I think some people think I am boring because I don't drink, and I dont really care. I have fun without it.

7. I honestly have never smoked a cigaratte, and have never done an illegal drug. But, if being around others smoking pot changes that, then I am guilty. haha. Hey, i went to Ferris for a year.

8. I honestly do not like hockey. Living in MI, this is pretty much a sin. I have no interest whatsoever in the sport, and I actuallly kinda do not like the Red Wings, because they remind me of the Yankees, meaning they are the team with the most money, so they always win. I hate those kinda teams.

9. I honestly bargain shop for EVERYTHING and use coupons anywhere I can. However, i will never bargain shop for hair salons and firmly believe that a $10 haircut is not going to be as good as a $50 one, unless I know the stylist and she is giving me a discount. it's the one thing I will never scrimp on and I dont care if I sound snobby saying that.

10. I honestly am sick of politics and politicians. I no longer consider myself a political party, and do not even like to talk politics anymore. I think they are all liars, and I hate the "politics" behind it all.

So, that's it. I think most people have already been awarded this award, so if you have not, and you read my blog, please fill it out on your blog! Hugs.

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Sunday, November 15, 2009


So, I have not posted anything *real* since Monday! Work has been busy. Even though we are working more regular hours, the hours I am there are pretty crazy! I also had two board meetings this week on top of work. Friday, we had the last in the series of three shots for the rabies vaccine and now, we are DONE. Well, until we go to Asia anyway. There is some vaccine for that part of the world that we do not have yet. I cannot believe Africa is getting so close! It's crazy. Friday night, Kurt and went to dinner to relax.

Saturday, we did a lot of stuff around the house, me--cleaning and laundry, Kurt--working on tile in one of the downstairs bathrooms. That night, Val, Larry, Val's boyfriend Dan, and Larry's friend Mike, came over to go to dinner. We have not seen Larry in forEVER, and he seemed so TALL. I think he is like 6'3 now. He wants to go to law school and will prob start in Fall 2011. His friend, Mike, is in law school now, and really wanted to ask Kurt and I questions about having our own firm and stuff like that. He is only 22, married, has a 3 year old and is in law school. It's pretty incredible how much he has accomplished so far. Anyway, dinner was really good and it was a really fun night.

Today, we chilled at home again. I did some grocery shopping (and saved $47 with coupons, whoot), and Kurt and I ran some errands at Lowe's and Petsmart. Bought Gretel two new sweaters. She looks adorable. Kurt did some more tile work in the basement and we shopped for tile for the other basement bathroom. We also stopped and looked at kitchen stuff and I found an awesome cabinet set I really liked. I cannot wait unti we redo the kitchen someday.

The black coat I ordered from Ideeli was delivered this week, and the watch. The coat was cute, but not exactly what I want, so I sent it back. It was kinda more fitted than I wanted. I need something that is kinda baggy to wear over suits at work. The watch though, I love. I need to take it in to get links taken out, but it is really cute.

Oh, and the ring I ordered that was too big when it came? The right size was delivered this week! Super yay. I love it.
Made two recipes for dinner tonight from my Kraft magazine. The first, a peanut butter cup pie, and the second, a cheese-lover's pasta roll-ups. Both were super yummy and I highly recommend. The pie is really rich though, so I suggest small slices when eating. With the rollups, I made the whole recipe, but I froze most of it. I would much rather warm that up for kurty than storebought stuff.

Finally took a pic of the ceiling fans we bought, here is a close up of one of them (there are two, right next to one another, on the ceiling in the great room):

Anyway, hope everyone has been doing well. I cannot believe it is almost Thanksgiving. Trying to decide what I want to do for that holiday this year. :).

From Rach

1. Respond and rework: Answer the questions on your blog. Replace one question with a question of your own or add a question of your own.

2. Tag other un-tagged people.

What's your favorite article of clothing?
**The jeans I got at the Bass Shoes store. The outlet stores sell clothing, and I love some of it!

Who was the last person you hugged?

What's your favorite dinner?
**Spicy Botan Shrimp from Crave Lounge in Dearborn, MI

What was the last thing you bought?
**Groceries. Exciting, I know!

What are you listening to right now?
** The Lions/Vikings Game.

What is your favorite weather?
**Sunny, slight breeze, around 75 degrees.

What is your least favorite season?
** Winter in MI.

Who do you admire the most?
**My mom.

Say something to the person who tagged you:
**Nobody tagged me!

What is your favorite dessert or cool treat?

What did you want to be as a child?
**An eye doctor.

What do you want to be now?

What is your favorite song?
**"Piano Man" by Billy Joel

Which is you favorite country/state, and why?
**Hmm. Costa Rica, I think. I love it there. It is relaxing, beautiful, the people are happy and friendly. The wildlife is SO diverse. And the weather is aMAZing.

If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
**I think I would pick Manistee to see my Mom and Nick, my nephew.

What are your most challenging goals right now?
**I don't really have anything ultra challenging going on. I guess training our new secretary?

What is your 5 year plan?
**I dont really do 5 year plans. However, I hope to be retired at that point.

