Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Can't Believe I Almost Forgot.

OK, this will not be exciting to most, but.....My order came in the mail! Fresh
had an awesome sale a couple weeks ago and I placed an order. I got a ton of stuff for incredible deals....Like almost everything was like 75%+ off. Yay. They also included like 10 free sameples in the box, which was awesome. I love trying things.

Today, work was long. Misty called in sick, so I had to answer the phones and deal with clients coming in and do paperwork. Blah. Too much work. I hate phones. I like being able to screen my calls........

Today, after work, I decided to go hiking in Sterling State Park to relax, and of course, took my camera. Got a few shots......Highlights of the hike were two things...First, I saw a Monarch butterfly. OK, that in itself is not a highlight. But, the fact that this butterfly sat in one spot for like 10 minutes so I could take pics IS a highlght. Second, I walked to one opening by the water, and a muskrat was swimming around, eating grass and water greenery. I got to watch him for like 5 minutes too, before he went underwater and disappeared. Sigh. I live for stuff like that. Click here to see the pics. They are pics 1-33, but this will change once I upload more. You can also see them in the Sterling State Park Set on Flickr.

Came home and listenned to Kurt bitch about the Tigers until Monroe hit a game winning home run. HA.

Go Tigers.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Something Good

Soooo, we finally closed on the land. I don't even recall if I posted about this before, but WHAT A PAIN. Everyone showed up today, we closed, and we are DONE. I never have to deal with the guy we bought our house and land from ever again. I can totally understand why the guy would not like us, but C'MON. I owe you money, just freaking take it. Anyway, all is done. Closed. Finito. Yay.

Came home after work and went on a really long walk outside with the dogs, Kurt and my camera. Took some shots of my yard. Click here to see them. I love my yard. It's so kewl that I can go out and get some fun shots, just by walking around my yard. It is so relaxing.......

Got a hilarious shot of Vito "jumping" in the yard for Kurt. Kurt was holding a flower and Vito thinks those are toys, so he jumps to try and get them.....

Monday, August 28, 2006

Just Another Manic Monday.....

I really don't like Mondays. The weekend is over. I have to be at work. I have to get up early. Seriously, what could make Mondays good?

Anyway, had a long day at work today. We were there until almost 7 p.m. Blah.

I got an email today from MSN telling me that Karr's DNA did not match that of the Jon Benet case. Shocking, but not. I never actually thought it was him, but it was crazy to get that email.

My friend Hollie's doggie is having surgery in the morning, and I am hopeful, but still stressed for her and their family. :(. People annoy me. She is going through a horrible time, and some of her friends and family are actually telling her she is "crazy" for spending the money on surgery for "just a dog". This is one thing that drives me insane about society today. I am truly in the minority with how I view my animals as part of my family. If one's human child was sick, they would spend anything to save it....but an animal gets sick, and most people will just put the animal down. It's ridiculous. Animals are not possessions and it makes me sick how people just think they are so disposable. Anyway, enough of my rant. Please think about Hollie and Buster tomorrow. He has bladder stones, and it is really serious surgery. I really, really hope everything turns out perfect for them all.

It is raining really hard here, storming. Which is fabulous, because my trees really need it. Yay for rain. :).

I am thinking of taking a day trip to Grand Rapids this weekend. I want to go to the botanical gardens there.....they are supposedly the best in the state. Kurt and Kory are doing some yardwork and finishing up the beach house this weekend, so I need to find something fun to do......

Sunday, August 27, 2006

In the Hidden Lakes Gardens

I woke up today and it was dreary out....looked like it had been raining and the sun was not anywhere in sight. Bummer. Rebecca, Lesley and I had plans to go to Belle Isle to the conservatory and to walk around.....I was thinking maybe it would be nicer up near Detroit but as SOON as I thought that, Rebecca texted me telling me it was pouring rain there.....and we decided just to do the trip another day. I really, really wanted to go out today and take some shots for Flickr and my collections, so I started trying to figure out what I could do.

