Saturday, April 09, 2011

Underwear Bomber, His State of Mind and the Complicity of the Detroit Free Press in the Cover Up

by Kurt Haskell

Earlier this week Lori and I attended the pretrial conference for the Underwear Bomber (Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab). This was the second hearing we attended and we plan on attending all other future hearings if our schedule allows. The hearing was pretty uneventful. One point of note to indicate Umar's state of mind was made during the hearing. Judge Edmunds asked him if he had any current concerns. His response had nothing to do with him being sentenced to life in prison, evidence, his need for an attorney, etc. His response was that he wasn't being given commissaries that he wanted in prison and also that the prison would not let him have a certain magazine subscription. Does this sound like someone in the right frame of mind to defend himself in a trial of this magnitude?

Secondly, and more importantly, was something that I discovered about the Detroit Free Press. As most of you know, the Free Press is the main newspaper here in Detroit. Before the hearing this week, I went on the Free Press website to check something about the Underwear Bomber case. What I discovered was pretty astounding. The two main articles that support my theory of the real events of this case have been erased from the Free Press website. I have written previously blog posts about each article. The first one can be found here:

and the second one can be found here:

Anyone following this blog knows that my theory on this case is that an agent of the U.S. Government escorted Umar through security without a passport and provided him with an intentionally defective bomb in order to stage a fake terrorist attack on the flight that I was on (Please read previous blog posts for more information and evidence that supports my conclusion). The first erased article talks about how the prosecution requested a hearing to block Umar's stand-by attorney Anthony Chambers from obtaining evidence in the case. I have to ask, why would the prosecution do this? Isn't this an open and shut case with nearly 300 eyewitnesses? Obviously, this article clearly supports my conclusion that the U.S. Government is hiding the real story and the evidence must support this conclusion.

The second erased article talks about how stand-by attorney Anthony Chambers stated that the U.S. Government's own explosives experts indicate that the bomb was defective and could not have blown up. Again, this is another article that has mysteriously been erased by the Free Press. Why would the U.S. Government not want this story out there? Obviously, it would be hard for anyone to believe that Umar went through all the trouble to go to Yemen and have a bomb sewn in his underwear, travel back to Nigeria, then Amsterdam, then Detroit, only to have the bomb have no chance of detonating. It is much easier to believe that the U.S. Government supplied Umar with a fake bomb as it did(admittedly) with the Portland Christmas Tree Bomber and the Wrigley field Bomber.

Strangely enough, all other mundane articles about the Underwear Bomber going back to 2009 remain on the Free Press website. This is not a case of the Free Press erasing old articles. This is a case where the Free Press hand picked explosive articles that go against the official story in an attempt to hide the truth from the American public.

This is not the first problem that I've had with the Free Press. I have done numerous interviews with it only to have the articles, or any mention of anything I stated, not get reported. As a matter of fact, at the hearing in late January 2011, I did a 15 minute interview with a Free Press reported. Despite the fact that her article appeared in the Free Press the next day, she did not mentioned me or her interview with me in any way.

For anyone that believes we have a free press in this country please provide me with a reasonable explanation of what has occurred here with the Detroit Free Press. It certainly appears to me that we have blatant censorship by one of the largest newspapers in the U.S. Sadly, it also appears, that the media is nothing but a 4th branch of the U.S. Government. The sole purpose of the media is obviously to get paid to spew propaganda to the unfortunate U.S. citizens that have yet to awaken.


Jim said...

You are both outstanding lawyers and citizens and a beacon of light in a time where lies, spin and government desperation and corruption have run amok. Polls show well over half of Americans smell a rat with the chain of suspicious terror events, fear mongering and encroaching Fascism since 9/11. It's refreshing to see some solid patriotic American eyewitnesses stand up for what they know they saw, and refuse to stick their heads in the sand. I speak for many when I say that Detroit is damn proud of you!

Anonymous said...

As a lawyer I am sure you are not interested in civil disobedience, but would not the upcoming trial be the perfect venue for awake citizens of Michigan to in some creative way, inform the court of the lies around this case?

Anonymous said...

The scripts to the expunged newspaper articles are saved at these two links:
"Feud rages over underwear bombing evidence"

"Defense: Underwear bomber's attempt may have been impossible"


Attorney Dr William F Pepper is approachable and might have some ideas for your situation.
He was at this recent event...
Investigate Building 7: A Call to Reexamine the Most Important Event of Our Time

...more about William Pepper in next comment.

Jon said...

I think you have to have a subscription to the Detroit Free Press to see old articles.

The same thing happened to me when I wanted to see a USA Today article from 1996. I either had to pay $1.95
or have a subscription.

Try subscribing, tell me if it works.

Anonymous said...

Please let us know if the public, who totally supports what you and Lori and 300 others went thru......on that Christmas Day, can help in any way at ALL!!! I have had enough of this false flag crap!! WE MUST TRY TO TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK! and wake up the sheeple!

Anonymous said...

I live in a different state and would consider traveling there for the upcoming trial date...or any future hearings......only for shining a light on this situation.and waking up more people to the reality of this!! We must bring awareness and NEVER forget! Thank you Kurt and Lori! God Bless America