Thursday, March 25, 2010

Broken Alarm Clock

So, today, I got up at 837 AM. Which is a prob, since i was scheduled to be in court at 900 AM. Called Stacey to cover my 900 AM hearings, but got to court right in time for the 1000 AM hearing! :). Seriously though, why did the alarm clock not go off? Annoying! I guess I needed the sleep. Kurt always wakes up pretty early, so I have no idea how we both slept in so long.

Tomorrow's court is pretty crazy busy. Kurt and I have three hearings each at family court, and Stacey has a bankruptcy hearing. Jessica is off. So, we are running around a lot tomorrow. I cannot wait until the weekend until....OH WAIT! I am working this weekend too. Boy, I do not like February-April. The months of insanity.

I am so ready for a few days away from the office. And, I need a massage. This week has been horrible for headaches, one night, I got a full migraine and the two nights since i have had smaller headaches kinda in the back of my head. I should not have to take Excedrin daily. Ugh.

Diet Ruby Red Squirt rocks. (that was random, I just felt like saying it).

Sorry nothing more exciting, but such is life right now! :). My sister is in Vegas right now, and I am really happy she is on vacay with her hubby. I hope she is having an amazing time.


Nancy V. said...

Have a good weekend anyway :)

Mindy said...

Sorry about the headaches!

UGH! Our weather is awful right now! SUPER windy and hazy and just not all that nice! I hope they are enjoying what they are doing, despite that!

Lori H said...

Thanks both of you! :).