My Aunt emailed me and I asked her if she knew of any indoor conservatories that I had not been to yet. The only one that was not really far away was called Hidden Lakes Gardens. It was about an hour away, but it was closer than anything else and I really needed to get out of the house and be outside. So, my Aunt came over and we went there. It was SOOOOO kewl. Loved it. We did the indoor conservatory, and walked the gardens on the grounds, including the hosta garden which was really unique. We also did the long drive around the property through the different tree gardens, which was interesting. There were hiking trails too, but we were really hot as it was an annoyingly muggy day and we had already been outside a lot in the gardens. So, we are going to go back sometime and do the trails when its not so high in temp out. I took a ton of pics, and you can see all of them at this link.

Came home and did dinner with Auntie, Kurt and Kory.

On another note, I know I posted about the camera I wanted in the last post. I have since, yet again, changed my mind. For a person who cannot stand indecisiveness, I sure am displaying the attributes of that kind of person right now. Anyway, I was looking up the camera I wanted and found out that a newer model is coming out next month. So, I am going to get that one I think. Click here to see it.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Falling In Love, Part Deux

Speaking of falling in love, I had lunch today with my friends, Jeannie and Stacy.

And I got to meet Jeannie's little girls, Maggie and Audrey...11 month old twins and SO FREAKING perfect and cute. I literally fell in love. I, of course, had my camera, and took tons of pictures, which can be found by clicking here.

We had much at Max and Erma's, then headed to IKEA, since none of us had been there yet. OMG, that place is a freaking MADHOUSE. I think we all felt slightly claustrophobic, and decided that we really needed to come back on a less busy day. An employee told Jean in the restroom that Thursday are not busy, so I am going to try and head over there on a Thursday. We did walk around and get a feel for the place, and I really liked a lot of the stuff there.

All in all, the day was nice. I had not seen Jeannie and Stac in a long time, and it was so awesome to finally meet the babes. They were perfect angels and Jeannie and Jim are very, very lucky to have such awesome daughters in their lives.....I have no idea if I want kids eventually or not, but if I do and they are anything like Maggie and Audrey are, I will truly be blessed. :).

Falling in Love Again

Gotcha. Well, kinda. I am still only in love with my husband.....but, I fell in love with something else today.

A camera.

I have totally been waffling on the purchase of a new camera. I really want a DSLR camera. I have been doing so much with photography the past year or so, that I am realizing what I really want in a camera, and my current camera is lacking somewhat. It takes awesome pictures, but I really hate the "delay" in taking the pictures. For example--I am hiking and see a gorgeous butterfly on a plant. By the time I point my camera and click and take the pic, my subject has moved and I miss the shot. The only way to get rid of that is by upgrading to a DSLR camera, but those are not cheap. I never wanted to spend the money before because my current camera is "fine", but I am to the point now that I need more.

So.....for some time now, I have been looking online at reviews and information, and have been talking to my friend, Stacy, about what she likes as she has a DSLR and has had it for some time, and did a ton of research before buying. But, what I really needed to do as well was get to a camera store. It's really important for me that the camera "feels" right in my hands, and I did not want to buy something blindly on the net without testing it out.

So, my Aunt and I went to a camera store in Canton today. The place was really nice and they had a LOT of DSLRs. I wanted to look at Canons (which are raved about online a lot) and Nikons (which are also raved about and is what Stacy has). I got to hold both of them, and ask a bunch of questions. I really liked both cameras, but I think I like the feel of the Canon better. It is slightly smaller and easier to handle, plus the lady there said the Canon is more user friendly than the Nikon, and is more entry level than the Nikon is. It just felt better while I was taking pics with them. So, I think that is what I have decided I want--now I just need to comparison shop for prices.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

My Days In Court

So, this week, I did a little bit of training for my future career...I followed Kurt around to various court hearings, and watched. It was really interesting for me, but Kurt thinks it's strange that I like to watch so much....LOL. I am sure I will get sick of it too, eventually, but it's something 'different' for me. I am always in the office, doing paperwork, answering phones, etc.

Kellie and Kendra came down to visit us and Kory on Thursday night and we all went out to dinner that night, which was fun. I had a drink called a Vodka Sunburn that was AWESOME. It had Burn energy drink, vodka and OJ and was great. I highly recommend it.

