Thursday, February 23, 2006


Nothing exciting this week. School, work, repeat. I did finally grocery shop though so Kurt and I have had some yummy meals. Yummy to me though is prob not for others....I have had Morningstar Grillers Prime. I take the 'fake' meat and put it on a bagel and toast it in the toaster oven with fat free cheese and I swear, I am in heaven. It's awesome the things that they have on the market now for people who don't eat meat. Yay for that.

I have not felt very good this week for some reason, I think I really need a vacation. Just kinda tired and out of it.

Anyway, on American Idol, everyone should vote for Ace! Here's the breakdown: a friend of mine from high school's cousin is best friends with the guy. So, you kinda know him, at least more than the other contestants. HA.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Dinner with Friends

Soooooo, Saturday we took all the odds and ends we had been storing in the computer room out. I moved the computer from the old table onto the new desk and set that all up. Kurt finished the wood flooring in the pantry.

Went to dinner with Julia and Jay at
La Shish in Dearborn, and it was yummy and fun, as usual. Had not seen Jay in a while, so that was nice. I love La Shish! I had shrimp ghallaba spicy.

Today, we went to
Lowe's and bought all the wood and trim for the pantry. Also bought a chair for the computer room desk and I put that together. Kurt is still working on the pantry and will most likely not get that done today, it's a pretty big project.

Well, I am starving so I am going to try and think of something to make us for dinner. Which will be kinda hard since we have like nothing in this house. I have been saying I have to grcoery shop for a couple weeks and keep putting it off......Maybe angel hair pasta and marinara? I think I have the stuff for that....

Oh, we tried
Jimmy Johns today. I had the Sorry Charlie sub. It was great. They just opened one in Monroe and it was great! Love it!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Dog Prefers Bacardi

On Super Bowl Sunday, while I was in the kitchen making Ceasar Salad and taking the nachos out of the oven, Gretel Olivia decided that she was going to start drnking. Bacardi and Dr. Pepper. She jumped on my chair and proceeded to look at the bottle of rum and my glass. Luckily, Kurt was there and stopped her. She was not happy, as she really wanted to take her first drink. Kurt and I think she is too young to be hitting the bottle. Sorry Gretel! :).

I Love Nature.

Took these a few weeks back when we had all that nice weather. I thought the sky looked really interesting that day, and snapped two shots. Just uploaded the pics today.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Long Time

This week has been crazy busy. OK, seriously, why does every post seem to start this way? I have not written since last Friday, so I will start with Saturday and move on....

On Saturday, Kurt and I spent the morning cleaning. Our nephew, Kory, came to visit. He is 20, goes to Grand Valley. He wants to come live with us this summer and possibly permanently. He is applying to Wayne and assuming everything transfers, we may have a new family member. Which I would be excited for because I love having Kory around, he is a blast. So, Saturday, we took Kory to dinner and lunch, walked quickly around the mall, and hung out. Him and Kurt have tons of ideas on starting businesses and if Kory is around, they can actually follow through on them. Kurt does not have time, but Kory will need work. Kory left on Sunday.

Sunday, Kurt and I went to Lowe's and then to Staples. I have been looking for the perfect desk for my den forever, and found one at Staples of all places. So, we bought that and I spent the whole freaking day putting it together. But in the end, it looks awesome. Kurt spent the day putting a hard wood floor in my pantry. Which looks awesome. I need to take pics, but have not gotten around to it yet. Now, as soon as I feel like cleaning out the stuff in the computer room, I will have another finished room in a house. I need to start searching for some lamps next, preferably floor. So, if anyone has ideas, send away. I am looking for chrome floor lamps.

The rest of this week have been school and work filled. Yesterday, I think I almost had a mental breakdown! It was so stressfully busy here. I suddenly got short of breath and had to sit really still to even sit straight. Finally, got out of that, and was fine, but I skipped school that night because I really needed to relax. Kurt took me to dinner (after we worked late, what a night off, LOL) at Mountain Jack and I had some awesome grilled salmon with rice. Yum.

So, tonight I don't have class, so I can relax again. Although I really need to do some laundry, clean, read. It's never ending.

Oh, I am excited. My friend Rebecca and I are going to start doing "photo" journeys. I got the idea from another friend, Stacy, who does them a lot in the city of Detroit. But, I will most likely not do Detroit just because it would give Kurt a heart attack if I was off in Detroit with just Rebecca, because we could not really defend ourselves. ;). So, I am guessing we will start off with local areas around her house and mine. I can't wait. I love photography, but usually do trips alone. it will be nice to share my love for the art with someone else. Yay!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Week Long Drama

OK, not really. I have not posted all week because my week has consisted of school, work and more school. And everyone loves to read about how exciting that is, right? Did not think so.

One kewl thing this week. We put a bid in on a apartment building/store front this weekend and the bid was countered slightly and finally agreed upon. For way freaking less than we expected. We still need to have the inspection done, appraisal, all that, but if all happens OK, we will be owning another great rental property.

