Sunday, July 18, 2010

Busy, Busy

Had a busy week this week, and a pretty busy weekend as well!

Friday night, Kurt and I had dinner at Nick and Nino's, which was nice, as i was totally craving fish tacos. Relaxed the rest of the night.

Saturday, my Dad came over, and we all headed to the Tigers game in Cleveland at Jacobs Field (otherwise known as Progressive Field). It was HOT out. Over 90 degrees for the duration of the game, and our seats were in the sun (second row). I kept reapplying sunscreen and somehow managed to not get a sunburn, whoot. There was like nobody at the game, so my Dad and I moved back and forth between shade and our normal seats. Of course, after being in the sun from like 930 AM until 600 PM took it's toll on me and I ended up with a headache, but I too Excedrin and it was not overly horrible. I was zonked by the time we went to bed that night though. Click here to see pics.

Funny off note, we were driving on the toll road in Ohio and stopped to pay. Kurt took his seatbelt off so he could get his money out, and he paid. The lady gave him change, then told him to put his seatbelt on. Which he planned to do once we pulled away, but wanted to get out of the line of cars waiting to pay. We pulled up the gate and she REFUSED to open it until he put his seatbelt on! We could not believe it. I think Kurt would have been more of an ass about it if he would not have been in shock, as these toll booth workers do not have the right to hold us hostage because of that. They are not police officers. They have the right to suggest we wear our seatbelts, but not hold us hostage. I wrote a complaint letter to the Ohio Toll Commission. Crazy. Talk about power trips........

There was some drama at the game too, with our tickets, but I dont really want to go into it. We had four tickets from the rain out in May. Two, which were bought by us, and two, which were given to us by the people who were sitting in front of us. When it started raining, the people in frnt of us gave us their tickets and said, here, you can sit in our seats when the rain stops. Thus, we now have four original tickets. The game was rained out. So, we were like, kewl, we have four tickets to the makeup in July. We went on the Indians website, which clearly states you have to have the original ticket to get into the makeup, and they do not reprint tickets, etc. We then called (twice) the Indians box office to make sure ALL the tickets would work and the reassured us that all the tickets would work. So, we invited my Dad and went. Well, when we got there, our original tickets worked. but, the tickets we were given would not work. I guess the season ticket holders had somehow got them reprinted (even though this is not allowed and clearly on their website), and since they were reprinted, our tickets would not work. We were pretty mad about it, just based on principle, and the fact that we called twice and went on the website. They ended up making us buy a third ticket near our seats. Since the game was such low attendance, we all did get to sit together, but I would have even been more mad if we had to sit separately. I am going to write a complaint letter to the Indians as well this week. I think their PR people were HORRIBLE (the least they could have done is given us a free third ticket for our troubles). This has got to happen a lot with rainouts, and I think they need to put the truth on their website and educate the people in the box office more.

So, I guess you could say we had a lot of drama dished on us from the state of Ohio this weekend! I was thrilled to drive back over the border into Michigan! :).

Today, slept in, got up and headed into the Motion. I had to finish work on an Emergency Motion I need to file on Monday, and drafted a new divorce as well as a couple other Motions and filed some bankruptcy stuff as well, paid some bills. I can *kinda* see my desk now. Heh. We then went and bought fish food, stopped and bought bird food, and I went grocery shopping, which we really needed. Did a little laundry and dishes, and made dinner, worked out......

So, thought I would fill you in on a yummy frozen treat I have been LOVING latley.

Click here to see. These are Weight Watchers Cookies anc Cream bars, and OMG, so good! Also, two new diet pops I have been liking, Diet A&W Root Beer, and Diet Cherry Dr Pepper. Both sooooo good.

Oh! My new $6 shoes came in the mail on Friday and they are SOOOO cute. Click here to see them, however, this pic does not do this shoe justice. Love it and it seems to be comfy! I love this brand, I have like three pairs now, and I get complimented on them every time I wear them, so I am sure this pair will be loved by others as well. And since ideeli sold them to me for $6, I am psyched! I heart that site.

Busy week this week, with plans on Monday after work, and Tuesday after work, then Thursday, Rebecca and I leave for our girls trip to Manistee! So, if I am not posting, that would be why! Happy Sunday!

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