Thursday, April 30, 2009

My Feet Hurt

Made the above for Kurt for dinner. Was really easy to make, quick, and tasted so much better than about quick meals. I added broccoli to it because i had some leftover from dinner last night. Kurt really liked it. I recommend! :).

Got more details on the Uganda trip today. The place sent me a detailed itinerary with the lodges we would stay at while on safari and they all look really, shall we say, different? It's funny that these places are considered "luxury" because some of my higher maintenance friends would be having a heart attack with these tented accomodations. I think it looks super fun though! Below are the places we would stay at on safari. Some of them for one night, some more. And, we have to pick places for before and after safari as well, as we will have two nights in Entebbe and one in Kampala.

Lake Mburo Luxury Tented Camp

Lake Kitandara Luxury Tented Camp

Mweya lodge

Primates Lodge

Paraa Lodge

Had court all morning, and then got some filings done at the court since we were there. Long day as well, we did not get out of the office until around 7:00 p.m. or so. Kurt met with a woman on a really interesting case tonight. We will have to see if she hires us or not, but it could be very lucrative and very interesting. We will see though.

Julia passed the Texas bar! Woo hoo! I knew she would. She is a super genius and bar expert, this being her third bar exam in three years (MI, CA and now TX). Congrats Julia! :). Stacey at work found out two of her friends did NOT pass, taking the bar for the SECOND time. OMG, I would freak. I feel badly for them, that would suck so badly. All that schooling, then you can't pass the test to get to practice law. Ugh. All my friends passed, luckily, so I did not have to not gloat about my passing, LOL.

I am exhausted, so I am going to close here.......

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Life and Such

Had a massage tonight. I almost moved the appointment because I have not gotten any headaches at all recently, and I felt fine. Yea, once I got there and she started working on me, I realized I am still all effed up. Freaking stress. LOL. The massage was really good though, and I got to talk to my mom a little bit on the way home, which was nice.

This week has been pretty busy so far. Nothing too exciting. I am getting slightly annoyed by the amount of bills we have pouring in right now. It seems like this time of the year, every year (around tax time really), we have a lot of non-normal expenses due, like malpractice insurance, taxes, IRA contribution requirements, trees for our yard, etc. It's insane. Plus, I want to send in the deposit for our Uganda trip, which is only 30% but still. AARGH. I will be happy for this month to be over so I can start building up our accounts again. I truly despise the IRS.

The Tigers are annoying me right now. And, I hate the Yankees. HAHA.

I have really been researching Uganda hardcore and my book arrived today, so I have been reading that as well. I am getting more and more excited about this destination. Oh, the pictures I will take! :).

We are actually attending the Jefferson Honors Night this year and handing out our scholarship. This is the 5th year we have had it, and we have not, for one reason or another, been able to attend and hand it out and the school just does it for us. This year, we can go! I have to figure out what to say. I imagine that I will speak, since I am on the school board and all.......We also doubled the award this year, and the girl getting it will actually get some use of the money because she is going to community college. $1000 at U of M or whatever does pretty much nothing. I think that pays for like 2 credits? Maybe? Anyway, it will be great to attend and I can't wait!

I am so jealous of jessica! She is going to Orlando this weekend to see family and is going to my fav outlet mall. Sigh. I totally should go with her, but I can't because I have a bunch of plans this weekend.

To bed I go......

Jerk of the Week

I am sorry, but I totally think Mel Gibson is an ass.

I understand people cheat. I understand people get divorced. I understand people start new relationships. I get it.


After 20+ years and all those kids, do you really need to "step out" with your girlfriend less than 2 weeks after the filing of your divorce? To a major Hollywood event? Shame on you, Mel, for embarassing your children and your wife, and most of all, yourself. I can't believe the girlfriend would even appear in public with him right now either. Class is exuding from those two, let me tell ya......

And Mel? Your new girlfriend looks like a tramp and you look old enough to be her grandfather.

It's funny to me because it kinda proves my point just a little bit with the folk who talk the religion talk, but then don't walk the religious walk. Just sayin'.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday in the 80s

Another beautiful day in Monroe County!

