Saturday, March 03, 2012

Kurt for Congress!

Just wanted to post something for all of you following along that Kurt decided yesterday that he is going to run for Congress! Our district is the 7th District of Michigan. Recently, the state lines changed, and John Dingell is no longer in our District. Kurt would be running against a Republican, Tim Walberg, and Kurt will be running as a Democrat.

Kurt picked up his petitions yesterday and we started collecting signatures today and need 1000. Anyone who lives in Monroe, Lenawee, Eaton, Jackson, Hillsdale, Branch and Washtenaw (only parts of this County though) who want to sign our petitions, please let me know so we can get your signature(s).

Wish us luck. We know this is going to be an exhausting, demanding year, but it is worth it if Kurt can start to bring some integrity and honesty to politics.

We will be starting a website soon, and the facebook page is up and running, click here to like that page.

In the meantime, my posting here will be very limited, if at all.

Thanks for your continued support.


COL said...

Wow! This is great news!!!! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Awesome and Inspiring!


Strange Brew said...

Im happy to see you two are taking action and speaking up. I cant blame the people who cant see the forest through the trees but I do blame the people who know better and still stay quiet. I salute your courage and you have my honest and earnest support! If you ever need an able body on the east coast just drop me a line!

With that said, I am starting a community dialogue in my NJ/NY metro area about the Stratfor Email Wikileak releases which have garnered little attention.

Before I open my project to the public and subject myself to the expected criticism there is one piece of information Im looking for that you may be able to help me with. Unfortunately I dont feel comfortable asking on here.

Two minutes of your time if you feel so incline. Regardless, you two have my full support.

Fisher said...

I would like to encourage you, Kurt, and everyone else who will help Kurt run for congress to make sure that you do everything you possibly can to make sure that Kurt doesn't get cheated out of votes. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Ron Paul is being cheated votes cuz he will try to put an end to government corruption, and it makes perfect sense that the government will try to do the same think to Kurt. So I encourage you to make sure this doesn't happen.
Further, I would also like to take this moment to let you in on some probable cause that I have uncovered that I'm sure you and Kurt would love to hear about since you are lawyers who have beef with the government. Would you believe that I have uncovered compelling evidence that George W. Bush has lied to the world about 9/11? If you haven't heard, during the week before the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the Nat Geo channel showed Bush's first ever on-camera interview about 9/11. Well, I decided to teach myself how to read body language so I could find out if Bush was lying, and I did this by taking tons of notes while watching the History Channel documentary "Secrets of Body Language" and then I used my notes to analyze Bush's 9/11 interview. Well, lo and behold this "experiment" that I decided to do enabled me to uncover 16 signs of deceitful body language in Bush's interview, and this past November I posted the 16 signs in the comments section of the youtube page where you can see Bush's whole interview ( is the site and my youtube screen name is fanof2012). Since 93% of communication is thru body language, I think it's safe to say that this is smoking gun proof (and probable cause) that the government has lied to the world about what has happened on 9/11! So I send this info to you with the hope that you might consider analyzing Bush's body language youself or perhaps hire a body language expert or forensic psychologist to analyze Bush, and if you manage to uncover lots of deceitful body language like I did perhaps you might consider making an effort to use it as probable cause to press charges against Bush. Honestly, I've made a huge effort to spread the word about this, especially to body language experts, but I still feel that I need help with this since I know that people are not likely to listen to me or believe me since I'm just an average joe individual. And now I've decided to tell you as well. And in all seriosness, I think it would be beneficial for people to learn how to read body language so they can tell if people in government are lying, and of course, if politicians and world leaders know that the common people can identify deceitful body language, then they will have NO CHOICE but to tell the truth.

Fisher said...

Just wanted to let you in on some interesting info I discovered about judge Nancy Edmunds. If you weren't already aware, Nancy Edmunds was nominated by former President George H.W. Bush on September 11, 1991, exactly 10 years prior to 9/11. This was also the same day that Bush Sr. announced plans for the New World Order, which some people feel will signal an end to liberty. WHAT A COINCIDENCE!!!
I propose that you tell this to Alex Jones. I'm sure he will have a field day with this!

Barrie said...

All the best to you, Kurt!

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea!... You should get on the Alex Jones show asap and make an announcement.

I would have never learned about your campaign if I hadn't visited your website today. We need to increase the attention to your effort.

Most people had thought you had given up on America after the Underwear bomber trial ended... and I'm sure everyone would be excited to see that you are taking the fight for justice and accountability to the next level.

Please contact Alex and get the word out about your campaign. We need more people like you running for office...

By the way, I found a news article that backs up your claim about a 2nd person being arrested on the underwear bomber flight:

Anonymous said...

I came across this in one of my daily searches, I would like to know if there is a way I can email Mr. Haskell? I have watched all the videos on this page, and am dumbfounded. I feel so very foolish for believing what I heard on the News. I am very grateful for him having the courage to say what he did in these videos.


I have shown these to everyone I know. Best of luck to you, Patrick.

If you or he, uses PGP, my key can be found on the public servers, and I prefer that, of course, if not, no worries.

Cheers, best of luck to you both.

onderkoffer said...

great news.

here some support from amsterdam,the world need to understand ,this election is important for the whole world.

ron paul for president!!!

duncan said...

I heard there was a lawsuit that Kurt had filed against Ed Chiarini who had alleged that Kurt was actually an actor who was played by Tony Greenburg as a part of a cointel, is that true or do you know anything about this lawsuit?