Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Home Sweet(?) Home...

So, I am home. I say sweet(?) because frankly, I would still rather be on vacay, but
it is nice to see my pets and get back to the routine of things. I totally need to post a huge trip report, but need more time and energy. I will do it sometime this week.

But. We had an amazing time and I loved Belize and can see myself living there someday, at least part of the year. I loved being outside so much and did not care for one second that I did not even see a TV the entire time I was there. I would not even have cared about Internet, but did check email etc. since Kurt had to check the scores of some games, LOL.

Will write more later....Night!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Memorial Day Vacay

We are celebrating Memorial Day. Out of the country. In Belize! Woo hoo. Technically, it's my birthday vacay, but I am now calling this our annual Memorial Day vacay, just to try and force us to take more vacays every year. Heh.

We are sitting in Detroit right now waiting for our flight to be called. I am SOOOO tired, had to get up at 4 a.m. to get here, fun. Kurt is sleeping next to me. We land in Miami and then hop on a flight to Belize City. I can't wait.

This is the first trip I have ever taken where I have no set plans. We are just playing everything by ear. We have no hotel rooms, no day trip plans, nothing.

Don't know if I will have Internet access either, as Belize is pretty remote, especially in the jungles we want to hike, so this may be my last post until Wednesday.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Before the Calm

Every time we are going to leave town, Kurt goes insane at the office wanting to finish anything and everything before we leave. It never happens, and always exhausts me. This week is so different, ugh. Working late every night is so fun, but on the flip side, we get things done.

And this week, it's like the weather is making the crazies come out--but not in clients, in LAWYERS.

Another fun, strange incident today. My "SHIT LIST" at the office continues to grow. I don't recall if I have posted about it before or not, but whenever a lawyer does something totally unacceptable, they are placed on it. The list is now 6. Certain folk could prob redeem themselves, others are never being removed. Certain "crimes" are more forgivable, I suppose, or are redeemable. Anyway, back to my story.

I sent a fax today to this lawyer on one of our cases. His client is not paying the bills at the house (divorce case) and the parties electricity is being shut off on June 1. She needs to leave the house with the kids because umm, kids need electricity. So, we sent a fax to his lawyer, explaining the situation and discussing things that needed to be talked about if she moved out. We get this fax back that totally floored me. The lawyer was going ON AND ON in the fax about us telling our client to do illegal things, how we should be ashamed or ourselves, yada yada. It was shocking, really, because I just talked to this guy on the phone yesterday and he seemed really nice and easy to deal it. Whatev. Some lawyers just think that they are doing their clients an injustice if they don't scream and yell and make themselves look like asses on paper and in court. When really, just the opposite is the truth. Kurt wrote him a nice fax back (yea, nice) basically telling him that all we were trying to do is settle some issues, and he needs to step off. OK, well we used from lawyerly language than that, LOL, but that was basically the point.

I am hoping Memorial Day weekend calms all the lawyers in the area down and we can get back to normal. Seriously.

Tonight, Kurt and I stopped at Kmart looking for deals on some clothes for our Belize trip. We will be in the jungle A LOT and prob getting dirty and I did not want to take nicer clothes for that. So, we bought a bunch of cheap t-shirts, shorts.....If they are in good condition when I get back, I can use them to work out in anyway. While at K-Mart, we are standing in line and the cashier says to Kurt "Are you a lawyer?" We both looked at her like "Hun?" She goes on to say that we are her brother's lawyer and she saw him in court. It was funny. I was thinking "You can tell someone's profession from looking at them??"

The baby birds are getting so big. I heart them.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My Profession

Sometimes, being a lawyer is depressing.

Don't get me wrong. I love the business I have built from the ground up, I love how Kurt and I approach being lawyers ourselves, and I love the career I have become part of. I love how our clients are almost always happy with us, nobody bitches about their bill to us because we are reasonable, and how we try and make the best of difficult situations for our clients.