Slept in a little bit, then got up to make my mac and cheese for Easter dinner at Auntie's...late, I know, but I was in Manistee for actual Easter day. Headed over there, had dinner, saw everyone, played some cards with my Dad. It was fun. I had a salmon burger, with mac and cheese and baked beans. Yum. Made Kurt and I breakfast this morning too--cheesy red pepper scrambled eggs, with Morningstar sausage and toast. I was a cooking machine today, haha. Loved driving with the top down all the way to Canton. Came home and no idea what got into me, but I cleaned the laundry room and put away some laundry, switched laundry over (which really needed to be cleaned and organized) then cleaned my bathroom counters and make-up drawers which really needed to be organized. I have to say it's really sad how much make-up I have. I was going to count but did not. I have so many eye liners it's incredible, LOL. Have a lot of eye shadow as well, and way too many lip glosses and sticks. The only thing I am reasonable about is mascara, since it goes bad so quickly I dont like to have more than one on hand and am sold on DiorShow anyway. I guess the upside is I do use most of it. Also, spent some time outside hanging with Oscar and watching the birdies, who I fed. They are eating a LOT right now, have to fill the feeders daily, and we have LARGE feeders.

Still trying to decide on a hotel for London. Have no idea what my issue is. They are not cheap there, and while I don't want a hostel, I also do not want to pay $500 per night for a hotel, so I am trying to find a happy medium. Since I have never been there, I dont really know what area we would like and would be the best for seeing everything we want to see. I am leaning toward this place in Notting Hill called K West, that I read about in my Fodor's book. Going to make a decision this week for sure! I sadly will prob send in the deposit on Uganda before I make a decision on a stupid hotel for London. I am normally NOT indecisive and hate how I am being this way. Oh well.....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Easy Meal

Just made Kung Pao Ahi Tuna. I bought this meal in a box today, and the directions said to add chicken. I substituted in Ahi Tuna. Anyway, it was AWESOME. The only reason I bought it was I had a coupon and thought it looked interesting. I will be trying some of the other varieties soon.

Highly recommend. Yum. If you go to the website above, you can get a coupon for $1 off your next purchase. I will be printing off several, ;).
Go Tigers!

Summer Weather, Spring Days....

The weather has been gorgeous here the past few days. Yesterday, we left the office about a half hour early and headed home to enjoy the 80 degree sunny weather. Kurt took the dogs for a walk on the property (our land is really muddy right now and I hate getting dirty so I did not join them), and I pulled out one of my lawn chairs and read my US Weekly that had just come in the mail. It was nice just to be outside. However, I must have been tired because I came in the house and proceeded to fall asleep for 3 hours. Whoops.

Got up this morning and headed to the eye doctor for my yearly appointment that they force me to have or they will not turn over my contacts. Bastards. Nothing with my prescription changed, so I bought my contacts and left. New thing which was kewl, they offer a discount for AAA members! It was only like $17 off, but I will take it! Went to the grocery store next since we had NOTHING, or close to it, in the house. Saved over $12 with coupons I cut out, and even more with store sales. I stopped at the fresh fish counter and asked if they had tuna, since there was none in there and they did in the back! Whoot! I wanted to make fish tacos, and tonight, I am going to make this Chinese dish I found at the grocery store, but use Tuna instead of chicken or beef as the recipe calls for. We then went to the pond store to get fish and turtle food for the pond, then went to the tree nursery because we are going to buy trees to line the driveway (I think Kwaanzan Cherry and maybe Bradford pears), went to Lowe's to buy dirt, then to Tractor supply to buy bird food and suet.

Home now watching the draft and hoping the Lions make some good picks.......Need to go work out as I have been super busy this week and slacking on that front. Also need to do some laundry and cleaning, but am liking this chilling and enjoying the weather more than doing housework.......

Wishing safe travels to all the people I know who are out of town! Misty is in Vegas, Stacey is in Phoenix, and Rebecca is visiting Lea in Ohio! It's an out of town kinda weekend I guess!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Question of the Day

If you were to have twins today, a boy and a girl, what would you name them? First and middle names required.**

**You can name them after you freak out about having twins with no prior notice. ;).

Power of Positive Thinking

Power of Positive Thinking.


