Monday, July 30, 2007

Where to Start

It seems all my posts start out this way lately..............I seriously don't have enough hours in the day with working, working around the house, working out, having a social life....AHHH. And people think I should add a KID into this mix? Are you freaking nutty? LOL.

So, the past week has been busy. This weekend was fun and eventful. Saturday, Kurt and I worked on the house all day and got a LOT done. I actually feel like our house is kinda starting to come together. We have a wetbar in our living room that the previous owner never finished all the way. Kory built and hung shelves last week, and I moved all my glasses and such to the shelves. After doing so, I got this idea that we should tile in between the shelves and the sink/counter of the wetbar. So, Kurt and I went and I picked out this really kewl Venetian textured marble tile and we put all that up first thing Saturday. It looks awesome. Beyond gorgeous. It totally makes the entire area of the living room. Rebecca's sister bought me flowers (so freaking nice of her and unnecessary) and I pulled a vase out of my china cabinet and set it on the wetbar with the flowers and it looks amazing. I need to buy fresh flowers more often. Then we went back to Lowe's and bought a bunch more odds and ends. We are slowly changing all the light switches and plugs in the house over to chrome, so I did a bunch more of those this weekend in various rooms. I love the difference making those chrome makes in a room. Kurt also started tiling the laundry room floor, which is the last room in our house to get flooring. I picked out this really kewl terra like color for in there, and it is coming along nicely. He has to do that project in sessions, as he has to move the washer and dryer and can't do so until another part of the floor dries. We also bought new glass light covers for the two downstairs guest bathrooms. The guy before us who owned the place had these really ugly floral looking things up there, and those had to go. Yay. I can't even remember what else we did that day. Went to dinner at Pete's and then I headed to Sterling State Park up the road because some friends of mine were camping and they wanted me to come hang out, which I did. We sat around the fire gossiping (only girls there, yay) and made Smores which were super yummy.

Sunday, another day of Lowe's and working around the house. We bought spindles and posts for the upstairs staircase. Bought a door for Kurt's bathroom closet. Bought more tile for the laundry room baseboard area. Bought more switch covers. We pretty much bought Lowe's out, LOL. Kurt sent me to another Lowe's afterwards to see if we could get the rest of the stuff that we bought the first Lowe's out of. Bought a new light/fan for the guest bath. Kory put that up today and it looks AMAZING and the fan is much quieter than the old one. Also bought a new toilet paper holder and towel holder for both guest baths. Kory put those up today as well in the one bath. Bought new shower rings for Kurt's bathroom, and washed his shower curtain, put up a new liner. Kory built shelves for Kurt's bathroom closet as well as the hall closet upstairs. I keep buying really kewl hardware for all the closet doors as well, so it is all unique. I hate anything common. :).

The rest of last week was basically filled with work and a board meeting on Tuesday. I was so annoyed getting to that meeting. It was at 530, and I left the office with plenty of time. Until I hit an accident. And sat. And sat. Ugh. Finally got there, WAY late, which I felt awful about, but, what can you do.....

Anyway, off to bed, I will post more later. Too tired to think about any more details.......Took some pics this weekend that I post later as well.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Monday, Monday.....

