Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas in Herradura 2014

So, this was the first Christmas that Kurt and I were actually home!  Normally, we travelled on Christmas, as it was a down time at work and the one time of the year we could get away for more than a few days at a time.  Now, I live in paradise and truthfully have no desire to leave.  I would like to see family for the holidays, but there is no way I am going back to Michigan in the cold.  Thus, I decided to invite over our neighbor, RJ (who is also from the States) and make my first Christmas dinner ever!

I started preparing dinner the day before.  I prepared the dough for the rolls, the corn side dish made and ready to pop in the oven, the ahi tuna marinade made and put in the frig with the fish, and the cheesecake.  The pasta I waited to make until Christmas.

Here are the recipes and dishes below:

Creamy Baked Corn with Parmesan.  The only thing I changed in this recipe is I made my own half and half since I could not find it in the grocery store here. I also only made half the recipe.  It was a good amount for the three of us with a tiny bit leftover.

Dinner Rolls.  I think I wanted to make these because they looked so amazing in the picture.  This recipe makes 24 rolls, and I only wanted to make 6, so I quartered the recipe.  And when I did that, it still made 12 rolls.  So beware, recipe makes about twice what it says.  Anyway, these were awesome, may be my fav part of the entire meal.  And lots leftover.

Peanut Butter Cheesecake.  Kurt and RJ really like cheesecake, so this was dessert.  I bought a ready made crust.  Yes, I was lazy with that.  It was an Oreo Crust.  I then made the peanut butter filling.  I did not put anything on the top either.  So, basically, I only used the filling portion of this cheesecake.  It is a process too, so be prepared to be at home a while.  The initial cooking is 2 hours 15 minutes and then it has to sit in the oven 2 hours after that with the oven turned off, then be in the frig overnight.  But.  I tried it even though I am not a cheesecake fan and it was awesome.  Had a lot extra, so Kurt has had cheesecake since Xmas like every day. He finally finished it off last night.

Spicy Baked Pasta.  I actually make this about once a week for Kurt and I.  I generally add some extras, like chopped up bell peppers or onions.   I sometimes also make my own pasta sauce out of fresh tomatoes and spices.  Enough leftover for me to have dinner the next day.

Sriracha Lime Ahi Tuna.  I subbed ahi tuna as I like it better and I don't think you can even get salmon here unless it's imported in.  This was super yummy, especially the sauce on top.  I made extra on purpose so I could have leftovers.  Two pieces leftover.

So, we had a very nontraditional holiday meal, which is pretty much the norm for Kurt and I since we don't eat meat.  We had a full house, as RJ brought the pugs friends, his two Yorkies.  I think all the pets enjoyed the meal as well.

The holidays have brought a LOT of people to this tourist area.  It is crazy how different town is right now vs the rainy season.  I have never seen this many people in Jaco in my life, but I have never been here for Xmas either.  It almost makes me want to avoid downtown.  We have found alternate ways to the gym vs going through downtown, and alternate ways to stores we need to go to like the hardware store.  We also ate out in Herradura last night as we did not want to go into Jaco.

Also, weird thing about Xmas here.  Fireworks.  People are obsessed with setting them off.  From before Xmas to even last night.  I don't understand it, and the pugs hate it, LOL. Hopefully it's over soon!  :).

Hope everyone had a nice holiday!  Pura Vida!

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