We took the entire office out yesterday for Administrative Assistant's Day. It was really nice. We let Kory and Misty pick the place, so we had Mexican......Love going out with the whole office. That night, Misty, Jessica and I went to Pure NV for pedicures. So, my toes are now Spring ready! Which is good, since it is going to be 80 degrees here tomorrow, supposedly. Yay. I heart nice weather. It makes me happy. It wasa Misty's first pedicure ever, so we were laughing at her because she was overly excited about everything, asking questions, etc. The girl there must have been amused by us, because our conversation ranged from work to penises to gossip to orgasms...... After the pedicures, we all went to Pete's Place in Taylor for dinner. Love those girls....It is so nice to work with people you actually like and can be friends with as well. It makes a really stressful job a lot easier to deal with.

Today, it was nice to be in the office all day. We sent Stacey and Jessica to court this morning, which meant we could both be in the office. I got a bunch of paperwork cleared off my desk and could have gotten more if i had not had so many appointments in the office. Left work and stopped at the grocery store since none of my pets had food in the house with the exception of what was in their bowls. Now everyone, including the strays outside, are fully stocked, ;). Had a board meeting tonight that went way too late and am now watching the Tigs.

So, nothing exciting, but wanted to post a quick update! hugs.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where to Next Haskells?

Well, I bought this book tonight.

Which makes it pretty obvious where our December trip this year is going to be to--Uganda. I can't freaking wait. I have already been researching safari companies, looking at the Tripadvisor boards for advice. We knew we wanted to do somewhere in Africa or Borneo, and I am letting Kurt pick the specfics. He really wants to do gorilla trekking, and since they are endangered, the only place to really do that is in Uganda, Rwanda or the Congo. And the Congo is out because it is too dangerous right now. Uganda looked the most diverse.

This tour is one that is very much what we want to do. There is a chimp orphanage that i really want to go to as well, so I am going to see if we can add that on to the beginning or the end of the trip. The flight is like, UGH, 18 hours, but on a positive note, it is 6 hours shorter than Borneo! :). Basically, you fly through Amsterdam. If I had more time, I would add Amsterdam onto the trip, but I don't like to be away from the pugs and Persian for too long.

An attorney friend of ours was asking kurt about the Galapagos, because she had heard through another attorney that we had gone there. I called her and referred her to my travel agent, and sent her my trip report and pics, and at court today, she told me that they are FOR SURE going, after looking at my pics. :). Glad i talked someone else into going, as it is such an amazing place and my pictures do not even do the place any justice at all.

so, work has been insanity these past two days. I don't even remember the days I was so slammed. Today, I had court this morning. Came back to the office and did, oh, I don't even know how many appointments. Before I knew it, it was 7 p.m. and we were leaving the office. Ugh.

I have a list, in my head since I dont have time to write it down, of like a million things I need to do. I need to reschedule our doctor appointment with the travel doctor that I totally missed on Monday. No idea how I missed it since it was obvious in my calendar, but I did. I never miss anything. we are getting the third shot in a series in one of the Hep shots and we are DONE. I need to ask her about Uganda though and see if there is anything new. I know we need malaria pills, and you have to show proof of the Yellow Fever Vaccine to enter the country (which we have), but other than that, no idea. I also need to make Kurt an orthodontist appointment, need to grocery shop and get to SAMS Club desperately. We have like NO groceries in the house. I am out of paper towel, almost out of toilet paper, out of canned cat food, just used the last of the dog food.....have no diet caffeine in the house, am out of Propel, out of like every one of Kurt's snack foods......almost out of laundry detergent. Have no fish in the house at all to make grilled fish with. It's seriously pathetic. I also need to buy my mac and cheese ingredients because I am making that for a family dinner on Sunday. I did somehow make my eye doctor appointment, but only because I have NO contacts left (they had to give me a pair to tide me over), and my appointment is overdue (was supposed to go for checkup in Novemmber 08). I know I am forgetting a LOT of things I need to do, they will come to me......

Anyway, off to bed. Have court in the morning and need some sleep.