Weekend was great. Saturday morning, slept in and Rebecca came over at 11:03 a.m. HA. Had to post that because Kory was saying that she is never on time, and I was agreeing (although I could care less if she is late, we were simply harassing her) and she walked in at 11:03 a.m. She was supposed to be over at 11, so it was funny when she was 3 minutes late. OK, maybe you had to be there. We were literally talking about her being late as she walked in, LOL. Then she proceeded to try and claim she is NEVER late and always on time, which cracked us up even more. To be fair, Rebecca is very timely. But, when she is coming to our house, we usually have nothing specific planned, so time is NOT of the essence. Harassing Rebecca is so fun. Anyway, she got there, and we decided to go have breakfast/lunch at Newport Cafe, which is my new fav little local spot. I had blueberry pancakes again, and they were awesome, AGAIN. Everyone else had different sandwiches and stuff like that. Awesome place. Then Rebecca and I headed to the mall so she could exchange the shoes I bought her for her bday (for some reason, they don't fit her right, AARGH). She returned those and tried on a couple dresses. I harassed her again, because she is one of *those* girls that literally will not try on something if it does not fit her in th size she *thinks* she should wear. She tries on this really kewl dress, that is slightly tight because it was obviously made for totally flat teenagers. She tries on the next size and still no zipper movement. Going out to get the next size was not even being mentioned by me, because I knew she would have a heart attack if she had to buy something that size and would probably not eat for a week, LOL. Seriously, I wish there was something I could do to not get girls in society to look at a number. In women's clothing, every line of clothing, the sizes run different. Some girls could wear a 2 in one line, and an 8 in another. But they will NEVER buy that 8 because "they don't wear a size 8...." LOL. If something looks good, who cares what the number is? Really. So, we went to a couple other stores, got some goods at Victoria's Secret (great sale) and bought Kurt a shirt with Zumaya on the back of it (Tigers pitcher), which he loves. We all ate at Pete's Garage after that. Oh, I almost forgot. Rebecca brought her videos for new techniques she is learning and literally kicked my ass. OK, I guess I should say "kicked my neck" because it was all neck work. Satisfying pain, I should say. My neck is always so out of wack and I love and welcome her pain. I was almost crying at some points I think. The guy on the video cracks me up, I love him. We watched it on the big screen while she worked on me, so I got to be amused AND punished. WHEEEEE. I heart Rebecca.

Sunday, we were supposed to work, but instead, I headed to the Toledo Botanican gardens for a lazy Lori photography date. Had an awesome time. That place is beyond gorgeous and I have been so busy lately, my photography has been falling to the side. Got like 111 shots that I really liked, that are posted on my Flickr page. Came home that night and Kurt and went to dinner at Red Lobster, which was nice.

Oh, and please, pray for my Bumpa (that is what I call my Grampa). He should be fine, but he was admitted to the hospital this weekend for a blood clot in his lung. He had clot before, but near his stomach, which is much less dangerous than your lung. They *think* they can treat it with drugs, but if not, they may need to operate later. Ugh. Fingers crossed.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Crap

So behind, so behind. I still have not posted about LAST weekend, which I promised. Apparently, I am not so great at making promises to myself.

I promise right now to type as much as I can before going to bed. Which I also need to do, but this is of utmost importance, right? :).

Had a good week, besides the working thing I have to do every day. Last night, I met up with my friend Nancy (law school Nancy). We went to Somata for pedicures, then headed to a place she wanted to show me called TV Diner. I had pasta and it was super yummy. Waitress was really nice as well. Great little place that I never noticed before in RIverview, I think. It was great to catch up with her. Wed night, I went to Mel's for a Lia Sophia jewelry party and got to see a few people that I had not seen in a while, and talk, which was nice. Bought some really kewl jewelry. Can't wait until it comes in. I usually don't like much at these tupperware, pampered chef, avon parties, but this stuff was actually really kewl and I would buy more if I went to another party.

OK, last weekend. Had dinner with Julia and Tony on Saturday night at this cute Japanese place in Livonia. I had teriyaki salmon and we all split some sushi pre-meal that was very good. I was impressed. The miso soup was great as well, and I am picky about the miso. It was awesome to catch up with them and celebrate their engagement, and by the time we left dinner, we had been there for 3.5 hours! I don't think I have ever been at a restaurant that long before. It's so weird how Julia and I are now lawyers......I remember day one of law school when I met her, and told Kurt about her. His comment was that I was going to be friends with her the rest of my life. There is like this bond you form in law school with the poeple you start off with that is different than anything else. Nobody else understands what you go through in law school except others who have been there. Anyway, it's awesome that Kurt was right and Julia is still one of my best friends, years later, post taking the bar and everything. We are two entirely different kids of people, yet so similar at the same time because of this law school bond. Anyway. Dinner was great and I can't wait until next time.

