Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Forged Passport In Underwear Bomber Case?

by Kurt Haskell

I spent much of this evening reading court documents from the underwear bomber (Umar) case. For those that are interested, you can read them at:


There are many gems in the documents, but I'll only focus on one of them tonight.
While reading the documents, I found what I believe to be another smoking gun. Since day one when Lori and I exited flight 253, I've maintained that Umar boarded flight 253 with the help of a sharp dressed man and WITHOUT A PASSPORT. Early on in this case, Judge Edmunds issued a protective order forbidding either side from discussing any of the evidence in the case. However, that didn't stop the U.S. Government from releasing propaganda pictures into the media. The most famous picture is a picture of Umar with law enforcement on the plane. The two that were the most obvious frauds were the picture of Umar's minimally damaged underwear and the picture of Umar's passport. The passport picture was released for no other reason then to attempt to discredit my eyewitness testimony. In no other case (to my knowledge) has the government released a picture of some one's passport to the media. I have taken great offense to the release of the passport and it is with great pleasure that I now believe I can show it was a fake. Interestingly enough, stand-by attorney Chambers indicated at the July 7, 2011 hearing that he had just received a copy of Umar's passport. Chambers referred to this (and some other evidence) document as "significant evidence". We must now ask why it is considered "significant evidence" by Chambers. I also have to wonder why such a seemingly insignificant document like a passport was withheld for 18 months from the defense (Maybe it took that long to create a good fake?).

When I looked for the picture of Umar's passport tonight, it was not easy to find. I did however, manage to find a copy of it here:


I encourage everyone to take a very good look at Umar's signature, particularly the "m" and the "a" in Umar. Also note that it doesn't include his last name. Further, the picture doesn't particularly look like Umar and seems to show a man with a receding hairline. At this time, I will leave a discussion of the picture for another day.

Now take a look at this document filed by Umar and written in his own handwriting:


Note that the "a's" are completely different in that the "a" in the passport photo has a closed loop while in the court document, the "a's" are open at the top. Further, note that Umar's "m" is significantly larger than the "a" is in the passport photo. Also, note that the "m's" in the court document look significantly different then the "m" in the passport. Specifically, the "m's" in the court document are the same size as the "a's" are and are significantly more slanted and pointed then the "m's" in the passport. In the court document, you can also see that most of the "m's" contain a side arm while the "m" in the passport photo does not. Lastly, note that the passport appears to have very neat handwriting while the court document has very sloppy handwriting.

Of course, the conclusion is that one of the documents is a fake. It is much more likely that the passport photo is a fake as there would be no legitimate reason to fake the court document. If the passport photo, is in fact a fake, we must ask why the government would release a fake passport photo. The only logical explanation is that a real passport did not exist. Obviously, the U.S. Government felt a need early on to release a fraudulent passport to discredit my eyewitness account. The reason for the attempt to discredit me is obvious and points directly at my theory in this case.

Umar was escorted through security without a passport and with an intentionally defective bomb in order to stage a false flag terrorist attack.

Note that in this court document, Chambers has indicated that U.S. Government agents have given contradictory statements (see item 9):


Surprise, surprise, U.S. Government agents are giving false statements. Why should we be surprised when their employer releases a fraudulent document?

*** I am editing this post this morning (9-28-11) to make one comment about the passport photo. The passport appears to be issued on September 15, 2005. Umar was age 18 on that date. The man in the passport piture clearly has a receding hairline (and to me doesn't look like Umar). The possibility of an 18 year old having a receding hairline is remote at best. It appears that the U.S. Government has once again been exposed in this matter.

*** Second edit: See below for a copy of my fax to Anthony Chambers:

Facsimile Cover Sheet

To: Anthony Chambers, Esq.
Fax: 313-xxx-xxxx
From: Kurt R. Haskell, J.D., L.L.M.
Company: Haskell Law Firm, P.C.
Phone: 734-285-5625
Fax: 734-281-0969
Date: September 28, 2011
Pages including this cover page:
3, RE: Umar Farouk Adbulmutallab

