Sunday, November 13, 2011

Lack of Posting

Life has been pretty chaotic. When I do get downtime, I truthfully have not really felt like coming on here and blogging. It takes enough keeping up with everything else with email, facebook, reading friends' blogs, etc.

Good news with the office though! I finally talked Kurt into letting me hire another associate. After Holly left in April 2011, Kurt was kinda thinking he did not want to hire anyone else. Prob was, the associate that works with him was still working, which meant the bulk of the family law was mine and I had no help. I had someone in mind, a friend of mine who actually interviewed with us back in January 2009. Had no idea if she actually wanted a job or not, so once I got the support of Kurt, contacted her, she came in to meet with us, and she took the job the next day. She starts tomorrow, and I am hoping once she gets into the swing of things, I will be working less hours and may have time to do things like post on here. :). We had dinner on Friday night with her and her boyfriend and had a great time. Her boyfriend is strangely similar to Kurt......

Went through my closet last night and cleared out 5 more bags of clothing. I kept wondering why my closet was so full, but I never felt like I had anything to wear. Yea, that's cuz most of the clothes are too big. I still prob have another bag of clothes to bag up, but 5 bags was all that would fit in the car. Took it over to my friend Joni's house today so she could go thru it and keep what she wants before it's donated or trashed. My closet is strangely empty now. Except for shoes, since those are always the same size, pre-63 pound loss and now! :). Headed to NY and Co to use some coupons I had. The store was having buy one item, get one for half off, I had a $20 off coupon, and I had a 50% more off coupon. Amazing deals. I got the following stuff, some for work, some for casual, and some that works both places! I really, really need a new red winter coat. I had to donate mine and was NOT happy as the coat I had was the perfect red coat but it was HUGE on me when I went to put it on and looked bad. Boo. I need a birch run trip for shopping, that's where I found the last one super cheap. Anyway, back to the shopping!

Necklace one: (this one was only $2.66 after all coupons were applied)

Necklace two: (fell in love with this one when I saw it, and ended up with the one above since they had buy one necklace, get one 75% off plus another 50% off with my coupon)

Sweater, in white: Super comfy and can wear with dress pants to work or with jeans on the weekend.

Shirt, in green: prob will wear with suits at work

Sweater in white: cute over tanks at work.

Shirt, in blue: more for work under suits.

Jeans: I think I just liked the rhinestone detail, ;)

Blazer: tried on the matching white skirt and pants, and I just cant bring myself to buy white for skirts and pants. I know I would sit in something or rub against something and ruin them.

Sweater in grey: for casual, wore today, love it

Sweater in green: for casual

Jeans: could not find pic of these, but they are dark wash flare.

Stopped at Lowe's today and bought some plastic divider things to help organize things. I am pretty organized in my closet, except wanted a better way to organize my tights, socks, etc. other than throwing them in a bin. Started working on that, and got all my tights and nylons all organized. Moving on to socks next. Yay.

I am excited to report that Kurt is back to running, and not feeling injured at all! We were supposed to run in a race yesterday, but work got in the way of that, and Im kinda glad as a friend of mine reported the race was chaos and not very well organized. I am supposed to run in one on Tuesday night as well as Saturday.

Still trying to figure out our Xmas trip this year. Because of the new employee, we we are thinking our Xmas trip will not be super long, like usual, and we will take our longer trip of the year in late January and celebrate Kurt's bday then as well. So, I was being boring and looking at all inclusives in Mexico (cabo) and Jamamca. Then, our Costa Rica realtor emailedus a piece of property that looks amazing and is a fabulous deal, so we may be going there to look at property. I think if we go there, we will fly in, look at the property and take a side trip someplace else. leaning towards the Nicoya peninsula, since we have not yet been there, but don't really know. We could also fly to Bocas del Toro for a couple nights, or maybe the Osa? No time to figure it out, but that's most likely where we will be.

Anyway, gotta get to bed, going to have a busy week training Angie and we have a TON of court as well. Hope everyone is doing awesome!

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Katie said...

I have pictures of you in that red coat! You're right, it is the perfect winter red coat! Hope you're able to find a new replacement soon :)