Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Penn State Scandal--My Thoughts

To all the Penn State students who think Joe Pa is a saint and amazing person and did nothing wrong, legally or morally, read the following. It is disturbing and disgusting. Because of Joe Pa and others not reporting this to the proper authorities and acting like this was "no big deals", a lot of kids were molested, raped, etc.

Did Joe Pa commit a crime? No. But because of his desire to protect his image, protect the university's image and protect his precious football program, he decided that kids being raped and molested was *OK*. He weighed the two, and decided that it was more important to protect his school and friend than to protect young kids. So morally and ethically wrong. Especially since he is a father himself, to allow this to continue happening to others is a disgrace.

And the students at Penn State should stop acting like children. I get it, you love Joe Pa. He is a legend there and in college football. I actually feel a little bit badly that after so many years and an amazing career, he had to leave on this note. But, when you are out there rioting and causing stupid scenes, step back for a second and think about the victims here, and have a little bit of respect for them.


Anonymous said...

I may have missed this fact being reported. Question is what were young boys doing in the locker rooms of a college? Who took them there and why?

Megan said...

I totally agree with you. Although it is unfortunate for Joe Pa's career to end like this, the children who were molested are the real victims here.

COL said...

I think everyone who knew what was happening to these young men and didn't say anything should be prosecuted... then tortured. IMO.

Rachael said...

this is nothing that can justify Joe Paterno or anyone else involved.