So, you ask, what don't I like? Pretty much 50% of lawyers out there. OK, maybe the number is slightly higher or lower, who knows. But some days, I am hit right in the face by the condescending/snobby attitude of a lot of my peers.

I feel so many light years emotionally beyond the majority of the lawyers I know. Not all. The ones who are like us, easy going, friendly, etc. I love them. Love dealing with them, settling cases with them, working with them. But the others? Truly, they need to take everything into perspective. You only live so long. Do you really want to spend your time arguing over senseless shit, being rude to others? Why do you get so personally involved in your cases? They are just that, CASES. Your clients' lives. Not yours personally. Take a step back, take a deep breath, and chill out. Mediation and yoga does wonders. You arent doing your clients any justice by getting so worked up and emotionally involved. In fact, you are doing a bad job.

Where is all this coming from? Well, the post originated after a phone call today. I do feel this way every once in a while, but these posts seem to come right after dealing with an idiot.

**Private Bridge in Pinconning, MI.

Story. We have a case that was sent to Arbitration. The Arbitrator is probably the slowest arbitrator on Earth to issue his decision. He did not issue his decision until the case was dismissed, which is no big deal, we just sign a Consent to Reinstate and it becomes a case again, and we enter the Arbitrator's decision. Well, Annnoying Attorney (AA) is the lawyer for the husband and other side on the case. His client is pretty much nutty, a drunk, etc., so I imagine the client is driving him bonkers. I sympathize, truly. Anyway, we are STILL waiting for the arrbitrator to decide some post-decision stuff, and cannot enter a judgment until he does so. So we wait. Fine. Our client understands this. AA calls our office daily about this. Him and Kurt have been playing phone tag. He calls every morning, when Kurt is in court (he apparently does not have as busy of a court schedule, which is not surprising with the way he treats people). When Kurt calls him back in the afternoon, he is NEVER there. So finally, Kurt gives me a list of things to talk to AA about since I am around in the mornings most of the time.

I call a week ago, leave a message. Finally, a return call today. I start to talk to him, and he is giving me an atitude from the start. I don't understand why, but keep talking. I am giving him answers to everything he asked and needed to know from Kurt. He stops me and says "I really wanted to talk to Kurt about this. You two need to decide WHO is working on each case and have one atty on each case." I was really taken aback, but OK. I respond by telling him thanks for the advice, but we work on all of our cases together. Which we do. Our clients love it because one of us is almost always in the office and available to talk to them. He starts arguing with me about the way we run our office. Umm, none of your business, buddy. Which I basically tell him, "Look. Like I said, we work together. If you don't like it, it's really too bad, and you are just going to have to deal with it." He says he does not like it. Duh, you already said that. Then proceeds to say what really pisses me off "I called here to talk to Kurt, not his wife." I then say "Stop being obnoxious, I am an atty at this office and you will not talk down to me like that." He finally backs off a little bit, but this is the attitude I will get from the morons like AA until I am around longer. But cmon. Seriously. Why do attys have to try and struggle for superiority over others? So extremely retarded.

Am I Kurt's wife? Yes. And proud of that and my marriage. But at the office, I am Lori, an atty, who has built an extremely successful law practice with my PARTNER.


We have dealt with AA a lot in the past and he has never acted this way. I really wonder if there is something more going on in his life, and hope that there is some sort of explanation behind his treatment, because I hate seeing another one of the normal ones "going to the other side". But, it appears that another one bites the dust. Oh well.

Worked really late tonight, came home and the bird feeder was empty again! I poured more food in, but once this is gone, the birds will have gone through 50 pounds of birdseed already! It's craziness!

Monday, May 21, 2007

This is Me. Not Posting Enough.

