Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I Long For Summer

I am sick of Michigan winter. Florida this weekend will be a nice break, but I can't wait for the weekends of hiking, photography and friends......It's funny how a pic can make you long for something even more.........This one was taken at a park near the office one day after work. In warm weather. With no coat on! Gasp!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007


So.......was too tired and busy last night to post, so I am doing it briefly now before the office becomes insane.

Work was crazy yesterday--which is common for a Monday. Blah. I totally don't like Mondays. Ever. I will like next Monday though, because I will not be here and will be in sunny Florida! Yay. Still have no set plans for that trip, except a plane ticket. Need to rent a car (reminder to self).

Rebecca came over last night. We were supposed to watch the last episode of Queer as Folk together (because she is insisting I watch the final episode with her as it is supposedly shocking and really good), but NOW, she is out of luck! Her and Kory went to dinner at Pete's because she was craving a burger and their curly fries, and were gone for over 4 hours....I worked out, made dinner for Kurt and I, and watched some other TV, including the second to last episode of Queer as Folk. It was then like 1015 p.m., and Kurt and I had to be up early for work, so I went to bed. :(. And then she called me *lame* because I went to bed before they got home, LOL. Sigh. I would love to stay up all night and sleep in the mornings, but my work schedule does not permit.....So tonight, I am watching the final episode! I can't wait any longer......

Sorry, Rebecca! I tried to watch with you!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Low Key Day

We were supposed to go into the office this morning, but when we went outside it was horrible. Kurt almost fell over--in the driveway. So, we cut that plan short and came back into the house.

Kurt worked on the upstairs bathroom all day. We went to Lowe's and Target tonight to pick up some more things. Kurt needed paint and 6 more tiles from Lowe's. We bought all the accessories for the bathroom at Target, including a white/black rug, two towel holders (silver), the toilet paper holder (silver), and then red tissue holder, garbage can, soap holder, toothbrush holder..........Also, bought three black frames in which I ordered three of my own photos for--three different red flowers to match the red in the bathroom. I can't wait to put those up, but I have to wait for the pics to come in the mail. Yay. Can't wait until this bathroom is done.

Watched a new show on DVD today called Big Love. Liked it, so I put more of it on my Netflix list. Also watched more of Queer As Folk, I am addicted. I am almost done watching the entire first season and am going to feel deprived until Rebecca brings me season 2.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Shopping on Saturday

So, today.....Slept in, and while Rebecca and Kory were at breakfast at China Buffet (yes, they ate breakfast there, LOL), Kurt and I ran to Lowe's to buy some more stuff for the bathroom upstairs. Everything is not done, but I found pics of some of the stuff online until I can post pics. We bought the mirrors, the cabinets for the sinks, the faucets.........We also bought a pendant lighting fixture with a red light covering for the end of it.

After that, Rebecca and I headed to Ferndale so I could take her home, and we could stop into some stores. We went to DSW, where I scored an awesome deal on a clearance rack on some Pumas. Also, went to TGMaxx, where I got some 2 and 3 pound weights for my workout video which requires them, and a pair of really cute capri workout pants, and some Anne Klein trouser socks...........Went to Somerset Mall and the H2O store is closing! Rebecca was sad because there is a product there she buys......Anyway, a bunch of stuff in the store was 60% off, so we both got some fun stuff for cheap prices. Then stopped into Bath and Body Works because we had a coupon to use, and I got some lotion and conditioner. I so don't need lotion, but this one smelled so yummy.

Trader Joe's was the last spot, because I wanted to buy fresh fish.....I bought like 7 different kinds, as well as some veggie chili, milk, fruit, and Clif bars......I made southwest salmon for dinner with rice and ceasar salad. So good.

Off to bed.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Crazy Busy

This working out crap is really cutting into my blogging time. Ha. But really, it is. By the time I work all day, come home, make dinner, work out....I am too tired to do much else than check my email and regular websites. I need to figure something out here to catch up on a more regular basis. I at least have been keeping up on the workout blog.

Tonight, I had a really nice dinner out with Kurt. We went to Dolce Vita in Monroe after work for sushi and to relax. It was so yummy. We had miso soup, split some sushi rolls, and then Japanese ice cream. Yay. We stopped at a furniture store we had never been to on the way home, and it had some nice stuff for really reasonable prices. We may go there and buy some new stuff once the hardwood flooring is done in the living room.

Work was crazy this week. And i had a board meeting last night that lasted over three hours. I was so exhausted when I got home.

