Saturday, March 06, 2010


by Kurt Haskell

I found this interesting article yesterday:

Apparently, Dr. John Wyatt, an international terrorism and explosives expert replicated the flight 253 attack with the explosive fully detonating. The result was that the passengers would have been sprayed with body parts of Abdulmutallab and may have had burst eardrums, but the flight would have landed safely. Seems like a strange result considering Abdulmutallab went through such trouble to obtain the bomb in Yemen and sew it in his underwear. It seems likely that he would have made sure that his bomb would have downed the plane. Several of you that have contacted me have indicated that he in fact, achieved his designated goal and that his bomb was only intended to scare us and be caught on film in order to achieve certain U.S. Government policies. Hence, the reason he was intentionally let on the plane. This article would lend credence to that theory. I take no position on this theory. Please note that the following videos also support Dr. Wyatt's theory:


Shama Chopra said...

This is a BBC documentary in which, Shama, Kelly Crouch, Daniel Husinga and the Keepmans have participated. It was released on the 4th of March in London etc. Keely Crouch sent some commenst about teh documentary. It is being released on 11th March in the US on Discovery Channel.

I do not agree with teh findings of Dr. Wyatt simply because at 30,000 feet and the fire inside who knows what would have happenned.What if he ahd an accompalice with another bomb? Like to remind you that Abdulmutallab did say that there was another guy with a bomb. He had no reason to lie and it was not a last gambit. Last gambit to what ? The FBI let people go to bathrooms knowing fully well that Abdulmutallab had a bomb in his underwear. So if anothe person did have a bomb ( It can be a Man or woman, white or black, nobody knows)FBI let them go teh bathroom and dispose off the powder.At 30,000 feet, limbs and blood all over, a Chemical fire on which people were putting water, possibility of an accompalice,effect of velocity, speed etc. etc. it would have been a different result.When Napolotino said the system worked and Patrick Kennedy refused to disclose the name of teh person who asked them not to put a Visa Viper on Abdulmutallab's passport it is apparent they are trying to hide everything.But then this is America. The people have the final say.ALWAYS. I think the efforts of Kurt and Lori are very soon about to bear fruit and the truth is about to be revealed.On an Indian passport it says two words: Satymev Jayete. Translation: Truth Wins. It does not say Truth sometimes wins. Now you two go for a vacation , come back and continue. The next trial date is 13th April. It is our 30th Marriage Anniversary. Should I be spending that worrying about Abdylmutalab...Naaaaaaa. So you two come back refreshed because on 13th April the Press will be looking at you gain..Raman & Shama said...

JoHn Wyatt heads SDS Group/Search/Detect/Secure Limited. Wyatt specialized in bomb disposal in Britain's War on Sinn Fein. Wyatt's business partner is Dorman Followwill. Followwill owns Frost & Sullivan, with headquarters in San Antonio TX. The CEO of Frost & Sullivan, David Frigstad, specialized for decades in business intelligence. F & S has links to Briteuram CIA project in Turin, Italy, whatever that is. Wyatt's "science" work has been done in curious context of interesting business connections. Moreover, Wyatt has done his science apparently without precise information from FBI/CIA which raises the issue of how could his test be precisely the same? Was it theater of science he was doing, at no doubt, considerable expense? In any case two news stories in a week on Flight 253 lead back to Texas, the New Herald story leading directly, by simple linkage, to George H W Bush. Without more facts all of this is mere coincidence. Curious happenings nonetheless.

Shama Chopra said...

After a long time trying to communicate privately through letters and phone calls with the Prime MInister and Hon Vic Toews, Minister of Public safety I GAVE UP.
I HAVE PACKED UP ALL MY PAPERS/ COMMUNICATIONS ON NW 253 and trying to find the truth.



I will never communicate with them again.

You thought you were teh only one burnt out...Raman and Shama Chopra,

Shama Chopra said...

Look at the video between Seconds 20 to 23. You will see a door or Window coming off.


Shama Chopra said...

I need to correct the fact that I mentioned that the aircraft was at 30,000 feet. This is not correct.
A very reliable source I trust said this :
All our sources- and this is the pilot testimony, other passengers on board and aviation experts said between 7000 and 15000 feet, 20000 tops.
The point is at the moment no-one knows for sure the height but you can make an educated guess .