Question of the Day

What is your favorite clothing/accessory website?

Beauty/beauty product website?

Fav discount website?

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend in Review

So, Saturday morning, i headed out to Sears to pick up a pair of contacts they gave me to tide me over until my appointment next Saturday. Thanks, Sears! :). Then, I headed to my hair appointment in Toledo at David's. Got there and had my brows done, then highlights, then cut. With my highlights, since summer is coming, I had her continue with the lowlights of red, but had her put in slightly blonder highlights. For cut, I had her cut about an inch off the back. I have sideswept bangs now, but I wanted some depth on the other side as well, so I had some shorter layers cut into the other side. Hard to explain, but I really like how it came out. Also bought some Redken shampoo and conditioner (they had buy one, get one free) and some stuff to protect my hair from heat, since I have been blow drying my hair more often and using that new curling/dryer thing my Mom told me to buy. After that, headed home and did some stuff around the houses, then got ready for dinner. Get this....I wore capri pants, a short sleeved sweater and heeled sandals to dinner! first time of the year in capris. Loved it. Anyway, had dinner at PF Chang's with Cassie and Ken and their nephew who is staying with them. As always, had an awesome time with them. Ken is preparing for a murder trial next week, so we may drop in and watch some.

Today, I slept in some then decided to try and get some things done around the house. There were so many odds and ends up pick up (Kurt has a tendency to just leave things everywhere), did some laundry, mopped a little bit.....cleaned in the kitchen. Decided to leave most of the floors though because Kurt and Kory have been planting trees in the mud, then just tracking everything through the great room, and I am not going to keep cleaning it over and over. Rebecca came over then, and we headed to the mall to randomly walk around. I bought a sparkling water! Big spender me! hahaha. Went to Pete's Garage after that for dinner and watched the Tigs win. Woo hoo! ;). Spent the rest of the night working out, watching part of W, and doing more laundry.

It's so nice to not have to work all weekend. This having added employees is starting to pay off some! Yay!

Question of the Day

What religion were you raised in, if any?

What religion do you practice now, if any?

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Question of the Day

When you retire, where would you live if you could choose anywhere, not taking price into consideration?


We are watching TV and whatever news show we are watching just showed this women, who is a howler monkey biologist. Seriously, how kewl is that? OK, the show is called Wild About Animals and they are talking about Belize. Now they are talking about crocs. But, I was about in tears because I miss being in Central America and that woman has my dream job. Her sole research every day is tracking and watching the behavior of the howlers...I could do that all day. How awesome. What sucks about her job is she makes, ummm, nothing. :). I guess there are pros and cons to every job out there, and sadly, the ones I would truly love to do are not high paying. Ugh. Once we move there someday, I will just do that kinda stuff for fun, and photograph the animals on my own property. Yay!

Last night, we went to Dolce for sushi, and Kory came with us. He went in saying he wanted something mild since he had some kind of flu this week, and ended up with mussels and a spicy tuna roll. I guess he forgot the mild part? Kurt and I had our norm, miso soup and the Sammy Davis Roll. Yum. I ordered a drink, which I guess does not happen often, because Kory says "Hell has officially frozen over!" LOL. My drink was called a Melonball. It contained midori, apple pucker, smirnoff, 7-up, orange juice, and lime. Yum. Came home and started watching the Tigers, but went to bed before it was over because I was mad at Justin Verlander for SUCKING, and I think the alcohol knocked me out. I am such a lightweight with the drinks......

**Pic above is the proof.....

I forgot to post that two nights ago, Kurt and I were in the backyard with the pugs, and refilling the bird feeders. Anyway, we were standing on the backporch and Kurt says "look back there". Near the back of our yard, 12 deer were running across the border of our property! Pretty kewl! We have never seen more than 2 deer in the yard before.

Well, I need to finish getting ready to leave....have a hair appointment in Toledo at 1230 and need to run a couple errands before that. Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The End


I just finished watching The Gilmore Girls. The entire series. I never saw this show when it was actually on the air. No idea why. I guess my normal life is too crazy to have the time to watch a show every week when it is on, so I tend to steer away from series. I started it on 8/1/08 and watched all seasons, ending today, 04/16/09. So I guess it took me 8 months, 15 days to watch it all! Seven years of TV in 8 months! I rock! haha.

