Saturday, April 16, 2011

Scaling Down

When it rains, it pours! :). Our part-time secretary, Alana, put her two weeks' notice in on Friday. She was offered a full-time job at the probate court, where they pay for your school. We can't offer that benefit at our office, so she is leaving to try and keep her student loans down. We are not replacing her either, so we will be down to one associate, one paralegal and one secretary. Which is fine with us. We kinda want to streamline things and do not want to train anyone new. Training takes so long and requires so much time andd energy, and I just don't have time OR energy right now! :).

Had dinner Saturday at Mitchell's in Livonia with Cassie and Ken and Ken's son, Zyon. It was a fab dinner. We had a reservation, but still had to wait quite a bit of time. We did not complain at all, but they felt bad we had to wait and gave us three free appetizers and free drinks! Crazy! I had a martini (since it was free) and got buzzed off like HALF of it. I am truly pathetic. Had lobster for dinner and it was amazing, as usual. It is my fav meal there.

Got my hair done at Daybreak Saturday, and my brows waxed. It is crazy busy there on the weekends! Last time I went was during the week and it was a lot quieter. Anyway, love the hair! Got a couple inches cut off and new highlights. Stopped at target afterwards, just to browse, as I have not been to a target in like 6 months I think! This target had a ton of food, like an entire frozen food section, which I have never seen in a target before. Anyway, bought some hair stuff on clearance, bought a refill on two vitamins I needed (calcium and valerian root), and got some new clothes. Target had such great deals on clothes--guess I forgot since I rarely go there! I ended up buying a new pair of jeans (which Kurt loves on me, I wore them to dinner tonight), a pair of jean capri pants for summer, a pair of shorts, a skirt for work, and a cute t-shirt.


Rebecca said...

Lobster sounds so good right now

Lori H said...

Lobster sounds good to me EVERY day. Wish it was cheaper to buy.

Rachael said...

I love lobster!
The last time I went to a Target it had been recently remodeled and had a whole grocery section too! I was surprised at the variety! The ones in Scottsdale/Phoenix area are mostly like that but I thought it was a regional thing. Too bad San Francisco doesn't have a Target... I miss it :(