Oh, and I just have to say that partially why I have not been posting as much lately is because I am truly OBSESSED with the Flickr site I previously mentioned. I have been spending my little free time uploading all my pics to it. Great, great site.

Missing in Action

Hi there blogging world! I have been so slammed and have so much to catch up on with reading everyone's blogs, updating my own, etc.


I am at work right now and can't do so, but wanted to let everyone know I am still alive and well and will try and post tonight, although we may have company and I may not be able to leisurely use the net until this weekend.

Couple of quick things though, because I have no desire to tackle the files before me.

First, I got the letter in the mail the other day from the bar telling me I passed the character and fitness portion of the exam! Basically, this is where you have to tell the State Bar everything about you, right down to your bra size.....OK, maybe I am exaggerating, but you basically give them the right to look up anything on you, and if they have questions, you have to come in and answer them. Since I have led such a non-criminal life thus far, I really had nothing to worry about....but, I still worried. It's me and my type A personality. So, one part done! Yay! I have character! Or at least the State Bar thinks I have character. Ha. Others may have a difference of opinion.....

Second, I am slowly transferring all of my photos to this new site my friend, Stacy, recommended. It is called Flickr. She loves photography like I do, so I knew if she was raving, it had to be good. Anyway, here is a link to the sets of photos I have started. Keep in mind, I am nowhere close to loading all my pics on there yet...Now, all the photos are not in sets. So, if you just want to see random stuff I have uploaded, they are shown in chronological order at this link. Also, if you want to sign up for your account, please do so and add me as a contact, so I can see the stuff you upload too! :). Thus far, I love the site. And need to stay off of it during the weekdays....

Well, gotta tackel those legal files........

Will write more whenever I get a second.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Went hiking today at Stoney Pointe in Shelby Township with Lesley, Rebecca and Jen (who I met for the first time today). We all met at Lesley's apartment in Warren and drove over there. The grounds were really nice. We hiked one trail that was about two miles, and the path was really shady and nice, and we saw some birds and wildlife along the way as well.

Afterwards, we went to a late lunch at Applebee's.

So, I am sitting at home, by myself. Kurt and Kory are prob on their way home from the Tigers game and I have actually really liked my night at home alone (well as alone as one can be with three dogs and a kitten). I made myself dinner, put new sheets on the bed, and did some laundry. Watched aimless TV that made me happy (Little House on the Prairie). I swear, that show so reminds me of being a kid....We watched that show ALL the time and loved it.

So, I had a great ALL ABOUT ME day. Which rarely happens. I got my free facial (decided on the mud one) at Somata. Then, I went to the beach house to talk to Kory and Kurt about some cell phone issues. Kurt and Kory advertised in the yellow pages for a car detailing business they are starting. Basically Kurt is funding it, Kory is running it. Splitting the profits, or something like that. Well, the number they used in the ad is my cell phone number. Long story, but it used to be Kurt's, then me and Kurt switched phones, yada yada. So, even though they have not yet technically started said business, I am getting calls every day on my cell phone for it. And it is driving me insane. So, long story short, I went and got a free cell phone today, changed my number over to it, and got a new number for my phone. Sigh. So, I have my third number is like 3 weeks. Anyway, I will email it to everyone on Monday from work. Don't really feel comfortable putting it on here since this is a public blog. Went and got a pedi-mani and the cheapo place I found at the start of summer. Also got my eyebrows waxed. While I was at the mall, I walked around Elder Beerman and found two great sets of sheets for over 80% off! I was so psyched. Yay. And you know how whenever you see sheets on clearance, they are never the size you need? Like EVERY set was king. Gotta love that. so the two sets of sheets together regular price were $400.00 and I only paid $80.00 in total! And both are high sheet count, which is required for Kurt....haha.

Finally, all is quiet in the house. The pugs have been nervous all night--whenever Kurt is not here, they are constantly waiting for him to get here, and any and every noise outside could be "daddy coming home" to them. Currently, Vito and Gretel are laying right on eachother cuddling---so freaking cute.

Early Night

Went to bed early last night, and therefore, did not have time to post.

