Thursday, December 29, 2005

Home From Paradise

I'm home, I'm home! But need to relax and will post about the trip later. Hope everyone had a great holiday!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Off to the Land of Relaxation

Well, to everyone that reads my blog, I am DONE with finals. Yay. What a stressful couple weeks. And of course, the last final was the hardest, so I left the school with this feeling of uneasiness. But, no worries, I always do this and always do fine.

We are leaving today at noon for Hawaii! Staying on Maui and then the Big Island, so I will probably not post much, if any. I will have the computer, but am guessing I will be too tired to post by the time we get to the room each night. I can't wait, although what's pathetic is we have a MILLION things to do before we leave.

Including packing. I need to get off here right now to do that.

Hope you all have a fabulous holiday!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

New TV and Interview Process

So, we went this weekend and got a new TV and it is beyond kewl. We got it at my fav TV store in Monroe called Rex. Click here to see it. I can't wait until it is delivered after vacay. Don't ask why we needed another one, we just wanted something different for the great room. The way the TV is now is a pain because the pugs try and get behind it, get into fights (playing) and rip the cords out of the wall and it drives me bonkers. So, we are getting one where it is impossible for them to do that (bigger TV).

Started interviewing for the office this weekend. Interviewed a girl that we liked, but we are going to wait and see who else sends in resumes from our ad this weekend. Last time we did this, we had SOO many applicants. We will interview more when we get back from vacay and make a decision by the start of the year.

Anyway, gotta get back to the endless studying, just needed a break.

Thursday, December 15, 2005


Today is 'little' Vito's birthday. He is 2 years old. I can't believe he is a grown up pug today. He still acts like a baby though, ;). Usually, on the pugs b-days, they get to go on a car ride, and go through the McDonald's drive thru for either french fries (frenchies fries to a pug) or ice cream (creamies to a pug). But since the weather is horrendous here today and we barely made it up the driveway in the Jeep, we decided to hold off on Vito's celebration until tomorrow.

We love you Vito! Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Crunch Time

So, I am in the computer lab waiting for my next exam to start. It is at 615, but I had to get down here really early to pick up another exam that is a take home. So, I studied some more, but now I am surfing the net until I have to walk over to the classroom.

Had my first exam last night, Taxation. It was not as hard as I thought it would be, which makes me happy. I think my Accounting background really helps me out in there. Tonight, I have Alternative Dispute Resolution which I am hoping is really easy. I picked up Family Law today, and then Monday and Tuesday I have Insurance Law and Sports Law. Yippy. Not.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Cold Little Pug

Ever since the weather has gotten really cold, poor little Gretel does not want to play outside with the other pugs. I open the door to let her outside and she cringes and runs away from the cold air. Today, I went outside with her and she came out for a second. While I was watching the other pugs, I turned around and saw Gretel literally shaking next to the door.

So, although Kurt and I are not normally dog clothing kinda people, I decided to order Gretel a coat and some booties for playing outside. She looks all depressed when Oscar and Vito go outside and she is all cold and lonely, :).

Of course, if I order her clothes, she has to be stylish. Therefore, Gretel will be sporting a faux mink black coat and little purple booties.

Pictures to come of Gretel modeling once the stuff comes in the mail. Hopefully, the stuff makes it more bearable for her playing outside with her brother and sister.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Best and Worst of Fall 2005

This part of the semester is the best and the worst, all rolled into one.

I love being 'done' with classes. No more lectures, no more going to class EVERY night until 9:00 p.m., no more reading assignments, no more being called on in class.....

But, at the same time, now I have exams. One test that basically equals your grade for an entire semester of work. Every semester I freak out, and every semester I do fine. But I still freak out, it's just how I am, LOL.

This year I have four in-class exams, and one take home. I have not had a take home exam, but frankly, I am looking forward to it. We have 5 days to write the exam, so I can work on it in between studying for the last two. And the breakup of the exams is great as well. My first two (on Tues and Wed) are one hard/one easy, then my last two (the following week on Mon and Tues) are one hard/one easy.

I still can't believe I have to take exams so late in December. I should be packing for Hawaii, but instead, I have to study and work up until we leave on the 21st. That will be such a reward for all my hard work this semester. I can't wait to see volcanos and waterfalls and do nothing but relax and explore the islands.

So, anyway, back to studying! Tax and Alternative Dispute Resolution, what fun!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Let it Snow--I Hate Michigan

This week has been fun so far. Got to see my Mom and Ronnie on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. They came down and were staying at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Farmington Hills. So, I went over there both nights and got to see them, and my cousins Thomas, Ashley and Carolyn, and my Aunt, my Uncle. We played Racko and Boggle and helped Carolyn with her homework (which she hates to do, LOL).

My Mom and Ronnie bought me this perfect tray for my sunroom at Pottery Barn. They also got Kurt a kewl portable tool carrier, some sports books (for his collection) and a Poison Greatest Hits CD. can't wait to put that in the car. Yay. I love 80s music! :).

We moved around the garage after work today. I have been parking the Saturn outside, but keep complaining because I HATE removing snow from my car in the mornings. Kurt has the tractor and attachments in the spot where my car should go, and the two Porsches take up the rest of the garage because they are stored. And of course, Kurt parks the Jeep (which he drives) in the garage. So, he moved everything so my car fits again. I went out and put the winter charger on the Porsche and the cover on the spyder. Then Kurt brought my new mirror for the upstairs bathroom in the house and upstairs. We are actually getting some things done, shocking!

Started doing my Xmas cards too.

Anyway, need SLEEP. We have to get up early for work since there is supposedly going to be like 8 inches of snow on the ground.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Some Things REALLY make me mad

This article makes me want to vomit:

Click here.

