Sunday, January 30, 2011

Happy In Court



Kurt and I went to Umar's status conference this week. Being in a court room, not being the "attorney" for one of the parties, is weird in itself. Sitting in the back watching the proceedings is odd to me. Kurt and I got there early and sat in the hallway until the doors opened. Once the doors opened, we went in and took a seat. From what I could tell, the only other people there besides us were the media, attorneys for the other side, and I believe, some CIA agents. Kurt was asked by a reporter who he was with (I think they thought we were reporters) and he told her that we were passengers, which sparked her interest. She was from The Free Press and talked to us a lot before the hearing, during it, and in the hall afterwards. nothing we said to her was reported in the Free Press, which did not surprise us since mainstream media seems to steer clear of reporting our story. I don't blame the reporters though, I think they are truly interested, but when they give the story to their higherups, the stories are shot down because we are speaking out against the government, who helps fund them/controls them.........Anyway, we walked outside and it was kinda crazy. Cameras flashing, video cameras everywhere. We talked to a bunch of TV stations, and Fox News was the only one to actually report having talked to us. I imagine Fox is able to report as they are a republican based station, and since we are speaking out against the government and the current administration is democrat, this makes it OK for Fox to show this stuff, and they are probably encouraged to do so. Fox also contacted us the next day asking to come to the office, and filmed us for an hour talking about our different ideas and theories. This was aired as well, two days in a row, however, I cannot find this video online anywhere for some reason. Was Fox told not to air it online by someone? Hmmmm.

Anyway, back to the hearing. When Umar came out, it was really eerie. He was wearing a white t-shirt, just like the last time I saw him. Seeing him was really odd. I almost felt like I was taken back to that day, all the memories of how horrible I felt for months came rushing back to me. I think Kurt felt the same, as I looked at him and said "this is creepy" and he agreed. One result of the PTSD was nightmares and flashbacks to the event, and that night, I had a nightmare and a flashback again. Luckily, it was just the one night though and has not happened since.

We had drinks after work with a friend this week who knew nothing about all of this, and when telling her about the flight, I almost started crying, especially when I saw my telling the story was making Kurt slightly upset. It's so strange to me that what I went through still affects me so much. I remember Kurt sitting back down in his seat, after walking up the aisle saying "we are going to die" and how all I could think about was how upset my Mom would be and how I thought I was living in some bad horror movie.

Had dinner with my friend Nancy this week at Roman Village, half off pasta on Tuesdays! Super good meal not following The Daily Plate! LOL. The bread there is incredible, service is exceptional. Wish it was closer to the office. Also had dinner on Saturday for Grama's bday at an Italian place in Plymouth. Food was below average, but the tiramisu was to die for. Even with the bad meals this week, I still am down another 1 pound, so I have now lost 41.8! I am expecting things to slow down at this point though, so I am happy with that! I worked out extra that night because I felt guilty about the dessert, haha.

Went to a different Kroger's today grocery shopping, and loved the fresh sushi! Kurt tried it tonight for dinner and said it was good! Grocery store sushi, how awesome! This Kroger's also had a much better fresh fish selection than the one I normally go to by the house, so I may be heading there more often.

Anyway, hope everyone had a nice week. Not looking forward to the forecasted snow later in the week, but am looking forward to Kurt turning 40! I will, of course, be harassing him endlessly............

USA Guilty: Underwear Bomber NOT Guilty Haskell Explains

Underwear Bomber Poll

by Kurt Haskell

It seems to me that the U.S. Government is in a difficult position right now. After all, the Underwear Bomber Trial is set for October 4, 2011. This trial could expose the entire false flag plot. I can't see that happening. My question is this, what will happen between now and October 4 that will cause the truth to be suppressed?

a. A plea deal is reached

b. Umar dies mysteriously in prison

c. Umar represents himself and puts on an incompetent defense

d. A bigger event occurs that takes the focus off of the trial

e. A legitimate trial will occur and the false flag plot will be exposed

f. Other (Explain)

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Seven Things

I've been awarded the Stylish Blogger Award by Nancy at!