Friday night, we took the pugs to the new Petsmart in Monroe that just opened. We have never taken all three anywhere like that, so it was interesting trying to walk them at the same time since they are not really leash experts (never really on them). They did really well though and the store is super nice and modern. We did not buy anything, but I am sure I will be in there all the time when the pugs need stuff. After that, we took them to the local ice cream place and got them all baby size scoops of vanilla. they loved that too. Vito ate all of his, and part of Oscar and Gretel's that they did not finish. He is such a pig, I swear. LOL.

Sunday, we worked. Which sucked, but I did get a ton done, which was nice.

Anyway, I really should get to bed. I need to post more, but I am tired and the pugs are getting antsy because they don't understand why I am up and their Dad is in bed.

Rebecca is coming over tomorrow and we have no set plans at all. We are just going to do whatever and she talked me into (hehe) letting her practice her new massage video on me. I decided to be a friend and help her out. It's hard being me, being friends with the best massage therapist around. Seriously, she rocks. She has this mentor, Garry, who she thinks is incredible and I have to tell you, I have been massaged by both of them and I am favoring her slightly over him....She won't believe it, because she pretty much thinks he is God, but she is Goddess like herself....Love you Rebecca! :). See you tomorrow, drunk. Too bad the Tigers lost tonight.......

Hope everyone had an awesome week.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Stress Sucks

OK, I am aware I am far behind on here and totally need a post about the weekend, which I will get to, I promise. Speaking of which, I had a great weekend.

But, onto the stress.

Yesterday was crazy. I know I spoke previously on here about the upcoming school board meeting where we had to pick who was going to be pres, VP, Sec, Treasurer, etc. And committess were to be selected. That meeting was scheduled for last night. Going into it, the only position really in conflict was the VP position. Number one candidate was the guy I spoke about earlier that called and was harassing me about voting for him, and number two guy was another board member. It was going to be an annoying meeting, because Guy 1 was pretty much guaranteed to throw an absolute fit if things did not go his way, it's in his nature. Which is part of the reason maybe the position is not best suited for him. Anyway.

Yesterday morning, I get a call from the board president that he does not want to support either of them, he wants ME to get the position. I was shocked. I had not expressed interest in ANY of the positions, as I have only been on the board since October (almost a year). I asked him why he changed his mind, and he explained all his reasons for it and asked me to do it, as he wanted me to (speaking as President of the board). I was a little perplexed, really. Moreso because of GUY 1 causing so much freaking drama and me knowing I would be the one he was mad at, for the most part. So, I basically told Mr. Pres if that is what he wanted, I would do it. I want to do what is best for the board and if that is truly what he thought was best, I would do it. This is supposed to about business, and GUY 1 makes me feel like I am in junior high again with the drama. So, before doing anything, I wanted to know if I had any chance whatsoever and talked to some other board members. I needed 4 votes to even have a chance (there are 7 of us). I already knew three people would hands down vote for GUY 1. I also decided to call GUY 1, because I did not want him to think I was going behind his back and trying to plot for this position, because I was totally not. At all.

The conversation:

Me: Just wanted to call and let you know what is going on, you talked to Mr. Pres, right? I did not want you to think at all that I have been out "plotting" for this position behind your back, because I was totally not. I was just approached with this today, and am only looking into it because Mr. Pres thinks it is in the best interests of the board.

Him: Yes, I talked to Ms. Pres. I don't know what he is doing here. I think he has some ulterior motive. I don't support you in your run, and I won't support you if you get the position, which I doubt you will as I don't think you have much support. I also don't think you know enough about the district, or are smart enough to handle the position. I don't think you are "ready."

**some other very unfriendly things were said here as well, I think I was kinda tuning him out at that point and can't recall.

Me: Well, that's your opinion. And maybe I will get no votes, who knows. I just wanted to make sure that this was not going to harm our friendship outside the board. I will have no hard feelings whatsoever if you win, and will support you as VP if you do win.

Him: So, you will accept the nomination?

Me: Yes, if Mr. Pres thinks it is in the best interest of the board.

Him: I can't believe that. (Goes on to again tell him I can't do the position).

