Tuesday, May 02, 2006

One Down, Three to Go.....

So, I took my first final of the Final Four last night. I have deemed my last four finals that term as of right now, :). Last night was Constitutional Law II. The one I was the most nervous about because our prof is a freaking Con Law genious and nothing I could possibly say could even be close to the right answer.....But, it was 4 essay questions. I was glad for the 4, as I hate the exams with like 2 questions (as he mentioned in class it may be). Three hour exam, and I turned mine in at the two minute warning. One down, three to go...............my next one is Criminal Procedure I, which is Wednesday afternoon and the other two are next week Tuesday. So, I get to spend yet another weekend studying for school. Blah on school. At least these are my last exams! Hurrah! :).

Kory, our nephew (Kurt's sister's son), moved in with us on Friday. He is 20, almost 21. He and Kurt want to start some businesses together--Kory has time, Kurt has ideas and money. So, their combined effort will hopefully increase my net income for the year. So far, Kurt has just been having Kory do some things around the house--he mowed the lawn yesterday, is staining trim today. Yay for things getting done around my house! :).

I studied most of the weekend, which Kurt and Kory got to attend an awesome Tigers game with 18 runs scored by our team! I wish I could have gone, but I am sure I will be going to some games before long with Rebecca joining us! :). Right, Rebecca?

Bugsy has still been coming to work with us every day. I am unsure if this is necessary or not, as he is getting along better with the pugs, but, I think Kurt and I actually like having him here. (Don't tell).

Anyway, back to studying. Will try and update more later, when I have time to do it and I am not just procrastinating.


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Rebecca said...

I am ALWAYS up for a game!!! Just call me :) Besides, I'd rather go with you guys than a guy that doesn't want to take me out in public (and this is why he's dead to me now ;)