Monday, February 20, 2012


This video literally brought tears to my eyes.

This video is direct proof that Kurt speaking out, and all the backlash we have dealt with, is worth it. Our entire intent in speaking out about this was to open the public's eyes to the corruption going on within the federal government. Get people to ask questions, get people to simply not believe everything that they are told because the government says it is true.

These callers, who are all strangers to us, called in, and questioned this TSA agent who claims to know "nothing" about Kurt or what he saw. I think this video itself proves something, as that TSA agent is an obvious liar. He should have just admitted he knew who Kurt was. Saying he was clueless, seriously.


Terry said...

I am extremely sympathetic to what Kurt and Lori are saying about the "underwear bomber" case. However, my impression from the video is that that TSA agent was genuinely ignorant about the case, and thus was unable to respond to any of the testimony or speculations by Kurt that were referenced by the several callers.

Unknown said...

Kurt and Lori,
I was unaware of much of many of the details surrounding this, until I watched this same video this morning.

I've found something I think you should know. The Detroit News article you quoted in your Infowars piece "The Sharp Dressed Man Who Aided Mutallab Onto Flight 253 Was U.S. Government Agent" has been taken down. In looking through the Newspaper archives, I discovered a disturbing "correction" I thought you should know about:

"Correction: Allowing accused Christmas Day terror bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab to keep his visa was not done to protect a larger federal investigation into terror plots. Also, Patrick F . Kennedy , the State Department under secretary for management, did not make that assertion at a House Homeland Security hearing. The information was incorrect in a story on Page 18A Jan. 28."

Thankfully, both the House ( and Senate ( hearings are still both available to corroborate the original story, but the "correction" (i.e. blatant-lie-to-save-our-asses) by The Detroit News is still highly disturbing.

Anonymous said...

Its so sad... I just watched this then checked your blog and it had the same video! they dont wanna speak because the more they do they more truth get revealed. They (media / govt) get caught up in their web of lies.

I was reading an interesting article today that discussed the underwears bombers fathers. Once again never discussed or investigated by the main stream media. You should read it. Always follow the money trail.

thanks again kurt and lori for all you have done and will continue to do.... please continue to press for truth.

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Robert said...

First of all Thank You for doing the Right Thing by speaking up. The easy thing would have been to stay silent. That is not what the USA stands for, at least that is what I was taught in my family.

My take on the agent is that he is a liar. Working for a security agency it is hard to believe that he would not be aware of a high profile case like this. That assumes he never finished Security 101, and I believe that that is a bad assumption.

Anonymous said...

Aw the C-SPAN anchor didn't appreciate the caller talking about the TSA putting their hands down the pants of travelers.

I'm sure the travelers don't appreciate the TSA putting their hands down their pants.

My name is Jon, and I filed the first lawsuit against the TSA's nude body scanner and molestation pat-down program back in December 2010. I fully understand your struggle with the federal court system, and appreciate your work towards bringing out the truth. If my case ever does move forward, I'll be in touch, as the need to prevent future "underwear bombers" is central to the government's arguments as to the body nude scanners.

Again, thank you.


larry said...

Doesn't every airport have surviellence video especially after 911?

Why not just release it and show who helped unar get on the plane?

911 there is no video of hijackers boarding planes. The one of Mohammed atta was from his earlier flight(took two flights that day) and not the hijacked one. All airports security involved with 911 was handled by an Israeli company.

Anonymous said...

Kurt I wanted to reach out to you and salute you for your fearless effort to expose the truth about false flag operations our government has been doing for years. It will take more brave people like you to wake up people to the corruption and make the real changes needed to restore a Republic, not a democracy like these traitors talk about so much. Thank you and May God keep you..

Anonymous said...

they wont release any video.... only reason being the video evidence would completely contradict what they have been saying for years.

the airport video is the most important piece of evidence being with held. That would blow the whole story wide open.

Man i wish the video would be hacked and released to the public. Its such damaging evidence.

Anonymous said...

I'm grateful that you both have the courage to stand up for a version of events that runs counter to the official version of events, even though there clearly is pressure for you to quiet down.

But I've watched this video ... isn't the guest a writer/reporter/correspondent for Homeland Security Today? In your post you say the "TSA agent is an obvious liar." Are you talking about the C-SPAN guest, because he doesn't seem to be affiliated with the TSA to me.

I think it's important, since the heart of this matter is about what you saw at the airport, and your credibility about recalling people and events is on the line here.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for speaking out! You are a true hero! I also want to say that I live in your area and I have 2 pugs too. Aren't they great little dogs?