So, this week, during the midst of the insanity of work, we decided to take a quick vacay. So, next weekend, we are going to Florida! I booked our flights and we leave after work on Friday. AND, we are flying first class with frequent flyer mile upgrades. Woo hoo. I heart flying first class. It makes the trip that much better, but I would never actually pay for it. So, while we are down there, we are going to watch a Tigers Spring Training game, visit my Maga and Bumpa in Port Richey, visit Kurt's brother in Orlando, and do some other stuff, maybe Busch Gardens. I can't wait just to get out of MI for a while.......

Anyway. Can't remember anything else significant, so I will write more if I can remember later.........

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Rebecca Yelled at Me

...because I have not blogged since Friday. I took away all her fun of reading updated blogs on Sunday night. Sorry, Rebecca! Better late than never, right?

Pretty nice weekend here at the Haskell Home. For the most part, we stayed in. Yay. I did not feel like having "set" plans, just wanted to go with the flow.

Friday after work was hilarious. Rebecca loaned me some workout videos she does not use anymore, and Kurt sits in the room while I do them sometimes. He likes to harass me, and was talking about how *easy* the videos were. I laughed, because besides the fact that he is totally uncoordinated, he has only used the gym maybe 4 times since it opened downstairs, and is totally not in shape yet. So, I challenged him. We came home and did the video, and umm, Kurt did not do so well. He stopped after part one, and for what he did during part one, it was not very good. Because he is not coordinated, he probably only did about half and was off beat the entire video. I guess it was not to easy, hun Kurty? :). I love being right. My Mom's birthday was Friday. Happy Birthday Mommy! I sent her two packages and she had only received one as of her birthday. She really liked it though (gift one was two drummer shirts) and I already know she will like gift two....

Saturday was another fun day. Kurt and I went to Lowe's in the morning so I could pick out the tile for the walls of the second bathroom upstairs. I had a vision in my head, which was what we bought at Lowe's. I looked at sinks too, but nothing there was right for me. Britton was over and while Kurt was working upstairs on the bathroom tile, Britton and I watched two movies: Accepted and The Break-Up. Both were great, lazy movies. I liked The Break-Up more, but I did not like the ending of that one very much. Accepted kinda started slow, but ended up being funny and good. I worked out in the afternoon after the movies, took a shower, and then Rebecca got here. Kurt, Britton, Rebecca and I did dinner at Quatro's, which was yummy. Came home and hung out at the house for the rest of the night. Oh, Rebecca introdued me to this show called Queer as Folk, that I am now addicted to. Total Lori show, but Kurt and Kory won't watch with me. :(.

Today, went this morning to Cabela's to buy some new workout clothes. Kory gets a discount since he works there, so I got awesome deals on really high end stuff....Also bought a new pea coat--mine is like 5 years old (maybe older) and really needs to be discarded. The new one is cranberry and so pretty! Got some cute Columbia gloves to match. Anyway, I ended up buying two Under Armor sports bras, one pair of black North Face capri pants, one pair of long pants (Under Armor), Under Armor black shorts and a black Northface tank.....I needed the stuff, my workout clothes are so old and worn. Watched another episode of Queer as Folk today, i love it!

Kurt finished the upstairs bathroom, for the most part. He put up all tile, and now needs to grout, put the sinks in, paint and I need to accessorize. I ordered the sinks online tonight, and they are super kewl. Click here to see them. Today at Lowe's, I accidentally found the perfect black stands for the sinks. Kurt will have to go back and pick them up when we need them.

So, that about sums up my weekend. Hope everyone else got a chance to relax as well.

Friday, February 16, 2007


Called Monroe County on Wednesday morning to see if anyone else put their name in against me for the school board. Nope. There are two seats open (mine and another board member who has an expired seat) and only two people (including me), put their names in. So, *hopefully*, I can win! hehe. This is a four year term, so I can rest easy for that amount of time now. I can't wait to go vote and check next to my own name. I wish I could take a camera in and take a pic, but I don't think they allow that, and they may think I am slighly strange......

I am so cold. The weather in MI right now is seriously wrong. Kurt and I are thinking of planning a quick weekend getaway in the near future just to warm up! Tigers started Spring Training in FL recently and I would love to go to a game and take pics. You can get really close to the players at those events, and we could visit Maga and Bumpa since their condo is near the Tigers facility.......