**Baby robins in our yard in nest, the day we saw they hatched.

Friday night, I headed to Royal Oak to get my "hair did". hehe. Got about 4 inches cut off (which I guess is not much since Kurt could not tell a difference at all, LOL) and some new summery highlights. Thanks Roman! :). Caught up with Roman, who is going to Spain for two weeks soon. Can we say "jealous?" Yea, that would be me. I would love to do Spain on one of these trips of mine. Met up with Rebecca and Lea after the salon at Bastone for dinner. I had a gift card to use, and it was a lot of fun to see them. Hanging with those two is relaxing and fun. Yay. Rebecca got me some awesome stuff for my birthday from Philosophy, as well as some of my fav fat free candies from Trader Joe's. Rebecca totally knows me, ha. And Sarah (her sister), painted this pottery dish for me in my fav colors and put in dirt and a sweet pea flower! I can't wait until it starts to grow! She is so thoughtful and creative.

Saturday, I got up and headed to Taylor to get a mani/pedi with Hollie. I went to a new place, called Pure NV, and it was really nice. Got a great summer color on my toes, and my normal light color on my fingernails. Left there and Hollie took me to lunch for my bday at Mongolian. Super yummy. I had cajun shrimp and rice. It was super nice to see Hollie and catch up. After that, headed home and Kurt and I ran to Lowe's and Tractor Supply and ended up buying three bird feeders and poles. Put them up in the yard and OMG, it is bird insanity. We already had a lot of birds in our yard and on our property, but they are everywhere now, I am not kidding. And the kewlest birds are hanging out that I have never seen before. There is a cardinal hanging out ALL the time, and I saw my first mourning dove today. And to think some people is this state wanting to have a hunting season at one point for the mourning dove. Gorgeous, docile bird. People who wanted to kill them SUCK, I say. Also, a ton of red wing black birds, finches, etc. Some I don't even recognize. I really need to get a Michigan birdin book. Also, the birds are PIGS. Well, not literally, LOL. But, the one feeder is HUGE, and we filled it Sunday late afternoon. It was empty by this morning. We filled it half way, and it was empty when we got home. Filled it again. I wonder where it will be in the morning? It's so much fun to watch them.

Update on the baby robins. They have little wings now. So cute. I took some new pics today and will post them when I get a second. The one Mama robin seems to trust me, she does not even care when i take pics near the nest or walk by it. but the other nests? The Moms throw abosolute fits, so I try to stay away from those nests. I was disappointed to find out that robins don't really eat seed, so they have not really been at our feeders, except for a couple times I looked out there.

Sunday, I had a baby shower to go to. Went beforehand to Babies R Us, which is prob near the top of stores I hate to go to. Got Lisa a pack and play and a picture frame she registered for. And it was annoying yet again. I went to pay after buying Lisa's gifts and they would not take my business check. OK, that makes no freaking sense. I think a business check would be more reliable than a freaking personal check, people! So, I had to dig through my totally trashed purse to find my debit card. I was not happy. Whatever. Went to the shower, in Dearborn Heights. It was beautiful. Lisa looked so awesome (with her baby belly). She got a ton of gifts and everyone in the families seemed so happy. I am so happy for her and Cliff and cant wait to meet the baby boy in July! :). She gets 12 weeks off of work, so I will have to go up and visit and meet her kitties too once the baby is born. Yay. Sunday night, I had dinner with Carl, my Aunt, my Grama and Kurt in Northville at Sizzling Sticks. Yum. My Aunt got me this gorgeous cut glass perfume holder that she got in Canada on vacation. I love it. My Grama got me this backpack I really, really wanted for my vacations for my camera. It was funny, because I asked my Aunt to pick the backpack up for me from the the Canton Adray's, because the Dearborn one was out. When I went to write her a check to pay her back, my Grama was like "That's my bday gift for you!" I was shocked! But excited, because it was totally exactly what I wanted! hehe. Thanks Grama and Auntie! Grama also found a gift that she could not find last year for my bday, so she gave it to me a year late, ha. Really pretty watch. I will post a pic when I think about it.

**Mama bird, protecting her eggs, previous to the birth of the baby birdies.

Anyway. Today was crazy at work. We were so slammed, I can't even explain it. I hate being exhausted like that, but I got a lot done through it all, somehow.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Turning 30

So, turning 30? I thought I would be totally fine with it, and I was totally fine with it. No drama, no tears, no "I am not where I thought I would be in life." So many people have major issues with this major age change, and I am totally OK. Odd, but I am happy I did not have any kind of breakdowns. Not that I normally do, but you never know.