What is your favorite sport to watch?

What show would you want to be a cast member on (reality included)?
**The Amazing Race.

What is your most prized possession?
**my passport.

Name one favorite childhood memory.
**hanging in Glennie on vacation with my cousins and friends.

What is your favorite book of the Bible?
** Psalms

What is your favorite quote?
**"Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it."- William Penn

What is your favorite movie?
**Legally Blonde

Now I tag any one of you who would like to do this...and leave me a comment if you did so I can read your answers :)

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From Sarah.....

20 years ago (November 1989)

Age? 12
Were you in school? yes. Or my parents would have been arrested, haha. I was in 6th grade.
Where did you work? I did not work. Chores around the house was about it. :).
Where did you live? Manistee, MI.
What were your regular haunts? Jamie's house, Becky's house, Jessica's house.
Did you wear glasses? Yes.
Who was your best friend? Jamie.
How many tattoos did you have? None.
How many piercings did you have? My ears.
What did you drive? haha. My Mom drove me everywhere.
What was your biggest goal? to be popular and do well in school.

Ten years ago (November 1999)
Age? 22
Were you in school? Yeppers
Where did you work? Aquilina Law Firm
Where did you live? Lansing, MI
What were your regular haunts? Mostly did stuff with Kurt, Nichole's house, the mall
Did you wear glasses? yes.
Who was your best friend? Kurt
How many tattoos did you have? None
How many piercings did you have? my ears

Five Years Ago (November 2004)
Age? 27
Were you in school? Yes. Wayne State University Law school
Where did you work? Haskell Law firm
Where did you live? Newport, MI
What were your regular haunts? I had no life. School and Work.
Did you wear glasses? Yes
Who were your best friends? Kurty
How many tattoos did you have? None
How many piercings did you have? my ears
What did you drive? Mostly, my Saturn. Also, the Wrangler.

One Year Ago (November 2008)
Were you in school? Nope.
Where did you work? Haskell Law Firm
Where did you live? Newport, MI
What were your regular haunts? My house. :).
What was your favorite song? Piano Man by Billy Joel
Who were your best friends? Kurty
What was your prized possession? My passport
What did you drive? Mostly, my Saab.
What were you looking forward to? Changes that were to come at the office, we were talking about hiring new attorneys.

As of today (November 2009)
Age? 32
Are you in school? No
Where do you work? Haskell Law Firm
What are your regular haunts? Home.
Do you wear glasses? Yes
Who is your best friend? Kurty
Do you talk to your old friends? yes
How many tattoos do you have? None
How many piercings do you have? ears
What do you drive? Mostly, my Saab 9-3 Aero Convertible.

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Rebecca posted this on her blog, and I always like to read stuff like this, even though I don't buy into it. Some of this is, a lot of this, is eerily accurate. Like Rebecca, since I am not into astrology, I dont really know if I am on the cusp of something or not, but I will add some comments below.

Taurus - Ruled by Saturn : [ April 21 - May 21]: My birthday is May 17.

• A Feminine Negative Fixed Earth Sign
• Polar or Opposite sign: Scorpio
• Colour - Shades of verdant green
• Stubborn and dependable, you are blessed with a bullish steadiness, which is your very own. (this is very true)


Taurus Traits

Positive Traits

• Patient and reliable: Hmm, don't really know on patient.
• Warmhearted and loving
• Persistent and determined
• Placid and security loving: had to look up placid, haha.

Negative Traits

• Jealous and possessive
• Resentful and inflexible: I would not say I am inflexible, but I do resist change sometimes.
• Self-indulgent and greedy: I am not greedy at all.

Taurus Likes: permanency, stability, luxury, comfort, pleasure and good food: all true

Taurus Dislikes: disruption, being rushed, being indoors, being pushed too hard and any break in routine: all true as well

Important Parameters

Lucky Number - 6

Lucky Color - Green

Lucky Flower - Violet

Lucky Gemstone - Sapphire, Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli, Moss Agate, Jade and Opal

Lucky Day - Friday

General features

Taurus represents art, beauty in all its forms, and strength (not only physical). Taureans are realistic, security loving (both on the material and psychological level). In order to obtain this kind of security, they use all their qualities of resistance, quietness, patience and practical intelligence. The steady character makes them reliable and practical with a natural ability for business or anything involving money. They are placid and at times stubborn as they do not appreciate change. They seldom lose control, but when they get angry they can be violent (LOL, I am never violent, although I do sometimes overreact when angry). This is the reason why it is necessary for him to find the right partner. Most people with Taurus prominent have a deep, powerful, or melodious voice. Among their most suitable careers: interior decorator, teacher, and cook (dont know how attorney fits in here, haha). Most of all taureans like relaxing, but only after having reached a prefixed goal (SOO true of me). Person born under this sign, are an endearing combination of the dependable and sensible, the sensitive and emotional. Taurus is not attracted easily, and even when they are, they move towards the person they desire with extreme caution. Taurus will look at the person they desire, they will analyze their positives and their faults, and then they will decide if to move forward.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Still Sick

Still not feeling well, but feeling much better than I was the day I stayed home from work. Still on the prescription and taking Mucinex, but i went to work on Thursday and Friday and did some stuff outside the house this weekend. I notice that I am still getting tired more quickly than usual, so I am trying not to overdo it.

