Saturday, February 23, 2013

Past Two Weeks

Remembering to blog after a year of not blogging is hard!

I have been pretty busy though.  Right now, I am sitting on  the couch, with a sleeping pug named Vito at my side.

Last weekend was fun.  Friday night, we had dinner with our friends, Jill and Jarod, and Ron and got to meet his new girlfriend, Erika!  Ate at Dolce, and had an amazing time.  Food was awesome, as usual (I had their amazing crab cake salad which I highly recommend) and Kurt had sushi and soup.  I also had two drinks, which is rare since I almost never drink.  Anyway, the drink was called a "Smoretini" and was amazing.  Highly recommend.  Also, that weekend, my friend Jill and I went to a CABI Spring line viewing party at a friend's house (Kristy).  I loved most of the stuff, but really liked several items which I am going to picture below.  I want that tank BADLY and I love CABI colored skirts.  I have the yellow one and I get compliments on it every single time I wear it.  The jacket is really unique for work, and  I never thought I would like that sweater until I tried it on, but it is super cute and comfy.  And the t-shirt is just really different.  Nothing was for sale yet, as the line is not available yet, but we got to see everything coming out soon.  And, it was nice to see Kristy and Jill.

Had a nice KFASS meeting this week too at Black Pine Tree Sushi in Southgate.  I had two rolls that were different than I have ever had and both were awesome.  Being a lawyer is so much less stressful when I have girls to vent to about it who get it.

Last night, we went to my Uncle's in Farmington Hills as my Momma is in town!  :).  I bought some amazing cupcakes as we had a little bday celebration for her.  I had the cookie dough cupcake and yea......awesome.  It was so nice to see everyone as well.  My aunt made an amazing dinner or shrimp and salmon and salad.

I got two packages at the office today (the one positive of working on a Saturday).  One was two dresses I ordered from White House Black Market.  One of the dresses was soooo cute, but the sequins on it rub weird on my arm and I know it would drive me nuts.  The other dress is too short for me.  It would be better on an 18 year old, LOL.  Another package from ASOS and I liked most from that package.  I got a bunch of summery shirts (see below).  also got two dresses, but did not like either one so those are going back as well.

I also got a new pair of shoes in the male last week, which are really unique.  They seem comfy, but we will see after I wear them to court for a morning.
I reallllllllly want this purse for a vacation/travel/shopping bag, but I cannot find any coupons or it marked down, and we all know I will NOT pay full price for anything.  Once I find a coupon or it marked down on eBay or something, I will be all over it.

Have a wedding shower to go to for my cousin's soon to be wife, melissa.   Cant wait to see family there and see all the fun stuff she gets.  Have no idea what i am going to wear though, seeing the weather is so freaking cold here.  I hate winter in MI.  Cannot wait to move.......


Candice said...

That bag is adorable!

Lori Anne Haskell said...

And candice, right after I posted this, it got put on clearance on the kate spade site! Whoot!

Candice said...

It was meant to be!!