We ended up going to dinner with me, Kurt and Kory. I was just going to stay in, but thought, even though I am going on vacay to celebrate next weekend, I should at least go to dinner! So, I found this place online on the water in Erie, MI, and was like "Let's try here!" We had never been there before. So, we went, and the place was gorgeous. Right on Lake Erie, almost all seafood menu. I took my camera and got to go outside and take some sunset shots, there were little bunnies jumping around on the outdoor patio--it was perfect. Click here to see the place. I had stuffed broiled shrimp (with crab) and wild rice, and creme brulee for dessert. Since it was my bday too, we got $8 off our meal! Yay! I will post pics from the dinner later, did not have time to work on them last night. So, it was a nice night. But, I can't wait for my real bday present, going to Belize next week.

Stopped at the school yesterday to sign my acceptance of office thing (for the second time) with the school board. Seems kinda lame since I am already on the board, but it's a formality you have to do. Had a quick meeting with Tim to get updated on some stuff the board is doing, which is always nice. Then once I got to work, Rick, another board member, stopped by to see the office and say hi. Caught up with him. It was a board day, I guess! :).

Other than that, nothing too exciting. Am going tonight to get my hair done and may try something crazy and new, who knows! Am seeing Roman again, who I have not seen in forever, then having dinner with Rebecca assuming she does not have a headache still. Crossing fingers!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

So Many Hearings, So Little Time....

Today, we had 8 hearings scheduled, all between 830 and 11 a.m. Yea. Kurt and I both had to go downtown. None of the hearing could be postponed of moved, so we were running around like maniacs, pretty much. I was somewhat stressed, as I personally have never done more than 2 hearings in one morning. But, all went fairly smoothly, we got them all done.

Went back to leave and the Jeep would not start, ugh. We had to call AAA and get it towed. Have no idea what is wrong, BUT, the guy who works on our cars just called and left me a message that he is confused, because it started right up. Hmmm. Something is wrong, but I guess we need to call him.

Still no caffeine. Yay me! I am shocked I have pulled this off so far, but on the other hand, I think it was harder in law school because of the schedule I was on. I truly did not need any more stress in my life then, and taking caffeine out of it would have been disaster.

Julia's graduation on Monday was great. Kurt and I got great seats, and we got to meet Jules Dad and stepMom, see her sister, see her boyfriend, Tony (who we have already met), and met Tony's Mom and sister. Everyone is SOOOO nice. Kurt was attempting, through his glass of champagne, to set Julia's sister, Jamie, up with Kory. We are supposedly going to go on a triple date at some point, which should be interesting. Fun, anyway! :). I will prob set that up when I get back from Belize.

Soooo, my 30th birthday tomorrow! In less than 2 hours, really. Crazy. I can't believe it has come so quickly. My days pass by so fast lately. I actually have no issues whatsoever with turning 30. I know I am *supposed* to, but I don't. I am actually really happy with my life right now, and am hoping that my 30s are more incredible than my 20s. So, here's to me turning 30! The new 20! hehe. Plus, I still get carded at the bar, so apparently, I am not aging much for being 30. Ha.

Oh, annoying attorney at court today. Some people are seriously obnoxious. I guess I have to give a background so you understand, since most of you don't practice family law for a living. OK, none of you that I know of anyway, LOL. And be thankful for that, it's a somewhat tiring job sometimes......

Anyway, we will deem this person *annoying atty*, as I dont use names in my posts. And seriously, before I start. If you are 60 something years old and STILL practicing law, DON'T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF. At that point in your life, are minor stupid things really that important? Get over yourself.

