Thursday, April 28, 2005

Dancin' in Baltimore....

Saw Hairspray at the Masonic last night. It was great, but very different from the movie. I still like the movie better, but the show was very good. Usually, I don't run into anyone I know at the shows, but I ran into my friends, Tammy and Tom! It was nice to see them.....They had really good seats like us, but on the exact opposite side of the theate. Before the show, I had a make-up class for Advanced Bankruptcy....It was a great class, we got to have dinner at Traffic Jam with the Prof. I wish all my classes were out some place, instead of at the school, LOL. We basically did not talk about class whatsoever.
We were busy the past two days at work too. I feel like the days are flying by and I can't ever get everything done.....Oh well. I guess it is good I am not bored, right? :). Went today and picked up the Spyder from the shop, it was getting an oil change and valve adjustment. The place we took it to is awesome, the people were really nice. On the way home, it was hilarious. Some guy saw Kurt driving the car (he was also driving a Porsche). He literally followed us to our house to ask Kurt about the Spyder. That car gets insane attention. It's so odd. Went to Meijer and took back our pop cans. We had almost $60 of them in the garage. I obviously do not take them back very often, LOL. Picked up some groceries as well. Came home and have not done much else.

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