Grey's was awesome last night. I doubt they can really kill Meredith off, I mean, the show is *her* show....But, we will see what they do with this.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Stuff

Woke up this morning to a 5 foot drift of snow in front of our garage. Which is an issue when your cars are parked in the garage. Oops. I would have loved to just call into work, but no such luck when you work for yourself and have court, hun? I had two hearings this morning and a ton of paperwork too.

The drive to work was horrendous too. None of the roads ANYWHERE were cleared. Not near our house, not on the highway, not near the office. Accidents everywhere, people driving like idiots. Fun. It took us double the amount of time to get to court today.

I had two hearings today. One was something new for me, at a hearing for someone *supposedly* way behind on child support. I say supposedly because the Friend of the Court messed up his account. He had custody of the child from 1997 on, in a court Order, and they never stopped his support from accrueing. So, now after today's meeting, they are doing an audit to fix everything. My client was so glad he was not going to jail. I told him that would not happen, but people always think they will. Other hearing was a divorce case, which I finalized. I was pretty shocked it did, because the parties were pretty far off on what they wanted, but somehow, we did it.

Oh, Happy Valentine's Day to those who celebrate it! I personally don't. For some reason, the holiday kinda annoys me. Don't ask me why, I don't really have a reason. I just don't like it. I guess holidays in general annoy me, because I hate having this *obligation* to buy things for people. I would rather pick things up for people when I *want* to, not because it's Xmas, or Easter, or whatever. Kurt did buy me some gum today! Ha.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow is Bad

Those of you who *like* snow? Umm, why. Seriously. I can't stand winter, and I can't stand snow. They are predicting like 12 inches or more in our area. I hate it. What about snow is good whatsoever? Nothing. And in Michigan, everyone forgets how to drive in this weather. Accidents everywhere, people driving too fast/slow. Growing up in northern MI, I get this. People downstate? Clueless. For the most part anyway.

So, the weather is cancelling like all my plans. I was supposed to do dinner with friends last night. Moved. Supposed to see a show at the theatre tonight. Cancelled. Tomorrow night am supposed to go to a bday party, and prob will not be able to do that either. See everyone? Snow=bad. :).

My kickboxing bag was delivered today, and I put it together in the basement. But, the base needs to be filled with water, a lot of water, and I have to figure out a good way to do this. The hole the water pours into is not that large, so I need to figure something out....One bucket at a time is going to take me the rest of the life.

I did an ab workout today since we left work early. We closed the office early because of the storm. The video killed me! Check my workout page if you are interested in the video. Oww..

Went to the Monroe County Clerk to put in my petition for the school board. It was due--today. Nothing like me procrastinating. HA. Paid my fee, put in the paperwork. As of the time I put it in, only one other person had, and there are two spots open. So, unless someone put their name in after I did at 9 a.m., I don't need to campaign or anything. Cross your fingers....

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Busy Times

So, I had a pretty busy Saturday and weekend in general.

Saturday morning, I got up, took a shower, and headed to Rebecca's to hang out before my hair appointment. She massaged me some, which I apparently needed since I was in pain. Thanks Rebecca! After that, we went to Trader Joe's, and I discovered the best workout bar ever. I read on a blog previously about this bar, and have been looking for it since. It is a new one by Clif, and I have not seen it in any store yet. Well, Trader Joe's came through for me. I bought a bunch, and OMG, Yum. I highly recommend. It seriously tastes like a condensed blueberry muffin. I am def going to buy these in bulk. Oh, it is called Blueberry Crisp Clif. After that, got my hair done with Marnie. I actually got about 3 inches cut off, new highlights and some sideswept bangs, which is totally not like me. I dont change things with my hair often. Kurt can't really tell a difference, but I def can.

Then, drove home, changed, and left for dinner with Cliff and Lisa in Detroit at Pegasus. What a pain it was getting to Detroit. This winter blast thing is going on down there, and traffic and parking was a total chore. Pegasus was OK. The food was very good--I had a grilled shrimp meal with green beans and rice and diet coke, kurt has a greek salad. But, the service was horrible. The staff was rude--all of them. They practically kicked us out when we were done because they wanted our booth for others. I wont go back there. I can get Greek food elsewhere. But, it was nice to see Cliff and Lisa......Kurt and I headed to the Windsor casino after that, where I played some poker and blackjack and did not win. But thats OK, I had a good time.