Rules of the award are as follows:

1. Make this post and link back to the person who gave the award to me.

2. Share 7 things about myself.

3. Award 5 great bloggers.

4. Contact the bloggers to tell them they’ve won!

So, 7 things about me, will try to make them things you may not know yet, although some of you know me so well this may not be possible........

1. I just recently found out what my exact heritage is. I am 50% German, 25% Polish, 12.5% French Canadian, and 12.5% English. I have no idea why I have never known this before. I always knew the German and Polish (HELLO, I have the most complicated maiden name ever), but I did not know the English and French Canadian. Maybe it was the French in me that stupidly made me take French in high school instead of Spanish. I so wish I could go back in time and take Spanish instead of struggling with it now.....

2. I had totally gotten over the post-traumatic stress stuff from Flight 253. We went to a hearing last week for umar, and I had a nightmare that night with flashbacks to the fire on the plane. No more yet, but I am hoping I did not trigger something by seeing Umar again.

3. On that note, we were telling the entire story to a friend of mine last night who did not know we were on the flight. When I was talking about seeing the fire on the plane, the thoughts that went through my head, I almost started crying it upset me so much. I did not realize it all still affected me so much.

4. I am really proud of myself for being a great attorney and being respected by others in the legal field, without having to do the "behind the scenes" stuff that so many lawyers do. I don't hold judge fundraisers, I don't suck up, I don't ask the Judges to lunch. I do my job, I am nice to people, and it gets me the same results as those that try and work the system.

5. I feel like I was put on this Earth to do something in relation to helping animals. I actually like most animals better than most people. I don't know exactly what my purpose in life is yet, but I know it's not divorcing people. Once I retire from this job, I hope to pursue whatever it is I was put on this Earth to do.

6. I am not running for school board again. I feel like I am not making the difference that I used to anymore and I feel like I need to move on. I plan on volunteering at the high school instead, perhaps speaking to kids/classes or mentoring or something of that nature. I want to feel that I am directly helping kids more, vs attending meetings and voting.

7. Unless I know the person personally, I will never vote for either of the two major parties ever again. Which is odd, after a lifetime of voting straight democratic.

OK, so now the tagging. Here goes! Let me know if you post.

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2. Natalie at Texas Cowleys
3. Emily at Law For a Living
4. Alex at Dirt. Juice. Details
5. Joanna at just A peek.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Thoughts on Umar's Hearing This Week and a Look Ahead to the October 4th Trial

by Kurt Haskell:

