Saturday, April 17, 2010


I really should post more, because I forget everything by the time I post. Work and everything else has been really busy.
I had a board committee meeting on Monday night after work, another board committee meeting that went forEVER on Tuesday night. Had to work late on Wednesday night by myself, since Kurt was home planting trees that afternoon. Thursday and Friday we did not work late which was nice.
So, my exciting event of the week was booking pretty much all of our Memorial Day trip, otherwise known as our "Annual Lori Bday Trip". Kory is excited too since we are taking him with us as his bday present this year. We are doing something kinda different this trip. We are renting a house on the beach in Costa Rica; Puerto Viejo to be exact. It's on the Caribbean coast and an area of the country we have not yet been to (which is weird since this is our 4th trip to the country). The house is on a black sand beach, which is my fav kinda beach (there was one in Hawaii that was prob the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen). It is actually cheaper to rent this house than a lot of the hotels are, and we get free access to one of the local lodges who owns this house. Anyway, it will be kewl because we can cook our own food or go out, and are not tied to eating what they serve at the places. Plus, we have a lot more privacy and don't have to worry about socializing and the like, which Kurt hates about staying at smaller lodges like the ones in Central America. I then rented an SUV (needed in Costa Rica for some of the roads). We are driving from San Jose, and it is about 4 hours. We will just book stuff to do when we get there, but there is a sloth sanctuary I really want to go to, and a kewl canoe trip on a local river where you can see a ton of animals and birds. I cannot wait to simply relax for a few days. This area really looks gorgeous and laid back. Kurt has contacted a couple of realtors as well, and we may go look at some land while we are there, if we like the area.

Had lunch with my friend, Hollie, today, and I am so proud of her. She started her own side business doing medical billing, and it has really taken off to the point where she may be quitting her job and doing her own business full-time. She wants to rent some office space, so I am trying to talk her into renting part of the suite across the hall from us so I can see her more often. I know, I am selfish. haha. Anyway, I hope it keeps doing well for her, but I have no doubt it will.

After lunch, i stopped at the mall at Macy's, to look for that elusive Nine West suit I want to try on. Yea, did not find it again. Tried on a few suits and did not love anything. Walked around the rest of the mall and did not see anything exciting, so I drove home. Took a nap, then did dinner with Kurty.

Hope everyone is having a really nice weekend!


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like you planned a an amazing trip! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Reading your posts makes me long for the days when we'll be able to travel! :)

Mrs. Lukie said...

Costa Rica sounds fab!!

Rebecca said...

I wish I had an aunt like you that took me on trips for my birthday, Kory is a lucky bastard.

No need to say it but hope you have an amazing time! We will have to try and get together soon, haven't seen you in forever it feels.

Brittany said...

Sounds like it'll be an amazing time! And I agree with Rebecca; I want an aunt like you that takes me on fabulous vacations!

Nancy V. said...

I second that! Kory is a lucky bastard!!