Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Fox News Interview Part 2

After we interviewed at the courthouse, Fox called Kurt the next day to see if they could come to the office to continue the conversation. I really don't like being on TV, but they wanted us both, so I participated and let Kurt do the bulk of the talking. Glad someone mainstream media is FINALLY reporting this. Go Amy Lange!


Terry said...

Do you know of any media account of the U.S. Government's story that is comprehensive and coherent? So far as I can determine, the only news stories about the event have piecemeal, conflicting accounts that raise many more questions than are answered.

Are you aware of this useful website that attempts to chronicle all the various news media accounts about 9/11 and other historical events?


Anonymous said...

I appreciate the Haskell's speaking the truth on this matter.

The american people are indoctrinated and fooled 24/7, and this is a prime example of that.

Thank you for putting the truth out.

Greg said...

Kurt and Lori, is there anything I can do to help?

Can the writ of Habeas Corpus be of any help to get into contact with Umar?

For the sake of God.

Lori H said...

Terry, there aren't any websites that put together the official government story. I don't even know what that is anymore. The government has continually contradicted itself on this one. Most of the official facts have at least two different versions if not more than two.

Lori H said...

Greg, I think we can get into contact with Umar via stand by attorney Chambers. We have not attempted that yet, but Chambers seems open to having us help in the case.

Cameron Reilly said...

HI Lori,

Kudos to you and your husband for your bravery & tenacity is getting this story out.

I run an online media network in Australia called The Podcast Network. I'd love to arrange an interview with Kurt and/or yourself to help give this story more coverage.

If either of you are interested / available, please email me : cameron@thepodcastnetwork.com


Cameron Reilly

Bruce Wm Sargent said...

Thank you for your integrity. It is a breath of fresh air in the stink of lies produced by the US government's covert operations. I am excited about the possibility of truth emerging from a trial. Good luck and God speed,

Anonymous said...

If the U.S. government wants to limit access to Mutallab, could one or both of the Haskells pose an independent lawsuit against the airline and/or U.S. government. The premise being that their lives were purposely put in danger with potential death. Mutallab could be called as a witness.

If Mutallab doesn't call on the Haskells, the Haskells could call on him. Also drug in could be the "unnamed" intelligence agency.

Thank you,

Jim said...

An excellent piece that mentions Kurt and Lori's work within a wider context/plot. Worth reading!

Newly released Wikileaks documents concerning the activities of three Qatari men who conducted surveillance of the World Trade Center and boarded flights on the eve of the 9/11 attacks adds to the plethora of evidence that at the very least US authorities were aware of the plot and deliberately stood down.


Alex said...

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Haskell,

If you have time and would be interested in doing a brief telephone or e-mail interview, I would like to write a follow-up story for The New American about your statements.

Here is the first one I published yesterday:

Passengers: Feds Orchestrated “Underwear Bomber” Plot to Advance War on Terror


If this would be possible, please contact me so we can arrange a time. My e-mail address is alexnewman_85@hotmail.com

Thanks in advance and best regards,


Anonymous said...

2-4-11 Austin TX
I really like how Lori's persona came-off so very seriously serious. I advise to continue to appear that way together, because "that chemistry" just seems to have a more powerful punch & "scary-serious" feel w/Lori.

I think Umar is probably a true believer in his cause, though I also believe he might have been fooled by whom he was dealing with too. He wanted to be a terrorist & the US government helped him to become one on some level of "undercover" & deception.

Is this how 911 occurred too? The controllers running fast and loose, which sometimes gets everyone killed? Now, they try to limit the actions to ONE terrorist at a time, rather than it getting out of hand entirely as it did with 911?

Yeah, I'm leaning this way for now, especially, after the Portland set-up too... there is an emerging pattern here isn't there?

The FBI/CIA should not be setting traps with bomb-bait & wide-open doors for the next "patsy" in line. There are just too many patsies & crazies 'willing' to eat that cheese. They can import terrorists at will with the Jihad of the Muslim brotherhood.

Now Egypt (again) & Yemen too... that region is going to explode powder-keg big-time! ...And guess who's going to get all the blow-back??? Duh!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I heard you on Alex oes. Great interview! Previously I heard folks pondering wheat coiled possibly have made a zombie out of Mutallab to undergo his change so stoically. I think I know 1 drug. I am sure there are others. I had a dentist give me a little red pill with instructions to take it 1 hour before coming to his office for oral surgery--very exgtensisve oral surgery.

Another time, because I hate general anesthesia, a physician gave me an iv solution of VICODIN to sew a tympanoplasty into my inner ear. Both times, especially at the dentist, I was a literal ZOMBIE. I appreciate your shows and your work.

Johnny said...

I like both of you and I think it is courageous to come forward to do things that you should do. Imagine the world that has more responsible people like you, we would take back our planet in no time. Unfortunately, it is not the case and Earth is run by a small hard core criminals. I support what you have done and many have appreciated you. Please continue to do so and we all win.

Anonymous said...

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The True Awakening said...

Just saw your clip on Fox 2 news, and I wanted to take a minute to thank you! Mainstream media is horrible and I don't watch tv anymore but I saw the clip online.

Thank you for standing up and sharing, I can only imagine how difficult this has been for you.

This "False Flag" attack was just another stunt to further the NWO and the police state we are already in.

Sending my LOVE and THANKS!

A Fellow Michigander and Truther.

Terry said...

Here is an interesting and insightful blog post by Jack Balkin of Yale Law School that speaks to what Kurt has been speaking about at WWL and other venues regarding the "terrorist" on the flight you were on:


To quote from the first paragraph of a lengthy post:

"In 2006, Sandy Levinson and I predicted that the next president, whether Democratic or Republican, would ratify and continue many of President George W. Bush's war on terrorism policies. The reason, we explained, had less to do with the specific events of September 11th, and more to do with the fact that the United States was in the process of expanding the National Security State created after World War II into something we called the National Surveillance State, featuring huge investments in electronic surveillance and various end runs around traditional Bill of Rights protections and expectations about procedure. These end runs included public private cooperation in surveillance and exchange of information, expansion of the state secrets doctrine, expansion of administrative warrants and national security letters, a system of preventive detention, expanded use of military prisons, extraordinary rendition to other countries, and aggressive interrogation techniques outside of those countenanced by the traditional laws of war."

Of course, I am as appalled by the specter of a "National Surveillance State" as probably you are. We citizens need to speak up loud and clear. Obama is betraying his supporters if he continues on the path he and his administration has taken in the past year regarding Bradley Manning, Wikileaks, Gitmo, and other major Constitutional free speech and due process issues.

Greg said...

Hi Kurt,

I was wondering about your experience at the airport. Did you ever think about contacting the agent at the check-in booth who could corroborate your eyewitness account? Isn't that the first step to take to back up your testimony?