Lori and I attended Umar's status conference this week. The proceedings were extremely interesting to me. First of all, Umar walked into the courtroom in a white t-shirt. He turned and stood about 20 feet in front of me. I kind of had a deja vu moment as when I saw him in Amsterdam, he stood about 10 feet in front of me with a white t-shirt on. I finally got to hear Umar speak. I've never heard him speak until this hearing. His English seemed pretty good, although he had a fairly heavy accent. He did have a Nigerian translator present and he did consult with him a few times. Most of the hearing was spent in a back and forth discussion between Judge Edmunds and Umar. The discussion centered around the need for Umar to accept standby attorney Chambers as his regular attorney. Umar refused over and over again. Everyone in the court room seemed to just want to stand up and say "LET HIM BE YOUR ATTORNEY!". Judge Edmunds finally gave up. Another part of the hearing discussed the fact that Chambers is not Umar's attorney right now, and therefore, Umar and Chambers don't have the attorney client privilege. Thus, anything Umar tells or shows Chambers can be found out by third parties. The U.S. Attorneys seemed particularly troubled with the fact that some of the information they turned over to Umar, could be obtained by third parties and used in a civil case. I wonder why? The hearing then proceeded with a discussion of if and how the evidence held by Umar's previously fired attorney (given to her by the prosecution) would be turned over to Chambers. The result was that it would only be turned over to Umar at Milan Prison and Umar could show Chambers only what he wants to. Note that Chambers, during this discussion, indicated that Milan prison had not been providing faxes or messages of his to Umar or being helpful in scheduling appointments. He went on to state that it was his belief that Milan prison was doing this intentionally, and he suspected that it had received a call from "higher up" to do this. Note that I had a similar experience with Milan prison last year. The hearing concluded with Judge Edmunds setting a trial date. She first suggested June 23, but Chambers wasn't available. She then suggested September 10, but Chambers again wasn't available. She then suggested October 4 and noted that she wouldn't likely reschedule that date. When she set that date, Umar stated that he needed more time than that to read up on how to do the trial. He then asked for a trial date in 2012. Judge Edmunds immediately refused. I was shocked at how adamant Umar was that he was going to represent himself. I now strongly believe that this matter will proceed to trial. What I am concerned about is that Umar will likely represent himself at the trial. If he does so, he may not know how to get the important evidence admitted into the record. If I am correct and Umar does not use Chambers in the trial, I fear that the facts will never be known. I was very impressed with Chambers and Judge Edmunds. I did not get the impression that either is biased towards the prosecution and the "official" story. I talked to Chambers for a few minutes after the hearing and we will be having a conference soon. It was strangely odd that no other passengers were present. This fact put Lori and I back in the crosshairs of the media crunch. We talked to at least 7 reporters, but only Fox 2 Detroit reported the interview. What is also strange is that nearly all of the passengers seem to have disappeared. I no longer have a valid email address or phone number for any other passenger. I am not sure what to make of this.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Kids can really be pretty inspiring and amazing.

I had a board meeting tonight, where three high school seniors spoke about a program that they started at the school this year, to educate other students about bullying and what can happen if you do so (i.e. suicide, depression, etc.) They talked about taking a stand, and not caring what others think, and doing the right thing no matter what, and helping others.

Their message meant a lot--we just dealt with 4 kids last week being suspended long term because of bullying on their sports team, so it's an issue high on our list of importance.

It's also something that really strikes close to my heart........Just two weeks ago, I posted a quote by Albert Einstein on my facebook, as follows: "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing". Someone sent this quote to Kurt and I, thanking us for our efforts in standing up against the US government, the body scanners, etc.

I spoke at the board meeting, when it was time for board comment. I rarely say much at meetings, but these kids were so impressive at the meeting and the parallel between them and adults was so blatant to me. We, as adults, do not set examples for the kids, IMO. I go to court every day and see ADULTS bullying one another, hear attorneys talking in a rude way to one another or judges, and basic bullying in general. I hear about domestic violence, adults hitting kids, so many things and I realize our kids are bullying because they are being taught the behavior and being taught it's acceptable. We as an adult society set SUCH a bad example for our kids. They learn through our example, not by being told what to do.

I am 33 years old. I just learned this lesson, REALLY learned this lesson, after Flight 253. I realized that, even when our opinion is not popular, and not widely accepted by society, that "Right is right, even if everyone is against it, and wrong is wrong, even if everyone is for it."- William Penn. The kids who spoke at my meeting? They get it at age 17, which is just amazing to me. They should be commended, and will do well in life learning such a valuable thing at such a young age.

I just want adults to get that the world is never going to change if we don't ALL change. If we don't all set an example, and try to make this country a better place. If we don't all open our eyes, and realize that there are problems out there with this country, with society........Be an example. Don't sit back and do nothing if there is something you are concerned about. Stand up for what is right. Stick up for someone who is wronged. Don't worry about the consequences or what anyone else thinks about it. If we don't, we are just setting our kids up for a horrible world to live in.

We need to care about what is going on in our government. Most people just don't care and sit back and just accept what is going on around them. Be brave, vote third party. Try to get people into office who will make a difference, and not just do what their party tells them to do. Ask questions. Don't just accept things as they are. Stop allowing our rights to be slowly taken away.