Comments: Tony, I am assuming that since I haven’t heard from you that I will not be testifying. I assume that to mean that Umar has chosen to not use the entrapment/excessive government involvement defense. That is unfortunate and leads me to believe that Umar is complicit with the government for some reason. Nonetheless, I am attaching my recent blog post to make you aware of some passport anomalies. Obviously, I was there when Umar was posed as a Sudanese refugee and boarded without a passport. Thus, I know that he didn’t have a passport. I doubt that you will have enough control in the trial to admit the passport anomalies into evidence. However, I am providing this evidence to you for impeachment purposes on the off chance that you can use it. I know there is a great deal of evidence in this case and I just wanted to make you aware of this information. Good luck with the trial. I am not envious of your position. I will be there whenever my schedule allows.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Colossal Deceit Known As The Underwear Bomber Case

by Kurt Haskell

With jury selection set to begin in the Underwear Bomber Trial set to begin tomorrow, I've spent the evening reminiscing about Christmas Day 2009 and the 21 months since. The Underwear Bomber attack has fundamentally changed my life. Not in the way most would think, but it has destroyed any faith I've had in the U.S. Government, the media and this country as a whole. To say that I believe the government is corrupt and the media is complicit doesn't fully explain my beliefs. Not only have I come to those conclusions, but I've witnessed that an ordinary person who sees something important can be silenced despite his efforts to spread the truth. Such is the Underwear Bomber case. I can do nothing but laugh at the TSA's new policy of "If you see something say something." That is exactly what I did, and not only did the U.S. Government not want to hear what I had to say, but it actively lied about it, attempted to get me to change my story, and hid, by withholding (secret government) evidence or putting a protective order on the evidence and nearly everything that would support my eyewitness account.

Where are we now? We now have The Underwear Bomber (Umar) representing himself with the help of standby attorney Chambers. Attorney Chambers has indicated to me that if he were Umar's attorney, that the defense would be entrapment and that I would be a key witness. Of course, such a defense would expose the U.S. Government's involvement in the plot. It is much too convenient to have Umar represent himself and be in charge of what the defense will be, what evidence is presented, what witnesses are called and what questions each witness is asked. A trial with Umar representing himself will leave the relevant facts of this case unknown for generations. I can't help but think that Umar fired his attorneys for a reason other than he is a crazy terrorist. It is much too convenient that the entity that staged the event, also controls the evidence, what information is leaked to the media, who the prosecutors are, and the prison where Umar has sbeen staying at for the last 21 months. Let's not overlook the fact that the U.S. Government has admitted to waterboarding and torturing terrorists. Do you see the pieces of the puzzle forming a clear picture yet?

Make no mistake that Umar did in fact attempt to detonate a device (although it was a defective device) on Flight 253. He is not innocent. It remains to be discovered whether my belief that Umar is complicit with the "theatre" going on before our eyes came about before or after the event of Christmas Day 2009. It really is not important except that you must understand that he is now complicit in covering up the true story of Christmas Day 2009. There is no other explanation as to why Umar is representing himself and rejecting the entrapment defense (Which I have discovered he will do).

For those that are still skeptical of my claims, please realize that I do not make my claims without a great deal of thought and research. My firm belief is that Umar was escorted around security and given an intentionally defective bomb by a U.S. intelligence agent. The bomb was never intended to detonate, but merely intended to create a "simulated terrorist attack" or a "false flag attack" if you will. In December of 2009, the U.S. Government hadn't seen a terrorist attack in 8 years, It was getting more and more difficult to spend hundreds of billions a year on terrorism and to continue to fight two fraudulent wars based on terrorism. Those making their livings off of the war on terror didn't want to lose their cash cow. Enter Umar the Underwear Bomber. A second benefit of a failed bomb being found in Umar's underwear, was to enable body scanning machines to be placed in every airport. How convenient for Michael Chertoff , a former head of the DHS, to have ties to the body scanning companies. I doubt that this was any coincidence. Once again, billions of dollars would flow from the U.S. Government for body scanning machines that were needed to protect us.

What we are now left with are the bits and pieces of the Underwear Bomber case that can form a clear picture of what happened that day. For those of you attempting to put it all together, please take your time and think about the evidence instead of glossing over it and continuing to remain in denial. The truth is that your U.S. Government staged a false terrorist attack in order to steal your tax dollars and your 4th Amendment Rights to be free of unreasonable searches and seizures. Please thoroughly consider the following with an open mind and think about why this sort of behavior must stop now:

My thoughts on this case and the list of anomalies that differ from the official version of events were made through: (a) numerous discussions with other passengers, (b) my own eyewitness account, (c) discussions with Umar's standby attorney, (d) hundreds of articles on the story (e) evidence provided to me by others "in the know" or just other concerned citizens, and (f) from the official record at hearings I attended.

