Sunday, July 28, 2013

Meghan's Bday!

This weekend was fun!

Meghan's 12th bday was celebrating on Saturday night at Ron's house.  It was a really fun night.  Kurt could not make it until 1130 PM though as after we worked on Saturday, he had to take Vito to London, Ontario,to a vet who does MRIs on dogs.  Their machines are better than what vets in the USA have, so our surgeon wanted Vito taken there.  They want to treat him without another surgery, but need a better MRI to determine what is going on.  So, Kurt took him there.  Long day for Kurt.

Today was great.  I had a massage scheduled, with a gift card the office got me.  This morning, Kurt and I went to the park and ran a 5 mile run, then biked tonight for 12.44 miles.  Great workouts.

I went to the new Whole Foods in Detroit last weekend.  I was not impressed.  While I am thrilled Detroit is getting some actual stores, the selection was horrible and not even close to the caliber of the Ann Arbor stores.  So, I will not be going back.  Plus, the neighborhood was sketchy and I was harassed by various men on the side of the road while driving home, which was annoying.  And people wonder why Detroit has the rep it does?  Ugh.

We had to book a quick business trip to Costa Rica to finalize some paperwork with our residency there, so we are off there for a few days soon.  I am hoping to make it to Jaco to visit the house and eat at Taco Bar.  :).  Our business stuff is in San Jose and San Ramon though, so not sure extra time we will have.

I met Kelly's baby this week!  She stopped into the office so we could meet Baby Nolan.  I got to hold and feed him, and he is such a little angel.  Was so happy she could stop by.  I am hoping she brings him to our next girls' dinner in august!  :).

Went to my friend Susan's wedding shower last weekend as well in Milford.  It was nice to see friends and family and the shower was super nice.  They served brunch food, which was incredible.  Best shower food I have ever had, I think.

I know I need to post about Spain, but am putting together a trip report and still uploading pics.  In one word, AMAZING.  One of my fav trips ever.  wonderful country.  Especially Ibiza.......


Rebecca said...

Hope Vito is okay!

Rachael said...

can't wait to read about Spain! Congrats on the CR home and I am sorry to hear Vito isn't doing well. hope he has a speedy recovery :(