Had a really busy day at the office....We were going to try and leave early, but ended up leaving right around 510 (which actually is kinda early for us, but we were hoping more like 330 early). Staying late made us another new client though, so I suppose it was worth it.....

We had plans to do dinner with my Aunt and Grama, but Kurt was not feeling well (tired, stressed and a headache) and Kory had plans I did not know about with Britton, so I went myself. Dinner was in Belleville at this cute place called the Bayou Grille and Bar. I loved it. I had crawfish etoufee which was AWESOME. The service was great, but when they started playing music at the end, it was kinda annoying because I could not carry on a conversation. Live music though, Kurt would have loved it.

I finally made some appointments at Somata. I have free services coming from there from some legal work Kurt previously did for an owner. It's a place you have to make advance appointments at, so I never remember to. Anyway, made a facial appointment for today and a massage for next month. Yay for free spa treatments!

For those of you who have asked, as I put in my sidebar, we may be selling the Spyder. I have not made a final decision yet, but, we rarely drive the car, and it can only be driven in the really warm summer months, so it just seems like our money would be better spent elsewhere. Kurt is the one that brought up selling it, because when he does drive it, he has so much fun, and I don't want him to give up something he loves. But, he wants to, I think, so I need to find out what we still owe and what we will sell it for. We will most likely make money off of it, so that will be kewl.

Kurt, Kory and Britton are over at the beeach house today working on it. I may go over there later to take some new pics and post here.

Gotta go shower.......

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Jon Benet News

I am withholding judgment until the DNA test results are back. I agree this guy is screwed up, yea, and he "looks" like a child molestor (as if I actually know what one looks like). But, I am really questioning now if the guy is making this up.....The news coverage on this case is incredible. Kurt is just loving it, since he has been following the case since 1996.

Ugh. Work has been crazy lately. We have been beyond slammed, and I hate to complain about it because so many other offices are not busy because of Michigan's economy, but I am tired. We have worked every night this week until almost 7 p.m. It just wears on you after a while. I can't wait until this weekend. Hiking will relax me....I think will go get a pedi on Saturday....maybe a massage too. I need something to chill out. I might go to the outlet mall in Monroe and walk around too...Aimlessly shopping relaxes me, even if I don't buy anything.

I posted about this in my sidebar, but wanted to post here too. Kurt is leaving his IRS job. He is actually glad about it. They are slowly eliminated people with his job (estate tax attys), so really, he would be gone in about a year anyway. So, he put in his notice that his last day is December 1. He is also being given a buyout, so that is awesome. We are going to take it and buy our December trip and use the rest to pay down a car loan, or our mortgage, or whatever. It's nice, because it's money we were not expecting. I called our travel agent today, and she is researching where we are going in December. I can't wait to go.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Dreaming of Italy...or Anywhere.

I can tell Kurt and I have gone a while without a vacay....We spent our lunch break today talking about where we want to go on our next vacay.....I really want to go someplace where I can be outside, hike, photography, relax......So, we were talking about Costa Rica, Spain, Brazil, Italy....and so on. Last December, we went to Hawaii and it was literally the best vacation I have ever been on. I want to the next one to top that.

One prob, we are major procrastinators with getting our passports. It's so annoying. You have to go have your pics taken for it, and then go to the passport and present a million forms of documentation. Which takes time, that we normally don't have during the week. I am going to make time though because I am sick of not having them. Pretty soon, we might need it just to go to Canada, so I really need to get them.

Lesley texted me today to let me know we have a following...hehe. we have been hiking together twice now. It relaxes me and I love doing photography in the different places I go. Anyway, this Sunday, we are going again and a bunch of peeps might be joining us! Lauren and Rebecca want to go, Jen's sista might come, Kim might join us....Yay! I love seeing everyone and really love that it will involve one of my fav activities.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Morning People

Everyone who truly knows me knows this. I am not a morning person. Several rules apply here.

1. I need caffeine in the morning. If I do not have caffeine, my entire day is shot, and I will get a headache mid afternoon. You can yell at me if you want for having an addiction, but hey, I say being addicted to caffeine is much better than being addicted to drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Right?