Anomalies of the case in no particular order:

1. In December 2010, Chambers told the Detroit Free Press that the Government's own explosives experts indicate that the bomb was impossibly defective. The Free Press later erased this article from its online site, but did not erase earlier underwear bomber stories.
2. The FBI has admitted to supplying the Portland Christmas Tree Bomber and the Wrigley Field Bomber with intentionally defective bombs shortly after the underwear bomber event.
3. Janet Napolitano's comment that "the system worked" was a Freudian slip.
4. The plane taxied to the gate. The passengers were not allowed off of the plane for 20-30 minutes (Was the bomb still on the plane?). There was bomb material that was supposedly explosive all over the cabin of the plane. Nobody took any action to make sure the passengers were safe or that the "explosives" were of no danger to the passengers. This is evidence of foreknowledge that there was no danger to the passengers.
5. TSA admitted knowledge of the threat while the flight was over Canada/Atlantic Ocean. No measures were taken to notify the pilot or to divert the flight for an emergency landing elsewhere.
6. My eyewitness account of the sharp dressed man and the related evidence as to this man. There is no other likely explanation for this man except for government involvement. The airport video has never been released and remains under protective order of the court.
7. The government's continued release of Umar's passport picture through the media. This was done for no other reason that to attempt to discredit me. Why such an effort to show a passport picture all over the media? In no other case has a passport picture been shown in the media. A copy of the supposed "passport" of Umar, however, was not released to Chambers until June 2011. The release of the passport to standby defense counsel was delayed 19 months in order to limit the amount of time Chambers would need to have experts verify its authenticity.
8. The explanation for the cameraman is near unbelieveable. He started filming the sky just before the attack started and then he turned to film the entire attack from beginning to end. We all thought we were going to die. The last thing on anyone's mind at that time was to film something.
9. On 1-5-10 Breibart posted an article that indicated the Government had viewed over 200 hours of video from the airport and it showed no evidence of an accomplice. This article is contradicted by the 1-22-10 article of ABC News by Brian Ross that indicated that "The government is looking into the identity of a man that helped Umar at Schiphol." The article fails to mention that this "sharp dressed man" escorted Umar through security without a passpot and instead tries to paint this man as Al Qaeda. The government is contradicting itself in both of these stories and is attemptin weak coverups in each story.
10. Umar is charged with conspiracy. The accomplices names or contributions are never mentioned. They are not listed as wanted and they are never discussed. This is because they are U.S. Intelligence agents.
11. Customs spokeperson Ron Smith changed the official story about the 2nd man taken into custody in Detroit 5 times. Then he sent a half hearted apoogetic email to the media. My story as to this man has never changed. Ron Smith eventually gave up lying and quit talking about this man who was witnessed by nearly all of the passengers.
12. Why were pictures of Umar's underwear constantly released to the media? These pictures show Umar's underwear is largely intact. I have information from a credible source that due to this incident, Umar "Will never have any kids". This fact is not in line with undamaged underwear. The continued release of the underwear was used as a propaganda piece to reinforce the deceit.
13. The prosecution has continued to block evidence from Umar's standby attorney and in some cases, has provided it late. Why? If Umar was a terrorist nut, what is it that the government does not want the defense to see? It seems to me that if the official story is true, then this is an open and shut case. It appears that the government feels a need to insulate itself from civil cases filed by the passengers.
14. Why has Chambers repeatedly indicated that Umar has a very valid defense? The answer is the entrapment defense.
15. Portions of the Patriot Act were set to expire just before Christmas Day 2009. The Congressional vote to extend them was delayed until February. Body scanning machines were already built and sitting in warehouses. Michael Chertoff, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security has ties to the body scanning manufacturers. The U.S. had no terrorist attacks from 2001 until Christmas Day 2009. A new terrorist attack was needed to get the body scanning machines in the airports.
16. If flight 253 had crashed, nobody would know that the bomb was in Umar's underwear. An unsuccesful staged attack was necessary to show where the bomb was held. This was needed to sell the American public that body scanners were needed to prevent similar future attacks.
17. The story of Umar obtaining his bomb in another country and wearing it to Schiphol is not logical. It is much more likely that he was given the defective bomb at or near the airport. It is likely that the second man taken into custody in Detroit gave him the bomb at Schiphol. My theory is that the bomb sniffing dog (which we witnessed) in Detroit sniffed bomb residue in his bag after we landed.
18. Umar could have been stopped in Amsterdam after boarding and been charged with various charges that would have resulted in a life sentence. Instead he was allowed to fly into U.S. airspace and light his bomb there, over Detroit, on Christmas Day in order to make this a MUCH large media story to usher in the body scanners.
19. How did Umar pick his window seat over the gas tank when he paid cash for his ticket? (You must buy your ticket with credit in order to pick your seat).
20. Other terrorist attack videos are released within hours. The relevant video in this case has never been released. Note that Schiphol airport has more cameras than any airport in the world.
21. The bomb was lit in the cabin and not in the bathroom so that it could be filmed and make more of a media event than a dud bomb lit in a bathroom.
22. Obama's "failed to connect the dots speech" is discredited by the Congressional testimony of Patrick Kennedy of the State Department. Kennedy indicated that, in so many words, that the government was tracking Umar and did not revoke his visa in order to track him into the U.S. This is almost, but not quite an admission that he was let into the U.S. on purpose.
23. The Congressional testimony of Michael Leiter indicated that the U.S. Government frequently lets terrorists into the U.S.
24. In early 2010, a Mr. Wolf appeared on the Keith Olberman Show and indicated that the Obama administration was looking into the possibility that this was an intentional plot by a U.S. intelligence agency.
25. Watch the Congressional testimony of Patrick Kennedy (available on the internet) and watch how he does vocabulary gymnastics to avoid saying that this was an intentional plot by U.S. intelligence.
26. Dutch military police initially indicated that Umar did not go through normal security measures. This was only reported once.
27. Why did a passenger call me in early January 2010 and attempt to convince me that I did not see Umar being escorted around security, but I instead witnessed a minor child being taken through security. This was untrue. I later found out that such passenger works for a contractor that receives a great deal of business from the Department of Defense.
28. Why does the mainstream media continue to not investigate this story and continue to not report my eyewitness account?
29. A second passenger contacted me and confirmed my acount of the Sharp Dressed Man. She is scared and refuses to come forward.
30. Why have nearly all of the passengers refused to talk about this case?
31. Why were a great deal of the passengers, military personnel, government workers and government contractors?
32. Why did the prosecution indicate at a recent hearing that it was still withholding some evidence that was deemed to be secret (top seret?). What could be so secret if the government was not involved in the plot?
33. Why has the online Detroit Free Press site erased all underwear bomber articles that support my theory on the case, but retained older articles that support the official story?

