Sunday, February 06, 2011


The weather here has been horrible for southern MI! Sometimes, we get almost no snow in the Newport area, so the amount we have gotten in January and now February is crazy. Wednesday, we closed the office as all the courts called and canceled court, and a lot of businesses were shut down as well. I was thrilled to stay home in the middle of the week.

Wednesday was also Kurt's 40th bday, so it was nice to relax and do nothing for the day. We ended up heading out later in the day for massages and I got my nails done as well, while kurt went to Border's and bought a Germany book. Germany is where he selected for his bday trip (no matter how hard I tried to persuade him we need some warm weather and beach time), so we head out later this month for a quick trip there to explore. Should be interesting, and will be kewl to explore both of our heritages, as we are both 50% German. Got one of our tickets flying there free, and the other for $300 off, so we saved quite a bit using miles. Yay. Have planned nothing yet, but will start looking into it soon.

Another positive thing this week, Kurt started working out with me again! Yay! So glad he is working out again and I am not alone in our gym every night. Weighed in today, and I am down another 2.2 pounds, making my total since Sept 12, 2010, 44 pounds! So psyched. And telling everyone who asks me about my weight loss about the daily plate, which I give all the credit to. Amazing, free site. I was curious about how i have done each month, so I went back and tracked how much I lost each month thus far, and here it is:

Sept 2010: lost 11.5 pounds (began on 9/12)
October 2010: lost 7.5 pounds
November 2010: lost 9.2 pounds
December 2010: lost 5.4 pounds (less due to not tracking and being on vacay for 17 days I think)January 2011: lost 8.2 pounds
February 2011 so far: lost 2.2 pounds

21 weeks, average of 2.09 pounds per week (which is more than what i put into the daily plate to lose, I put "2 pounds per week", but the site is pretty right on).

Gave Kurty his surprise bday gift as well, a Porsche watch. It's super nice and I got an amazing deal on it. it looks even better on him than on the website i bought it from. :). I wanted to buy him a nice watch and while researching, I found that Porsche makes watches and since Kurt is obsessed with Porsches, I knew I had to buy him that brand. I really like Cartier watches, but spending $15000 on a watch is NOT happening. I can buy a kickass trip for that amount of money! :).

Got a great deal on two new suits this week from (one of my fav discount sites). One is Tahari, one Nine West. Hopefully, they fit well, but shipping to return is free if they do not. I have no idea why anyone would ever pay full price for a suit with all these designer discount sites out there! Yay for sales.

Very proud of myself for not eating standard Super Bowl foods today! I usually make an awesome chili cheese dip, and eat a ton of tortilla chips. none of that today and life totally went on. I did buy corn on the cob which tasted awesome. It's better in winter for some reason......Was thrilled that the Packers won as well. And the Puppy Bowl was wonderful. :).

Hope everyone had a nice Super Bowl sunday weekend!


Nancy V. said...

Wow Congrats on the weight loss!!

Brittany said...

Awesome job on the weight loss!

Natalie C. said...

You look awesome! Can't believe how much weight you have lost!! Wow! I see you are going to San Diego in April? We are going the last week of March. I hear great things about S.D. and plenty of things to do. Working on my itinerary right now.

Lori H said...

Thanks everyone!

And Natalie, yes, we are going for a friend's wedding in April. :). Not sure on what else we may do, but the wedding and related stuff for sure.

Rachael said...

nice watch! Good job on the weight loss.