**he then has another call beeping in and lets me go.

It's funny, because during this conversation, his comments did not even bother me, because this guy just is like that. He says things like this, not even realizing how stupid they are. To say to me that I am not "smart" enough for the position is completely and totally retarded. I could have said a lot back, but I chose not to, and will still choose not to, because I refuse to bash anyone like he is choosing to do. This position is basically a title, and that's it. The only thing the VP really does, on top of being a board member and voting, is sit in for the pres if he is not at a meeting. If anything, the other positions on the board have more power than VP. The Secretary signs a lot of documents, the treasurer deals with the schools money, the Pres talks to the Press, etc. He simply wanted this position because he is trying to line himself up to be the next President if the Pres does not run for reelection next term. Which, I have no desire to be the President. I did not do this for that.

Anyway, constant phone calls later from Mr. Pres, Guy 2, etc. and I was off to the meeting. Stressed. I did not eat all day from being busy (and not hungry) and realized I was starving, so I met Mr. Pres and the Superintendent for a quick bite to eat. It was seriously the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever eaten. With rice. I think dinner calmed everyone down slightly, and I was kinda worried about Mr. Pres because he was totally stressed by all of this.

After dinner, drove to the meeting, and walked in briefly to use the bathroom before making a phone call. Walk in with Mr. Pres and GUY 1 is sitting in the hallway and immediately starts verbally attacking Mr. Pres. I could not even understand what he was saying, he was so angry. Pretty much every other word was him swearing. I walked into the restroom and out to this still going on. So, I walked outside to call Kurt and my Mom. Walked back in shortly after that and things appeared to have calmed down. Sat and talked to the new board member in the hallway for a bit and GUY 1 actually sat there with us (not saying anything, but not avoiding me really either). He basically thinks Mr. Pres is a "traitor" because they have been friends for 30 years, they have family members who date, yada yada. Which as you and I know, has absolutely nothing to do with who would be best for a position, but try explaining that to someone that is on a rampage.

So, the meeting starts. I am so uncomfortable. The voting is all open, and I was dreading it. We started out with some other business, then moved to voting for the Pres. Mr. Pres got the position again, no opposition. Then VP. GUY 1 is immediately nominated and it is seconded. There is a pause, and then I am nominated and seconded. So, they go around to each board member and vote, and I win....4-3. Aargh. Then all other positions and committees are chosen. I got on the committees I wanted as well, which is kewl. Anyway, as the meeting is closing up, GUY 1 is obviously still peeved and starts packing his stuff up before the meeting is even over. He was invited for dinner/drinks and his response is "I am only here for the kids..." Umm, he comes for drinks every other night. Childish, I tell ya.

So, it's over with. It's like a hollow victory, as I did not want the position in the first place. I am happy, and honored actually, to do it, but, at the same time, having someone else so angry always sucks. Oh well.

I am thankful to no longer be stressed. Sigh.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I Can Title Posts Again!

Yay! I am so psyched to be able to post titles again! Woo hoo!

OK, enough of that. It's sad I get excited by something as lame as a title on a post. :).

Last night was fun. Auntie came over because she wanted to go to Elder Beerman to look for a wedding gift for someone, and she brought me some new plants for the yard that she had dug up in her yard. I need to figure out where I am putting them. She found her wedding gifts, and I ended up getting some cute drinking glasses on clearance for $11! For 10 of them. They are glass, really retro, really ME. And I needed some glasses, we are kinda lacking in that department since most of our household only drinks liquids out of cans or bottles. Went to dinner afterwards at this place called Skyline Chili that Kory recommended. It was OK. I had a baked potato because I was not that hungry. It's kinda a meat eaters place. They have some veggie options, but none of them were appealing to me. I think the heat is making me less hungry. I will *feel* hungry, but when I go to eat, nothing tastes good. It's odd.