It is unfortunate that the upcoming trial will be nothing but a farce and deceitful theatre to imbed lies in the minds of the sheeple.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

San Fran, Personal Record Run, and Related Stuff

Ran yesterday in a local race in Flat Rock, which is held every year in memory of a high school senior who died while running cross country for the school (I think he had a heart attack or something?).  Anyway, it was a great race.  I ran my best time ever, 24:50, and got first in my age group.  So, another medal, yay!  Anyone have any ideas on how to display the medals in my office?  Right now I have them hanging from my bookcase, but would like to do something fun with them.
On Friday night, I decided to run up to the rec center and work out, and while on the way, something flew into my eye. At the time, I stopped, closed and opened my eye, and it seemed fine again, although it was kinda stinging. By the time I got to the gym, I was fine. Worked out, came home. Next morning, eye was kinda bloodshot, but I thought it was go away. Went and ran the race, seemed to be getting worse. So, I took my contacts out and started wearing my glasses, thinking maybe it was my contacts. Still did not get better and this morning, was worse. Found an eye place to go into, and they looked at it and I guess no tears or cuts or anything, it just seemed "irritated" which could be from allergies, could be from the bug that flew in there Friday night, could be from my contacts. Anyway, they gave me some sample drops and called me in a prescription for the drops. So far, the drops seem to be working and my eye already seems slightly less bloodshot, which is good. I HATE wearing my glasses, and the dr wants me to wear them until my next appointment on Friday night. Boo.
So, San Fran! Have not uploaded pics, but thought I would do highlights of the trip, in bullet form! Here goes.......
  • Flight there was great.  Direct via Delta.  Grabbed a cab to our hotel, the Omni, which is in the area known as the financial district in San Fran.   Emily has told me NOT to stay in certain areas, so I tried to find a place that was in a good location, and had a gym with cardio and weights, as well as free internet.  The Omni fit the bill.  Our room was on the 13th floor and super nice.  The employees at this hotel really went above and beyond with being helpful and friendly.  When I bought tix on Stubhub, the front desk printed them for me for free, when really, I should have been charged through the business center.  Bed was super comfy, shower was nice.  Free safe to use in room.  We had room service one night after a game, and the food was yummy as well.  Did not eat in their restaurant as well, but that's only because I am anti eating in hotel restaurants.  I generally think they are overpriced and not as good as venturing out.
  • Anyway, first night we ate at this awesome vegetarian place near the hotel called Enjoy Vegetarian.  Everything on the menu is vegetarian.  No meat whatsoever.  I had a faux chicken and fish rice meal, and we split hot and sour soup to start off with.  AWEsome.  Oh, and I had some kinda of vegan ice cream dessert with bananas.  Went to bed after that, since we were still kinda on Detroit time.  :).
  • Day two, decided to wander down to Pier 39.  Ended up taking a double decker bus tour, that started at 1030 AM.  Thought it would be a good way to see the different areas of town and feel everything out, and it was.  There was a stop at the golden gate bridge, which was kewl.  Got out there and took some pics.  Had lunch at Pier 39 after that, at a place called Neptune, and had a table overlooking the bay which was super nice.  Had salad and soup there.  Kurt got garlic fries that looked amazing.  Wandered around Pier 39 after that, saw the sea lions, stopped and bought a tour to Muir Woods and Sausalito and a tour of Alcartraz for later on in the trip.  Headed that night to the Giants baseball game.  I was excited to see Lincecum pitch, but he had an off night.  Game was super fun.  We ended up sitting like a few rows back from Barry Bonds, who was at the game with his family.  That was pretty kewl.  The stadium is absolutely gorgeous, prob the nicest stadium in baseball.  Comerica is my fav, but that's only based on the fact that the Tigers play there!  :).
