Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day Two Years Later and the Current State of the U.S.

by Kurt Haskell

It has now been two years since the Underwear Bomber attack. Once again, Lori and I find ourselves reflecting during the holidays about what happened on Flight 253. The attack, which comprised only two minutes of our lives, continues to shape our thoughts and beliefs. Although the criminal case has ended (except for sentencing which will happen in January 2012), the laws of Michigan allow for a two year period statute of limitations in order for the injured to bring a civil lawsuit. The time period to file such a lawsuit lapses tomorrow. Lori and I have had the plan to file a civil suit at the conclusion of the criminal case, which ended in October 2011. The plan was for me to file the civil case on my own in order to keep her out of the inevitable attacks and aggravation that would come from such a suit. I have talked to several attorneys to represent me in such a case, but none of them were willing to take on the U.S. Government. I made the decision that I would represent myself in such a case. I have spent a great deal of time researching the suit and have worked on writing the complaint to initiate the case. Even though I have spent a great deal of time researching the civil case, I don't feel that I have spent enough time on the case. I have come to the conclusion that becoming involved in such a case would be an overwhelming constraint on my time. As I am a very busy attorney, this would be time that I don't have to give up. I have been willing to give up my nights and weekends in order to work on the case to further expose evidence to prove that the U.S. Government was behind the staged attack.

Over the past few weeks, I have reconsidered my decision to file a civil case, and I will instead, begrudgingly, let the statute of limitations lapse. There are several reasons I have reconsidered my decision. The purpose of my civil lawsuit would not have been to obtain compensation, but would have been to obtain further evidence that the U.S. Government perpetrated the attack. Personally, I don't need any further evidence to prove the matter to myself. I have laid out my case in numerous prior postings on this blog. I have convinced the vast majority of people that have chosen to look at all of the evidence that I've presented. I don't believe I can convince anyone else. Those that choose to deny the obvious will still not be convinced even if they watched the Schiphol airport video and audio showing what I have indicated. What then would be the purpose of my civil suit? I could possibly obtain further evidence, but that would only further convince those that already believe the U.S. Government is behind the attack. I also believe that obtaining such evidence would be nearly impossible. We now have a U.S. Government so drunk with its own power that it believes it is o.k. to kill U.S. citizens without a trial and/or to detain them forever without a hearing before a judge.

Would the U.S. Government willingly turn over evidence to me to show conclusively that it was behind the Underwear Bombing attack when it believes it can kill or detain American citizens indefinitely? Not a chance in hell. It is much more likely that the U.S. Government would declare me a person that "substantially aided" a terrorist under the new defense authorization bill and detain me indefinitely without a trial. However, that was not really a concern that led to my decision to not file a civil case. What did play a factor was the reaction, or lack thereof, of Americans in relation to the passing of this bill. Why are Americans not outraged and protesting by the millions in Washington over this law? It has just further confirmed to me that the vast majority of Americans just don't care what the U.S. Government does in relation to "terrorism". I can't tell you how many times people have told me that they are o.k. to let the U.S. Government do whatever it wants to do against terrorists in order to make them safe. I have news for these people, if there are terrorists everywhere; there is nothing that can be done to make you entirely safe. I live very close to the largest population of Muslims in the U.S. If terrorism were as bad as the U.S. Government makes it out to be, car and suicide bombings would occur in my area on a regular basis. The fact that they never occur is very telling. It is my belief that the war on terror is nothing but a fraudulent U.S. Government creation designed, in part, to take away all of the rights of Americans and to further enrich and consolidate the power of those in control.

Our Constitutional rights are currently under attack and are being rapidly taken away. In case you haven't been paying attention, the definition of "terrorist" is slowly changing to one that means "a person that doesn't agree with the U.S. Government". When those that have given away all of their rights to combat terrorism suddenly discover that they are in fact terrorists, it will be too late. If I filed and won my lawsuit and proved that the U.S. Government staged the Underwear Bomber attack, would these people care? No they wouldn't. Would it stop the U.S. Government's assault on our Constitutional Rights? No it wouldn't. Would anyone do anything if I was labeled a terrorist and detained indefinitely without a trial? Not a chance. These people comprise the vast majority of the American population. The corruption is so entrenched that 93 out of 100 senators voted for the recent law that allows for the indefinite detention of Americans without a trial. Can anyone think of any recent law that had that had such a vast majority of approval by both Democrats and Republicans? I can't think of any. The question I have is why would this bill obtain such vast approval? The answer to me is an obvious one. The U.S. as we know it is on the edge of complete collapse due to an out of control national debt. This collapse will lead to an economic collapse that will make the Great Depression look like a fun time. The National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility, an 18 member bi-partisan commission created by President Obama, recently indicated that the financial collapse will occur within two years.

Obviously, the vast majority of senators that voted in support of the authorization to detain Americans indefinitely are worried that Americans may turn their anger from a financial collapse onto their political representatives. The approval of such a law was made in order to protect the politicians themselves from unruly mobs of Americans that are angry from the financial collapse. These Americans will be the new "terrorists". The new "terrorists" will find indefinite “housing” in FEMA camps that are being built throughout the U.S.