Today, slept in a little bit. I needed it after the long day on Saturday. Got up and did some stuff around the house, stopped at the grocery store. I was feeling guilty for not working out yesterday, so I did one of the videos that Rebecca loaned me. Loved it. It kicked my butt. It was like cardio Pilates. I will be doing this one again. It hurt. Then, tonight, I did another workout in the gym.
Oh, went to Lowes today with Kurt to pick out the flooring for one of the upstairs bathrooms. Him and Kory pretty much finished it today, except for the grouting. It looks SOOO good. they also finally hung the mirror I bought forever ago from zGallerie in the other bathroom. It needs to be cleaned (they got stuff all over it hanging it, but it looks so kewl. I love that mirror.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Latest Finds and Such

Nothing too exciting is going on. So, I am going to post about some new products I have found that I love since I started working out hardcore again.

1. Zenalean ProCaps. I discovered these today at Better Health when I stopped in to buy Redline drinks. Tada! It has ephedra. I heart ephedra. I used to take Xenadrine way back before law school, and then it got banned. Since then, I have found nothing even close. Until Zenalean. I took one this afternoon, and I was soooo awake. Love. Yay.

2. Redline drinks.

3. Clif bars. Yum. The first energy bar I have eaten that actually tasted good. I tried a Zone bar today, and, not so good. I need to start buying the Clif ones in bulk.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Restless Pugs

Had a board meeting tonight. It was slightly shorter than normal, and I got home just in time to change, drink an energy drink and head down to the gym to watch Grey's. It was a great episode. I wonder what will happen to Meredith?? The drama......

I don't know how I get the energy sometimes. I worked all day long, came home, attended a board meeting, came home again, worked out, made dinner, did some laundry and dishes, and am now relaxing. I am avoiding this horrible movie that Kurt and Kory are watching, I think it's called Saw III. I have no interest. OMG, so violent. But, I want to sit in the living room, so I am forced to listen to it anyway. Ugh.

The weather in Michigan is horrible. Gretel has been really restless, and I think we are finally figuring it out. When it is below zero like this, she does not run around outside as much because she gets really cold. I kinda feel like Gretel. I want to be outside SOO badly, but winter in Michigan just sucks, especially right now. I can barely stand walking to my car from the office door. Me and Gretel both really need to get outside, and the forecast for the next week is more of the same. I really was not meant to live in this state, but at the same time, I don't really want to leave, at least right now. I am so cold 24 hours a day. Even when I work out, I have been wearing long sleeves, which I never do while doing cardio.

Cliff called today and asked what Kurt and I were doing this weekend. When I said nothing major, he suggested going to the Detroit Winter Bash. Which is outside. And it is negative zero forecast for the weekend. I was like "I will never talk Kurt into that in a million years." I really have no desire to walk around in that either, LOL, but Kurt cannot stand the cold more than me. I suggested meeting for dinner down there instead, in case they still wanted to walk around in the cold. So, we are prob meeting in Greektown for dinner. It will be nice to see them.....

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Nothing New in Newport

So, today was a pretty standard day, really. Nothing ultra-exciting to post about.

I was pretty tired when we got home, so I made dinner, and sat down to watch Beauty and the Geek. I totally did not want to work out, but I made myself. Yay. I always am glad once I get done.

I ordered a kickboxing bag on Amazon tonight. Yay. I have always wanted one, and now that we have the gym, I see no reason why I should not have it. Now, I need to put together some program for it. My old instructor told me he would help me out, but I feel kinda guilty asking him. I will try to find something online first.

I finally made my hair appointment today. I kept forgetting. So, I am going on Sunday and will prob meet up with Rebecca beforehand. I am going to get a massage from her and try to pay her, but she always just wants food, so I guess we will see. She always makes me feel better, and with all this working out, I really need it, I think! ;). I can't wait to get my hair cut. I really want something different, but always end up chickening out and getting the same sort of style. I don't like short hair for me, so my options are fairly limited.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Great Store

I got this coupon in the mail for a store that was having a grand opening in Taylor called Better Health. We stopped in after work. OMG. Great store. It was like GNC times 20, and they sold organic foods and drinks. I needed to buy some protein bars and the like. Sometimes right before working out or during the day I am hungry, and I wanted to buy something to supplement my working out, with high protein. So, I bought some Zone and Clif bars. I bought different flavors, so I could try them out before buying a ton of one kind. Kurt bought a bunch of drinks, and I bought this one energy drink for working out. We tried it before our workout, and WOW. I think it really did give me a boost of energy. Not a ton extra, but some. Called Redline.

Anyway, highly recommend the store if you live in Michigan.
Oh, took some pics of the gym. Keep in mind while viewing that we still need to clean the floor again (drywall dust, etc.), but for the most part, it is done. Kurt and Kory put up drywall, a drop ceiling and lights, the mat flooring, and the equipment and posters. Click here to see the pics.