  • Next day, we had brunch with my friend, Dawn, from high school, and her husband, Todd.  We met at a place called Plant Organic, at Pier 3.  Brunch was yummy, and we found out Dawn is pregnant and due in February.  Super excited for her.  After that we went and walked around the shopping at Union Square, and Kurt headed to Chinatown while I shopped some more and he had a massage. Ended up scoring some great deals at White House Black Market, and tried on a dress I loved at Banana, but since it was not on sale, I decided not to buy it yet since everything goes on sale there within weeks.  It was from their new Mad Men collection, super retro.  That night, we had dinner with Kurt's friend, Dag, at The Stinking Rose in Little Italy.  My Mom had suggested the restaurant, and we liked it a lot.  The soup was incredible. 
  • ***Sausalito
  • Labor Day!  Woke up to catch our bus to Muir Woods and Sausalito.  We were taken to the Pier and transferred to a smaller bus to Muir Woods.  Got there, and walked around to see the amazing trees and forest there.  Totally gorgeous.  After that, drove to Sausalito, which is a gorgeous little town on the bay.  Walked around there some, then came back to the Pier in San Fran.  Once we got back, had lunch at a little hole in the wall Mexican place near the Pier, then headed to get massages in China Town.  Great massage.  And cheap!  :).  After that, we met up with Rachael for dinner at an Italian place near where she lives.  Super fun night and nice talking to and seeing Rach.  We closed the place down!  At all of 1000 PM.  Heh.
    **Me and Rach.

  • Tuesday, we met up with Emily for lunch at a Thai place.  It was awesome to meet her in real life, and I think we could have talked for the entire day.  :).  We went after that and walked Lombard Street and went to a couple stores on Union Street again.  Emily had suggested one called Loehmann's, and I loved walking around the place.  High end stuff at lower prices.  We bought tickets to an A's game that night, and had amazing seats in the 1st row, visitors side.  Game was super fun, and it was easy to get there taking the BART.  Ordered room service that night for dinner.  Oh, and Kurt caught a foul ball at the game!  So that was super kewl.
  • Wednesday, packed up our stuff.  Headed out to Pier 39 for our Alcatraz tour at 1100 AM.  Spent several hours there, then had lunch at another place overlooking the bay.  Decided to get Thai massages after that at a place called Royal Thai Massage, then got ice cream at a cute local place and went to Ripley's Believe it or Not and wandered around.  Had dinner at a really cute Italian place, then headed back to the hotel to grab our stuff and head to the airport.
  • ***Me and Emily.
  • We worked out every day of this trip at the hotel gym and did a ton of walking in San Fran, so even though I ate like crap, I did get exercise in!  :).
  • The weather in San Fran was not what we expected.  Last time I was there, it was in Feb, and MI was freezing so I thought San Fran was fab!  This time, the weather in MI was 95 degrees when we left, so San Fran felt freezing to us!  So weird.  I think it was the first time I have worn pants since May, since I wear so many dresses and skirts to work and shorts at home.
Anyway, we rated this trip as awesome.  Loved the city and how much there is to do, loved seeing so many friends and people we knew.  Loved getting to see two ballparks and loved how Kurt finally got to see Alcatraz.  Only downside was being exhausted since we took the redeye back, we are getting too old for this redeye stuff.  :).
We got the bikes back yesterday from the bike shop, good as new.  I went running the other night and was terrified with each car that passed me, so I guess Im not totally over the being hit by a car thing, which is annoying, but I guess I should cut myself some slack.
Bought tickets to the Lions season opener at home, and we have awesome seats.  cannot wait.  Especially after they won today!  Whoot!  I can't believe they actually looked good.  It's a shock.  Hopefully, it continues!  Can't wait to break my Haskell jersey out to wear to the game!