But, I loved it. So much. I feel like I have lost a friend or something with it ending, LOL.

I literally cried through the entire last three episodes, on and off. And now, even though the show is fiction, I am dying to know what happens with all the fictitious characters. Whomever wrote this show is a freaking genius.

Amazing show. The characters are incredible and all the plotlines kept my attention. Rory and Lorelei really remind me of me and my Mom, I think. Maybe that's why I like it so much! :).

Anyway, off to finish my laundry. And to figure out what series I need to watch next! I do have half a season of The L Word to finish (Season 5) and I might start The Hills. so many people i know are addicted, so it can prob be my next addiction, LOL. I need something to make working out fun, right?


They arrived! I finally have a pair of blue heels that fit right, seem comfy, and are super cute! Hooray! My blue suit and blue dress pants will be thrilled! :). They came in a super cute box too!

**posting these pics per the request of Melanie.....hehe.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Question of the Day

If you *had* get a tattoo (or like, you would be killed or something, meaning your response here cannot be that you would like get a tattoo), what would you get, and where would it be?

Want of the Week

I really, really, really, really want these shoes. However, they are priced more than what I will pay for shoes. Thus, I will wait for a sale and a coupon combined and buy them at some point in my life. LOL. They would look super cute with ALL my suits.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuna Melt=Love

Busy, busy day. I hate tax time, LOL. I had to go make a huge freaking deposit into my IRA, and of course, we owe on taxes. Ugh. Way too much money leaves my accounts in April.

Work was crazy busy on top of me having to drive to Southfield in the middle of the day to make the deposit. On a postive note, right next to TD Ameritrade was a Cosi! I begged Kurt to take me there for lunch and we had yummy tuna melts. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Best tuna melt of anywhere. The little things make me happy, LOL.

Question of the Day

What is your fav place you have been on vacation and why?

What is your dream destination to travel to, if cost was not a factor? Why?

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter in Manistee

I had a really nice Easter.

Left Friday night after work to Manistee and got there around 9:00 p.m., about 4 hours after I left, which was really good time considering I hit some traffic and stopped to get gas. Yay. Saw a beautiful sunset on the way, and as soon as I got there, Big Al's pizzza showed up about 2 minutes later with dinner. My Mom rocks. :). My Mom had picked up my nephew on Thursday because my sister had a migraine, so he was there hanging out with my Mom and Ronnie. He is the cutest baby ever. So, of course, I took advantage of that and took a ton of pictures, LOL. He is pretty used to the camera because my Mom is kinda picture crazy too.....I wonder where I get it from, haha.

Anyway, Friday night we ate dinner and watched a movie, Mamma Mia. I thought I would love it, and yea, it was pretty lame. Went to bed then, and got up the next morning to another day of Nick!

Heidi called me and came over with Lanessa, who is super adorable too. Her and Nick are only about 2.5 weeks apart in age. Anyway, the two babies had a blast playing together and I loved seeing Heidi who I have not seen in forever! She looked great, and Lanessa is a really sweet, laid back baby. We even watched Lanessa for a little bit while Heidi went grocery shopping. It was super fun. That night, Christie (my sister) and her family came over for Easter dinner and to get Nick! :(. Dinner was awesome, I had salmon and potatoes and veggies.....everyone else had ham. My Mom makes the best bbq salmon ever. Played with nick more, and ran to the store with my sister who had to pick up some last minute Easter stuff. Had to buy this thing my Mom had me try at her house for my hair, it's an awesome tool and was cheap at Rite Aid. Watched The Dreamer that night with my Mom and looked at the pics I had taken that weekend. Went to bed.....

Sunday, got up and ran an errand with my Mom, had breakfast, then headed home. Another 4 hour drive. I was sick of driving at the end of that drive. Ugh. Kurt showed me the trees him and Kory had planted (1000 pine trees) and we went to Easter dinner, haha, at Ruby Tuesday. Chilled the rest of the night.