And what a wonderful, loving activity to take part in with your children, killing defenseless animals. I am sure these kids will grow up to be nonviolent and productive members of society. "For fun, little Johnny, we are going to go out in the woods and kill things." And at home "No, little Johnny, you can't kill puppies or hit your little sister." Nothing like a mixed message and confusing a kid.

I will never understand the thrill people get out of hunting. I guess it is the same thrill murderers get out of killing people. To me, there is no difference.

Oh, what FUN, and what skill you have, Mr. Hunter! You can take a rifle, HIDE in a freaking tree, and shoot an animal that is simply living it's life. I wish I had your intellect and extreme talent!

And please, I would appreciate if nobody leaves comments telling me what the pros of hunting and killing are, because I am not biting, ;).

OK, I am done venting. :).

The Little Things That Make Us Happy.....Or That Make our Husbands Happy....

Went to the Lions game today. The Lions are SO awful. I was hoping something new would happen since they fired their coach. But since every fan knows the
real problem was not the coach, but the GM and the owners, I should have not gotten my hopes up at all though. One thing that made the game more amusing is the crowd was really rowdy. There were people getting kicked out everywhere for being obnoxious, getting into fights, holding up signs they should have not had. It was freakin hilarious.

Despite the loss, Kurt had a great time at the game. He always complains at the Lions games because Ford Field does not do a good job with showing the scores of other games on their scrolling scoreboards. But, today, with his new phone (I wrote about it yesterday), I literally think he was in 'heaven'. He spent the entire day watching the game and checking scores on the Internet. It greatly amused me that one simple piece of technology could make going to the Lions game so much better of an experience for him, LOL.

Came home, made dinner, and am now getting ready to watch my weekly shows, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Phone Like Kerry's Proves my Theory

When I first met Kurt, he had barely used a computer, did not really care about advanced technology (or at least, did not feel the 'need' to own it), and thought cell phones were pointless if one had a home phone.

Boy, have things changed in the last 9 years!

Slowly, over the past 9 years, Kurt has become technology obsessed. We got a computer during his first year of law school so he could type his papers, and got dial up internet as well. This was in Lansing. We also got our first cell phone. Then, when we moved to Taylor, we got a cable modem. I think it was in Taylor that Kurt started to become 'spoiled' with technology. If he had to go someplace and use dial up, he acted tortured and like the world may come to an end. Now, at the Newport house, we got our first laptop. And wireless internet. So, now, Kurt can sit in the living room and use the internet, while watching TV and using a cell phone. When we go on vacation, he TAKES his laptop so he can have access to it, if he 'needs' it.

Oh, also, when we first met, we had basic cable. That has not escalated into DISH Network with HBO, Cinemax, and various sports packages that he "needs". HA. I can currently watch any and all college football, college basketball, and NBA games. I know more about obscure football teams from towns nobody else has heard of then I ever desired to know. ;). I guess it's good for future trivia games with friends.

Today was really the day I realized my husband has become a tech junkie. To set the background, over Thanksgiving, Kurt went to a small town near Green Bay to visit his Dad and other family members. His family did not have Internet, and also did not have DISH network and all the sports channels. He constantly called me to check game scores and find out other things online for him. He came back and acted like he really, truly suffered. He proclaimed he is never going ANYWHERE again if he does not know ahead of time that the area has internet for him to use.

I found this somewhat ridiculous (even though I myself and online and like checking my email, I can live without it on vacation or while visiting family, and I am supposed to be the one who is more tech savvy in this relationship). So, I told him that there are cell phones you can get now that have wireless Internet anywhere in the country on them. He was extremely interested, so I went to Cingular today (our provider) and talked to the salespeople. I bought a new phone, and the rest is history. Click here to see the phone. It is the Treo 650. I emailed my friend Kerry about this and found out SHE HAS THE SAME PHONE.

Since Kerry and Max always have the latest and greatest tech stuff before anyone else does, I think this proves my theory about Kurt. He has truly gone off the deep end and there is no turning back. What started out as my teaching Kurt to even turn on a computer has turned my husband into a tech obsessed freak. Sigh. LOL. This teaches me to teach Kurt ANYTHING**.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

**One positive thing about this new purchase is that I get to use the phone the most. Kurt is going to use it on occasion on vacation or whatever, but in the meantime I get a really awesome new phone that is like the best thing on the market right now! Yay! And I can blame it all (and the cost) on Kurt!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

I have not posted in forever, I really need to get back in the habit of posting every day. We have been really busy, and I have just wanted to go to bed as soon as I get home from school about every night.

Finals are coming up for school. I have 5 finals, between December 13 and December 21. Blah. I hate finals. The entire semester comes down to one grade on one test. Nothing like a little stress to add to the rest of my stress.....

I had a great Thanksgiving weekend. On Friday, I had dinner with my Aunt at PF Chang's. I have always wanted to go there, but the wait is always like 3 hours without a reservation. I had Sichaun From the Sea Shrimp and it was awesome. Saturday, Julia and I went shopping at Somerset and at Oakland Mall. Had dinner that night with my Dad, Grama and Aunt for Thanksgiving, which was nice. Sunday, I went to Marla's baby shower. I got to play a ton with Bodie who is SO smart for his age. He knows all his colors already. Also got to see Kerry who I have not seen in forever. She has baby names down to two--Nora and Emma. But with her and Max, that could be changed again by the time the baby is born! ;).
I finally found a coat I loved online at JCrew, so I ordered it. Once it arrived, I changed my mind. It just did not fall right on me. Boo hoo. Now I have to send it back.
I so need a massage. Maybe I will try and get one after work tomorrow or on the weekend.