Kurt went to the dr yesterday morning for follow-up stuff from the accident and in having to get an MRI, go to rehab, and was put on two prescriptions, one for muscle spasms and another for pain.  He also was given a shot for pain while there.  My bruises are starting to fade, finally, but I still have some pain in my left calf and my hip/back where the car hit me.  Ugh. 

So, this is getting long...........Will post more soon with more pics.  Hope everyone had a nice weekend.

Friday, September 09, 2011

The Crash

So, I should have posted about this a long time ago, but life has been crazy. Between work, the accident and follow-up, going to San Fran for the holiday, working out.....no spare time to blog. :).

So, two weeks ago, on a Friday night, after I had just psoted a status on facebook about "looking forward to a relaxing bike ride after work with Kurt"......Kurt and I were involved in a bike accident on the street we live on. We were riding our bikes, on the side of the road, and we were about three houses away from ours (feeding into the theory that most accidents occur close to home). All the sudden, I was hit, and falling to the ground. I was watching in front of me, and saw Kurt fall. However, through all of this, I did not really see or know what happened, except I was on the ground.

I finally figured out that a car hit us. I did not even know if the car had hit Kurt or if he had just fallen off his bike. I was hit really hard on the back and hip, and then my handlebars were hit. Later found out that the guy's side mirror hit me and his mirror then flew off his car from the impact and flew about 20 feet away into the ditch on the side of the road. After he hit me, he hit Kurt's handlebars, which caused Kurt to fall. I was REALLY shaken up and kinda shocked. Once i realized what had happened, I slowly stood up, not knowing if anything was broke, and walked to the grassy area of the yard we were near, sat down, and started crying. Some other cars stopped and were coming up to me asking me if I was OK, to which I have no idea what I replied. Kurt then came up to me and asked if I was hit, told him yes, and he then became livid. The guy who hit me circled back and Kurt asked him for his license and registration and he was kinda leery about giving it to Kurt. He had expired insurance, but said it had been renewed. The people who owned the house we were hit in front of made me walk to their front porch and sit there while the ambulance and other rescue people came. The ambulance came, and we declined to go and decided to drive ourselves to the hospital so we had a ride home. We talked to the police for the report, and the fire department.

Through all of this, the guy who hit us (who also had his wife, three kids and dog in his car), NEVER asked once if we were OK, nothing. Towards the end of all this, I noticed him taking pictures of ouri bikes and then of us. I was livid. I wanted to go tell him off, but decided I was not really in the right state of mind to cause a scene, LOL. It's sad what our society has turned in to. I live in a small, rural community where everyone is generally super nice. I could not believe this man was totally selfish and setting such a bad example for his kids, not checking on us or saying he was sorry or ANYTHING. I would feel beyond horrible if I hit someone on their bike, let alone TWO people.

Anyway, I am still hurting from the incident, and Kurt's hamstring/back has been horrible. He had a really hard time while we were in San Fran walking around town. He has a follow-up appointment at the doctor tomorrow and I imagine will be sent for an MRI. We did go the hospital to be on the safe side, and they did xrays, but did not find anything broken, but told us to followup with our normal doctor. So, really, I am happy it was not worse. We are dealing with his insurance now for the cost of the bike repairs, my iPhone being smashed, medical bills, my sunglasses being fixed.

I think I freaked my Mom out when I called her. I keep doing that, whoops. I told her "I was hit by a car". I think she thought I meant while in my car, then I told her, I was literally HIT by a car while on my bike and she was a little more concerned! :). Love you Mom. Sorry I keep being involved in near death incidents.....