Kudos to the Jefferson kids who already get it. Let's hope the rest of the country gets it soon as well, before this country is run into the ground by the US government, who is taking advantage of all of us being lemmings.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Alana Turns 21!

Had a weekend mostly filled But, did have a great time on Saturday night celebrating Alana's 21st bday! The entire office made it, and the event was held at a bar in Livonia called Slingers. Although not the standard place I would choose to hang out (think around 21 year old crowd, everyone trashed, crowded, LOUD, obnoxious DJ), but since we had a great group there, we had a blast anyway. We were convinced the DJ is normally a DJ in a strip club with the variety of music he played.........Above is a blurry pic my drunk husband took of Holly, Shannon and I (they are two of my co-worker attorneys) Kurt cannot take a clear pic for anything.........

Kurt and I got a ton of work done this weekend, which ROCKS. We started looking at which weekend we want to go out of town for Kurt's 40th, and I think it may be the weekend of President's Day since we know we have no court on that day. This is such a hard time of the year for us to getaway, but we can't do nothing for Kurt's 40th, and he does NOT want a party.

On another positive note, I weighed myself today, after not doing so last Sunday since I was out of town without my trusty scale. And, I am down another 4.2 pounds, bringing my grand total lost to 40.8 pounds, which is insane to me!

Exciting food finds of the past few weeks: World Catch Salmon Burgers from Sam's Club--quick to make and super yummy, low cal. Chocolate chip Special K bars--YUM. I found Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches in BULK at Kroger's. awesome.

I am trying a new hair salon this Friday, recommended by a lawyer friend of mine, Kara. It is located near the office, and while I have never found a place I liked downriver, I am hoping this one is awesome. I am really sick of driving to Royal Oak or Toledo to get my hair done and it would be nice to drive 5 minutes from the office. Finers crossed. :).

anyway, busy court morning, so I am off to bed. Hope everyone had an awesome weekend. :).

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wrestlers from Jefferson High School in Monroe punished by the school board for hazing

Wrestlers from Jefferson High School in Monroe punished by the school board for hazing

You can see me on the right hand of the screen a couple times when they show the school board. What a night.....we were there from 530 PM-115 PM. Horrible to have to spend so much time on something like this, but hopefully, the school can take care of this issue which appears to have been going on for a really long time unknown to anyone by the team....

Friday, January 21, 2011

New Posts


Flew to Tampa last weekend with my Mom. I had a free companion ticket, and could finally use it, so I decided to take my Mom there for her bday! :). We flew out Friday morning and came back Monday night.

Got there and picked up the rental car from Alamo. We rented a compact since all we were really using it for was driving to my grandparents and back, and when we got there, they were out of compacts, so they upgraded us for free to a Nissan Altima in dark grey which we loved. It was way cheaper to rent a car then get a shuttle to my grandparents in Port Richey. Total for rental for the time, $41.00. Drove to Port Richey (after getting lost at the airport for a few minutes). Stopped for a quick lunch and then arrived. Went and watched my grampa play the harmonica in his club, then we all headed back to their place. I decided to run outside, since the weather was in the 60s and being outside is awesome to me since it is currently 5 degrees in MI. Ate dinner and played cards.....Next morning, met my Great-Aunt Louise for breakfast and then went shopping. I got to walk around Dilliard's (love that store and there are none in MI). Found awesome clearance deals, got a suit marked down from $280 to $50 (Tahari) and a dress marked down from $120 to $30. Bought my Grama a winter coat for her bday with my Mom....It's sad they actually get cold in FL. haha. Had dinner out that night and went running again. Third day we did some more shopping and I found some awesome tights on clearance (pink and purple) and a pair of awesome green Converse on clearance. Went running again and had dinner at home and played cards. Learned some new fun card games as well. Day four we woke up to rain, so no running, BOO. Had breakfast, then relaxed at the house. Did some stuff on my Grampa's computer (set him up a facebook account, changed his printer ink, showed him how to do some different things like save bookmarks). Off to the airport, then home! Had an awesome time, and it was so nice to get out of MI weather for a few days.