Today was pure insanity at the office. Ugh. Hopefully, tomorrow is better! :).

Question of the Day

What's your "off the air" fav TV show?

What's your fav "on the air" TV show?

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Question(s) of the Day

Do people really think that putting pictures of fetuses and murder messages on bumper stickers on their cars is going to stop people from getting abortions? And, second, why do MEN think they should have ANY say over what a woman does with her body?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Question of the Day

Why can men go into store and buy a specific size of pants, EVERY TIME, but a woman can wear a size 2 at one store, and a size 8 at another store?

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Life Update

Seriously, my life has been a whirlwind this week. Missing that ONE day of work feels like i missed a week. Ugh.

Backtracking to last week. Jessica and I went to the Peking House on Thursday night for a dinner and bankruptcy seminar. The food was awesome, but the seminar was somewhat pointless. They gave us printouts of a slideshow, then the presenters literally read off the slides. Seriously people, I can READ. What's the point of reading slides to me? Explain things more in detail or I am not interested. We left early. I would rather sing 80s songs blaring on the radio and call my Mom then listen to someone read to me. So, I got home earlier than expected, which was nice.

Paul moved out of the office to his new office in Dearborn, so this weekend, Kory painted Stacey's office a color i picked out called Boston Fern. It turned out awesome, and she is all moved in there now, which is nice. I think she is happy to be in her own office finally. And now I am jealous, because I have the only office with no "real" color on the wall. Jessica and Kurt are different shades of blue, Stacey is green, Kory is burgundy! I want a color. No idea what though. I will have to think about it.

My new purse came! At first, I did not know what I thought of it. But, now I love it! It is bigger than I normally buy for a purse. Also, I did not know if the straps were long enough, but I figured out a way to change them. So, it is staying with me now. I am going to keep my Lill purse though because it is still in good shape and I am kinda attached to it, since I designed it and all.

I am off to Manistee tomorrow to visit my Mom. I am going to be there a really short time, which sucks. But, I will get there late Friday and stay until prob early afternoon Sunday. I am going to try and spend as much time possible playing with Nick and taking pics of him. My Mom picked him up today from my sister's. Yay! He is walking all over the place now, and I can't wait to see that and kiss him! :). My Mom said when they take him outside and put shoes on him, he acts like he has weights in his feet and walks really funny. hehe.

Off to try and get some more laundry done. If I don't post again before Easter, hope everyone has a nice holiday! :). If you don't celebrate easter, hope you have a nice weekend!

Question of the Day

Why aren't there dinosaurs in the Bible?

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Niagara and Toronto Trip Report

We left Friday night from the house at around 600 p.m. Stopped for gas and a snack, and drove straight there the rest of the way. Got to the hotel, the Fallsview Plaza Hotel. Checked into our room, which was with a view of the Falls. Could not see much at night though, LOL. Were starving, so headed to Eastside Mario's for dinner, which was conveniently located in our hotel. Had dinner, and the service was awesome. Walked across the street to check out the casino for a few minutes. Casino looked really nice, but we were exhausted, so we came back to the room and went to sleep.

Got up with a list of things I wanted to see and do! :). We got our car and headed first to a bird aviary called Bird Kingdom. Loved this place. The birds were gorgeous, and they had some reptiles too! I held this huge boa, and Kurt refused to, haha. They would not allow pics while holdding the snake, so I have no evidence, but, I did it! Next, we headed to the Butterfly Conservatory, which was beautiful. So many different kinds of butterflies. It was awesome to take pics of them. I could seriously spend an entire day in the conservatory just taking pictures. Gorgeous.

We then headed to eat at this place called Taco N Tequila. Was NOT impressed. It may have been the worst nachos I have eaten in my life. And the service was kinda lame. But, whatever! :). Moving on. Took the car back to the hotel, and started off on a walk to the Falls, which was only a couple blocks from our hotel. Walked along the Falls, taking pics. Then, we decided to do the tour called Journey Behind the Falls. You take this elevator down behind the Falls, and get to see the Falls from behind. It was pretty incredible being that close to the Falls and seeing and feeling them so close. After that, headed to get the car and to Ripley's Believe it Or Not, a favorite Kurt attraction.

