Sunday, November 18, 2012

Upcoming Holiday

I realllllllly cannot wait for the upcoming Thanksgiving break!  First time Kurt and I are able to get away for a real vacation since I don't remember when.  We had two out of town weddings in June, but the last time we went anyplace was earlier this week.  The campaign pretty much sucked the life of my vacations.

We are going to Las Vegas for our normal Thanksgiving celebration.  We have gone there I think the last 3 Thanksgivings.  This time, I got our room for free with airline miles, & we are staying at the MGM Signature.  It looks nice, large suites, a fitness area, and best of all, I don't have to walk through a mall or casino to get to my room.  It is attached to the MGM Grand, but has it's own entrance.  I also booked us before the trip (since we never do anything while there unless I book it ahead of time) a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon.  Basically, they pick us up at our hotel, take us to the airport, we take a helicopter over the Hoover Dam, Lake Mead, the Strip, and then land in the Grand Canyon for a champagne luncheon.  Cannot wait.  also, I shopped prices and coupons for quite a bit before booking, and saved about $260.00 off list price on the tour.  Whoot.  Love me and my deals.......Have not figured out what show I want to see while there.  There is a new Cirque show we have not seen, but I think because it is new, I cannot find good seats for the show.  It is called Zarkana and is showing at Aria.  I am looking forward to poker, outlet shopping, and running outside at Red Rock, which we are going to do this time as well.  I have driven through and explored, but never run there.

Our associate at the office, Angie, is engaged!  She just got engaged yesterday.  Super excited for her and Scott.

Even though the campaign is over, I have been fairly busy w/work and other stuff.  Trying to catch up with some friends.  Had dinner with Rebecca on Friday night at Wah Hoo in Detroit.  We split some apps and sushi and each had soup.  Was super good.  Today, I had lunch with my friend Melanie at Panera.  Went to Kohl's and Sam's Club after that.  Got a new picture frame I needed to replace one that broke and three shirts for Kurt marked down.  I don't know how he is always getting things when I shop.  :).

I got a new jacket in the mail this weekend for work.  It's really unique looking, not something I would normally get, but really different.  It will go with a lot of different shoes and I will most likely wear a black skirt or pants with it.  Prob will wear is tomorrow!  (see above).  In person, the lines of the jacket look almost braided, so it's really interesting.  It's also really warm, so will be great when we get super cold days soon.

So, I am very behind on posting pics here, so I am going to slowly integrate them into posts.  First pic below is of the entire office at Kurt's election night party.  It's rare with schedules that the entire office is at an out of office event, so here we all are!  From left to right--Kory, Angie, Lauren, Kurt, me and Megan.

Angie and her fiance, Scott, both had bdays recently, and we went to her party which was in downtown Detroit at Jacoby's.  it was a lot of fun.  Kurt, Kory and I went from the office, and our friends Ron and Nick came as well.  I was the DD that night, but everyone else enjoyed the super cheap drinks at the place.  Kurt and Kory ate as well, and the food looked awesome (although typical horrible for you bar food).  I think we heard Angie yell "it's my birthday" about 1111 times throughout the night.

Pic above is of me and my nephew Nick at a wedding this summer in St. Louis.

Anyway, gonna sign off.  I need to clean and do some laundry and start packing for our trip!  :).

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Back in the Game

**Pic above is Angie, Kory and I at her bday party last weekend!  :)  Super fun times.

Welcome back me!  :)

Last post was March of this year, when Kurt decided to run for Congress.

As we all know, that did not end up in a win.  However, since Kurt was not the incumbent and we are in a District that leans Republican, we knew going in it would be an uphill battle.  It was a huge learning experience, and I am happy he went for it.  My husband is one of the most courageous people I know, and I admire how he decided to simply go for something full force like he did.  No political background, and he ends up on a ballot for US Congress.  So impressive.  I will post more on our journey the past few months in the next entries........

Overall, the outcome of this election was disappointing for me.  Basically, the make-up of Congress and the Senate remained virtually unchanged.  And with the same President in office, with the same Congress and same Senate, my guess is, the next 4 years will be more of the same with the parties constantly fighting with one another and not much of anything getting accomplished at all, which is sad.  The people who are willing to ignore party lines and work together are not generally the people that get into office. Until that happens, nothing will change, and I think I am resigned to that fact, for now.  Judge Connie Kelley, a Judge I practice in front of on a regular basis, lost her run for Supreme Court, which was sad for me as well.  She worked her ass off, travelling the entire state while working full time, and I was sad to see her lose.  I was also sad for my teacher and union worker friends that Proposal 2 did not pass (had to do with collective bargaining and the state constitution).  I was thrilled to hear about the states that passed initiatives on gay marriage and marijuana though, and happy to see some of the states moving forwards towards equality for all.

Tonight, after I work out and make dinner, I am going to research where we are going on vacay this month.  We have traveled almost zero since March, and I am psyched to do nothing for a few days.  We normally go to Vegas over Thanksgiving, but not sure if I want to go there or not.  I may want to lie on a beach for a few days.......

Anyway, glad to be back and posting.  I missed it, but during the election, I did not want a bunch of randoms finding me by putting Kurt's name into google and ending up here.........

Happy November!