Oh, this was funny yesterday. I got a call, and I am going to kinda change the facts here, because I have no idea who reads this blog and who does not. Next week, the school board I am on has to pick it's new positions on the board (Pres, VP, Sec, Treas), etc. Well, a particular person on the board has called me several times asking for my support for him for a position. I have not even really thought about this too much. We have a budget to balance and all this other IMPORTANT stuff going on, and I don't really care about titles right now. So, I told him that much. I would like to wait until our meeting, hear what everyone has to say, and make my decision. This is what is said to me, which cracked me up (and will crack you up to if you know me at all). "Well, you need to make a decision NOW." I am seriously laughing reading this. I don't do well with being told what to do (unless I am in court and a Judge is telling me so, then I am on it). If anything, calling and demanding that I do something is going to have a negative effect on the situation because nobody is going to DEMAND that I do anything. I think my response was "Umm, no I don't, I will keep your words in mind and make a decision on Monday. Nobody is going to call me and tell me what I need to do or not do." It backed him off a little bit, but I think he is a little peeved I won't make a decision. Oh well. I will make a decision when I am good and ready and the people who are not hounding me probably have a better chance than he does. And hello, my office is crazy. Calling me at work during a busy day and pressuring me to make decisions is just going to drive be bonkers. Being at my office is not relaxing and not a time I want to make decisions about nonwork related issues.

I guess we will see what happens on Monday.

Need to work now, later.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

We were supposed to go into the office today to try and catch up on some paperwork, but did not because Kurt was not feeling well. :(. Felt bad for Kurt, but psyched I got to spend the day NOT at the office! Woo hoo!

So, I slept in. Went outside to feed the birds and water my flowers and that was about all my outside time today (besides walking the dogs). OMG. It was so freaking hot in Michigan today. Hottest day of the year (literally). I think they said it was supposed to hit 98 and it's way too humid on top of that. Aargh. I hate weather like this. So, I decided to do some stuff around the house (i.e. laundry, dishes, vacuuming, etc.), and head into Monroe to run some errands. Got an oil change in the Saturn and am glad I did! They pulled the oil stick out and it was totally dry! I went over slightly on my mileage (which is normal for me), but I guess since the car has high mileage, I need to be more careful about that and check it more often. I had them put in high mileage oil. The place was having a deal (buy one get one free oil change), so I will be getting a coupon in the mail soon for a free one! Yippee!

After that, headed to the mall. You know the quest for the silver shoes? How I have looked freaking everywhere? Well, apparently, I should have started with the mall where I live. Elder Beerman had like 6 pairs I liked! I got the pair that was the most comfy and has the most possibility of being reworn. I would have loved to have gotten flip flops, but this dress needs a little bit of a heel. Anyway, click here to see the shoe. And they were on sale, which is totally a bonus. Then, walked into the jewelry department and TADA! Really cute pearl earrings for freaking $6.00. Plus, found another pair of adorable earrings for $3.00. I swear, it is all about the deals this weekend for me. Walked around the mall after that, just browsing, and stopped at a place for a mani/pedi. Got this hilarious color on my toes called "I'm Not Really a Waitress". And had them use my own Mac nail polish on my fingers (I am really picky about using only the lightest colors on my finger nails).
Oh, and this morning? Used my new Lush shampoo and conditioner (I talked about this in yesterday's blog). The shampoo is incredible. It is this scrub, almost, that turns into a lather and makes your head kinda tingle. It smells great. I liked the smell of the conditioner, but it is not the best detangler. I am going to ask next time I go in there if there is specific stuff for tangly hair. Love the products and how they are natural. And I read online today that part of the proceeds from their products go to PETA, so that makes me love them even more (if that is true).

Well, should get back to my laundry and such. Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Such a great day! :). I got up and headed to Rebecca's house. We had lunch at Pita Pit (a new experience for me, I really liked it). We had plans to go to the zoo. But, the zoo had other plans for us. We drove there (after taking a brief detour to a furniture store going out of business) and were directed to the overflow parking. Which I have never been directed to in my zoo outings. I think flashes of 90 degree plus weather, too many people, strollers making it impossible to get around and screaming hot kids made us decide to head to the mall instead. With air conditioning. Yay.