Monday, February 05, 2007

The Lawyer Game

You have got to be kidding me. People would BUY a game to be a lawyer? What are they thinking? LOL. It's really not that exciting......

One game I will not be buying when I buy a handheld game system? Check.

Click here to see.

Sore, but Happy

I had a fabulous workout tonight. (which can be seen at my workout blog in the sidebar). Kurt worked out with me, which was nice. I think I work out even better with him. Anyway, I can feel myself getting better with each workout. I can do more crunches, can walk uphill longer, can run further.........did more weight on my chest/back exercises.

I was so mad What About Brian was not on! Some stupid wedding show was on in it's place, ugh. Next week, thankfully, it is back on.

Work was great today too. I got so much paperwork done, as Misty was there answering the phones. The conference room table was filled with work done.

It was so cold here today, schools were cancelled simply because of the temperature. The schools in our town were all cancelled, and prob will be tomorrow as well. Crazy. I have never heard of school being cancelled because it is too cold. And Manistee, where I grew up?? They never cancelled school ever. And they are cancelled today AND tomorrow. That shows how insanely cold it is here. On the way to work today, the bank clock said -4. I have never seen the bank clock say anything negative re the temperature.

Congrats Jillllllleeeeee

My friend, Jill, just told me that she is pregnant with her third child! She is predicting a boy, and her due date is around Sept 1!

Baby 3 will be joining Jamin and Leah at home. I can't believe one of my friends is on baby 3! Wow!

I have known Jill since 1st grade.....she befriended me then, and it's so crazy that we have been friends all this time, and now we are both married, and she will be having baby 3! :).

Congrats Jill and Ben!

The Oscars Contest--Join the Fun

My friend, Megan, has created a new fantasy game for the Oscar's.

You can join in!

The Group Name is Megan's Movie Mania and the password is weather

Please join in the fun!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Cold in Michigan

It is so cold in Michigan right now. Almost record cold temps.

Current temp? 0 degrees Farenheit. Feels like? -15 degrees Farenheit. Not even kidding. And the rest of the week is not much better. It is not going to be over 23 degrees all week. Nice. Today, I went outside to the grocery store briefly and I could barely stand it getting into the car in the garage, it was to cold. Ugh. I can't stand this.

So, got to sleep in this morning. This working out crap annoys me sometimes, because I get fairly anal with what I am eating and doing. Bec, Kory and Britton went for pizza for lunch and I did not go, because I don't want to be counter productive with the working out. So, I just need to stay away from those kind of eating establishments...........Rebecca said the pizza place they went to was not that good anyway, so I am kinda glad I did not go.

The rest of the day, I just tried to get some things done around here. It is so cold though, I dont even want to get off the couch with my blanket. I did some laundry, did some dishes, picked up the house......My husband, the pseudo-plumber, fixed some things in my bathroom today that I have been begging him to fix for months. My sink and my shower had clogged pipes, so the water was taking longer to drain than normal, which in turn made the sink/shower get dirty more quickly, which drives me insane. He took eveything apart and now everything works. Yay.

Oh. Rebecca brought over a small refrigerator for the basement and I put water in it today. It will be nice to have it down there. I tend to forget it and have to run back upstairs to grab some.

The Colts won the Super Bowl. I did not really care who won, but I was rooting for the Bears since they were the underdog. So many turnovers in the game, it was crazy. Prince was the half time show, and I actually really liked it. Kewl lighting and fireworks effects.

Being Blonde

All the school in the world (which I have had now), cannot make me more blonde, LOL.

Last night, at the casino, I got stopped at the door. I guess I was kinda surprised, because you only have to be 19 to get in there. Since I was that age 10 years ago, I was kinda shocked the guy asked me to stop. Anyway, he asked me how old I was and my response was....

"ummmmm, 20, ummmmm, 9?"

Yea. I totally forgot how old I was. I think he must have thought I was amusing though, because he let me go.

I got carded again in the poker room. Whatever I wore last night must have made me look young because 10 years later, I am still getting carded there, LOL. It annoys me, but at the same time, I guess I should be glad I don't age very much as each year goes on........

Kurt's Birthday--Part 2

Today, we celebrated Kurt's birthday again. Went to Fishbones in Detroit for dinner with Kory, Rebecca, Britton and Gary. It was really good. I had gumbo soup and sushi. Afterwards, Kurt, Gary and I went to the casino in Windsor. Kurt and I won $102.50. My portion was only $2.50. I played Texas Hold Em. Kurt played blackjack and craps. It was a lot of fun, but nothing beats Vegas........