Mike said...

Thank you for having the courage to stand up! It's so uncommon nowadays.

John J. Carrier said...

Kurt, I just heard you on the radio asking for the public's opinion about whether to run,or not, for office.I'm just an average guy who was lucky enough to hear you through most of this,especially the very first call on info-wars.My answer is- DO IT!Run for Congress.DO IT! DO IT! I can't even find the words to express how good that it is to know that an upstanding citizen,such as yourself, would even consider going into the belly of the beast to represent the people,uphold the Constitution and defend our rights.

larry said...

Ron Paul 2012, however i am starting to realize that it doesnt matter who votes when all that matters is who counts the votes!

This country needs a revolution, a real one. It's ironic how the mass media supports revolution for CERTAIN states in the mid east and yet when we have anyone who gathers here to try and change the status quo the media then portrays them as incoherent slackers.

Anonymous said...

gotta love C-Spam!

Anonymous said...

I think you should consider the story of Sharif Mobley .. The American who is to be executed in Yemen. There are two different accounts the American propaganda and the Yemen courts. He was kidnapped and tortured by the USA after trying to get a visa for his wife. This sort of thing might happen a lot that we don't hear about. Also the SITE institute is some type of one source propaganda.. no way of knowing if it is true or not. A good article on the owner is at the website wake up from your slumber. Next this also could be some attempt to capture a created witness to justify Obama's summary execution ( which there is no evidence of ) of the Youtube Imam from Yemen.

James in Arkansas said...

If I am correct, and I believe that I am.
Alex Jones tried to get this TSA liar to come on his show and explain himself. He refused of course.
I just want to thank both of you for standing up and doing the right thing.
We as Americans are in real trouble in this Country. We no longer have a Government. We are an occupied Country.
The Communist have taken over Government and it saddens my beyond words to see this once free and open society go to what it has become.
I am an older person and I remember when this Country was a lot different than it is today.
The real changes started after they killed Kennedy.
But Eisenhower tried to warn us in His Farewell Address and Kennedy knew and tried to warn the American public also in His now famous speech "Man can be what he was meant to be, free and independent."
But the American People didn't listen when there was still time.
Now it's FEMA camps and a Government that can detain, torture or even kill you without a trial.
Where has this Country gone?
But what is worse is where is it going?

Anonymous said...

Hello. Its scary whats happening in the world. I would like to thank you for your activity in revealing the false flag operation. War with Iran might take place very soon. It might lead to WW3. I wouldnt be suprised about future false flag operation including ground small nuclear detonation in big US city with 30k-40k dead. It all might happen in this year. 2013 might be too late to leave IMO.
Peace and greetings from Poland

Anonymous said...

My heart also aches for this country, people are still fighting amongst themselves over political leaders and that that will make a difference, or even more that there is a difference. We all know Ron Paul is different, and probably also libertarian candidates. The corporate mass media, the bankers that run the world, and the republican national committee and party do not want Ron Paul as president. He will not win, END OF STORY. I will vote for him, but if he doesn't win, I am done playing their game. I will not vote again. As Kurt has said in his videos, people don't care anymore. Even if he would prove "government coverup" no one would care. He is right. People just think that bad things like total control just can't happen here, well I hate to spoil the party but it is going to happen. This revolt should have started 30 yrs ago. The state I live in, Kansas, has 2 of the most thought of "conservative" senators in the senate and they voted for NDAA. What does that tell you. If there is any hope for turning this around, which I think it is far too late, it won't be by voting, it will be when the people wake up and demand it, but that won't happen. I even feel people will fight to keep the status quo, actually fight for "it". God Bless you Kurt and Lori. I pray you will stay safe no matter where you go, you both are an inspiration to all of us.

Anonymous said...

I saw a video that Kurt did for Infowars where he stated that members of Obama's National Commission of Fiscal Responsibility and Reform stated that a complete breakdown of the US economy would occur no later than 24 months from now. Can you direct me to a link
where I might confirm this statement? Anything with direct quotes from the commission members would be helpful. Thanks

Anonymous said...

You did very good on your impact statement. Honest, level headed, intelligent. These prices of garbage want to make us out to look like crazys and bums. HOPING the people dismiss hard facts for media whitewash and lies. BETTING WE Don't Digg deep enough to bury them. Thank you-Ron Paul 2012

Anonymous said...

Video was removed..... :(

Anonymous said...

Your video is no longer available.