We headed to Somerset, which I love because they are always changing, getting new stores etc. I hate the mall because of the people (SO freaking snobby), but I can ignore that and shop. Seriously. The mall is for shopping. One should wear capris, flip flops and t-shirts. The women in this mall are dressed like they are going to a club or something. Heels (who shops in stilettos, seriously), dresses, expensive designer bags......Aargh. I have to just not look because I can't stand it. Anyway. We got there and attempted to find me silver shoes for the wedding. I think Rebecca's comment was "If you can't find shoes at Somerst, you won't find them anywhere." I guess I am going barefoot, because I am still without silver shoes. I think I will look online next. What I did find were some great sales. We first stopped at Ann Taylor Loft and I got an adorable skirt and t-shirt for work. Next, The Limited, where I got an awesome skirt marked down from $65 to $19. On to the Gap where I got $80.00 in t-shirts for $20. Whoot! And last, but not least, Somerset (drumroll please) now has a Lush! I have always wanted to try their products, and never have for whatever reason. I even have them on my Amazon Wishlist. Anyway, today, I purchased shampoo, conditioner and lip balm. I can't wait to use all three. And the people in the store were so upbeat. Loved it.

Came home and Kurty and I went to Red Lobster to have dinner and watch the start of the Tigers game. Which is STILL on. We were supposed to watch a movie tonight, but I dont know if that will happen now. Tomorrow night maybe.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Friday At Home

**I was attempting to take a pic of a flower, and noticed this gorgeous butterfly. I proceeded to forget about the flower and focus on him...

Friday night. At home. Nothing to do. Bliss.

Kory is up north, and it is really quiet here......The puppy slept all the way up there with him, and shockingly, everyone is in love with little Whiskey! hehe. We will have to see if Kendra attempts a dognapping, as she has threatened.

Rebecca changed the name of her puppy to Charlie. I refuse to call it that. Kramer it stays. Seriously, who changes the name of a puppy after owning it for a week and only calling it another name? Poor little confused baby. Plus, Kramer was a kick ass name and Charlie is common. Give the little guy some uniqueness, right? Boy, harassing Rebecca is so much fun! Speaking of Kramer, I get to see him tomorrow because I am going to Ferndale to visit Rebecca and go do something. If the weather is not insanely hot, the zoo. If not, maybe shopping? I still need silver shoes for the wedding. I actually bought a necklace online today on a site I liked called Click here to see the piece I got. I had an awesome coupon. It was down to that one and another on, and pretty much, this one won out because of the coupon and because of the fact that I liked the little diamonds in between the pearls.

**Pic above is of Whiskey, attempting to play with Kramer's toy...

Our cars are costing us so much money lately. I hate when maintenance things happen all at once. The Saturn windows were replaced from the vandalism ($500.00). Just had to get all new tires on the Jeep, and a new starter ($1400.00). The Carrera and Spyder are also in the shop getting stuff done and I will be so excited to find out the costs on those, but at least we will be done after that for a while (hopefully). I would much rather spend my money on something fun. Although I guess having a means of transportation is important. I suppose. I should just ride my bike, it's better for me! But work is a little bit far, hehe.

Need to get to bed. Hope everyone has an awesome weekend.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

4th of July Fun

The 4th of July was so freaking nice. I stayed home the entire day (except the quick trip to the grocery store) and it was awesome. I feel like my entire life is so nonstop lately, and I rarely get to be at home at all. Anyway. Rebecca decided to come over and bring Kramer, the lab puppy. Kramer and her doggie Simon are having some "issues" getting used to eachother, and Rebecca wanted him to be able to play with some other doggies for the day. Everyone loved eachother. Kramer is seriously too cute for words. He is a total lazy baby and I loved holding him and hanging out with him all day. We had a mini-bbq in the backyard and were generally lazy the majority of the day. Once Rebecca and the baby left, I did some stuff around the house, worked out, and watched a movie called Born into Brothels with Kurt and Kory. I loved it. I found out this morning that it was an Academy Award winning documentary, and I totally can see why. I could not take my eyes off of it.

