Sunday, January 22, 2012

Newt Gingrich, Breast Feeding and Healthy Choices

click here to read this funny article about why Newt Gingrich annoys me. And I am not posting this to say I support Obama in the next election, because I do not. Newt just terrifies me, LOL. Go Ron Paul! Or if I can't have my way with that one, go third party candidate.

And while we are on are things that annoy us and pet peeves, here are some topics that annoy me lately.

1. Societies obsession with breast feeding and breast feeding in public. OK, you are a Mom and you breastfeed. That's awesome if that is what you chose, and what works for you. It is not the ONLY way or the BEST way and it does not make you superior to Moms who do not breastfeed, nor does it make your baby's health superior. Some Moms cannot breast feed for one reason or another and some choose not to. Do yourself a favor and stop judging before you know the facts. I, for one, was not breast fed, and neither was my sister. We are both healthy, intelligent adults. In fact, i rarely get sick and have never been in the hospital for anything, so my Mom's choice to not breast feed did not lead me into an adulthood of being sick all the time like the articles one reads would lead you to think. No idea if I would breast feed or not, but I would make my decision based on what it best for me and my baby, and not because a doctor or moms out there pressured me into anything. Also, babies need to eat, so if a Mom is breast feeding in public, stop staring in disdain or muttering under your breath. It is a natural thing done to feed a child. So, stop acting like mothers are offending you by feeding their child. Just get over it people. Vent over.

2. Working out, different forms of eating. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE PEOPLE. Stop acting like your way of eating or working out is the superior way, or better than someone else's way. I wish everyone could just be happy for everyone else and their way of being healthy. I am a pescatarian. I try to eat healthy, which to me is low fat, high protein, low cal. My workouts consist of a lot of cardio (running, biking), and strength training (light weights, resistance bands , etc). This has worked well for me and has helped me lose 60 pounds and be in the best shape of my life. I wear a smaller size and have more muscle tone than I did in high school when I was in sports year round. MY way would not work for everyone. In fact, it may not work for most people. On the same note, YOUR way may not work for everyone and YOUR way is not better than mine. To each their own, right? The internet has just made it so much easier for everyone to judge everyone else far too harshly. I like to research different ways of living and eating and mixing them into my own. For example, I have friends who eat Paleo/Primal and I find it interesting because I like learning about other's lifestyles. I like how it takes processed foods out of your diet and focuses on being more natural, this is a diet goal of mine too. But, when I try to read up on it, the blogs are soooooo judgmental, almost condescending. People will ask valid questions and get snotty responses from the blog writers. Seriously. i am sure that attitude makes people see things YOUR way. Also, I don't care that your 10 minute video means you are done working out in 10 minutes and in amazing shape. I enjoy working out longer than that. It's a time of the day I get to zone out and not think. So, if I want to run 5 miles, please just let me do it, and don't tell me if I did your workout, I would be done in 10 minutes. less time does not necessarily mean better unless that was your goal to begin with. Not mine and not many others either.

3. How society is so complacent and just accepts everything the government says and does without question, especially if society believes that it is protecting us from alleged 'terrorism'. we now have laws that allow the government to imprison us for no reason. if they think we might maybe be a terrorist. Sigh. Ron Paul is the ONLY person running for president right now that sees a problem with this. well, of course. most politicians love control that is almost dictatorship like. Who wouldn't want to be the ruler of the World, right? Who would want to answer to the House and Senate, those pesky people there to make sure there are checks and balances in place, what a nuisance. LOL.

i think that's enough annoyances for the day. i am going to go work out, and hit my kickboxing bag while thinking of these annoyances, and having a great workout. What is annoying you lately? :). Happy Sunday!


Rebecca said...

I long for the day when we get to a three-party system. Don't think it will ever happen though.

And I love my 10 minute workouts :) Different strokes for different folks!

Lori Haskell said...

The difference is, you are not telling me I am stupid for running or working out differently than you (Or at least u dont say that to my face, LOL).

Andrea said...

Oh Lori, I loved this!

I breastfed Eli for 7.5 months and am breastfeeding Gabby now and I seriously cannot stand the haughtiness of nursing mamas. It's annoying and I hope to never be put in the same category as them. I feel like those mom who brag about breastfeeding make themselves out to be saints.."ooohhh. look at me. Look at the sacrifices I'm making for my baby. Look how much I love my baby." And then they make such a HUGE deal out of people who are uncomfortable with nursing in public and become victims. Don't even get me started on the recent nurse-in at Target last month. I seriously rolled my eyes at this.

About working out...I think the Internet and people spewing their opinions so freely really are annoying. I love how I eat and work out but don't find it appropriate to judge others. I don't go for 5 mile runs anymore but I can guarantee I will this summer for some alone time. People need to remember that the point of working out isn't always just to get a better body....some people actually LIKE the process of working out. And if that's be it :)

Katie said...

I hear you on #2!! I've been eating Primal, and I tell a lot of people about it. I try not to be too pushy, and I often find myself holding back, because I'm sure people are sick of hearing it from me LOL. But I hope I'm not coming across as judgmental. I'm super happy if anyone is doing anything at all to stay healthy and fit!

Lori Haskell said...

Katie, I love hearing about it, and learning about it and I am always asking Rebecca questions about it when we go out to eat and stuff. I'm sure you do not come across that way. I think it's all really interesting, learning what works for others.

Lori Haskell said...

Andrea, I loved your response! :). I love how you are a nursing Mom, but you are so kewl about it. Although, I always think you are totally openminded about everything, and it's awesome that has extended into your parenting. :).

Nancy V. said...

I soooo hear ya about #2!!

COL said...

Agree 100% on the breastfeeding and eating/workouts. Everyone has to do what is right for them.