Thursday, November 27, 2014

Toucans, Woodpeckers, Jays, and Squirrels, OH MY!

Had an awesome day two days ago.  I had walked over to the kitchen sink to put something in there, and looked out the huge window that overlooks the backyard.  In the papaya tree, which is about 10 feet outside the window, was a toucan!  We have seen toucans at the house before, but usually pretty high up and far away in trees.  This was SO CLOSE.  The toucan was eating a papaya.  We don't pick them as we were hoping eventually animals would come eat them, and I so lucked out!  I took some pics through the kitchen window as I did not want to go outside and scare the toucan away.  After that, I noticed two more toucan in a tree right behind the papaya tree.  I stood there on and off most of the day watching them.  They are such awesome animals.  While there, I ended up seeing a Hoffmann's woodpecker, and two different Brown Jays, as well as a squirrel.  I guess it was animal day in the backyard!

I have a sinus infection, ugh.  Started yesterday and today, after getting up at 830 AM, I slept the rest of the day on the couch.  We had some more grass squares delivered and Kurt put those in while I slept.  Around 600 PM, I started getting hungry but did not have the energy to cook, so we headed into town to TacoBar and then stopped at the farmacia to get some meds for my ailment.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA!  It is not a holiday here, but many expats celebrate and many restaurants have turkey and such on the menu.  Since we don't eat meat, Thanksgiving food is not anything I care about anyway.  we are usually in Vegas on Thanksgiving though, this will be the first year in a while we did not go, nor have the desire to go.


 I finally started doing Rosetta Stone again, which is awesome.  Glad to be teaching myself Spanish again. 

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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