Work has been crazy busy and exhausting. Had a really late board meeting last night, did not get home until 11:15 PM, which is crazy. Tonight, had a fun dinner out with Rebecca, Kurt, and Kory at Crave in Dearborn. Had a spicy california roll with spicy botan shrimp and rice, and hot and sour soup. aMAZing meal. They had a live musician there too, and he was great! Played a huge variety of music, just him and his guitar.......Have to work all weekend, but hopefully, will get somewhat caught up.

Happy Weekend, everyone!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


by Kurt Haskell

I almost fell out of my chair when I saw this story today. Umar's standby attorney now claims that his bombing attempt was impossible! There is only one explanation why this could be true. HE WAS PLANTED WITH A FAKE BOMB! Please take a look at My Christmas Day 2010 post where I claim that this was in fact what happened:

Furthermore, Attorney Chambers gives us this bombshell quote:

"The file contains expert information which disputes the government’s allegations"

No wonder the prosecution has been attempting to hide evidence from the defense (see below):

This may not mean much to most of you, but to me this is a late Christmas present (no pun intended). After 13 months of hearing the U.S. Government's propaganda, the fog is starting to lift and I will soon be completely vindicated.

I am heading down to Umar's status conference tomorrow afternoon. This will be the first hearing of Umars that I've attended. While there, I will attempt to have a discussion with "Standby" Attorney Chambers concerning the necessity of having myself testify as a witness for the DEFENSE. The U.S. Government, the real terrorist in this matter, will not get away with this as long as I am alive.

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Short Update

Life has been pretty hectic, lots going on, work is busy, social life has a lot going on, kurt working on starting his radio show, me getting rready for a long weekend in Florida with my Mom......

Anyway, had a nice dinner tonight in Canton at my Aunt's house for a late holiday dinner with the family. My Aunt made my favorite salmon patties from Holiday Market, and I basically ate way more calories than I generally do in a day, but I allow myself some cheating on holidays. :). We also exchanged holiday gifts and I think everyone loved what I got them, so yay! Yesterday, I had to shop for the holiday (I never buy gifts until like the day before), and I stopped at Macy's while out because I desperately need clothes that fit me. I have like ONE pair of dress pants for work that fit right for suits, and like one suit that fits me right. So, I looked thru the clearance racks at Macy's and found three cute suits (one a Tahari, I love that brand), another skirt, and a pair of dress pants. Also, bought a pair of jeans since I have zero that fit me. And I needed something to wear this coming up weekend in Florida. LOVE the jeans I bought, they fit perfectly. Great brand that I have never tried on at Macy's before, but really like.

Bought Kurt a book at Border's while I was there buying grama a new dictionary. it is so funny for me to sit and watch Kurt read a book because most of his reading is online or in law books, LOL. He is totally loving this one though. I may read it when he is done, just because he is making it seem to interesting! :).

While working out, have been watching this show called Conviction on Netflix and just read it was not renewed for a second season! boo! Sad that I am watching it 4 years after it actually aired, LOL.

Lots of car issues going on. After it finally totally broke down, we donated my poor little Saturn to Purple Heart this week. RIP little Saturn, it was nice having you for 165,000 plus miles and 10 years, 2 months. Fabulous car with almost no issues. Also, took the jeep in to be fixed (needed a new battery as well as an entirely new heating system). Back and running great. Saab is also in the shop, from my incident prior to leaving for vacay that I dont think I posted about. I was driving down the highway and a tire literally flew off the car in front of me. I could not swerve as cars were on both sides of me, so the tire hit the front of my car, causing the bumper to partially fall off. I drove the car home, then realized I could not drive it anymore until it was fixed. Took it in, and the damage is enough for insurance to be called. So, i called, and the insurance person is going out to the shop on Monday to look at it and write a check. Boo.

