Saturday, May 25, 2013

May continued.........

Kurt and I went to two more games in May.  Both of them, the Tigers lost and we are beginning to think we are cursed.  LOL.  Both were fun days w/gorgeous weather though, and we had a really nice time regardless of the losses.  Both times we had great seats.  During the first game against Houston, we were in Row 2, and I got some amazing shots of the players.  Today we were in row 26 and behind the net, so I did not even try to attempt pics.

We had an adorable visitor to our home.  A mama raccoon chose my chimney to have babies in, and the other day, one of the babies fell into the bottom part of the chimney and Kurt had to rescue it and take it outside so it's mama could come retrieve it.  SO CUTE.  I told Kurt to CLOSE the fireplace, but of course he did not listen and a few days later, we had 4 babies in our fireplace.  He saved them all and finally closed the fireplace.  I think he was getting tired of being the hero rescuer.

On May 4, I ran in my first 5K of the year.  This one was put on by my friend, Mel, who is raising money to do mission work in Romania with her church.  It was a lot of fun, two other friends of Mel's were running as well, so we all kinda ran together.  I ran really well considering I have not run a race in quite some time.  it was a beautiful course, along Lake Erie and in the Park.

That night, we went to a going away party for my former stepbrother, larry, who joined the Marines and is leaving soon for basic training.  it was a fun night seeing family and friends.  We had dinner before the party with our friends, Cliff and Lisa, at a really interesting place called Gastronomy in Southfield.  I loved how the place had a separate vegetarian menu.

Other that that, been pretty busy at work.  Will try to write more when I have time!  :)

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