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Costa Rica--Business Trip?

Who takes business trips to Costa Rica?  Us!  Not related to the law firm, but related to our moving there.

Kurt & I want to become permanent residents of the country for various reasons.  Mostly, because of the benefits we can get from that.  Becoming residents is not easy on your own, so we hired a lawyer to help us.  We had a lawyer who helped us with our house transaction, so we ended up using another lawyer at the same firm for the residency stuff as well.  We had a huge list of things we had to get ready before taking a trip to the country, and then we had to apply in person as there was a couple steps that had to be done in the country.  Thus, the business trip.

**Kurt in lawyers office

We were supposed to go from 08/2-08/8.  However, Spirit Airlines stopped that from happening and we ended up leaving early on the third instead.  We were upgraded to their front row big chair seating, which was amazing.  Bigger seats, first off the plane, gotta love it.  I really do not like Spirit, but for the dates we were going, the fare was like half.  So, Kurt made me do it.  They really are a sub-par airline though.  We flew through Ft Lauderdale, which is a Spirit hub.  The Ft Lauderdale airport is one of the worst airports, IMO.  NO food selection (all disgusting horrible for you food, no sit down places), and for whatever reason, screaming kids everywhere.  Ugh.

**Fingerprints at police school.

Anyway.  Got into Costa Rica and were picked up by Fox Rent A Car and taken to their location to get our SUV.  It was not ready when we got there, so we headed for lunch at a place called Don Mateo, which the rental car place recommended.  Had a yummy lunch, went back and waited some more, and finally got the car.  The wait was somewhat annoying and I am not sure we will use Fox again.  None of the other places we have used in CR has there been a wait.  We then were on our way to Jaco for the night. Got there, and I had rented a room at Morgan's Cove.  Drove there, and realized we were at the wrong Morgan's, and there were two.  I thought I had booked at the Resort and casino and I had actually booked at a place in the middle of town.  Whoopsie.  Anyway, got there, checked in, and the place was a little sketchy.  The room's AC was great, that is about the only positive thing I can say about the room, LOL.  We decided to go into town and drive around, and stopped in a couple stores to check out prices on different things like electronics and furniture.  Went to dinner at Graffiti, which is a nicer place that we really enjoy.  We found it last trip for Kurt's bday.  It was just as good as last time....I had lobster enchiladas which were awesome and Kurt had some kind of blackened mahi.  Went and checked out a casino, and then went back to the room for the night.  The next day, we drove around Jaco some more and checked out some stores.  Found this store I loved with amazing oil paintings by local Costa Rican artists.  Will be back once we move there for sure.  Ate at Los Amigos (our fav local sports bar) and were on to the next part of our trip.  Oh, we stopped by our house as well, but the person staying there was not home so we simply walked around the property and all looked good.  Was sad I could not just move in.  ;).

 Escazu, home of the office of our lawyers.  We got a room right across the way from the lawyers since we had to be at their office at 7 AM.  We stayed at the Intercontinental Real.  Room was very nice, and about 100 steps up from the jaco hotel.  Kurt was very happy.  They even had a great gym by Costa Rican standards, so I worked out every night there.  Anyway, got to Escazu and checked into the hotel, then worked out.  Headed to dinner after that at a sports bar called Nova.  Then off to bed.......

**Taco Bar Escazu

700 AM, went to the lawyers' office.  His paralegal met us to to take us to the police school to be fingerprinted (one of the things we had to do in person).  That was in San Jose.  Had to wait a bit to be called, then were called back, our info and app for prints was processed, and we then got the prints and went back to the office.  Turned over all our documents that we had to bring and paid the filing fee for the application and were told to come back the next day at 200 PM to pick up the temporary residency.  So, after that, we left and explored Escazu some more.  Had lunch at a really yummy asian fusion place and walked around the huge mall they have there, which was fun.  Worked out, then headed to Taco Bar Escazu for dinner.  Awesome meal.  Back to room for night.

Got up, explored Escazu some more and worked out.  Headed back to lawyers at 200 PM and got our temporary residecy!  So easy with a lawyer.  6-8 months and we should be permanent residents.  Hooray!  Headed to San Ramon next to meet with our banker.  Kurt has been talking to him online for months and we had to go there to sign an application for an account and turn over a ton of info to him.  Did that, then headed back into Escazu and had dinner at Taco bar again (can you tell I like the place, LOL).

**Residency documents.

Next day, got up.  Kurt went to meet with the lawyer one more time to do some work with opening a trust account with them, then we left for a place I found called La Paz Waterfall and Gardens.  Took a while to get there, but it was worth it.  Awesome place in the middle of nowhere.  We got to see a ton of animals, including holding toucans, which was amazing.  I really liked the butterfly house and the waterfalls as well.  We walked around most of the afternoon, then headed back to San Jose to our room at the Holiday Inn Express.  Relaxed some then headed to the mall to explore and have dinner.

We left the next day to come home.  BOOOOOOOOOOO.  Overall, productive trip.  A few parts were fun, but most were necessary steps in order to become residents.

**Jaco Beach (portion of).

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