Saturday, Kurt and I went to the Michigan/Purdue game with our friend, Mike, and his wife, Mary. Mike is a friend of ours who is an attorney. He is on the other side of many of our cases, and he is a really kewl, laidback guy. Very "nonattorney" like. LOL. Anyway, Mike took us to a tailgate party, took us to watch the drums for the band warm up (which was awesome, they are incredible) and got us into the game with NO waiting in line (gotta love the secrets of the season ticket holders). Our seats were aMAZing, on the 50 yard line. MI lost the game, but I had an amazing time, and the weather was more than awesome, especially for November. I started feeling kinda tired after the game, so we came home and chilled for the rest of the night.

Today, I wanted to go to Trader Joe's, and I usually go to the one in Northville since it is near my Aunt's house in Canton. My Dad was over there and had taken my Grama to the hair salon, so we all met up and went to lunch at Max and Erma's. Then, Auntie and I went to TJs and I stocked up on fish, cheese, and chili, and bought some bread since I was almost out. BTW, tried the bread tonight (I have never bought bread there before), and super yummy! I bought sourdough. The guys were over today and put up the new ceiling fans which look even more kewl than I thought! I need to take pics, but am being lazy right now. They also fixed our recessed lighting which had issues, and fixed the breaker issue I was having in the kitchen, but splitting apart some of the plugs. they are coming back tomorrow to go through the rest of the house. We found out the guy is a licensed builder and can do pretty much whatever we want, so we are going to put together a list and see what is worth paying people for and what is not.

Click here if you want news on the office.

Rach and the Question of the Day

Answers to More

More Answers

For Brittany and Nicole.

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Lisa's Questions

OK, some more answers today.

Lisa's posed questions were as follows:

What was your highschool career like? Did you play any sports, invovled in any groups, date any jocks ;)

Click here to see the responses.

Friday, November 06, 2009


Hooray for all the inquiries and questions! Keep them coming. :). I will start with the top questions and work my way down.

So, Sarah, this is for you! Here are her questions.

1- How did you meet Kurt?
2- When and why did you decide to go to law school?
3- When are you & Kurty planning your next San Diego?Hahahaha :)

Click here to see the details.


I am not participating in the daily blogging thing, however, I am aware my life is pretty monotonous, and really, this blog is kinda a journal of mine of sorts, to document different things going on in my life.

Thought I would put it out there, if anyone wants to know anything about me, write me on here or email me, and I will blog about it!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Home Sick

OMG, so sick! Sucks. Yesterday morning I started to feel horrible and it just escalated all day long. I ended up leaving the office early, for I think, like the first time ever. Came home and basically fell asleep in the sun room until like 7 p.m. when Kurty got home. Kurt then told me I should stay home today, I was that sick. So, I did. Went to the doctors as well and I have the beginning of sinusitis, so they wrote me a scrip for amoxicillin and I bought some Mucinex since I was out. I basically stayed on the couch, all day long with the pugs. And, felt guilty that I was not at work. But, I would have not been very productive anyway. My head feels so stuffed up. Ugh. I need to get better, I dont have time to be sick.

An electrician came yesterday and looked at the ceiling fan job as well as some work I need done in the kitchen. Gave us an estimate, and are coming back on Sunday to complete the project. I can't wait!

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone! Hope everyone had a fun weekend handing out candy, going to parties, whatever it is you did!

Kurt and I laid pretty low this weekend. Which was great. Friday, Kurt left work at 2, and I left around 4 to run some errands. Gretel Olivia came into work with us and dressed like a bumblebee. She was super cute. Ran to Bed Bath and Beyond and Sams Club after work--needed some groceries at Sam's and wanted to buy this laundry bag thing at Bed Bath and Beyond that you can wash nylons in. i also bought these towels for my hair I have been eyeing for some time (i read an article about how it is awful to wrap your hair up in a normal bath towel, which I do like every morning. Spent the rest of the night at home with Kurt, went to dinner at Nick and Nino's, then chilled at home.

Saturday, I had lunch with my friend, Hollie, and she treated, which was so not necessary, but so nice of her! She also brought me a gift, this little piece of art work with a pug on it that is so freaking cute. Thanks again, Hollie! After that, headed to Farmington Hills to see my Mom, who had just flown in from Tampa. Spent most of the day and part of the night with her, had dinner with two of my Uncles and one of my Aunts as well as my Mom and Ronnie, then headed home to hang with Kurty. We got NO trick or treaters, which is normal, LOL. My Mom and I went to Ulta because I had a coupon to use, and I ended up buying Redken shampoo and conditioner on sale, some new eyeshadow that came with two free lip glosses (whoot) and lip stick.

Kurt and I ran some errands today and did some light work at the office. spent the rest of the day at home doing laundry, dishes, relaxing.

On a side note, I should never watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition. Every single time I watch this show, I cry. I am seriously pathetic. :).