Picked up Kurt's new suit last night in Monroe. He looks really cute in it today, ;). I am so glad I found that store. I really prefer supporting local businesses, and they have great prices on suits on their sale and clearance racks. Plus, now I am on their mailing list, so coupons, here i come!

Back to work.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Bowl Fun

Soooo, yesterday was a nice day. Just stayed in the entire day. Kurty worked on finishing the bookcase (stained it and sanded it), and it looks awesome. I took pics, but have not downloaded anything yet.

We had our own little Super Bowl party. I made ceasar salad and nachos, and we set up a table in the living room and watched the game. I was rooting for the Steelers, so I was psyched! :). I love their coach.

Next, we are going to work on the pantry. I took all the measurements and looked online for ideas. Kurt is going to build shelving and then I will prob get some baskets and hooks and such for in there. It will be nice to clear off some of my kitchen counters and store the stuff in there.

Back to work! :).

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Becoming Domestic??

OK, maybe not. But, today, I went to a scrapbooking party (kinda like tupperware) at a friend's house in Flat Rock. My friend Melanie invited me, she is my friend Tammy's neighbor. The company name is called Creative Memories and was actually very kewl, which surprised me. Pretty much I have all my pics online and am fine with that. I order a print now or them to frame, and prefer having my pics online. But, that is going to slowly change. I have been wanting to start printing all my pics and putting them in albums, just to preserve them and show family members who do not have computers (like Kurt's Mom and my Grama). So....I am going to start off slow. Because I tend to be all gung ho about stuff like this and then not have time to work on it, I only bought one album in cobalt blue (of course, my fav color) and some kewl cutting tools. I bought a cobalt blue album with 30 pages, as well as a corner cutter and a scallop corner cutter. There will be some other things I need, but I can get those as I need them. I want to get stickers for the pages and need some tape, but I am going to wait until I order the pics and just pick them stuff up at Michael's or order online from the site. I am going to start off by doing my Hawaii pics.

Before the party, I went with Tammy to Jessica's championship basketball game. It was fun to watch all the little girls play the game. Her team lost by 2, and they were all really sad. :(.

So, does making a scrapbook make me domestic?? I don't think so, LOL, but it sure does make me think that! :).


So, Kurt and I had a nice night for his birthday. Even though we had to work all day long, BLAH.

We had an appointment with our Realtor, but we were early so we stopped at a clothing store (men's) I have always wanted to go in to in Monroe. They have suits and nicer clothing. Found Kurt an awesome suit on clearance, and left it there to be altered. Also bought him a tie and suspenders. So, he got some b-day gifts. We normally don't exchange gifts, but I like him to get something. :).

After that, we went to look at the two rental apartment buildings. Both were interesting and have potential. And both were WAY underpriced. The first I think needs more work than I want to deal with but would still be income producing. The second needs little work, but is slighly more money. BUT, it also has a store front on a commercial road as part of it (it's two buildings), so we could eventually kick out the store owner and open a law firm there, once I am done with school. I would like to run an office in Monroe.

After that, we went to Dolce Vita to eat dinner for Kurt's birthday. I had an awesome meal. It was an ahi tuna made with different japanese spices and it was incredible. I need to go back there again for that meal. Healthy and yummy. Great combo.

Went home after that and chilled. It was already pretty late, so went to bed and here I am working again!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Happy Groundhogs Day!!!

What a crazy day! Today is Kurty's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KURT!!!!!), he turned 35 today. I told him he is getting old, almost to 40! ha.

About 5 minutes ago, my secretary called and she had her baby today! On Kurt's birthday. How funny. I think Groundhogs's Day is a really fun holiday to have a birthday though. :). Congrats Misty and Joe and Justin! The baby's name is Abby and she is 6 pounds 11 oz, and I am sure adorable. Can't wait to meet her!

Kurt and I will probably wait to celebrate his birthday until another weekend, since this weekend is Super Bowl. I want to take him to do something kewl, but am kinda waiting to hear from someone before I make definite plans (hint, hint to you know who you are).

We are going tonight to look at some more rental properties. We would like to get some apartments, etc. while the market is so great for buyers. Hopefully, we like something we see......

Back to work.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

24 hours in a Day

Ever feel like there are not enough hours in the day, but are glad that there ARE only 24 hours in the day at the same time?

That has pretty much been my feeling since I started law school. Before I started, I thought I was busy. I did not even comprehend the definition whatsoever at that point. Since I started school, I am still working my pre-law school hours, and I am going to school full-time, which is about 14 hours per week plus study time. It's truly crazy of me, but necessary so I can be done and have my degree.

I am now down to the end, and it is such a freaking relief. I have three months two weeks until graduation (but who's counting??). And now they give me MORE to do. I have to fill out my bar application (which is NOT a simple task, so many details needed and things ordered from my driving record to my criminal record and more), have to sign up for all these bar review courses which of course, cost a TON of money, and so on. I have a huge "To Do" list. I am getting through it though.

Anyway, not much going on in the Haskell household. Same old normal work week stuff.