My working out and weight loss is still going fabulously. Over vacay, I gained 0.2 of a pound. So, while I was bummed I did not continue losing, I was thrilled I did not really gain either. The following weeks, I continued to lose and I am now up to 36.4 pounds, whoot. I am so happy to be almost to my pre-law school self and to enjoy the ways clothes fall on me again.

There are so many things that need to be done around the house and office, and like zero extra time in my days. My laundry is really backed up (although I did get several loads done this weekend), the pantry light fixture has an issue so until Kurt has time to fix it, i have no light in my pantry, my master bath toilet has a broken part, so again, until Kurt can buy the part, I cannot use that toilet. Need to clean before my Mom comes later this week, need to pack for my long weekend in Tampa. I would like to start researching for flights for our Feb Costa Rica trip, but we need to decide when we are going. Kurt needs to get everything ready for his radio show, which starts later this week. Much more as well, just can't recall everything.....

Anyway, wanted to post a quick update, since I know this week is going to be super busy. I am still working on Thailand pics and a report, and will do that when i have time.

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Monday, January 03, 2011

2010 Netflix List

What I watched in 2010 via Netflix (every year I post this)

Sex and the City 2

Conviction: The Complete Series: Disc 1-2

Rock of Love: Season 1: Disc 1-2


The Real Housewives of O.C.:Ssn 1:Disc 1-2

The Secret Life of...: Vol. 4: Disc 1-3

I Love You, Man

Happy Endings

Housewives of New Jersey: Season 1: Disc 1-2

Dance with Me


90210: Season 2: Disc 1-5

The Invention of Lying

Every Little Step

Popular: Season 2: Disc 1-6

Step Up 2 the Streets

When in Rome

21 Jump Street: Season 4: Disc 5

My Sister's Keeper

Bring It On: Fight to the Finish

The Hills: Season 5: Part 2: Disc 2

The Hills: Season 5: Part 2: Disc 1

Weeds: Season 5: Disc 1-3

Popular: Season 1: Disc 1-6

The Secret Life of...: Vol. 3: Disc 1-3

Couples Retreat

The Secret Life of...: Vol. 2: Disc 1-3

Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones

The Nanny Diaries

The Secret Life of...: Vol. 1: Disc 1-3

Bring It On: In It to Win It


Karen Voight: Burn & Firm Circuit Training

Post Grad

Glee: Season 1: Disc 1-4

The L Word: Season 6: Disc 1-3

Very Young Girls

Big Love: Season 3: Disc 1-4

90210: Season 1: Disc 5-6

Weeds: Season 4: Disc 2-3

Camp Out

Any suggestions for future TV show viewing? What were your fav things you watched this year? :).

Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Blog Name

New Year, New Blog Name!

When I started this blog, many years ago, it was started as my own personal space to fill my friends and family in on what is going on in my and Kurt's life.

At that point in my life, I was a pretty hardcore liberal democrat and was really into politics, and so, "lori's liberal realm" was born. Really, I just liked the way the blog name flowed when I said it.....;).

Things have changed, and thus, the blog name is changing.

I notice comments sometimes that talk about the fact that my blog name contains 'liberal', and thus I must be a democrat and must support all views of the democrats--not so.

Since Flight 253, this blog has changed quite a bit......Kurt now posts on here quite often, and I no longer affiliate myself with any political party, in fact, my opinion now is that we should all support third parties, as I think both the Dems and Repubs are corrupt. i no longer feel that the old blog name fits the purpose of this blog, and so I just randomly chose a new one.

Welcome to "Adventures with Kurt and Lori". Our lives--which always seem to have something crazy, interesting, fun or annoying going on--will continue to be chronicled on this site.

Happy New Year!