Sunday, December 04, 2011


OK, don't even know where to start.

Well, Vegas for Thanksgiving 2011 was super fun! We flew out via Delta after work on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Flight was fine, no issues. Picked up our rental car at Alamo and we were off to the Palazzo. The Palazzo is part of the Venetian, just a newer tower they built. Anyway, I got the room at a discount through SniqueAway, an online travel site. The deal also included some coupons for the spa, restaurants, ice skating, etc., but we did not use any of the coupons. Anyway, all of the rooms a Palazzo are suites and super nice. We had a gorgeous view overlooking the entire strip, on the 43rd floor. Room 732 to be exact. Highly recommend that room, as it is away from the elevators and we barely saw another person on our floor while there. My fav part of the room was the remote controls that opened the curtains and shades. Anyway, the room had a separate sleeping area and sitting area, that had two couches, a desk, a frig, etc. The bathroom was huge and shower was nice. Also had a jet tub, which we did not use. Anyway, first night we simply stayed in, as we had eaten a sushi dinner at the airport in Detroit and were tired with the time difference.

Got up and used the hotel gym. There were two gyms we could use, either the one at Palazzo or Venetian (we only use the one at Palazzo the entire trip). I guess the one at Venetian was larger, but the one at Palazzo was plenty big enough for me since I only use the treadmill and bike generally. I worked out every day of the trip, which was good with all the crap we ate. :). After that, we headed out to play some poker. Had Thanksgiving dinner at the Mirage buffet, which was super good. We eat there almost every trip. Then, we saw Peepshow with Holly Madison at Planet Hollywood hotel. Loved the show. Was pleased that Madison was a huge part of the show, did not just make an appearance. Black Friday, I went shopping at my fav outlet mall out there, but did not end up buying anything, weirdly. Kurt watched football, then picked me up after several hours. We then played some more poker and just pretty much gambled the rest of the day. Saturday, Kurt spoke at a function for a friend of his in Vegas, then we had Mexican for lunch and got massages at a place I found online. Played some more poker, and went to dinner, then saw the Cirque Elvis show at Aria. Loved that show as well, but it was kinda more of a musical than your normal Cirque show. Sunday, I went shopping at Fashion Show mall and ended up getting some great deals on things. I bought an all sequined dress at the Limited to wear to a Xmas party, but ended up wearing it out that night in Vegas too. Perfect Vegas dress. Also got a dress for Jamaica there (one shoulder dress), and a cute skirt for work. I was psyched to find a bathing suit I have been coveting marked half off at Betsey Johnson, so I bought that, and I found two really high end bras marked down at Nordstrom's on clearance. Whoot. Went back to the room, and Kurt and I went to dinner, played poker, blackjack, relaxed. Monday, we headed to the airport and home. At the start of the trip, Kurt got plagued with the cold most of the office has had, so he was kinda out of it most of the trip. Boo.

Of course, as soon as we got home, I came down with what Kurt had. Boo. Got up in the morning to take a shower, and had no hot water. Why? Well, Kurt went down to look in the basement, and we had 6 inches of water throughout the basement. While we were gone, both sump pumps in the basement went out, and the water got so high it damaged both of our hot water tanks and almost ruined our furnace. So, Kurt had to stay home from work and call a plumber, who came out and pumped out our basement. Of course, they could not put in new hot water tanks right away. So, I had taken COLD showers all week, with the exception of the showers I took at the gym. UGH. SUCKS. I lost my voice an entire day this week which made working interesting, thank God I had no court that day.

Went to the downriver bar association Xmas party on Friday night. Both Shannon and Angie from the office came, and a lot of the KFASS girls and other lawyer peeps were there, so it was a lot of fun. We went out afterwards and ended up at the American Legion where we surprisingly had a lot of fun! :). Was much cheaper than a trendier place, that's for sure...........

**Judge McNally and I

Went to dinner on Saturday night with my Aunt at Crave. I had a Living Social deal that was about to expire, and I had to use it or lose it. Dinner was amazing, as usual. We split an appetizer of Spring Rolls and I think they were the best spring rolls I have ever had. Tonight, we had a late Thanksgiving dinner at Grama's, where we ordered in pizza and pasta from Buddy's. Food was good but not good for me. That's OK though. :). It was Thanksgiving, right?

Kurt took off to Costa Rica on Friday afternoon to look at some property that sounds awesome that our realtor emailed us about. I could not go as we are too busy with hearings at the office. Boo. He is also getting some dental work done while he is there (at an insane discount compared to the US). He saw the property today, but since we have not talked on the phone (just via text and facebook), I don't know a ton about it yet, but will keep everyone posted. Sounded like he liked the property though, and the dental work is going well. He got to explore the property by horseback today, and it is sunny and 85 degrees there, so needless to say, I am uber jealous right now! :).

Off to bed. Hope everyone has been doing well.


COL said...

LOVE the dress! (You knew I would!)

Can't wait to hear about the property! :)

Lori H said...

colleen, we always have similar taste in clothing! I just wish I was as talented as you and could make my own! :)