Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Do I Exist?

Below is an email I received from a random person, questioning if I truly exist...

Apparently, I don't, and the governement has made me up to scare the American people about international travel.

I think all I can say is "wow".

name: BJORKMAN Anders

home phone: +334 93784590

cell phone: +33661725424


preffered contact: cell

preferred contact: e-mail

county: Alpes Maritime, France, Europe

additional info: Hello,

it seems some people do not believe you exist;

Pls, confirm that you exist.

kind regards

Anders Bj├»¿½rkman,


Nicole said...

Wow. I guess I have an imaginary friend named Lori! I feel so special ;)

RoseAnn said...

Wow, I checked out that website and there are some diehard conspiracy theorists out there!

CharStar said...

Wow how I love our government!! Basically the dude wasn't prepared for this kind of thing (which the dumbass should have been, this is not the first one). Second he shouldn't speak unless he knows the fast otherwise he looks like a complete ASS!

Just to comment to #1 - It's DTW you are going to sit on the runway no matter what(even if there is no bomb, it's standard), second you had an emergency landing, I'm almost sure they didn't have an open slot to put you, so you are going to have to sit. They have to find some place "safe" and "secure" to stick everyone since you are coming international and there was some kind of explosive on the plane. They can't just let you loose on the runway :)

Comment to #2 - Again there seems to be NO kind of procedure for bombs being on the plane and carry on's for US Customs and Border Protection. I'm not sure what they could have done? The guy really could have been carrying it in his pants or someones purse. You really never know and where do you stop?

Sorry this is just my 2 cents! :)

Mike S said...

This person,Anders seem to be part of the "no planer" group of disinformationists. The Simon Shack/September Clues crowd think
that nothing hit the world trade centers on September 11th 2001,
they think it was tv trickery which
is just ridiculous because then all the amateur camera's that caught the planes hitting had to be film trickery as well,which would mean that the hundreds and hundreds of people with home movie cameras were in on the trickery LOL.The real TRUTHERS out there
feel that these kinds of people are
disinformation agents.Stay clear of them as they don't speak for the majority of normal clear critical thinkers. Keep up the great work K & L.

Mike S said...

Lori, these people at this forum are like a cult. Simon Shack made a documentary about the planes that hit the WTC saying that they didnt hit because they didnt exist,that it was done by tv trickery,they will drive you up the wall and attack you,its not worth it as no one wants to be around those nuts.

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it.

Anonymous said...

its very sad to notice that the authorities deny your story.
its hard to see something and later they say it did not exist.

Lori H said...

We are not suprised at all that they are denying it, in fact, we expected it. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

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