Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lazy Saturday

First weekend day where I was at home in a while (meaning not working or out of town). It was really nice to do whatever I wanted. First, I slept in! Whoot! Then, had an appointment at David Broadway's in Toledo for brows, highlights, and cut. Love that place. Had her add in some extra blonde for summer. :). My colorist is awesome, she does a partial highlight/lowlight, which basically equates to me only having to go in every 3-4 months, and my hair never looks unnatural.

After there, I headed to the mall in Toledo. I was on a mission to find this suit to try on i saw online. Alas, they do not carry it in the store. BOOO. I refuse to pay the shipping Dillard's wants online for it. Maybe if they get free shipping at some point. Anyway walked around the mall some, since I am never at that mall, and found a Sephora I did not know was there. Needless to say, I spent a bunch of money I did not need to, but, whatever. Beauty products do not go to waste in this house! :). Here is what I got:

**in tender rose.
**in Nude.
**half off, whoot!

**shower gel in Cake Batter (half off, whoot)

**in Forever. For a lip gloss, this seems to be longer lasting than others thus far.
**in petal pink. The applicator on this is to DIE for. Love Dior products.

Oh, and Mindy? All purchases above are YOUR fault, as the reason I went into Sephora was to look at Laura Mercier, per your suggestion, and I somehow ended up with all of the above.

Had dinner out tonight with Kurty, and we are now chilling at home. Still trying to make a decision on my birthday trip for this year. I was really leaning towards Guatemala, but I may be starting to lean towards an area in Costa Rica called Puerto Viejo, which is on the Caribbean side. We have not been there yet, and it looks nice. So, we will see. Back to researching.......


Mrs. Lukie said...

LOVE Laura Mercier. Use her under eye stuff & her tinted moisturizer (since i hate wearing foundation). Fab :)

I haven't done a Sephora shopping spree in months!

Lori H said...

So, Sarah, do you use the same one as I bought???

Mindy said...

I happily accept the responsibility!

You will love them - I am willing to bet they will quickly become your favorites!

Lori H said...

Mindy, hahaha. I guess that means when I am in Vegas next, I need to drag you to Sephora and force you to make purchases with me? ;). Seriously though, thanks for the rec!

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