I digress. Back to my story. AA (Annoying Atty) was hired by the Defendant (the other side in a lawsuit) in one of our divorce cases later on in the case. A Case Management Conference was scheduled in the case (which is basically a meeting to update the court on the case status), and the notice went out to the Defendant and us, as AA was not yet hired on the case. Defendant never gave the notice to his atty once his atty was hired. We assumed that the Defendant would turn over everything to his client, which is standard and something attys would require of new clients anyway. Well, apparently, AA did not get notice of said hearing. But, he found out two days before the hearing and had his secretary call my office to confirm. His secretary calls me and starts bitching me out for not sending them notice, and spewing out court rules that don't apply to me. I was like "well, if you need to move the hearing, I am totally fine with that, but the court rule here does not apply to me because you were not on the case at the time." She was rude, pretty much hung up. Seriously, what kind of atty has their secretary do their dirty work? I would never, in a million years, tell Misty to call and be rude to people. I take pride in the fact that clients and attys think my secretary is sweet and helpful.

I just met the guy today. I dont think he practices a lot because even Kurt did not know him and Kurt knows everyone. The FIRST thing he does when meeting me is BITCH about this stupid hearing notice. I was like "What is your point? How is this relevant? You are here, and I told your office we could move the hearing if you had a problem..." His response "It IS relevant, counsel, u need to follow the rules." Give me a freaking break. Besides the fact that I did nothing wrong, who ARGUES this shit? LAME.

And of course, the Judge completely agreed with me. She literally was looking at AA like he was a joke. I think she would have rolled her eyes if she could have, and maybe in her own head she was, LOL. He went ON AND ON about this, and the Judge was like "What do you want me to do? I don't see how anyone was harmed here, AA." I think he is used to getting his way and it really freaking annoyed him that she thought his arguments were pointless. I loved it. I kept just being sweet and nice (my normal approach), like usual, and it made him look like a total fool. Yay.

Attys who act like that give others a horrible name. The goal at our office is to get along with everyone, try and settle cases for people, etc. The attys who constantly want to argue with people? I have zero respect for. You are not doing your client, or the profession, any good. Shame on you! And it's truly sad that I, someone who has been in the profession for a short time *get* that and the attys who have been practicing 30 years don't. But, alas, these attys are on power trips, and you will always have those people. So I deal. At least I can go to sleep at night knowing I do my job in a respectful way.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Congrats Julia Ann!

I am headed tonight to see my best friend from law school, Julia, graduate. She actually finished in December and just found out she passed the bar in early May, but they only have graduation once per year at Wayne.

Julia was part of the reason I made it through law school. Day one we met, and bonded over our common knowledge of bankruptcy law, LOL. We were inseparable after that point! Julia is one of the nicest, sweetest people I have ever met, and I am honored to be friends with her, and am so excited to see her graduate tonight!

Also graduating tonight are three other friends of mine from school--Ginger, Aimee and John!

So, congrats to everyone! Welcome to the profession! :).

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Stop the Addictions

OK, let me think of some things I can post quickly about. I am so tired lately. I have a slight reason though. I decided to stop drinking caffeine. Well, kinda anyway. There is no reason for me to stop entirely, like if I am out to dinner and want a nice fountain diet coke. But. I am no longer buying it for the house, or the office. Thus, I have not drank any caffeine since Friday at work. None yesterday, none today. And both nights, I am sleepy much earlier than normal. Ugh. Sat night I had a slight headache too, but none today. So yay.

Yesterday, I broke down and bought the vacuum I have been wanting. Kurt and I were at SAMS Club buying water, and I saw it there, much cheaper than anywhere else I have looked. Kurt questioned whether it would work as well as others claimed, but once we got it home---freaking awesome. Best vacuum I have ever used, by far. It is so awesome with thee dog and cat hair on the carpet. Here is the one we got, click here. I actually had *fun* vacucuming, and trust me, that says a lot. We even moved the chair and couches in the living room so I could vacuum under them, which has not been done in way too long. It is like our carpet is brand new.

Today, for Mother's Day, we went to Pinconning to visit Kurt's Mom, who we have not seen in like a year. So, it was nice to see her, but....Pinconning has got to be the most boring town in life. Nothing to do, and the town is like a ghost town. Ugh.

