Monday, April 21, 2014

Moving Prep

Since my last post, we have a done a TON to prep for the move. We had a huge moving sale, where we sold the bulk of our furniture and a lot of other things.  We have donated a lot of winter clothes, given some stuff away, and I helped my Dad furnish some of his house with decorations since he had not much of anything in his house after my Grama died and the bulk of it was cleaned out.  It was crazy how many people showed to the moving sale.  It was 8-4 Friday and Saturday and on Friday, people were showing up to the house at 715 AM before I was even dressed.

We had a nice Easter weekend.  Friday, we left work early and went to Pinconning to visit Kurt's Grama, Mom, two sisters and niece.  We had dinner out, it was really nice to see everyone.  Kurt's Grama really needs some in-home care, she is kind of slowly losing her mind.  She thinks there is a family living in her house (ghosts).  I am scared she is going to burn the house down.  But, the family won't force her to have in home care or go to an assisted living because "she does not want to".  Sigh.  Nothing I can do about it, but I have a bad feeling she is going to hurt herself at some point.  Thank God she can't drive any longer.  Saturday, we went to my Dad's house in Canton and had dinner with the family. Got to see my two Aunts, my Dad, and my sister and her family.  Really nice day.

It was SO nice out here today.  I decided to work out outside in the driveway, just because I wanted to be outside.  Beautiful out.  I did jump rope and lunges for over an hour waiting for Kurt to get home from mediation.  He was there until 700 PM, ugh.

Kurt has planned out his route for getting to Costa Rica. I booked his first three hotel stays in Terre Haute, some city in Oklahoma and Laredo Texas.  Feels so close now. 

Had Kurt's going away party at Ron and Erika's, and that was a blast.  Huge turnout and a super awesome time.  My Mom and Ronnie were able to come down, and it was a great party, as usual.  Also went to Tigers opening day, with the tickets that Art Brand sold me.  Erika's Ohio wedding shower was this month as well, and I had a great time at that hanging out with Megan.  :).

Looking forward to booking my plane ticket with Lucie to Costa Rica. Not sure when that will be yet, but the sooner the better.