Saturday, October 29, 2005

Day Off Insanity

Kurt and I took the day off today. Wow, I feel like I have never typed that before! Oh wait, maybe that's because I have not! HAHA.

Anyway, we did go in for a couple minutes to tie up some loose ends. The rest of the day was awesome. I went to the spa to get a massage and pedicure. Then, I took my camera and went to the State Park again to walk a different trail and take more pics. Click here to see them. Also took some new ones of the pugs, click here to see those.

Went to dinner with Kurt, and that is ALL I DID! It was awesome.

Oh, I am also psyched because we booked our Xmas trip today and we are going to Hawaii! I can't wait! We are spending 4 days on Maui and 3 on the Big Island.


weblogz said...
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Cynthia said...

I am so glad for you! I know that you needed a break. You deserve it!
When are ya'll going to Hawaii? That would be awesome! I told Chris one of these days we are going to go somewhere like that.
I bet you are all rested up and ready for more huh?
If you are anything like me it doesn't matter how much time you take relaxing you are still tired and still need more!