This morning, Kurt and I went to work for a short time, had a meeting with a new client. We then went to a couple stores.....One, this place Kurt likes for paintings and furniture....We bought a painting for the basement once it is done. Stopped for lunch at Zoup, and then at the Pier One Clearance Store. It was fun. Then, he hung all the posters in the gym. I really need to take pics....

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Birthday Sweetie!

It's Kurty's birthday today! Happy 36th birthday honey! I told him he is old today, as he is closer to 40 than 30, LOL, and I have not even hit 30 yet. Ha.

We went to dinner tonight with our friends, Tammy and Tom. We went to Uno's. I had salmon teryiaki and rice, and a smoothie. I think the smoothie was a mistake, as I am somewhat lactose intolerant. I usually can handle a smoothie, but now, my stomach hurts. Rather, it started hurting about half way through my workout, and I had to stop. But, half a workout is better then none, right? It was nice to see Tam and Tom, we have not seen them in forever.

We also stopped in Home Goods and I saw this ottoman that I may go back and buy. It would literally look perfect in the sunroom. It is really modern, and the same colors that are in there. Went to Michael's as well and bought frames for the gym posters as well. Just need to bring them in the house and hang them up now, and the gym will be pretty much complete. The only things left really then are hooking up the satellite down there (right now we have the TV hooked through upstairs), and need to buy a couple mirrors for the walls. I also would like to get a DVD player and some videos.

Had to workout alone tonight because Kurt had a little bit too much to drink at dinner tonight. Three raspberry pina coladas and three rum and cokes too much. Ha.

So, court was somewhat annoying for Kurt this morning. One hearing went well. It was filed pointlessly by a father. In MI, there is rule that you cannot move more than 100 miles from your residence without permission from the court or the other parent in the case. Well, our client moved like 103 miles away. She did this like 3 months ago, and the father never said anything. She says he actually agreed to the move. 3 months later, he files a Motion for Change in Custody based on her violation of this rule. Done out of spite, pretty much. So, she hired us over the phone, as she lives in a differnet area now. Met Kurt at the hearing, and Kurt pretty much got their Motion thrown out. She was thrilled. The other hearing was the annoying one. We had a client that was very unreasonable. We filed a Motion to Change Custody for him, as the mother moved to another state and left him with the kids. He wanted her to have no parenting time, or parenting time only in the state of MI. The other side hired an atty, and they stated they only wanted 2 weeks in the summer. This is very, very minimal, and less than the Judge would probably give her. Our client would not agree. Somehow, miraculously, Kurt got him to understand and agree, but the guy was not happy, and told Kurt he was not working in his best interests, yada yada. Kurt was like "it would not be in your best interests to go in there in front of the Judge, because your deal will be worse....." Sigh. People seriously just dont get it. Why do they hire lawyers if they think they know everything? Seriously.

The rest of the day was nice though. Phones were fairly quiet, which is not the norm on Friday afternoons. I got some paperwork done, returned some calls.

Oh, and we heard through the grapevine that a lawyer we know was disbarred! Apparently, he stole money from a law firm he was working with as well as a local bar association. How stupid can you be? I am wondering if there is more to the story, like a gambling or drug prob.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Friends and Family

So, tonight I went to dinner with my friend, Nancy, at Big Fish in Dearborn. I had a coupon to use for 40% off one meal, and I love that place. The food was awesome, as usual, but the service was somewhat annoying. This waitress walked by the table WAY too many times......I really wanted to be like GO AWAY. And then, she came and took my credit card slip away before we left and that is a pet peeve of mine. I never did that to customers when I waitressed. I think it's so rude. Anyway. It was awesome to see Nancy. She claims she thought I would look different now that I am a lawyer, but apparently, I don't. :).

Yesterday, Val (my ex-stepsister, LOL, who Kurt just calls my sister now since it's easier than all those pre-words), came over after work and spent the night. Rebecca ended up coming over too, so we all hung out. We took Val to Uno's for dinner, and then once Rebecca got here, we watched Napoleon Dynamite on DVD, which I have never seen. I really need to watch it again because I did not get to see the whole thing.

So. I think I need some sleep. I am so glad tomorrow is Friday. This week has been total insanity at the office and I so need a break.

Remind me to schedule a hair appointment.