What other explanation could there be for the large bipartisan support for such an unconstitutional law? There is none. It is also shocking that a president that is a supposed Constitutional law expert would approve of a law that is such a direct violation of the Constitution. This is the sad state of affairs that is prevalent in the U.S. today.

What also had an effect on my decision to not file a civil case was the indication by the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility that the U.S. economy will collapse within the next two years. Lori and I have had a multi-year plan (Going back to 2006) to retire and move out of the U.S. Our current plan is to move abroad at the end of 2013. Apparently, according to the commission, this would coincide with the U.S. economic collapse. If I were to file a civil suit, the time and money I would need to put into such a case would delay our move out of the U.S. For obvious reasons, we don’t want to be in the U.S. when it collapses and definitely, don’t want to be considered “wealthy” when millions of out of control Americans look for scapegoats for their economic problems.

Make no mistake, my decision to not file a civil case was not due to intimidation. If it was, I never would have spoken out against the U.S. Government in the first place. My decision rests on two conditions that have become increasingly clear over the past two months:

1. The vast majority of Americans don’t care or will never believe that the U.S. Government is staging false terror attacks against its own citizens.

2. The U.S. is facing imminent economic collapse for which I need to devote as much time and save as much money as possible in order to financially prepare to leave the U.S. permanently.

On a side note, I saw that a fellow Underwear Bomber passenger has filed a civil suit.

Note that Mr. Maranga has sued the airline and not the U.S. Government agents that were behind the attack. I have spoken to Mr. Maranga on several occasions and he is not convinced that the U.S. Government was involved. Don’t expect anything earth shattering to come out of this lawsuit. I originally read this story on the Detroit Free Press website, which I have been unable to locate. The comments section of that article contains many posts attacking Mr. Maranga for wanting compensation for his emotional injuries. Such is the sad state of the mind of the standard American. By the way, in order to sue an airline for an injury received on an international flight, you must have a physical injury and not just emotional trauma. What is interesting to me is that the U.S. was responsible for this provision in the Montreal Convention (the current law on international airline travel). Most nations wanted passengers to be able to sue for strictly emotional injuries, but the U.S. wouldn’t allow it. As I didn’t suffer a physical injury, I am prohibited from suing the airline.

I know that many people will be disappointed in my decision to not sue the members of the U.S. Government that were behind the fraudulent, false, threat known as the Underwear Bomber attack. I understand your feelings. I don’t want to let it go myself, but I have to look at the reality of the situation. The vast majority of Americans are not willing to believe that their government is as corrupt and evil as it is. No significant change will occur until this changes, and likely, even then, won’t occur without an overthrow of the government. Such a time will not occur without prior significant financial hardship happening to the vast majority of Americans. That time is coming, but it is not yet here. A cost benefit analysis regarding the filing of a civil suit indicates that there is no real upside to filing such a case, but there is significant downside. Nonetheless, I will continue to speak out against the corrupt and fraudulent U.S. Government and will continue to support those Americans that are paying attention and want their country to return to the free country that it once was.

Happy Holidays to all.


Rick said...

I have been following the Haskell saga since Kurt went on Infowars. You have done more then enough to bring this to the attention of the general public. The observation on the economy is spot on IMHO.

The expat option will bring it's own challenges. If you find a good country please share. Obviously not a specific address ; )

Anonymous said...

Would that some attorney somewhere would have been interested in taking on the US government, but I completely understand your point. It is so infuriating and frustrating to realize that "you can't fight the proverbial, 'city hall'". It might make a good movie. That is, an imagined attempt to bring a civil suit in this case. Perhaps those attempting a documentary of your experiences would consider expanding the story that way and reach a bigger audience. Maybe a big name movie producer would do it.

Anonymous said...

I am very sad you are not continuing your case. I understand that it was a difficult decision, but if honest, intelligent, even lawyer trained people like yourself don't get involved, who will? You have come so far since your first interviews. You have educated and inspired people(including me) and I wish you had continued the case. It would have made the situation even more black and white for everyone. Every generation needs to learn how to sustain liberty and then fight for it. Americans are getting dumb and lazy and have aquired huge debt, does that mean the best Americans should abandon ship? If the best liberty loving Americans leave, then we might as well throw in the towel. I hope you continue to stay involved, I will keep an eye on your blog. Ultimately we need SOLUTIONS and ACTION, and a few good leaders wouldn't hurt, maybe you can be one of them. I need to do more as well. Thanks for what you have and will do.

thankyou said...

Well said Kurt. I totally agree with the decisions you have made. Dont 'waste' you $$ on the 'beast'. Use it to prepare.

All you have said is true.
God Bless you and Lori and your families..........
I have 'been awake' for years, but thanks to both of you, more people have 'been enlightened' to THE FACTS!!!
YOU have done your, prepare!

TomT said...

Kurt and Lori,
I am with you guys on this decision. I agree with your perspective.
...and I have been following ya'll since Day 1, along with posting updates and a fairly complete Timeline.