Friday night, we went to the auction, and I got some great deals. I bought four new glass vases, all for insanely cheap prices, one as low as $5. I felt like I was garage saleing, but the stuff is nice!! Since I hate garage sales and all. I took some pics of the stuff, but have not had time to download yet.

Last night, Rebecca was over and we all went to Applebee's for dinner and had horrible service. Kurt and I have had a run of that lately for some reason. She pretty much screwed up anything she could have. Put bacon in Kurt's salad, put bacon in my quesadillas......forgot Kurt's salad at first, it did not come until after his dinner. Did not make my drink correctly. Ignored us. But, it was fun anyway, LOL. Rebecca used me as a guinea pig with this new technique she is learning off DVD. I loved it. It was a lot of work on my neck, which is totally messed up, so it was helpful. I almost fell asleep afterwards, I was so out of it.

Ohh. On the way home from Pinconning, we briefly stopped at Birch Run, and I got a cute new skirt and shirt at the Bass Outlet. I did not even know they sold clothes there. The skirt is super cute. I am hoping that I have shoes to wear with this outfit though, I need to look. The skirt is white and cobalt bluish, and the shirt is the same blue color. I have no idea if I have shoes. If not, I guess I need some white sandals.........

Thursday, May 10, 2007

So Many Things to Say, Not Enough Hours

I am so behind on here.

And tonight was not helpful. I had a board workshop at 530, followed by a board meeting that lasted until like 930. We had a lot of things going on all at the same time, but overall the meeting was really productive. I am exhausted though and am skipping working out because I know it will be pointless since I am so exhausted. I will do twice as much tomorrow to make up for it.

So. I did not post about this yet, because I did not want to until the tix were purchased, but.....We are going to Belize for my birthday! I did not want some big 30th party or anything, so I told Kurt I would rather take a small vacay, and of course, he agreed since we are both travelling addicts. We are going the weekend after my birthday, over Memorial Day. Since we always take Memorial Day off anyway, it was a good time to go. I also rented out SUV. We are going to play hotels by ear. We want to see a lot of the country and I dont want to be tied down to one place. There are so many things I want to do while there. I can't wait. Kurt is really burned out at work and this trip will be a great thing for us. Of course, my new macro lens is just dying to be used! hehe.

Off to bed, will write more later. Eventually, I have to have time to catch up, right?

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Election Day

So, the election was today! And I won! hehe. Granted, I was running unopposed. But still. I am now an "elected" official, instead of just an "appointed" official. I am psyched. Now, my seat is for 4 years and I don't have to worry about all this stuff again until then. Also, the millage renewal in our district passed by a HUGE margin, so that was awesome. It's great that the people in this district understood the importance of it. Without it, all of our schools may have closed. It was that serious.

Off to bed, will blog more on this later. Really super tired.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Weekend Fun

So, my weekend was lots of fun!

Friday night, Kurt and I headed to the Palace to see Billy Joel in concert. We ate dinner first at Stir Crazy (I love the place) and I had rock shrimp and rice. Yum. The concert was awesome and our seats were really close to rebecca and her Mommy. I was so glad rebecca's mom got to go out for the night. She has been overstressed lately because her Mom is sick and has been helping take care of her around the clock. So, her and rebecca went to dinner and she had two glasses of wine! Good for her! Anyway. Loved Billy. Kurt and I both thought he seemed drunk though, and I hope his not drinking has not come to an end, but he truly seemed WASTED. But, it was awesome. I heart Billy.

Saturday, I ran a ton of errands, which was good. I am so behind on things. I went and picked out/ordered my dress for my sister's wedding in August. I am going to end up having to get it altered, because I am in between sizes and with working out, I will probably change more by the time the dress comes in. She told me to order it big though, because it is easier to alter down than up. Now, I just need to find silver shoes and pearl jewelry. Speaking of that, my Aunt got me a pearl necklace from Hawaii a few years back, I should pull that out and see if it will work with the dress! After that, I stopped at Sams Club to pick up water, then headed to Adray's to meet up with my Aunt at the photo expo there. She ended up buying a lens for her Pentex film camera, I did not get anything. Stopped at Fashion Bug after that and got a tshirt for $4, woo hoo. Kurt, Kory and I went out for Cinco de Mayo for dinner, then chilled at home the rest of the night.

