Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I was contacted by Aloha Island Lei in Aiea, Hawaii.  The company had read our blog and liked it, and asked if they could send us their product to review on our website.  Of course, I said sure!

I forgot about the exchange of emails until today.

A box was delivered to my office, overnight from Hawaii.  We received two leis and a little package of macadamia chocolates.  One of the leis is made of tuberose, and I am wearing it right now.  It smells absolutely amazing.  My husband, who has almost no sense of smell, thought it smelled awesome.  The other lei is currently being worn by my secretary, and it stunning and made of orchids.  My paralegal ate the chocolates and said they were incredible as well.

The flowers were very fresh and are so gorgeous and perfect, they almost look fake!

If you need anything like this in the future, this is the company to contact.  I looked up their prices, which are very reasonable, even low.

This box totally brightened our office's day.  We thank you so much Aloha Island Lei!

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COL said...

Love this!!!! When Bill and I were in Hawaii, he bought me a lei at dinner one night. It smelled incredible! I wore it for 3 days until he said I couldn't wear it anymore because it was all wilty!