Another point which underscores your decision is The Press. If any huge revelation came out during a civil trial, it would be squashed by the media.

A prime example of how this occurs is the December verdict, 1999 Memphis jury trial headed up by William F Pepper which PROVED in court that the government conspired to ASSASSINATE Martin Luther King. The transcripts of the trial are on The King Family website. Parts of the trial are on YouTube. The trial was deliberately not covered and the media's silence was deafening. One of the few reporters (Wendell Stacy) who stayed in the courtroom was fired.
"An Act of State"
The evidence of a government conspiracy to kill King is unimpeachable. The jury came back in an hour with the verdict.

So if the majority of Americans do not know about this landmark trial about an American icon, Martin Luther King, who has an official holiday in his name... ...then how in the hell are the vast majority of Americans going to have enough substance to rise above their shallow lives to become aware of the underwear bomber deception.

sb10 said...


Thank you for being one of the people for keeping this issue in peoples' minds.

I know I might as well be spitting in the wind, but I will continue to voice my complaints to the U.S. government about how it conducts and handles our so-called airport security. Believe me when I say you are an inspiration.

God bless, and Happy New Year to you and your family.

Anonymous said...

Go with peace and G*d bless you and your wife. What you've done for the cause of righteousness is exceptional. Our nation is indebted to you, even though it may take some time for that to be fully realized. Though the Underwear Bomber case is settled at the moment, the fact that tyrants are still wrestling with the controls of our nation is still here and now. You guys have proven who you are to yourselves and for many in the world. It's unlikely you'll change your nature of seeking what is right and calling out what is wrong. With that, stay wide awake; enjoy the break from the case. But please stay true, and again, be alert. I tend to consider the times we live in now as Wide Awake Times for everyone in the know.

Anonymous said...

Dear mr Haskell,
About 2 years ago I phoned you from Amsterdam. We spoke briefly and I gave you a number in order to get you in touch with the Schiphol Airport police. After that I received phone calls from them telling me to back off, or else.
I just wanted to say I admire your courage and dedication. I can understand your decision not to file the law suit, given the emotional burden it must bring onto your family.
My thoughts are with you and Lori, I sincerely wish you all the best for the new year! greets, Jochem

1amWendy said...

Kurt and Lori, please consider joining Freedom to Travel USA, URL of which is posted below within the "identity" section. Also, you may find information posted on Chris Elliott's TSA News Blog of some interest. You are not alone.

Anonymous said...

There are many who are very aware of what has and is happening but we also know that the m*l*tary and g*vmnt has a NWO agenda along with B*ldrbrgs, Tr*lat com, CFR etc. I would like to take my family out of here too; where can we go? The denial of arial spraying is so ridiculous - watch the youtube video: What in the world are they spraying?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kurt,

I thought about you both when returning from Manchester Airport in England and their body scanner. Long queues of disgruntled travellers like myself, knowing you can't opt out of it and all of the madness driven by just one event - the event which you have done your best to expose.

While the rabbit hole is deep and there are many dead ends when looking into the reality of how this world works, the whole edifice is held together by the enormous power of the mass media. The news in most countries now repeats everything produced in the US and UK and they can literally tell the world that black is white and the world will nod dumbly and agree.

Bear this is mind - 25 years ago, the US conducted one bombing raid in Libya from a plane launched in the UK and there was huge debate in the UK about it. 25 years later and UK forces under the guise of NATO have literally destroyed the country of Libya with no mandate to do so and there is barely a whimper. We live in dangerous times.

Thanks for all the updates you have posted on the case. I agree with you, the US Govt wants this case forgotten so that the Underwear Bomber can move into myth.

KP in NZ

Anonymous said...

I wish you had taken on the case but respect your decision. I come from Nigeria, and it is heartbreaking seeing what his (umars) family are going through. They live with it everyday

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kurt. Youve made history. You will be remembered as one of the heros. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kurt and Lori - my family and I moved to Australia but there are quite a few gotchas. If you want to visit, or just talk about the legal nooses that are in place, feel free to contact me at gbell_spamless AT yahoo DOT cee oh em

Dragonater said...

Until we get the fluoride out of the Prozac/water/beer, mercury out of the vaccines/teeth, and get the female hormone BPA out of food/soda/beer, men will continue to be afraid of their own govt's shadow.

I wish you could have filed your suit, just to see what little discovery you might get, then post the entire court file online and into the public record before any confidential settlement is reached.

Of course, your and your family's personal security and privacy would become an issue. But there are ways to manage that risk.

You can also write and publish a book about what you have learned. Transcripts of your TV and radio interviews, and blog posts, could comprise 95% of the text, with added research as required. You can self-publish with zero overhead at, and can sell your Kindle PDF download.

Anonymous said...

i uploaded a video about the underpant bomber on my channel


i called my upload
Underpants full of Bullshit. they cant make this shit up

i admire your courage but I am not so sure central america is a very safe choice, its high crime at the best of times and it would be ver easy to arrange a crime to get you out of the way. You only have to see what happened to Beverly Eckhart, Barry Jennings, Dr David Kelly, Sean Hoare or Danny Jowenk to give a few examples