Today, got up and went to a photography macro class at Adray's. Lame class. Rebecca and I ended up leaving early to shop at the expo instead. I ended up buying a new lenss and a new memory card. I got this 4GB card for an insanely low price, and got an awesome deal on a macro dedicated lens, which I have been wanting forever. I got another Sigma, a 105mm Macro. It is awesome, but I have not used it much as I have not had time today yet. Stopped at Kohls and Best Buy to buy my Aunt birthday gifts, then had dinner with family at the Pickle Barrel Inn in Willis. Interesting place............Food was OK, and it was great to see everyone. My Dad and Grama were there too. :).

Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Photo Journey on Thursday

Rebecca and I took a class tonight in Dearborn that was geared totally towards my camera (and the one Rebecca is going to get soon). I really liked it. Some parts I could have done without, but I learned some kewl things about my camera and about digital photography in general, and I can't wait to put them into effect on my camera.

Since I bought my camera, I have not had a lot of time to really learn about it. Thus, I mostly use the basic features, point and shoot, etc., and have not ventured into the more custom areas of the camera. Anyway, tonight I quickly learned (without a ton of research), how to use the manual modes of the camera to my advantage. I also learned what "RAW" photos are, and why I totally need to be shooting that way. In order to do that though, I need to buy some more memory for my camera, as shooting in RAW requires about twice as much memory as JPEG. Anyway. This is totally boring for those of you who don't care about digital photography, so I will stop. LOL.

Billy Joel concert tomorrow night. I am psyched, but not about being at the Palace, I hate driving that far. ONLY for Billy. I normally would never attend a concert there. Cant wait to hear Piano Man and sing along...........

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


My life is insane. Seriously. It's Wednesday. My last post was last Thursday. Bad, bad me. I have been crazy busy though, I swear! Not avoiding posting. Promise. ;).

Last night, I saw Sweet Charity at the Fisher in Detroit. Molly Ringwald played the starring role and she was really cute. My Aunt and I had dinner at Cuisine beforehand with a gift cert we had, and my food was superb, but the service was below par. I had sturgeon with rice. Really good, and my first experience with sturgeon. But, I got home really late which made me tired today for court. Had my first Motion in bankruptcy court today. It's so different than family court. So much more formal. But, I won my Motion and it was not hard at all, thankfully. I also went to court for my first time this week on a Chapter 13 Meeting of creditors, which was actually kinda fun to do. I like the bankruptcy hearings. Which is shocking, because I thought I liked family law better. I guess it just depends on the day.

Sunday was fab. Went to Rebecca's, as I was lucky enough to be the guinea pig for her and Garry testing tandem massage, which is two people massaging one person at once. It was awesonme, plus I gave them feedback. Both Gary and Rebecca are awesome, so both of them together basically equates to me being spoiled rotten. FOr free! But, it was fun and nice to meet Gary. Afterwards, Rebecca and I headed to Trader Joe's and I stocked up on fresh fish for the house and some other staple products.

Saturday was great too. We had the March of Dimes walk that morning at the state park. I ended up raising $130, which I thought was pretty good for only having a week to raise money and not really trying that hard. The walk was nice and it was nice having Rebecca with me to gossip with. ;). Afterwards, Rebecca and I went to the mall for a little while, then all of us headed to an auction in Monroe to check it out, then dinner at the Mexican restaurant in Luna Pier.

Friday night, we went to Pete's Garage for dinner with a bunch of peeps. Played pool with my favorite husband and I actually won 2 games. Shocking, I know. I am actually decent when I try. Can't wait to get a table for the basement.

Speaking of the basement, I really need to get down there and workout since I was out late last night and skipped.

Loving this weather.