Monday, April 29, 2013

Two Weeks Update

I really have issues getting on here to update!

**Angie and I, in dressing rooms at the Loft, we both took in clothing, and both ended up trying on the same dress at the same time, not knowing the other one even had the dress in their room.  Hilarious.  We both bought it, by the way.

Anyway, last weekend, Angie and I headed to Niagara Falls, Canada, for a girls weekend.  We met three of my friends there, one from Philly (kelli), one from Buffalo (Charlene) and one from London, Ontario (Lisa).  we stayed at the Sheraton Four Points for free with Starwoods Points I had.  So, free hotel!  Whoot!  Angie and left the office early afternoon on Friday and made awesome time to Niagara.  We were the first to arrive and decided to work out while waiting for everyone to get there.  The gym at the hotel was not huge, but sufficient for us with cardio equipment and free weights.  Worked out, then showered, and everyone started to arrive.  It was cold out, so we decided to stay at the hotel for dinner and ate at Eastside Mario's.  Dinner was yummy, and we all hung out in one of the rooms and drank champagne Lisa brought the rest of the night, and stayed up late talking.

**Girls workout session.  Super fun, wish I had them to work out with all the time.

Day two, we decided to head to New York for some outlet shopping.  Buffalo has an awesome outlet mall.  We had a great time there.  I got some dresses at The Loft and a pair of shoes at the Coach outlet.  We then had dinner at Boston pizza, and headed to Margaritaville to hang the rest of the night, watching bad (and good) karaoke, and drinking.  Did some interesting shots.  Angie bought shoes at midnight on the way back to the hotel, LOL.

Day three, had breakfast and then came back to the States.  Awesome girls weekend, but too short!

**In the Tigers store, playing with the monkeys.  Ha.

Thursday, our office and our friend Ron's office bought a Suite for the Tigers game.  It was awesome.  The game was during the day so we all met there at game time.  Kory brought his girlfriend, and my Dad came as well.  We were thrilled to be in a Suite since it rained on and off during the game.  Tigers lost, but we all had an awesome time.

This past Friday night, we celebrated our friend Ron's bday by having dinner at Ignite at MGM Casino in Detroit.  The place was really kewl and the food was awesome.  I really liked it.  They are mainly a sushi restaurant and they have all these fire features everywhere.  I highly recommend it if you like sushi.

**This dress cost me $8.  Yes, I am super proud of that.

Went to my friend Kelly's baby shower was on Saturday, and Angie and I met up to go to that.  The shower was at a church and really nice.  The cupcakes were super cute, and Kelly got a ton of gifts from her registry!  Can't wait to meet her baby boy, Nolan, in June (or sooner).  Congrats Kelly and Jason!

**Angie, Kel and I at Kel's shower in Trenton.  Super fun shower.

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