Today was back to the grind. Aargh. We went into work a little bit late, but stayed until 5. I had wanted to leave earlier, but lost track of time and did not. Hopefully tomorrow flies by, because I really need a weekend.

**to see all the pics from the 4th party, click here.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Tagged--You're It

I was tagged by both Nancy and Rebecca.

For this, you go to Wikipedia and check your birthday - then post 3 events, 2 births, and a holiday. And, of course, tag 5 people.

May 17:


1998 - David Wells of the New York Yankees pitches the 15th perfect game in baseball history against the Minnesota Twins at Yankee Stadium.
1973 - Watergate scandal: Hearings begin in the United States Senate and are televised.
1954 - The United States Supreme Court hands down a unanimous decision in Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas.


1970--Jordan Knight, American singer (New Kids on the Block)
1965 - Trent Reznor, American musician (Nine Inch Nails)


International Day Against Homophobia aka IDAHO.

I tag Heather, Jeannie, Kelsie, Amanda, and Lisa. And anyone else that reads this! ;).

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

On Probation

Rebecca put me on probation because I don't blog enough. Bad me.

OK, maybe she will forgive me now since I am blogging again! Hi Rebecca! Am I forgiven? hehe.

So much craziness going on here. I feel so busy. I had a great night though. I spent the entire night alone. We left work early since we have family in town (Kurt's brother Scott and his girlfriend DJ). They were all going to the Tigers game, but I decided to stay home. I really wanted to relax, workout, eat dinner on my couch. So, I did. I watered my flowers, filled the bird feeders and bath, then went to the spa for a massage. After that, did a quick trip to the grocery store, then came home and worked out and made veggie chili for dinner. And have been watching TV and chilling with the pugs and puppy since. :).

Last weekend was crazy busy. Friday night, we went out for Rebecca's birthday. We went to dinner at Dolce Vita (I had sushi, yummy), then had birthday dessert at Independent Dairy (I had one scoop split into cookie dough and peanut butter cup), then went bowling. We all had a little too much to drink at the alley, and had a blast bowling. My high game was 179, which was pretty good considering the lane conditions and the alcohol I had consumed. I bought Rebecca some kewl Rockport shoes for her birthday that just screamed her name when I was in the store. I got her the ones in black.

Saturday night, we had dinner with our friends Cliff and Lisa in Livonia at Eastside Mario's. Sat outside on the patio and I had angel hair pasta with spicy marinara and shrimp. We had not seen them in a while, and it was really nice to talk. Lisa started PA school in May and is crazy busy, as she actually studies a lot (unlike me in law school, haha). She seems to really like it, but seems really stressed too. Ugh. I am glad I am past the school part of my life. Went on Saturday as well and got my dress alterated for my sister's wedding. Went to the mall and looked for wedding shoes and jewelry again, and still found nothing. I need to come up with something pretty quickly though. I hate shopping. :(.

Sunday, my Dad came over and went golfing with Kurt and Kory for a late Father's Day. Had dinner afterwards at Pete's with him and Auntie.

Oh, big story of the week. We left the Saturn at the office on Monday night, and came to it on Tueday morning to find the windows smashed out. We leave it there overnight a lot, and have been doing so for over 7 years, so I was shocked. Apparently, some kids thought it would be a fun activity. Lovely. So, I made a police report, then called the insurance company and tow place and it is currently being fixed in the shop. I about freaked when I saw it because I assumed they stole my camera, which I had left it in. But, nope. I guess destruction was their goal, not stealing. Nothing was even touched. I was lucky, really. I would have been devastated if my camera was taken by those idiots.

Anyway, I am exhausted, so I am going to close here. Night everyone.

Meet Whiskey Shimek

Whiskey is Kory's new puppy and the latest addition to our household. He is a pure bred blue beagle puppy. He is currently 8 weeks (tomorrow). Kory bought him last weekend in Ohio. We drove down on Saturday to pick him up. Anyway, he is a totally sweet puppy, and the pugs have been fabulous with him. No episodes at all, and I was SOOO sure Gretel would be jealous. Sigh. Yay.