It was really kewl as well, and we had fun reading about all the weird stuff. We then headed back to the hotel for a quick nap before heading out for dinner. Chilled in the room, then headed out to watch the State game. We went to this place called Boston Pizza. Had a blast there. The food was AWESOME, State won, and we got to play all these fun arcade games after the game and dinner. We played skee ball, football, basketball, trivia, etc. So fun. After that, we went through a funny Haunted House, where Kurt kept scaring me....bad Kurt. haha. Headed to the casino next, but it was really busy and we were not having luck getting on a poker table. So, we played some slots, where I doubled my money! Kurt lost, so we did not end up ahead though. No biggie. Went to sleep exhausted after a long day....

Next day, we packed up and headed to Toronto. Texted with Katie on the way, and headed to the hotel to wait for her to get there and give us a Katie City Tour! Love tours from the natives. :). Our hotel was super modern and Lori-like. Loved the room. We were upgraded to a city view room as well, which was kewl. Katie got there and we headed out to lunch. She took us to this awesome burrito place called Burrito Boyz. I would kill for this place in Michigan. Such a fabulous lunch place. I had a halibut burrito and it was AWESOME. After that, we toured like a MILLION places in Toronto. Best tour ever. We saw Chinatown, the Indie area, the Distillery District, the Indie area, Kensington market, Woodbine Beach, Trinity Bellwoods park....Then we headed to Little Italy for dinner at Cafe diplomatico and had yummy pasta. Went to the hotel after that as we were exhausted.

Slept in, then found a place to get massages at called Totto Spa and Salon. The place was really nice. The massage therapist was great as well. She beat me up, which is totally what I needed. They had a jacuzzi and sauna that Kurt used while I was getting my massage. After the massages, we had a rain shower, which I have never done before. Basically, you laid on these tables and water just poured on you. Totally relaxing. I now want one in my house. Kurt won't do it though. Meanie. :). After that, we headed to lunch at a place called Gabby's. The waiters there all had Australian accents. Headed to the Royal Ontario Museum. Gorgeous place. Prob my fav part was the dinosaurs and the Africa section. We then headed to the game at the Rogers Centre. The stadium is gorgeous. And thankfully, indoors, since it was COLD and snowing by this time. Our seats were incredible. 9th row, right between the Tigers dugout/behind home plate. The Tigers lost horribly, but we had an awesome time. The Candian Tenors sang both anthems at the start.

Drive home was horrible. Blizzard the entire way, until we hit MI. Got home at 2, and lucky us, had court at 840 a.m. and a trial at 10:00 a.m.! :). Won my hearing, and Kurt is doing well at the Trial too, so all is good.

That's about it. Click here to see all the pics. Hope everyone else had a nice weekend.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Quick Update

Just wanted to leave a quick post and tell everyone that we are having a really nice time thus far on our Canadian weekend getaway! :). We got to Niagara in about 4 hours (shaved an hour and a half off the Mapquest estimate). The GPS was awesome, I am so glad it has Canada on there. We have been in Niagara until right now--we are about to finish packing up and move onwards to Toronto and the Tigers game! :). Also, get to see Katie!

I have taken lots of pictures (shocker, I know). The Falls are gorgeous, and I think I appreciate them a lot more now than I did when I was like 8 and came here with family. We have an awesome view of them from our room.

Anyway, will update more and do a full trip report later....

Go State! (we watched the game last night, BTW, which I almost thought might not be possible because I think Canadians only like hockey, LOL).

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

My Next Love, As soon as the Package Comes....

I have been eyeing this purse forever! It is Cole Haan, and regular price (cough) $425.00. Which basically means I would never buy it because that's pretty much insane for a handbag. BUT. It was recently put in the Outlet sction of the site. AND, AND! Today, the site has 30% off Outlet prices AND free shipping!
So, it was ordered. I figure, I have not bought a purse in over a year, so I can splurge a little bit. Plus, I saved over $250.00 with the purchase, so instead of spending money, I SAVED it? Right? I am blaming it on Jessica, because she told me to buy it. haha.