Thursday, April 20, 2006

Bugsy's Progress

Bugsy had his first vet appointment yesterday. He weighs a whopping 1.05 pounds. And I think he has grown since we got him! The vet said she thought it was funny that we got a cat with a "smooshed face", since we already have dogs with smooshed noses! He has a little bit of a cold (no fever), so they gave him some eye drops and an antibiotic to take before he gets his first shots.

So, far, he is fitting in nicely at the house. He is still kinda nervous of the pugs, but every night, he is starting to play with them more and more, for short periods of time (until he runs under the couch to hide from them again).

Kurt is really jealous because the baby likes to sleep right next to me, next to my neck and on my hair. Kurt keeps trying to get him to sleep by him, and he is having nothing to do with that! I guess he is going to be a Momma's boy.

He has been coming to the office every day with us because we don't want to leave him home alone yet. He is a great office kitty, mostly sleeping all day and hanging out on my lap. I will miss it when I can't bring him here anymore! :).

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