Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Las Vegas Details--Finally

Soooo, our Vegas trip was awesome. We were slammed at the office and such prior to leaving, so I feel as if I have not posted in forever! Sorry! ;).

We left on Friday night after dropping the pugs off. We were flying Northwest and had a really short layover in Madison, so I was kinda nervous because we have had nothing but bad experiences with them. But, no reason to be apprehensive……Everything was right on time. We landed in Madison and had time to grab a quick bite to eat, so we ate at a little bar called The Great Dane. Had some nachos and soup, then left for Vegas. Landed there, no prob, got our rental car from Alamo, and headed to the Strip! We were staying at the Palace Station. I love the place because it is off strip and easy to get to. But, I was assuming we would be able to upgrade our room. I don’t like the lower end rooms there, wanted a tower room. Well, since it was Friday night, they were sold out and we were stuck at a far away courtyard room. BLAH. Went to the room and went straight to bed, we were exhausted from flying and the time change. Of course, I slept awful. The room was only on the 2nd floor and we heard every bit of traffic and people outside our room were loud…

So, in the morning, I immediately called to see if any Tower rooms had opened and thankfully, they had. So, while waiting for a new room, we played some BlackJack and Craps. The dealer killed us. Every time we got 19 or 20, so did he, or he got 21. Blah. Got our room, then had lunch at a Hong Kong style restaurant in the hotel. Our food was awesome. After that, headed to Imperial Palace for Poker. After playing Poker all day, we headed to the Billy Joel concert at MGM Grand. We had amazing seats and the concert was incredible. Billy Joel is my fav and he sang and performed for 2.5 hours. I could have not asked for more. Oh wait, yes, I could. I wanted him to perform Just The Way You Are, and he did not. But that’s OK, he pretty much sang every other song I love, including ending with my fav, Piano Man. Yay. After the concert, we were exhausted, so we went back to the hotel and to bed.

The next day, we went to Imperial Palace and played Poker, bought into a tournament. Kurt and I both ended up placing--he got 4th and I got 7th. So, we made like $400.00 there which was awesome. Afterwards, we went to dinner at a great Mexican place that was recommended, called Lindo Michoean (sp?) and it was literally the kewlest little Mexican place I have ever eaten at and hands down the best service we have ever received at a restaurant. I had shrimp fajitas and we split fried ice cream for dessert. I was so full afterwards.

The next morning, we went hiking at Red Rock. Had a great time. Since we had been there once before, we knew which trails we liked, and walked those. I took a ton of pictures. Click here to see them. After that, had lunch at a great place called Mayflower Cuisiner, which was Vietnamese/Chinese/French Fusion and yet again, awesome. I am so liking this venturing off strip to try new places because they are even better than the food on the Strip. I had sea bass there and it was to die for. Later, we bought into another tournament and I ended up getting 2nd place! Kurt got 8th, but it did not pay anything. I got $600!!! I almost got first, but was totally happy with 2nd. J. After that, had dinner at Ceasar’s Buffet, then headed back to our hotel and played some more poker.

The next day was our last. We slept in, which we needed since we both drank a little bit too much the night before……Speaking of that, had this great new drink called a Grasshopper. Highly recommend. Played poker the entire day at Flamingo, Palms, and Harrah’s. Love Harrah’s poker room. They have TV’s everywhere, so we could watch games and play cards, which is like Kurt’s dream, LOL. Played in another tourney at Flamingo, but neither one of us placed. Had dinner at a Japanese place in Flamingo, and again, food was awesome. I had a shrimp and veggie entrĂ©e. So, we totally did not want to leave, but alas, we had to. Our flight was delayed about an hour, so we surfed the net and read at the airport…..Now we are home and exhausted! Need to get to bed……


Shannon said...

Sounds like you had a great time! A few more tourneys and you'll be ready for the WSOP tour!!

I LOVE grasshoppers too! My mom used to drink them all the time! They make them really well at 440 West, if you're ever up this way!

Pictures are beautiful as have such a good eye!

Rebecca said...

Glad you're back!!! And I'm glad that you had such a great time!