2. I need a shower in the morning. Every morning. If I don't take a shower in the morning, I am literally exhausted the entire day. I dont know why this is.

3. I am lucky to have a husband who is not a morning person either. He may be even less of a morning person than I am.

4. Conversations in the morning are not allowed. Or at least in depth ones that require thinking----

5. At least until I have had a shower, caffeine and a chance to check the news and my email online.

6. If I snap at you and you have violated one of the above rules, please understanding my snappiness means NOTHING. I just can't handle people before like 9:30 a.m.

I have tried to become a morning person. Over the years, I have started getting up slightly earlier, and dont sleep in on the weekends any more than around 1030 a.m., and that would be pretty late. But, I will never, ever be a true morning person.

I hate alarm clocks going off.

I truly love rolling over in bed, cuddling with my kitten and my husband in my down comforter and fleece blanket and 1000 count sheets.......

I don't know how anyone could be HAPPY to get up and start a day filled with work (which is what most of my week days are).

My one secretary is a morning person. I think maybe one has kids, they kinda turn into one by force. She gets up at a really early hour, has coffee, does crosswords...then comes into the office so happy and chipper. I don't know how she does it. :).

Monday, August 14, 2006

Monday, Monday

Mondays are horrible. Almost every single one of them. And I am not kidding.

I spent most of the day on the phone with people who just don't get it.

I also have this fear of talking on here about work, like my clients are somehow stalking me online and will have a breakdown if they see I am posting about hypothetical situations which are similar to theirs...I obviously would NEVER use names, but still.

Got home and ran up to Lowe's with Kory for his last round of supplies for the house. He is basically doing the finishing touches and cleaning. We will most likely totally list it on Monday.

I also would like to say, to the dating world of men (which thankfully I am no longer part of), the following: "If you are dating a girl and are no longer interested, or don't want a relationship with her, JUST TELL HER." Girls tend to sit around and overanalyze everything, so giving her a heads up in advance would truthfully really help the situation." So, just DO IT.
Gretel is going through her horrendous toddler years. She will not listen to a word anyone says and does whatever she wants. I can't wait for her to pass this stage.....

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hiking Today

Lesley and I met today in Belleville at the Lower Huron Metro Park for some relaxing hiking. It was great. The trails were not very long, but it was awesome to just walk in the woods, where it was so much more cool, and talk to Lesley. Talking to her really makes me relax and forget about the stress going on in my life right now....

Did that, then came home and did a couple things around the house. Wonderful day!

Kurt's Dad left this morning and his brother left tonight, because....drumroll please.....the beach house is pretty much done. Kory has some minor cleanup and yardwork to do, and then we will be ready to sell. I can't freaking wait. I am really crossing our fingers that it sells for what our realtor is anticipating. I think we are also going to put the rental house up for sale. Dealing with renters made me learn that I just dont want to deal with renters. Its annoying, and I dont have the time.

The Grad Party

My cousin Thomas graduated from high school in June. His party was held on Saturday. There was a ton of family there. Here are some of the Whiting women, and men. I was really glad, because I got to see my Mom and stepDad, my Grama and Grampa, my sister, other relatives. The party was fun and they had a ton of stuff to do--their inground pool, basketball, volleyball, trampoline, drinks, etc.

Also got to hang out with Carolyn, my adorable cousin, who always cracks me up. See pic above.

Kurt could not go to the party with me because they were all still working on the beach house all weekend.

Anyway, it was a nice day. My Mom and Ronnie hadd to go back up north right away for an event today in Manistee....I wish they could have spent the night! :).

Past Hike

I have been kinda busy and have not had time to post about everything I have been doing.....

Two Sundays ago, I went hiking at the Toledo Botanical Gardens in Toledo, Ohio. I went there myself because my hiking buddies all had other plans (Lesley and Rebecca were going to the movies and my Aunt was on call for work). It wsa gorgeous. It far exceeded the U of M Botanical Gardens I went to, and I did not even have time to do the whole grounds. I walked the gardens for a really long, but since it was SOO hot that day, I did not do the hiking trails yet. I need to go back.

