Thursday, May 18, 2006

Think of the Positive

OK, I am trying to draft a really upbeat post here, because I have been exhausted all week from this bar review class. Love the class, hate the time I have to put into it...but, like I said before, worth every minute. I totally can see how the class benefits those who take it, it's doing wonders for me. Today, the lecture was Property. Great lecture, but BORING. And the guy teaches is hilarious, it's the material that was not that exciting. Tomorrow is Torts, so hopefully I will like it more.....Did all my homework for tomrrow's class tonight so I can work in the morning. Yay.

I so love Spring, and I really wish I could enjoy it! I want to go take pictures this weekend and hike, and instead I am stuck in a huge lecture hall in Cobo Arena learning about Con Law and Evidence....................

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