I followed this little squirrel around for a bit in one area of a hosta garden. The squirrel just sat there and posed for pics for me. He was super cute. His pic is above.
It was pretty kewl too, that Sunday was "art" day, and the grounds had easels set up throughout that parents and their kids could sit at and draw, while looking over the grounds. Very kewl.

Took a ton of pics, which are located on my photo album site. Click here to see them all.

Friday, August 11, 2006

This One's for You, Rachel and Rebecca!

Ha. Ok, not really girls, but I felt obligated since you guys put me in blog titles on your sites, LOL.

Had a great night. I have been trying to stay away from my house since it is so stressful for me being here. I was talking to a friend two days ago online (Jeannie, thanks), who was giving me an example of a situation where she also feels "defeated" and it was nice to get another perspective on the issue and to know that others out there aproach the situation the same way I do and there is just not much I can do about it. It's almost over, I can do this. :). Positive thinking, hun Rebecca?

Tonight, I met up with my friend, Tammy, at the Applebee's in Woodhaven. She brought three of her friends whom I have never met with her. It was a lot of fun and her friends were so kewl. Afterwards, we went to Home Goods which just opened a couple months back, and I went to Target myself after that to roam around, since I rarely get the chance to do that. Picked up four nice towels on sale, three really cheap t-shirts, some hair product, and some kitty stuff. After that, stopped at Kroger's to pick up some kitty food, litter, pop, chips, etc. Got home and played with the pugs, surfed the net. Kory and Kurt got home from the lions game about a half hour later. We won! The Lions are undefeated! ha.

Thursday night was fun too. I went to Ferndale to Sinbad's to have my hair highlighted and cut by Marnie. I got about an inch and a half cut off, and she did more layers in the front. Kurt thinks i look the exact same. LOL. Afterr that, had dinner at Little Tree with Rebecca, Julia and Lauren. Had miso soup with thai food. I mix my nationalities with food, what can I say? Great to see everyone.....I miss seeing Julia on a daily basis. I really hope someday she can live closer to me......

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Is Anyone Out There Always Right?

I am about at the end of my rope. I am exhausted, and just can't wait until my life is back to normal......

We bought a house nearby to renovate. Which is great. It is almost done (after less than three weeks of fixing it up).

Someone, who shall remain nameless, has been staying at our house helping fix it up. Said person, according to whatever religion they follow, is ALWAYS right. Never wrong. No folks, I am not kidding. If you tell this guy the sky is blue, he will respond with "well, maybe NOW the sky is blue, but in ancient times, the sky was yellow, and therefore, you are wrong." If he is wrong at any point and it is very obvious (for example, at dinner the other night when he stated that grits were made of wheat and the lady at the next table over started laughing and corrected him with the statement "grits are made out of ground corn"), he will state "I knew that, I was just trying to get a laugh, or see if you guys knew I misspoke..." It's horrendous.

It is not too bothersome at first, but when you have to deal with this behavior for days upon days upon days, it gets old. It's like I cannot have an opinion or even say anything, without being corrected, told I am wrong, whatever.

This person also will not let anyone finish a freaking sentence. If you try and complete a sentence, he MUST interject and add something, or tell you that you are wrong or completely turn the attention onto himself. It is exhausting.

Thus, I have turned into a quiet, submissive person. I simply don't say anything, because it's too painful for me to deal with the response.

I am sorry that I ever said that "Kurt is always right." Because I have now met the true person who is always right. He is sitting right next to me right now, in fact.

Another annoying thing is that this person tells exaggerated stories, and then insists they are 100% true. EVERY story is exaggerated. I have even heard some of the stories several times, and each time, they are more exaggerated.

Said person has experienced everything, knows everything, is the hardest working, has seen everything.......... (or thinks so anyway).

I have kept my mouth shut regarding everything with this house renovation because it's easier than arguing with him. But, the one thing I wanted to do was pick out the carpet and go order it, because the guy that owns the carpet store really likes me. Plus, I was terrified said person would pick out some kind of luxury carpet and raise our expenses. So, I get a call at work today, from person, asking me where the carpet store is. He was on his way there. I told him I wanted to pick it out, I knew the guy, etc. besides that, I dont want carpet to go in until the house is DONE. he has been saying its almost done for about a week and a half. why would we work over new carpet? Common sense, but hey, I don't know anything, so who am I to say? I just said whatever and hung up the phone. I was so annoyed I was almost in tears at my office. It's like the guy will do ANYTHING to get his way. He figured, if he just went there, I would not get to do it; he was right. Kurt and I went over there anyway, and as i said, the guy lowered the price from what person had gotten, as soon as I started talking to him about it. Go figure.

I cannot wait to have my life back. I can't wait to be allowed to have a fucking opinion again. I can't wait to be able to finish a sentence. I can't wait to have the people I hang out with to be living in reality.

Ahhhh. Just had to vent. Thanks for listening. It is so hard to put what I am experiencing in writing because you really have to experience to get it.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006

Finally Friday

I was so happy to be done with the work day tonight. Weekends are what I look forward to each week. Yay.

The carpet people finally came to the beach house today to measure. I have been calling there since LAST Friday. Finally, I resorted to using the personal cell phone of the owner that I happened to have and of course, someone was over immediately.......I need to go either this weekend or on Monday to pick out the color and style, etc. We want it installed on Tuesday.

I made an appointment to get my hair done next week. I am going to Marnie again, Rebecca's stylist. She did an awesome job and she is much easier to get in to then my other stylist, Roman, whom I also love....but, with my schedule I need someone who can work with my schedule too. If you try and get in with Roman, you seriously need to call a month in advance and I just can't do that. I never know my schedule that far in advance.

Also made an appointment with Kelli to get another massage tomororw. I am hoping after this time I will be done going for a while. I do feel much less stressed with the bar exam behind me....

After my massage, I am going to come home and grab my camera, assuming the weather is good, and go out taking pics...Rebecca was telling me today that I have not been posting very many pics lately and she is SO right. I need to do more.

I can't wait until this beach house is renovated so I can plan our Vegas trip. I reallly, really need a vacay. Really. Did I say really yet?

Please meet Simon.

Simon is the tree that Rebecca sent me. She was given Simon, and she wanted to save Simon from a life in the cramped suburbs. I named the tree Simon after Rebecca's adorable yellow lab, Simon. I am really babying Simon and once Simon gets biggre, Kurt and Kory will transplant him to our yard someplace. He is growing very quickly.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Ice Cream Misconceptions

I was driving back from a lunch today with Kim and Dolly (more on that later) and I drove up on the side of an ice cream truck. I don't know why, but EVERY time I see an ice cream truck--in a neighborhood, on the highway, anywhere--I immediately, and I mean right away, think that the guy driving the truck is most likely a child molester. I have no idea why I think that. There is no logical reason for it whatsosever. We did not have an ice cream truck in my neighborhood growing up, so I suppose some of the things that give me this idea come from the news and the like.

Anyway. I am weird. I looked into the truck as I drove up on the side of it and the guy freaking WINKED at me. I sped off very quickly in my Jeep, thank you very much. Ugh.

So, lunch today was fun. I met up with Kim and Dolly at the Zoup (I heart Zoup so much) in Dearborn. We gossiped and I loved it. Yay. Sometimes you just need a lunch away with friends to just talk about nothing. Kurt was at a meeting all day in Dayton so I had to have a girls' lunch.

Tonight, I went to a networking meeting. Our friend, Gary, who is a mortgage broker, started the group and asked us to join. Normally, this is not our kind of thing, but Gary is a really good friend and we figured, at the least, we would see Gary twice a month. Well, surprisingly, I kinda like the group. I am meeting some new people, professionals in the area who have their own business, and getting some referrals out of it, which is kewl.

One funny thing. The Bar Exam. This was literally the most difficult thing I have had to go through in my entire life. I don't even talk about it though, because I am so sick of the freaking comments. I posted the other day how Kurt's brother was insisting the pilot's exam is harder--(which he has never even taken, LOL). Tonight, a guy at the meeting was telling me how the master chef test is harder "because it is longer than the bar exam". Another person who had not yet taken the test, or the bar exam, but can confidently state which one is harder. Then, when I got home, Kurt's brother proceeded to tell me that the freaking real estate exam is equally difficult to the bar exam. OK, really stupid comparison. The real estate course is a 40 hour course, then you take a test. How could you logically even compare the two? Three years of intensive school, three months of studying and a 12 hour test is equal to one week of class and a short exam? And of course, nothing I could say would change his mind...."his girlfriend took both and said they were equally hard..." Sigh. I give up.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006


I heart my new cell phone. As I previously posted, in December 2005, we bought a Treo 650 because my husband "needed" the Internet at all times. He had gone to Wisconsin over Thankgiving to visit his father and brother, and none of them, GOD FORBID, had internet at their homes. They also did not GOD FORBID have the Dish Network Baseball Package or even satellite TV! Imagine! Someone in the world not having all the latest technology? Whatever are they thinking? Ha.

Anyway, at that time, the phone was supposed to be mostly mine and Kurt would use it when he needed to check a score of a game, etc. Well, as I am sure you can guess, this did not last long. My pretty new phone turned into Kurt's phone, and I rarely got to use it. In the meantime, I became addicted (thanks Rebecca) to text messaging and I liked the Treo as well because it was ultra convenient for texting over our other cheap Nokia phone.

Thus, Saturday, my first free day from studying, I went to the Cingular store in Monroe and purchased myself a nice phone. My Mom says I deserve it, so I am not going to feel guilty about such a purchase. I am in love with this phone. It is literally the best phone for texting--ever. Plus, it has internet access and email access and is a fully functional PDA. I bought the Cingular 8125. Yay yay yay. It truly makes me so happy and I think it is much better than the Treo. I am not even going to let Kurt touch it because he will try and make me take the Treo so he can steal it.......

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


I am at a loss.

How does an adult explain things to a teenager? I remember being a teenager and thinking adults knew nothing, did not understand me, that their comparable situations were nothing like what I was going through, that I was "really" in love.....

I truly don't get how teenagers can think that cheating is ever acceptable. Or that being treated like complete shit by their significant other is something that can just be overlooked. How teenagers think that someone has "changed" or "learned their lesson" literally overnnight. I really don't know why this surprises me at all though because I see it every day at office, ADULTS thinking that cheating is acceptable, continually going back to the person....

Someone who I absolutely love is part of a relationship now, and I am terrified it is going to be a pattern. I see it so much at my office, and in life in general. This person has a boyfriend who basically lied to her, stopped talking to her, etc. in order to sleep around for a week and be "free". I totally predicted what would happen next. This person was devastated because she lost her boyfriend and the person she loved. But, she seemed to realize that his treatment was not acceptable behavior. Then, as soon as the other girl left town again, Mr. Playa played his game and won back the girl. It took all of, umm, like a few days?

Must be nice to have the luxury to play on the side at your discretion, and then have your girlfriendd back when you are done screwing around.

But, there is nothing I can do. I can only offer my advice and support and leave it like that. If someone thinks that this is forgiveable behavior, what can I really do, right? It's not my life, it's not my decision, it's not my relationship. I just wish I could offer some guidance, but I can't make someone's self esteem higher, I can't fix problems that are more deeply rooted than I can figure out. It is exasperating.

It just makes me extremely sad. If you are allowing people to treat you like this at such a young time in your life, you have SUCH a chance of this continuing into your future relationships. And this person is an awesome girl. She simply deserves only the best and I DON'T GET how she would settle for this. Truly. She is gorgeous, intelligent and funny..........Why settle for a cheater when you could have more?

I guess it's one of life's mysteries.....If anyone on here has ideas, please let me know. I would do anything to break this horrendous pattern.

It's funny how as you get older, you see that your parents and elders were right......I don't like to admit it, but I have been more and more lately. I constantly tell my Mom she was right, and thank her for being there for me and being so strict....I thought I knew sooo much as a teenager and was SOOO mature, and yea, I was a smart kid.

Moral of the story: You never know everything. Put yourself in someone else's shoes. Try and look at things from all perspectives......Respect yourself and never accept anything but the best.....